Dragon Husband 992

Chapter 992

Gu Yuehu’s forbidden mountain guarding.

Wiliam pondered Liu Lang’s words and fell into deep thought.

“I have something to do, so I will leave first. Look forward to our next reunion.” Liu Lang’s words came from afar.

“Oh, by the way, in a while, it seems that there will be a century-old celebration of the Evil Fist. It is a rare opportunity to challenge a master. If you are interested, you can participate in it. Let’s go.” Liu Lang finally Throw another sentence.

Then the space on his side suddenly twisted.

Liu Lang completely disappeared from Wiliam’s sight.

The space around Wiliam was also distorted.

He reappeared in front of everyone.

Tongmao everyone looked foolishly at Wiliam, who had suddenly disappeared and suddenly appeared.

The scene was quiet for a while.

Wiliam shook his head.

Extremely evil fist, a century-old ceremony.

Haven’t heard of it yet.

Ho ho, it seems that this world is much more interesting than I thought.

That’s it!

Settle yourself!

From tonight!

Wiliam grabbed a jar of wine next to him, and suddenly held it high, “Drink! Don’t get drunk or return!”

Qilin-like people, seeing Wiliam reappearing like before, Qi Qi smiled.

This is the aura of the Kylin Young Master!

“Drink! Don’t get drunk or return!” Everyone raised the wine jar together and shouted.

Even those headed by Li Chengfeng and Guo Yulin were cheered up.

Then drink the bar unscrupulously!

For the freshman of a teenager!

The scene suddenly became a place for drinking and revelry.

I don’t know how long I drank it.

I just know that in the end all the wine was drunk.

On the ground, there were countless people lying all over the place, and they had long been unable to tell which one was the Qilinshi disciple, which was the Nanjin Li family, and which was from the Jackdaw family.

Mulan and Tongmao, the masters of the Quartet Qilin Gate, lay horizontally on the ground, looking up to the sky only to see the sky full of stars, everything was so beautiful.

The wine is over, and the wine shop is almost over.

Guo Yulin suddenly said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, you can stop by our Jackdaw family first, so you can take care of it.”

Wiliam nodded, thanking Guo Yulin for his kindness.

He looked around and suddenly said, “Wait for me, I’ll go meet someone.”

As he said, his body staggered towards the back.

And that direction is surprisingly the direction of Li’s family in the south.

Is anyone still in Li’s house in Nanban?

Wiliam was walking, and suddenly heard Mulan’s voice behind him.

“Little Lord!”

Wiliam turned around.

All the Qilinshi disciples headed by Mulan suddenly stood up from the ground.

Their bodies stand extremely tall and straight.

Mulan and the others looked at each other and nodded.

They made an extremely strange move.

All Qilinshi disciples suddenly raised their right fists and left fists akimbo!

“Kirin disciple, see Young Master!” Mulan shouted loudly.

Everyone at the scene, Qi Qi followed Mulan’s words.

Wiliam looked at their weird movements and smiled, “What kind of ghost gesture is this?”
Mulan faintly explained with a sweat, “This action has always been respected by Qilinshi disciples to your grandfather.”

Wiliam was taken aback, and there was a sting in his head.

He suddenly thought of something very far away.

At that time, Wiliam was still very young, and the young one just started to remember.

It seems that if I watch a lot of cartoons, I like to do this action.

Left fist akimbo, right fist raised…

At that time, he ignored his grandfather’s laugh, and said to his grandfather in the second place: “This is the fist of justice! You old man don’t understand!”

Now, seeing the unicorns in front of him make this move, Wiliam’s heart suddenly slammed.


Moreover, Wiliam finally understood that Mulan and the others made this action, and there is also the meaning behind the young master.

Once upon a time, unicorns belonged to grandpa.

But from tonight!

This new unicorn power belongs only to Wiliam!

From tonight!

Wiliam is the unicorn power, the king who does his job!

Wiliam smiled, then turned and continued to walk south to Ban Li’s house.

Only in a place where no one could see, Wiliam’s fist was also slowly raised.

The childish movements of Kainakaji seem to be responding to the unicorn power.

In Li’s house in the south, the huge bonfire is almost exhausted.

It’s like the temperament of the Li family in the south at this moment.

Inside the compound, there was nothing but blood all over the floor.

Wiliam quickly saw two people.

Li Nanfeng, Cheng Suyi.

Li Nanfeng was still sitting there, without a trace of movement.

His eyes were still tightly closed.

Only Cheng Suyi paced straight aside in a hurry.

When Cheng Su saw Wiliam approaching, he looked overjoyed and rushed towards him directly, “Wiliam, here you are, look at what happened to Nan Feng. You haven’t spoken or got up.”

Wiliam comforted Cheng Su with a word, and then walked towards Li Nanfeng.

He also sat opposite Li Nanfeng.

“Unfortunately, the wine is finished.” Wiliam said first.

Li Nanfeng heard Wiliam’s voice and finally spoke.

“Wine, I drank it.”

“Yeah.” Wiliam replied and fell silent.

In the end, Li Nanfeng spoke again, “My grandma, what happened?”

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng and finally waited for this sentence.

Wiliam knew that Li Nanfeng had always apologized to his grandmother, so he didn’t follow the army to celebrate and drink outside.

Now it is more about worrying about the safety of his grandma’s life.

Throw away all the hatred, they are the grandsons of each other.

“Your grandma, when I went to other places, she told me that she was sorry for you, she was already embarrassed to see you. So, if you have the ability, go get her back.” Wiliam said lightly. Ready to say.

Li Nanfeng raised his head slightly and muttered, “So, at the last moment, did you let my grandma go?”

Wiliam nodded, “I think so.”

Li Nanfeng suddenly moved and knelt down towards Wiliam, “Thank you.”

Wiliam helped him up and asked, “Then, do you have any plans next?”

Li Nanfeng showed a confused look, “What are your plans? I still don’t think about it…”

He really hadn’t thought about this.

All the roads he walked in this life were arranged by his grandma.

From leaving Li’s house in Nanban, to drifting all the way to Q City ( Qena City ).

Now he has returned to Li’s house in South Ban.

And now, Li Nanfeng’s grandmother has left.

Li Nanfeng seemed to have lost the signpost of his life all of a sudden, and had no direction.

Wiliam looked at Li Nanfeng so hesitating, and suddenly smiled.

He stretched out his hand, pointed at the stalwart and lonely Nanban Li family behind him, and said with a smile: “Are you confident and courageous enough to support the entire Nanban Li family with an attitude of inner strength?”


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