Dragon Husband 991

Chapter 991

Wiliam had a black line after hearing Liu Lang’s words.

He wanted to ask, but this girl has been taking the topic away.

Now Liu Lang brings the topic back again, who can blame it?

However, Wiliam felt warm when he heard the words Feliicity.

He asked: “Did the Feliicity come too? Where?”

Liu Lang glared at Wiliam, “It’s impossible to come. She just woke up a while ago. As soon as she woke up, she was anxious to find you. Two days ago, she was arranged by Sister Tian Tian, I have begun to retreat. So, I said that I came here this time, one purpose is to help you sort out your current physical condition, and the other most important thing is to be entrusted by your wife to bring you a message from her.”

Wiliam was taken aback for a moment, “German? Why didn’t she call me directly? I had called her several times before, but unfortunately no one answered.”

Liu Lang said indifferently: “We have some special rules, I’ll just ask you, do you want to know her message, so much nonsense.”

Wiliam was a little dizzy, and he dared to talk nonsense about others.

“I want to know.” Wiliam replied immediately.

At this time, Liu Lang took out his cell phone, pressed it a few times, and handed it to Wiliam, “Here, see for yourself.”

Wiliam looked at Liu Lang’s phone screen, which was obviously a video.

In the video, it was the Feliicity he thought about day and night.

Although he had been separated from Feliicity for a while, but seeing Feliicity’s face again, Wiliam couldn’t help feeling sentimental thoughts in his heart.

His hand tremblingly opened the video.

“Hey, Wiliam, miss me? I miss you so much.” As soon as the video began, Feliicity greeted the camera.

When Wiliam heard this sound, his body was shocked, and his eyes instantly turned red.

Feliicity, can talk!

“Have you heard my voice for a long time? Hehe. I can finally talk. I’ve lived very well here. Sister Tian Tian, ​​Sister Qing, and several other little sisters are all kind to me. Very good. They often ask me for advice on how to train husbands. They want to learn from me so that their dead ghost husband can abide by their own and abide by their husbands. Hey, I won’t tell them.” Feliicity said jokingly.

Liu Lang on the side heard a black line and mumbled, “Those prodigal ladies.”

But at this point of the joke, Feliicity suddenly changed his voice and his voice became quieter.

It was obvious that there were tears in Feliicity’s eyes.

“I really want to miss you. The first thing I wake up, I can’t wait to plug my wings and find you. It’s just that, I know it’s impossible. You have things you have to do. And, I’m getting more and more I feel the gap between the two of us. If I keep getting weaker, one day, I will be farther and farther away from you. So, I think about it, I must work hard to catch up with you. I know How could you catch up with you, a genius, but even if I can only keep up a little bit, I will not give up.”

“So I accepted Sister Tian Tian’s suggestion, stay closed for a period of time, and take care of my own blood. I believe I will leave the customs again, and I will give you a very unexpected surprise, so look forward to it.”

“I also look forward to it, looking forward to our reunion. I believe that this day will not be too long.”

“So, Wiliam, will you live well? Just for me, for our reunion, for our long-term stay together, you must live well.”

“Well, I’ll just say that, a thousand words, it’s hard to express my heart.”

“Wiliam, I love you. I can too, the world is invincible!”

In the last sentence, Feliicity’s voice was weak and inaudible, but he still said unwaveringly.

When Wiliam heard this, his eyes turned red again.

Wiliam said this to Feliicity very early.

At that time, for the Feliicity, Wiliam dared to dominate the world!

Now Feliicity returned this sentence to Wiliam.

Similarly, Feliicity was also willing to mad this life for Wiliam.

Wiliam had a deep affection in his heart, and he no longer knew how to respond to Feliicity’s infatuation.

He returned the phone to Liu Lang, but a kind of pride suddenly grew in his heart.



Waiting for our reunion!

Waiting for our better future!

I will definitely survive!

“Now, can you tell me how to integrate these vigor in me?” Wiliam slowly said to Liu Lang.

Liu Lang looked at Wiliam in surprise.

This kid seems desperate.

After watching his wife’s love confession, he was not moved.

But the heart is very deep.

He instantly turned these unspeakable thoughts into a driving force for progress.

And this is the best response to Feliicity Qingsi.

Liu Lang couldn’t help but patted Wiliam on the shoulder, and sighed, “You are so much better than me in terms of feelings. Compared with you, I can hardly see my wives.”

Wiliam waited quietly for Liu Lang’s trash talk to finish.

Finally, Liu Lang looked at the time and said, “Well, let’s talk about business. I can only show you a way, and will not intervene or even participate in your nirvana. After all, this is what you want to go. The way.”

Wiliam nodded, “I know, I can only walk my way.”

“Go to Gu Yue Hu’s house, it happens to be in your Lingcheng.” Liu Lang said suddenly.

Gu Yue Hu’s family?

Wiliam frowned slightly.

He knows this family.

In Lingcheng, there are four great martial arts families.

Among them, the Jackdaw family is the most powerful.

Then there are Gu Yue Hu’s family and Hong Yu Chen’s family.

The last is the South Ban Li Family.

Wiliam had also met the Gu Yuehu family in the youth martial arts test competition before, but only met the younger generation of their family.

Unexpectedly, this Gu Yue Hu family, who is not showing the mountains and dew, actually said it from the mouth of a god like Liu Lang.

That means that this family has secrets that others don’t know.

“Ho ho, you think the aristocratic families you see are so simple. You look down on this world too. Who can make a family in this world has a little bit of background.” Liu Lang seemed to see through Wiliam’s thoughts. , Smiled.

He casually gave an example: “Just like the Jackdaw family, the treasure of the town is the blue tiger king outside, but do you think that is the case? You have never seen the treasure of their family.”

“There is also the Li Family forbidden in the South. The Thirty-six Soul Dream Kuizhu was a sensation back then, and is on par with your North Lu Family. However, the martial arts are now declining, especially the weapons and martial arts other than physical martial arts. , Craftsmanship is getting worse and worse, and a lot of glory is gone. But even if it’s a hero’s doomsday, as long as these foundations are in, if you fight to the death, it is absolutely scary. I understand your heart to quickly gain a foothold in this world, but after all It’s weak, it doesn’t have any background, it’s not practical at all.” Liu Lang explained lightly.

Wiliam nodded, indeed.

He should also be more in awe of martial arts.

Liu Lang suddenly walked away and said casually: “Let’s go to Gu Yuehu’s house. Their guarding the mountain forbidden ground is a bit interesting and won’t let you down.”


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