Dragon Husband 989

Chapter 989

People in the Qilin Power had heard Wiliam’s words and already understood what was going on.

Young Master, I went to Li’s house in Nanjin alone!

Take down the lives of those murderers who killed more than two hundred Qilinshi brothers before!

What these wild beasts are holding in their mouths are exactly the murderers!

The young master has always forgotten the tragic death of his brothers.

The young master did it too, give an explanation to the dead brothers!

Everyone was about to thank the young master for his justice, but suddenly realized that the young master had disappeared.

The children of Tongma showed a look of horror, and their bodies suddenly became vigilant.

Only Mulan walked out slowly, patted the wine on the table casually, “Drink the bar, leave the young master alone, he will be back.”

Mulan knew where Wiliam had gone.

And Mulan also knew why Wiliam had to disappear before everyone’s eyes.

Probably, I don’t want my subordinates to see the fragility of a king.

And Wiliam suddenly appeared in a twisted world.

This world was exactly the illusion that Wiliam had been in before.

When he arrived in this world, Wiliam couldn’t help but burst into tears.

In this empty world, Wiliam actually burst into tears.

The guilt that had been suppressed in my heart was finally released at this moment.

Yes, Wiliam was apologetic and uneasy.

The battle three days ago was definitely the worst defeat Wiliam has ever experienced in his lifetime.

The consequence of the failure is that hundreds of brothers sacrificed for him and died.

It can be said that Wiliam bears more than two hundred wronged life souls on his back!

He came to the South Ban Li’s house tonight, and even more bear the will of these dead brothers!

Without the enemy’s hand, he can’t rest for a moment, and he can’t let it go!

Now he was completely relieved.

With mixed feelings in my heart, tears can no longer be restrained.

Mulan was wrong, and Wiliam didn’t want to show such a scene in front of everyone.

Everyone may think that this is the compassion of the young master.

But in Wiliam’s opinion, crying means incompetence and cowardice.

One tear is enough.

Never again, don’t want to experience the second time.

Since, you are waiting for me here with wine.

Then what you are waiting for is destined to be a young Kylin master who is invincible after rebirth!

Rather than a kid full of tears and relieved!

Let me, in this no man’s land, completely release the sadness in my heart.

Wiliam’s tears couldn’t stop falling.

But at this time, the space around him was suddenly distorted.

A slightly hoarse voice suddenly rang in his ears.

“Yo, crying here, you really are there.”

Wiliam frowned, and there was a storm in his heart!

This illusion was created by Wiliam using Thirty-Six Soul Dreams.

And more than twenty beads were used.

To put it arrogantly, even a master at the late stage of Huajin, wanting to enter his illusion rashly, I am afraid it will take a while.

but now!

Someone unexpectedly said to come in!

And listening to this person’s tone is such an understatement!

It seems to be no stranger to this, and it is easy to come and go!

Who is sacred?

Wiliam was still thinking, suddenly a figure slowly appeared in the twisted space.

A man who looked a bit vicissitudes of life stood in front of Wiliam.

Originally, Wiliam should go up immediately and attack him.

But I don’t know why, seeing this man, Wiliam’s hands no longer have any guards and actions.

This man, handsome and extraordinary, must have fascinated many girls when he was young.

In his eyes, there is always a trace of carelessness, as if nothing is in his heart.

And in him, there is no more compelling aura.

Wiliam’s first impression of this man was that of an odd man.

The man was also looking at Wiliam up and down.

As I looked up, I kept complimenting, “Tsk tusk, he looks more handsome than Lao Tzu, I didn’t believe it at first, God was really blind.”

When Wiliam heard this, there was a black line.

He asked faintly: “Who are you! How did you get in!”

This foolish man smiled casually, “Hoho, it’s just a little blindfold, can it stop me? But this illusion is a bit interesting. Li’s family is banned in the south, and there is something. This illusion, say. To be honest, it is similar to what I learned when I was young, and I can study and study if I have time.”

This man became more crooked as he spoke.

But when Wiliam heard it, it became more shocking.

It feels that this man is like a game in the world, and any realm of cultivation technique is just a trifling matter in his eyes.

When Wiliam faced him, he felt as if the mountain stood still.

There is no room for resistance at all.

And this kind of feeling, Wiliam had only experienced with two people before.

“Well, it seems that you have been crying enough, right, tut, tut, young man, it’s hard-hearted, with such a big blood and blood, he just stood up, and I don’t even want to be fragile. You make me appreciate it. “The man continued.

And these words made Wiliam feel weird.

It seemed that all Wiliam’s previous actions had been seen by this man.

He knows Wiliam well.

Wiliam’s first thought was this man, could it be the mysterious person who kept pushing him forward in secret.

But the next second, he directly denied it again.

It is also because of an intuition.

This man gave Wiliam the feeling that he was arrogant and straightforward.

If it were him, he would definitely not hide in the dark, nor would he bother to hide in the dark.

“Come on, give me your hand, I’ll help you see it first.” The man suddenly grabbed Wiliam’s wrist.

Just as Wiliam was about to break free, he suddenly felt a majestic breath, and instantly crushed his body completely without resistance.

And in this majestic vigor, Wiliam had a vaguely connected feeling!

It seemed that there was something on the opponent that could cause a reaction in Wiliam’s body.


Wiliam’s brows frowned instantly.


It’s blood!

Traction of blood!

Moreover, this person is not of Qilin blood.

If it was a unicorn bloodline, Wiliam could feel it right away.

After all, he has the blood of the ancient unicorn, and he can only suppress other unicorn bloodlines without bowing his head!

But by the way, in front of this man!

Thinking of this, Wiliam took a deep breath, letting this man signal his pulse.

Wiliam, slowly spit out a word.

“I think, I know who you areā€¦”

“Oh? Wouldn’t it be so smart? Don’t fool me.” The man smiled in surprise.

Wiliam stared at the foolish man, spit out two words in his mouth.

“Liu Lang!”


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