Dragon Husband 986

Chapter 986

When Mrs. He heard these words, her whole body was not good.

She can’t tell how many stupid things she has done today!

Or in other words, how many roads have been paved for this kid!

This kid is completely rampant on the country she laid down!


Suddenly she opened her mouth and spouted a mouthful of blood.

The dignified master of Huajin was actually vomiting blood when Wiliam said a word!

After vomiting blood, Mrs. He’s face was like golden paper!

At this time, a rumbling sound suddenly sounded.

Everyone looked up!

I saw the towering iron thorns before, now sinking slowly.

Mrs. He’s men opened the mechanism.

The people of Guhuogu saw this scene, Qi Qi was delighted!

Opening this iron thorn means opening their way of life!

“Rush out for me!” Gu Huogu’s leader shouted sharply.

However, when the words were not finished, a mad lion scratched his face with one claw!

He immediately scratched his face with blood dripping!

And Mrs. He, naturally, was the first time she rushed outside!

However, waiting for her is still the same as Chief Guhuogu!

Countless wild beasts immediately rushed towards Mrs. He!

And Mrs. He watched countless wild beasts pounce!

Her pupils shrank sharply, and her whole body stiffened directly there.

I don’t know at all, where to dodge!

Seeing this scene on the spot, it was a tacit understanding, and Qi Qi stopped the action in his hands.

Everyone, all of them are watching how Granny He will be divided by the wild beast!

Wiliam was also looking at Granny He.

But the next second, he suddenly noticed.

Li Nanfeng under him suddenly trembled slightly.

Obviously, Li Nanfeng also sensed the danger that Mrs. He was in.

However, he just didn’t get up and said nothing.

Wiliam sighed suddenly, and the wine bottle in his hand slipped from the head of King Qinghu.


The bottle broke.

In response to the sound of the wine bottle breaking, the group of beasts dancing wildly on Mrs. He’s side had completely drowned her.

“Do not!”

The whole world, suddenly screamed the unwilling scream of Old Lady He!

However, in the next second, everyone at the scene was stunned.


Old lady He could already smell the blood in the beasts’ mouths as she watched the crowds of beasts coming.

She knew her death was approaching.

And this time, she couldn’t escape!

Fame, fame and fortune, at this moment of life and death, it seems like an instant collapse.

How long is one second?

It was more than enough for her to use this second to confess and think about it.

Is one second really that long?

Mrs. He’s whole person, like a flat boat in the stormy sea, is helpless for life and death.

She didn’t know how long it had passed, but felt it was a long, long time.

But the tearing feeling close at hand did not come.

In the end, she couldn’t help opening her eyes, but after seeing everything in front of her, she was shocked.

This is where……

There were no wild beasts in front of Mrs. He’s eyes, no one.

Even, there is no Li family forbidden in the south, there is no burning bonfire, and there is no confirmed bright moon.

She is like falling into a boundless hell, the world is desolate, and she is alone.

Where is this!

Mrs. He no longer knew whether it was sad or happy on her face.

Don’t you die?

“Well, the catastrophe did not die, but death is imminent.” A voice suddenly sounded behind her.

Old lady He couldn’t help turning around, but she recognized the person in front of her at a glance.


Seeing Wiliam, Mrs. He should have had her eyes completely split, and stepped forward to fight him to the end.

However, I don’t know why, seeing Wiliam here, Mrs. He suddenly felt a sense of inexplicable peace of mind.

It seems that in the great world, she is finally not the only one.

Lu Yezhen paid attention to Mrs. He again, and sat cross-legged in front of Mrs. He.

Mrs. He looked at the world again.

How high is the sky, how open the four fields…

Everything seems so unreal.

Mrs. He suddenly trembled, thinking of a heart-palpitating possibility.

“Here is! Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu!” He said blankly.

Wiliam on the ground nodded, “Well, Thirty-Six Soul Dream Kuizhu can create an illusion. After a trial, it can really be fake.” Wiliam said lightly.

Mrs. He held the shock in her heart. Although she was from the Li family in the south, it was the first time she saw the illusion created by Thirty-Six Soul Dream Kuizhu.

It’s the first time I have personally experienced it.

Really terrible!

And Mrs. He has a weird feeling.

In this illusion, she felt it.

My own life is constantly passing by.

Not at all help.

She felt even more that even a master like she couldn’t break free from such an illusion, and she couldn’t think of a way to break free.

It is estimated that outside the illusion, unless it is a super master, it is difficult to break into this illusion.

Mrs. He felt this feeling of life passing by, and suddenly smiled.

This sound of laughter contains so much helplessness, sadness, and relief.

To be honest, Mrs. He felt that she was dead.

Now, it was like the last few minutes that God had bestowed on her.

After life and death, Old Lady He seemed to look away at once.

She actually sat down slowly to Wiliam.

The two enemies of life and death just sat in harmony.

Wiliam closed her eyes, and Old Lady He stared at Wiliam.

Looking at it, she smiled again.

“I completely convinced, and I completely surrendered. You kid, both civil and military, and resourceful. What’s more rare is that you have a king’s heart. I completely convinced you. Thank you, and finally hang me A few minutes.” He said with a smile.

At this moment, there was no slaughter on her body, and her face was constantly aging at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“I want to thank you too, I didn’t tell you that.” Lu Yezheng opened his eyes and said slowly.

Mrs. He was taken aback, and also laughed.

She knew what Wiliam was talking about.

Wiliam is the abandoned son of North’s Lu family. From beginning to end, she didn’t tell anyone, including those from Guhuugu.

Even if the two of them are in conflict, and the hatred is not shared, she still doesn’t say it.


Mrs. He showed a bitter smile, and suddenly looked at the young man with some pity.

Obviously, he is younger than Nanfeng.

But he is suffering from love and hatred that is much heavier than Nanfeng.

He is the poor man.

Mrs. He also suddenly understood why she had never told others of Wiliam’s true identity.

Probably because this kid is as pitiful as Nan Feng’s experience.

It was this trace of compassion that allowed Mrs. He to retain the last trace of compassion.

Suddenly she stretched out her hand in her pocket, took it out with difficulty, took out something, and handed it to Wiliam.

“From now on Nanfeng, I really want to take care of you…”

“This, just treat it as a thank you gift.”


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