Dragon Husband 990

Chapter 990: Liu Lang

Liu Lang!

This is the only person Wiliam can think of that fits this man’s character, background, and strength.

And this man was really surprised, “Oh, I’m really convinced with your IQ! Sister Tian Tian really cheated me.”

Three words for Sister Tian Tian came out of this man’s mouth, and Wiliam had completely guessed his identity.

Liu Lang!

He Tiantian’s husband!

It’s the bastard that Tian Tian always has on her lips.

The first time Wiliam heard Liu Lang’s name was in Lingyue Villa.

At that time, Sister Tian Tian asked her husband because of her injury from the Feliicity.

Just now, Wiliam felt a strong sense of suppression from this man.

This kind of crushing feeling of strength was also felt by Tian Tian sister before.

Sister Tian Tian said that her husband is a bastard and prodigal son, and this man has the same personality.

Sister Tian Tian said that her husband is superior in strength, and that this man is in line with his strength.

Sister Tian Tian said that his man’s medical skills are unparalleled, and this man directly gave Wiliam’s level of genius doctors his pulse. His medical skills are naturally extraordinary and consistent.

Sister Tian Tian said that his man was of the eternal golden dragon bloodline. Wiliam’s eternal unicorn bloodline was obviously suppressed by this man’s bloodline just now. Only the golden dragon bloodline can do this step, so this is also true.

Countless evidence points to the identity of this man.

It is no surprise that Wiliam can guess Liu Lang’s identity.

“Liu Lang, why are you here suddenly?” Wiliam asked.

But as soon as he finished speaking, he was knocked hard on his forehead.

Liu Lang apparently looked at Wiliam with an angry look, “Brother Lang! There is no courtesy at all.”

Wiliam sweated, and in the end he could only say something to Brother Lang.

“Well, I came here this time. I was looking for you. I think you can really toss it. Use your blood to crush that big worm to death. It’s so pretending that I was younger than my brother. It’s too much to force.” Liu Lang said carelessly.

Wiliam directly eliminated the rubbish in his words and asked, “Are you here to find me?”

“Well, one of the reasons is that Sister Tian Tian entrusted her. Sister Tian Tian knows that you are awakened by the unicorn bloodline, and said that you are a good seedling that is rare in thousands of years. You can’t make anything wrong at this juncture, so she repeatedly confessed to me. Look at you.” Liu Lang said lazily.

“What’s going wrong?” Wiliam asked back.

But Liu Lang suddenly showed a joking expression, “You, didn’t you know that you still asked, is it interesting?”

Wiliam’s heart shrank.

This Lang brother, really is not built.

He should have seen that his body is mottled, and he is in an extremely dangerous collapse.

Sure enough, Liu Lang let go of Wiliam’s hand at this time, and said, “Don’t believe me. Brother was able to survive this way when he was young. So the blood awakening is something that Brother has experience. You are in an extraordinary situation. It is a blessing and a curse. , Now the body is on the verge of collapse, even if Sister Tian Tian doesn’t say anything, I’ll come and look for you. After all, the blood of the awakened unicorn is still the blood of the ancestor of the unicorn. I haven’t had it in a thousand years. Up.”

Wiliam stared at Liu Lang closely.

Liu Lang seemed to understand the confusion in Wiliam’s heart, and said with a smile: “In this world, there are many strange bloodlines, but at present, there are only three people on the top of bloodlines! You, me, and a kid named Lin Jiang My bloodline is the Supreme Golden Dragon, your bloodline is the lord of the unicorn, and the kid named Lin Jiang is the Supreme Suzaku. The bloodline of the three of us is extremely rare. It cannot be said that it is the destiny and destiny. The three of us want to see each other. It is more likely that you and the kid named Lin Jiang will be my brothers who will fight for a lifetime in the future, so you can’t die, it’s a shame to die.”

Liu Lang’s words made Wiliam’s head hum.

This is a statement he has never heard before.

And it seems that in Liu Lang’s words, Wiliam has cleared the haze of the road ahead.

Let Wiliam see farther and higher.

How magnificent the sky is high and the sea is wide!

Seeing that Liu Lang was not an enemy, and more like a good teacher and helpful friend, Wiliam was not polite.

Of course you have to ask for advice.

“Then what should I do next?” Wiliam asked directly.

Liu Lang asked, “What do you think?”

Wiliam pondered for a moment, and said, “I think it is to find a way to either abolish martial arts and start from scratch, or let these breaths in my body blend together.”

After listening, Liu Lang clapped his hands and applauded, “Talking to smart people is easy. Your personality is very similar to that of Lin Jiang, and your wisdom is not weaker than him. Starting from the beginning is the safest way, but it takes Too long, the time left for us is running out.”

Wiliam’s heart shuddered, “What time?”

“Ho ho, when you reach my level, you will naturally know. So, I suggest you choose the second method, fusion. A while ago, after awakening the Suzaku bloodline, Lin Jiang boy also merged through fusion, and finally merged An unusually weird but powerful aura.” Liu Lang said with a smile.

Wiliam stared at Liu Lang and suddenly said, “I’m afraid, it’s not that easy.”

“How can you see it?” Liu Lang asked again.

“If it’s that simple, why should you mention the first benefit? You can just veto it,” Wiliam said.

Liu Lang was stunned for a while, “Why do I have the feeling of IQ being rubbed on the ground? Okay, you’re right, the second method is to die for a lifetime, just ask if you are afraid?”

After Wiliam heard this, he laughed lightly.

“A life of nine deaths, I am not a life of nine deaths. One more time is not more, one less time is a lot.” Wiliam said relievedly.

Liu Lang also looked at Wiliam and laughed, “Interesting little guy. I can finally understand that your level is improved like riding a rocket on your way. It is really not your God’s favor, but you have gone through life and death again and again. You got it, you deserve it.”

Wiliam once again ignored Liu Lang’s mouthful of water and asked, “Now, you can tell me how to merge, right? You came here this time, should you tell me this too?”

But this time, Liu Lang suddenly became serious.

He was abrupt, and a brain collapse hit Wiliam on the head again!

Wiliam covered his head, “Are you sick?”

Liu Lang’s temperament suddenly became very vicissitudes of life, “Man, some people say that passion is a man’s romance, but in my Liu Lang’s view, keeping the family is a man’s romance. Sister Tian Tian said that you are a lover, I think You are looking for death!”

“I have been talking to you for so long! You are asking how your wife Feliicity is now!”

“You remembered it for me! A man never forgets his beauty! This is the first thing I teach you!”

“Do you want to see the Feliicity now?”


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