Dragon Husband 985

Chapter 985

With Mulan’s words, some people present were all getting goose bumps!

They heard it!

Three days ago, when Mulan was imprisoned here, she inexplicably said something that couldn’t be stopped.

But at that time, everyone thought that Mulan was persuading Wiliam not to come over, how could he be able to stop the old lady He and the people from Gu Huogu alone!

But, now it sounds, coupled with the extremely strange situation in front of me, it makes people feel suffocating!

It turned out that Mulan was not talking to Wiliam at all!

On the contrary, she was laughing at Mrs. He and Gu Huogu’s people!

At that time, Wiliam was alone, and Mulan could say so blindly trusting Wiliam.

What a terrifying confidence in Wiliam’s abilities.

Ten thousand bones withered!

These three words, like a heavy hammer, hit everyone’s heart fiercely!

Everyone looked at Wiliam, who was standing upright, with mixed feelings.

This kid, what kind of road is going on!

What terrible retribution would the person who stopped in front of him be!

Think about it, it’s true.

Mrs. He blocked Wiliam’s way, and now, Dragons and Tigers all over the city are staring at her!

The end can be imagined!

Obviously he is just a kid with inner strength, but the way he wants to go, he can’t help it!

And the members of the Southern Forbidden Li family and the Jackdaw family, after hearing Mulan’s words, cheered together!

Look now!

On Wiliam’s side, united will come together!

More beasts cheer!

It is already a crushing combat advantage to the people in Shangguhugu!

This is another big reversal against the sky!

Everyone even glanced at the proud Azure Tiger King with lingering fears, and admired Wiliam even more!

Li Chengfeng trembled all over.

He had made a desperate bet, but now it seems that he is completely right!

At this time, Wiliam suddenly pressed the Qing Tiger King’s nose with one hand, and turned his body directly onto the Blue Tiger King’s head!

He just cross-legged so leisurely, sitting on the head of the Azure Tiger King!

As for the Blue Tiger King, after Wiliam sat down, his body slowly stood up.

Under the moon!

One tiger!

one person!


People idle flower wine!

This extremely weird and unspeakable picture of harmony is deeply imprinted in everyone’s heart.

“Wiliam! You untrustworthy boy! You have turned your back! You promised me not to bring anyone here! Ho Ho! Look now, you are just a villain who doesn’t believe in words!” Mrs. He Holding the fear in his heart, he sternly shouted at Wiliam.

However, Wiliam, who was sitting on the head of King Qinghu, suddenly smiled and shook his head, without answer.

On the contrary, Mulan, who was lying on the ground, laughed and replied: “Speaking of Wiliam, you have no faith, old lady, aren’t you very smart? Can’t you see it at the scene? Wiliam, but you have never said anything. what!”

Granny He’s eyes got stuck!

She carefully recalled the words that had threatened Wiliam before.

At that time, she said that Wiliam was not allowed to call people, and was not allowed to bring a soldier over.

Is this wrong?

Mrs. He looked at the scene, suddenly a strong sting in her head!

She burst into cold sweat instantly.

This kid!


At this time, Mulan continued to smile and said, “Without a soldier or calling someone alone, Wiliam did it! The three forces standing on Wiliam’s side at the scene, the Li family banned from the south, are you. The people on the edge, the Jackdaw family, were also personally invited by you. They, but you brought it, how can it be considered that Wiliam brought it?”

“Oh, do you want to say these wild beasts? Hahaha, that’s wrong, these wild beasts were indeed called by Wiliam, but they are beasts, are they humans?”

With Mulan’s words, Mrs. He took a vain step and backed two steps in succession!

She stared at Wiliam closely, her eyes bursting with fire!

What a Wiliam!

I was moved by this language!

The members of the Southern Forbidden Li family and the Jackdaw family were originally on the scene, so it was not considered Wiliam called.

The wild beast is not even a human being.

If you think about it this way, Wiliam really doesn’t break his promise!

However, this horrible scene is even more disgusting than breaking words!

If you break her promise, Mrs. He can still scold him loudly.

But now, Mrs. He wanted to scold, but she couldn’t find a reason to scold.

Wiliam was above the Blue Tiger King, shook his head, and lightly patted the Blue Tiger on the head with one hand, “Then, revenge if you have grudges.”

King Green Tiger seemed to understand Wiliam’s words.

It roared suddenly!

All the wild beasts behind him rushed towards Granny He and the others!

The members of the Southern Forbidden Li family and the Jackdaw family looked at each other and shouted sharply: “Go!”

Not at this time, when will we wait!

Especially Li Chengfeng, his teeth are about to be broken!

It was Wiliam who gave him such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unscrew Mrs. He’s head personally and avenge her mother!

There are beasts in man, and there are beasts in beast!

A terrifying torrent swept over to Granny He in an instant.

Old lady He’s eyes are cracked!

The people in Guhuugui still had the power of a battle, but they were fooled by Mrs. He to have their full potential for overdraft. Now their strength has been reduced.

The leader gave Granny He a vicious look, and his heart was full, and he sternly shouted: “Give it to me!”

He knows that today’s scene is endless!

Mrs. He’s figure suddenly disappeared at the end.

She grinned and trembled with anger.

How can things become like this!

She obviously expected it!

It’s all that kid!

The scene suddenly became a hell on earth!

It is in sharp contrast with the picture three days ago.

The people in Guhugu screamed screamingly.

And this, the King of Blue Tiger did not end up personally!

The Azure Tiger King just let Wiliam sit on his head, roaring low from time to time.

And Wiliam glanced at the Blue Tiger King, and said with a smile: “There is no wine, there is no wine. If there is, I can give you a bottle.”

From the beginning, Wiliam knew that he could suppress a beast.

This is confirmed by Guo Xiliang’s green tiger.

Therefore, whether it is a general jackal or the king of beasts, as long as it is a beast!

Wiliam is confident and can suppress it!

He has enough confidence in his eternal Qilin bloodline.

Before summoning these wild beasts, he had the mentality to give it a try.

There was a trace of summoning in the Qilin Qi on his body.

Unexpectedly, it really succeeded.

The Jackdaw family, one mile away, could actually feel it.

However, Wiliam was not without support.

Before at Lingyue Villa, Wiliam broke through and gave birth to the first silk Lin Qi, causing Lin Qi to shake the sky.

At that time, Tian Tian, ​​who was far away, could feel Wiliam’s vigor.

Therefore, Wiliam also thought about this move.

Mrs. He was on the scene, watching the Guhuugu disciples who were constantly dying, her eyes cracked.

She kept looking behind her, “Is the agency still down! A bunch of trash!”

When Wiliam heard this, he suddenly smiled.

He raised his head indifferently, looked at the sharp iron thorn, and slowly said: “So, the trapped beast you thought, who is trapped now?”

He stretched out his hand and suddenly pointed, Mrs. He!


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