Dragon Husband 988

Chapter 988

Almost spontaneously, the members of the Jackdaw family and the Southern Forbidden Li family at the scene turned out to be Qi Qi and Wiliam towards the door.

Who doesn’t want to drink three hundred cups at this moment!

Everyone needs this wine to dispel the shock of tonight!

Wiliam’s expression was indifferent, no one could see, this indifference was mixed with a little melancholy.

The victory of the war did not make Wiliam feel surging.

in contrast.

Since he walked into the door of Li’s house tonight, his mood has been in a sad state.

I don’t recognize my humble strength. In the end, I can only win through the help of others…

After all, it’s too small…

Wiliam shook his head, lethargic on the head of King Qinghu.

Until I don’t know how long it took.

Wiliam suddenly opened his eyes slowly.

His body suddenly rose into the air!

The people at the scene were stunned. Where is Wiliam going?

But the next second, everyone was shocked again!

The front of Wiliam’s body was completely dark.

But, with his body falling!

A light suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then, the second light!

The third light!

Until, the road in front of Wiliam was illuminated by bright lights!

But what shocked everyone was not the light that suddenly appeared.

But under this light!

A figure appeared under the light!

Tables are filled with wine!

In the front of this group, three people stood.

A woman who is tall like a dwarf but with an old face.

A chubby middle-aged man.

A man with a serious face and anger.

The three men raised their mouths at the moment they saw Wiliam…

this is!

Everyone looked at this group of people who suddenly appeared, their heads bewildered.

But soon someone from the Nanjin Li family recognized them. These people were people who appeared in the Nanjin Li family three days ago, and they seemed to be Wiliam’s men.

Could it be that they have been lying in ambush here tonight?

Their current distance is only one hundred meters away from Li’s house in the south.

But it was not right. Since it was an ambush, the war was over, but none of them appeared.

Everyone couldn’t understand at all, how these unicorns felt at the scene.

At that time, under Tong’s words, all the Qilin-like people posed for wine!

The wine shop is located in the suburb where they lived before.

When the wine came up, they barely spoke.

Cover your head and drink!

Seems to be drunk!

As the wine drank more and more, the scene gradually sounded a sob or two.

The sorrow for the death of brothers and relatives…

For Wiliam’s final journey to die alone…

Thousands of words, all hidden in the wine on the table.

No one exchanged a word.

Then Tongma moved.

She killed the wine in her hand!

Then take a shot with one hand!

The table in front of me was shot directly into the air!

She also rose into the air!

It was actually holding the table with one hand, and the figure flew forward quickly!

And that direction is exactly the direction of Li’s family in the south.

This move was in line with what Tong Grandma had said beforeEveryone understood her decision.

If you feel unwilling to give up, move one mile to the wine shop…

Grandma Tong, just grabbed a table and left.

With or without following, with or without dissuasion.

This leaving figure is not as tragic as the young master left.

The God of Wealth sighed deeply, and the second one followed.

And the third one is an angry horse.

The three of them, three tables, disappeared instantly.

On the contrary, the others didn’t even look at the three of them.

Continue to drink and not speak.

Tongma, Numa, and God of Wealth were drinking wine alone in one place. The fields were empty and lonely.


Gradually, some people appeared in their vision.

Hold the table, carry the chair, carry the wine jar.

They stood together beside Tongmao three people, set the table and set the wine.

As at the beginning…

But after a while, Tongmao and the three continued to get up.

I don’t know how long this kind of repeated moves forward.

All I know is that it is getting closer and closer to Li’s house in the south.

Nearer, you can see the sky above Li’s house in Nanban, which is glowing red because of the burning of the bonfire.

They can no longer advance half a mile.

As for Tongmao and the others, they didn’t even count the number of people they followed.

A few more left.

This is a thorough verification, free to come and go.

Then, while they were drinking and drinking, they heard a beast roaring not far away.

Not long afterward, I saw another behemoth, which suddenly appeared outside the wall of Nanjin Li’s house.

Such a giant, placed in peacetime, will surely shock people.

However, there is no one with a shocked expression on the face of the unicorn.

Everyone, just drinking.

Everyone can think of what a manic killing tonight’s South Ban Li Family.

It’s just that all of this has nothing to do with them.

They put wine here for one thing.

Now, this matter has been achieved.

Everyone carried their lights, and one side was still empty.

In front of everyone, it was the young master Qilin who had gone and returned, unharmed.

The people who had been indifferent and expressionless, at this moment, Qi Qi smiled.


Young Master Triumphant!

Tong’s grandmother just threw a jar of wine over, and suddenly covered her eyes.

“Young Master, drink!”

Everyone, lift up the wine jar in your hand!

“Young Master! Drinking!”



They were silent all night, waiting for the first sentence, that’s it!

Now, wait!

Live up to expectations!

Wiliam watched this scene and his eyes were slightly red.

In front of me, how many unicorns are still there.

The number is not clear.

But why bother to count.

It’s just coming over, sipping three hundred cups with brothers!

He took the wine and took a few sips.

Even because of the urgency of drinking, the wine was poured directly on his face.

His face was wet.

I can’t tell the difference, the face is wine or tears.

It’s great to see them again.

Wiliam suddenly waved with one hand.


The green tiger king suddenly raised his head!

The wild beasts behind him came out more and more.

A corpse was held in the mouth of a beast.

The people of unicorn power saw this scene, Qi Qi was stunned.

This behemoth is controlled by the young master.

This kind of thing, they are not surprised.

After all, the young master has the blood of a unicorn and is the supreme of all beasts, who can know better than them!

They were surprised that the corpses in these wild beasts’ mouths were…

“Dead brothers, you guys, rest in peace.” Wiliam said, suddenly his voice became choked.

With a wave of his hand, he saw a wave of cold light flying out of his hand, straight through the clouds.

Wiliam was already in front of everyone.


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