Dragon Husband 987

Chapter 987

Wiliam slowly opened his eyes this time.

He saw clearly, something that Old Lady He handed over.

It is a small pink flower that looks very lifelike.

Wiliam hesitated slightly, and reached out to take Xiao Hua.

However, the moment he started, Wiliam frowned slightly.

There was a very cool feeling in his hands.

Originally, Wiliam thought it was a fake flower.

After all, the flowers are tender and beautiful, as if they were just picked.

Now, this is actually a real flower.

And a real flower can keep this delicate color without changing?

Mrs. He’s words rang in due course.

“I got this Luoxia blooming flower many years ago, and I have been reluctant to use it. Now, I don’t have any use, and it is given to you. From now on, I will take good care of Nanfeng and Suyi.”

Luoxia grows flowers, such a beautiful name.

Old lady He seemed to see through Wiliam’s thoughts, and smiled bitterly: “The name is beautiful, but it’s a pity that the killing behind it is too heavy. How many people do it for her… Forget it, don’t say it, you will naturally understand this thing in the future. The more cruel the usefulness, the more beautiful it is.”

Mrs. He said, suddenly breathing hard.

Obviously, her life span is nearing the end.

Wiliam thought about it, and suddenly asked, “Can you tell me about this Guhuo Valley?”

Mrs. He was taken aback, and slowly rubbed her head, “I should have seen it, Guhuogu Shangtou, you should be inextricably related to you, no matter, people will die, there is no secret. Up.”

“Probably, it was ten years ago. I don’t remember clearly. At that time, Guhuo Valley was just established, but there was no big fanfare. It seems to be secretly established…”

Old lady He was talking about that, but the more Wiliam listened, his brows furrowed tighter.

Ten years ago, Guhuo Valley was established.

“Guhuu Valley’s Guhuo, no one knows who it is. I have only seen a deputy Guhuo Master. You must ask us what’s going on in the mundane Guhuu Valley, right?” Mrs. He Suddenly asked Wiliam.

Wiliam nodded.

“That Gu Huo Valley can only be regarded as Gu Huo Valley’s spokesperson in your world. Well, it should have a great relationship with you. I heard that it seems that the people above noticed you, and then you went on for a while. You haven’t come to this world, so the people over there, simply set up a Guhuo Valley in your world, so as to face you.” The eyes of Old Lady He became more and more confused.

Wiliam’s expression became serious.

Sure enough, things were developing as Wiliam expected.

And it is the worst prediction.

Someone has already arranged all this.

Some people are forcing themselves to grow up, and they don’t hesitate to set themselves up a great enemy!

And if so!

“Why did you come to Q City ( Qena City ) in the first place? Could it be that…” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Old lady He drooped slightly and fell slowly to the ground.

She opened her mouth and said with difficulty: “Yes, yeah, I can’t remember. It seems, in a daze, someone asked me to come to Q City ( Qena City ), saying that someone would heal me there. I let Nan Feng take me Went to Q City ( Qena City ).”

“In the beginning, I thought it was the genius doctor named Huang, but I never thought that it was you…”

“If you say that, ho ho, Wiliam, you, the road is long and hindered…”

Old lady He’s eyes, nose and mouth, suddenly came out with black blood.

Wiliam looked at such old lady He, but he was completely helpless.

He knew that in this illusion, he alone would not be affected.

And the others, even if they were God Fairy Daluo, were powerless to return to heaven.

The information received from Mrs. He once again confirmed Wiliam’s previous guess.

When I saw Mrs. He, Wiliam had just stepped into the realm of martial arts!

In other words, his every move is actually seen by people!

Once he stepped into the realm of martial arts, there was someone who couldn’t wait to arrange everything for him!

Who is behind this damn Gu Huo Valley!

Mrs. He suddenly smiled hard, as if she was dying.

“The future road, you have worked hard…”

“Don’t tell Nan Feng, I’m dead…”

“I’m already dead on him…”


When Mrs. He said this, her head tilted and she died of anger.

But there was a serenity on her face that she had never seen before.

Wiliam sighed as he watched Mrs. He die.

After all, this step is reached.

However, Wiliam had no guilt in his heart.

Everyone chooses the way.

Wiliam and her are just walking different paths.

With a thought, he suddenly moved towards the sky with one hand!

Suddenly a weird twist in this empty world!

Wiliam appeared in the eyes of everyone instantly!

When everyone saw Wiliam, their mouths opened wide!

They have no idea what happened!

A few seconds ago, they still wanted to see Mrs. He being torn apart by the wild beast.

But all of a sudden, everyone felt a sting in their heads!

Then, the wild beasts suddenly became sluggish and at a loss.

Mrs. He disappeared instantly.

When everyone went to see Wiliam again, Wiliam also disappeared from the head of the Azure Tiger King.

This scene is so weird and weird.

But within a few seconds, Wiliam appeared again on the head of the Blue Tiger King.

However, Mrs. He never saw each other again.

“Wiliam, what about that old woman? Why is she missing? What happened just now?” Guo Yulin ran over and asked.

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng who was silent on the ground, and said lightly: “She ran away.”

This sentence immediately made the people at the scene dejected.

I didn’t think of busy working on the Internet, but let this damn person run away.

What a blessing.

And only Mulan looked at Wiliam thoughtfully.

Just now, everyone’s attention was on Granny He, and no one noticed Wiliam.

Only Mulan saw Wiliam suddenly stretch out his hand and throw it towards the sky.

A dozen beads disappeared into the air instantly.

It seems that Wiliam just used these beads to magically take Mr. He away.

Fantasyland, is it a fantasyland…

Mulan shook her head, and for a while, the drink came up.

She didn’t bother to think about it.

At the moment at the scene, the people in Guhuu Valley were still wailing, they had completely lost their belief in escape.

Wiliam looked at this scene, his eyes slightly confused.

He sighed, and suddenly said, “That’s it.”

The Green Tiger King suddenly roared again!

All the beasts are crazy.

They actually attacked at the Guhuo Valley people suddenly.

Then, a magical scene suddenly appeared again!

All the beasts even grabbed a disciple from Guhuo Valley in their mouths!

Then Qi Qi walked towards Wiliam.

Wiliam slapped the Blue Tiger on the head and said faintly: “Let’s go, if there is still something to drink, let me…”

“Go and ask for another drink…”


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