Dragon Husband 983

Chapter 983 Gourmet!

This scene frightened everyone!

What is Granny He doing!

Is it to feed the Blue Tiger King?

Is she going to feed the Blue Tiger King?

However, the Blue Tiger King is so huge, how can he fill his appetite with a single person!


Until this time, someone suddenly saw the ground and exclaimed!

“I understand! I understand what this old woman is going to do! She is going to cause trouble!”

Everyone followed the direction of that person’s finger and looked towards the ground!

At this look, they suddenly took a breath!

I saw a blood flow between Wiliam and the Green Tiger King!

The blood of the two people who had been torn apart just now had become a bloody road.

From Wiliam to the Qinghu King!

When Guo Yulin saw this scene, he yelled badly again!

This damn old woman!

She obviously knows something about beasts too!

Know that the beast is bloodthirsty!

Especially these violent beasts are moving even more!

With the blood of these two corpses, she transferred the idea of ​​the Blue Tiger King to Wiliam’s side!

Sure enough, the Azure Tiger King met the corpse thrown by Mrs. He, suddenly a tiger’s mouth!

That person was swallowed by the Blue Tiger King with his bones!

The Blue Tiger King didn’t even bite, so he roared angrily.

The beasts behind it smelled the bloody smell, and they were agitated.

Obviously, they have been imprisoned in the Jackdaw family, and they have been bloody for too long.

Now, their beast instincts were thoroughly inspired by Mrs. He!

Guo Yulin furiously said at the old lady Ho: “Damn old lady! Do you know what you are doing! You are making these beasts more brutal! You are simply not a human being!”

However, Mrs. He showed a trace of madness on her face.

She said grimly: “I’m not a human! The instigator of this is the kid! Why don’t you talk about him! I just want that kid to pay a price! Also, these beasts are all your Jackdaws. You are guilty if the family is released! I am just creating an opportunity! As long as this big tiger is attracted away, we will have a glimmer of hope of escape!”

Guo Yulin suddenly choked.

He couldn’t help looking at Wiliam.

In front of Wiliam, there was the bleeding corpse.

However, it didn’t affect his drinking in the slightest.

He also seemed to be drunk, his eyes more blurred.

“Wiliam! Hurry up!” Guo Yulin shouted loudly.

However, Wiliam couldn’t hear it anymore.

At this time, the Green Tiger King moved!

The Blue Tiger King was actually walking towards Wiliam slowly, following the bloody path made by Mrs. He!

This scene shocked everyone!

And everyone has seen it!

King Blue Tiger suddenly fixed his gaze on Wiliam!

As if looking at an extremely delicious food.

Everyone knew that the cruel hunt belonging to the Blue Tiger King was finally about to begin.

And as the first hunting target of the Blue Tiger King tonight, it has also been selected.

It’s Wiliam!

Guo Yulin was very anxious, and when his body sprang, he wanted to pull Wiliam up and stay away from the corpse.

But it’s too late!

The Green Tiger roared!

All the beasts rushed out at this moment!

The ground trembled slightly again!

Guo Yulin’s body was directly stopped by the beast.

And all the beasts, as if well-trained, formed a circle several meters in diameter around Wiliam’s body!

No one enters!

This circle left a gap!

At one end of the gap, it is the Blue Tiger King!

Now, there is no one who can save Wiliam and Mulan.

Seeing this scene, Guo Yulin was furious!

The Jackdaw family and the members of the Southern Forbidden Li family were rushing frantically.

But there are too many beasts.

They couldn’t rush in at all.

Instead, because someone was injured, the blood irritated the beasts even more.

In the end, Guo Yulin yelled and asked everyone to stop quickly!

Fighting between man and beast will only become more and more unfavorable to man in the end.

Everyone at the scene looked at the Green Tiger King Qi Qi.

Mrs. He was extremely proud.

While she instructed her servants to quickly open the iron thorns of Li’s family in the south, she looked at Wiliam with interest.

Now, for this kid, it can be regarded as the real doomsday.

It can be regarded as his own responsibility.

It is estimated that this kid used some means to release these beasts from the Jackdaw family.

I want these beasts to give him a boost.

But the funny thing is!

This kid thought two things wrong!

One, he didn’t even know what terrifying beast was imprisoned in the Jackdaw family!

He didn’t even know the existence of the BUG-level killing beast of the Blue Tiger King!

Second, he didn’t even know that the Jackdaw family would lose control of these beasts!

He must have thought that calling out these beasts and letting the Jackdaw family control them would scare the people in Guhuu Valley.

It’s alright now, totally miscalculated hahaha!

Old lady He couldn’t help looking at Wiliam jokingly.

As long as the Blue Tiger King starts tonight’s gluttonous feast, she is fully confident that she can take advantage of the chaos of the situation and escape.

Originally, if only the Li family and the Jackdaw family were forbidden in the south, Mrs. He was the focus of everyone’s attention. If you wanted to escape, it would be impossible not to pay a heavy price.

But now it’s okay, everyone’s eyes have been attracted by the kid, and the chance of Granny He’s escape has skyrocketed.

Mrs. He even wanted to laugh out of pride. This clever kid was confused for a while. This trick was to lift a rock and hit her in the foot!

At this time, the Azure Tiger King was only a few meters away from Wiliam.

It goes very slowly.

As if a king is slowly pronouncing a person’s death sentence.

“Wiliam! Why don’t you go! Are you really looking for death!” Guo Yulin could only shout sharply not far away.

At this time, Wiliam finally seemed to have heard it.

He slowly opened his eyes and muttered: “Well, go? Where are you going?”

Mrs. He suddenly laughed, “Go! Now, are you still leaving! He is already the food of the Blue Tiger King hahaha!”

At this time, Wiliam raised his head.

But it happened to meet the blue tiger king who was already close.

Wiliam suddenly realized, “Well, it turns out that there is a big bug here.”

Mrs. He couldn’t help laughing more frantically.

Everyone is afraid of the Blue Tiger King who can hardly protect themselves. In this kid’s eyes, he is a big bug?

Boy, boy, you don’t know, you have successfully angered the Blue Tiger King!

Sure enough, the Azure Tiger King suddenly roared, as if responding to Wiliam’s provocation!

Mrs. He was waiting for a good show, and she saw–

Wiliam tonight!

Stand up for the first time!

He, standing swayingly, seems to be deeply drunk!

One person, one tiger, the image gap is so big!

However, Wiliam suddenly looked at the violent Blue Tiger King, his voice changed from the vagueness and ambiguity before.

Become icy!

He speaks, Chaoqing Tiger King!

“My name is Big Bug, do you have an opinion?”


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