Dragon Husband 984

Chapter 984: All Beasts Are Supreme!

one person!

One tiger!

It’s like the whole world, white!

Only this person and tiger are left!

How stalwart the Blue Tiger King!

Swallowing this kid in one bite, there is no problem at all!

He even dared to provoke the Blue Tiger King so much!

Guo Yulin’s heart is instantly refreshing!

In this weird world, suddenly there was a laugh.

It’s Granny Ho’s!

Mrs. He looked at this kid recklessly and continued to provoke the Blue Tiger King, feeling extremely proud.

She understood that this kid was completely drunk, and she didn’t know how terrifying the blue tiger king in front of her was.

Now, waiting for the Blue Tiger King, with a violent roar, he swallowed the kid in one bite.

At this time, the Azure Tiger King really roared!

Scream to the sky!

The beasts behind him also screamed together!

Everyone’s eardrums were punctured.

As if from this voice, one could hear the infinite grief and unwillingness of the Blue Tiger King!

After the Blue Tiger King finished roaring, his huge head suddenly fell towards Wiliam!

The picture seems to be frozen!

The head of the Blue Tiger King was only a finger away from Wiliam’s head!

The eyes of two lanterns stared directly at Wiliam!

Even at this distance, everyone can see the sharp fangs of the Blue Tiger King!

Everyone on the scene, their hands and feet are cold, their heads are humming!

Everyone can’t help but imagine!

If oneself was stared at such close by a blue tiger king, what a terrifying thing it would be!

Just scared it!

But just when everyone was horrified, another scene of extraordinary scenes suddenly appeared!

Green Tiger King, gasping for breath!

Suddenly the head slowly lowered!

His huge body gradually came down.

Everyone even saw it in disbelief!

The Blue Tiger King, who was still invincible just now, at this moment, after his body was down, his front claws were slightly bent!

Directly present a kneeling posture!

As the Azure Tiger King knelt like this, the beasts behind him also sat down one after another!

At the scene, there was another beast roar!

The scene is as quiet as winter!

Everyone, their eyes are about to fall to the ground!

Most people even hold their hearts tightly with both hands!

They couldn’t help rubbing their eyes vigorously!

I want to see if there is an illusion before my eyes!

This scene is so shocking!

The violent and domineering Blue Tiger King, now bowed his head to Wiliam!

All the beasts in front of them all knelt to Wiliam!

As if in this circle!

Only one person is standing!

That person is Wiliam!

And Wiliam is like an eternal king at this moment!

Accepting the pilgrimage of the Quartet Beast!

This scene is majestic and shocking!

Everyone’s heads are dumbfounded at this moment.

I don’t know at all, why the Qing Tiger King bowed down to a kid!

What is this kid?

You know, just now, even the entire Jackdaw family could not tame this Blue Tiger King!

But what did this kid do?

Nothing to do!

Even, he took the initiative to provoke the Blue Tiger King! But by the way, the Azure Tiger King just surrendered!

Although he is extremely unwilling in his eyes, his body is extremely pious!

Guo Yulin was stupid when he saw this scene.

He stared at Wiliam deeply, as if thinking of something.

He couldn’t help himself, he couldn’t help muttering to himself, “The supreme beast! This kid is the supreme beast!”

If it weren’t for the supreme beast, how could it be able to directly awaken the sleeping green tiger king with a burst of energy!

If it were not for the supreme beast, how could the mad beast imprisoned by the Jackdaw family break out of the cage!

If it weren’t for the supreme beast, how would you explain that the unruly Qing Tiger King bowed his head to him!

Guo Yulin, who lives on beasts, naturally knows this world, some people are born extraordinary!

In other words, some families are born with magical blood!

Just as Guo Yulin knew, in a remote place of ice, it seemed to be called a snowy area.

There is a phoenix forest, the family blood is the eternal phoenix.

The phoenix is ​​the king of birds, and all birds and birds of prey must look forward to this family!

It is even more rumored that this family has produced a mysterious kid who is the unique Suzaku bloodline among the phoenixes!

That kid, it seems to be called Lin Jiang…

Guo Yulin didn’t have time to visit the Suzaku Linjiang, but by this coincidence, he met another stunning young man!


Guo Yulin faintly knew that Wiliam’s bloodline was abnormal, but for a while, he didn’t know what kind of bloodline he was carrying.

The bloodline that can make the Blue Tiger King bow his head and claim his courtship is definitely not an ordinary bloodline.

The expression Guo Yulin looked at Wiliam completely changed!

The scene of seeing Wiliam for the first time passed through his mind.

When I first met, I just knew that this kid had extraordinary medical skills, but still didn’t take him seriously.

Unexpectedly, just ten days passed!

This kid, relying on his own ability, created one miracle after another!

Obviously, he is just a kid who has just walked up from Fanchen, but he has all kinds of miracles. In a short time, he was born out of the sky, which makes people have to look up!

The Jackdaw family tamed the beasts for a living, and outsiders looked glamorous, but it couldn’t be compared with those families with magical bloodlines.

After all, they still rely on external forces, and those magical families are born with the advantage of this kind of animal training.

For a while, Guo Yulin only felt that this kid was a big treasure that fell from the sky!

Mrs. He on the side, watching the Qinghu King claim the court, the laughter stopped abruptly!

She suddenly thought of the scene three days ago!

Guo Xiliang’s green tiger was also at the feet of Wiliam, and there was no counterattack.

Now, Qinghu has been replaced by Qinghu King!

But the ending is still exactly the same!

Mrs. He’s head suddenly stabbed, and she was about to faint.

She understood deeply, why Wiliam had awakened the Blue Tiger King before, what could not have been such a consequence!

This is the kid at all, confident, not afraid of the Blue Tiger King at all!

How many secrets are still hidden in him!

Endless, step by step, driving people to the abyss of despair!

Originally, she still had a chance to escape.

But now, she turned the attention of the Blue Tiger King to Wiliam, which was equivalent to splashing Wiliam’s dirty water again in front of everyone.

How would Wiliam calculate this account?

Can she still escape?

Her heart was instantly cold, and the whole person no longer saw the arrogance before.

The mad beast is silent, and everyone is silent.

The scene was very quiet and weird!

Under the fire light, everyone’s face was filled with shock and strangeness.

But at this time, a “bang” sound suddenly sounded.

Then, there was a clear and wild laugh.

Everyone follows the prestige!

But it was Mulan who had been immersed in drinking just now, and suddenly crushed the last wine bottle in his hand.

Her body just lay on the ground without an image, her hands tightly covering her eyes.

She laughed so heartily, laughed so happy!

“Unstoppable! I said, unstoppable!”

“The road Wiliam is going to take, you better be quiet and evasive! If you are forcibly blocked, there will be one, count one! Destined to be his path!

“The bones are dead!”


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