Dragon Husband 993

Chapter 993

Li Nanfeng still didn’t show a surprised look, and Cheng Su, behind him, was not well.

She was originally the home of Fanchen’s little daughter.

Until now, she was just an ordinary woman.

She followed Li Nanfeng without knowing why, and fell in love with this stupid and stubborn man.

Following Li Nanfeng, she saw too many worlds she had never thought of before.

She knew too well in her heart, what a Southern Forbidden Li family meant!

Now, let Li Nanfeng use his own strength to support the weak Nanban Li Family!

Isn’t this putting pressure on Li Nanfeng!

Cheng Suyi was too afraid that Li Nanfeng would be put under too much pressure, and he has never recovered.

She was about to stop Wiliam, but suddenly heard Li Nanfeng smile.

“It’s crazy to prop up the Li family in South Ban with a posture of inner strength.”

“However, if this is not the case, how can I fulfill my grandma’s wish? How can I find a grandma in the future?”

“I accept your suggestion.” Li Nanfeng said with a smile.

Wiliam nodded and patted Li Nanfeng on the shoulder.

At this time, he suddenly looked at a dark place, “Come out, follow me all the way, don’t you dare to show your face?”

Cheng Su was stunned one by one, there are people here?

At this time, a person walked out of the dark place slowly.

Seeing this man clearly, Cheng Su was suddenly surprised.

The person here turned out to be flushed, like a drunk Li Chengfeng.

Li Chengfeng looked at Wiliam with a complicated expression.

When he saw Wiliam return to Li’s house in Nanban just now, he already had a hint of speculation in his heart, knowing who Wiliam was looking for.

After hearing what Wiliam said just now, could Li Chengfeng feel complicated?

The big man banned the Li family from the south.

It was handed over to a kid with inner strength.

It is the craziest thing in the world.

Li Chengfeng should have jumped out to stop it the first time.

However, he subconsciously did not do this.

It seems that everything should be.

What happened tonight, Li Chengfeng experienced from the beginning.

He had also left a way out.

Only admit that Wiliam is the lord of the Li family ban in the south tonight.

And after tonight, it’s a different matter of course. The Li family in the south will be discussed in the long term.

Now that he heard Wiliam’s suggestion, Li Chengfeng only felt crazy and passionate!

It’s so hot, he has to drink all his stomach!

Suddenly he turned his head away and looked at Li Nanfeng, “Nanfeng, I will ban Li’s family from the south in the future, I beg you.”

This sentence made Cheng Su almost fall through!

She has been in the Li family in Nanjin these days, how can she not know that there is also intrigue inside the Li family in Nanjin.

Su Yuchun died for the position of a Patriarch, and He left too far away.

It is really people who die for money and birds die for food.

What she fears most is that Li Nanfeng’s low strength will be tricked by the rest of the Li family in the South.

Now, what Li Chengfeng said turned out to be a direct recognition of Li Nanfeng’s identity?

South forbidden Li’s family, will you really want to be the only leader in the south?

“Thank you, I will work hard for you in the future.” Li Nanfeng replied lightly.

Li Chengfeng looked at Li Nanfeng, who was insulting and humiliated, and smiled helplessly, “We are the first arrogant man of the Li family in the South forbidden, but it carries all the hope of our recovery, do it well, I will help you well in the future.”
“Yeah. But one thing I said is ahead, for the South Ban Li family, I can go through fire and water. But as the head of the South Ban Li family, I will never get involved in this life.” Li Nanfeng said again.

Li Chengfeng immediately looked at Wiliam.

He also instantly understood the meaning of Li Nanfeng’s words.

The position of Patriarch is reserved for Wiliam, whether Wiliam admits it or not.

Cheng Suyi looked at Nan Feng with pain.

Is this silly boy willing to be the uncrowned king for a lifetime?

However, this is really like what he would do.

“Okay, I’ll leave first, you guys have a good chat. I won’t interfere with your housework.” After Wiliam said this, he shook his body again and left here.

Ahead, everyone is waiting for the landing leaf.

Wiliam casually moved, and the wild beasts headed by the Azure Tiger King hung together.

“Cyan Tiger King, I know that you are imprisoned in the Jackdaw family, and you are unwilling to do so. Let me do it without authorization. You will stay in the Jackdaw family for another year. Within a year, if the Jackdaw family has the ability to make you surrender, It’s their ability. If you have the ability, you can leave on your own, how about?” Wiliam touched the Qinghu King’s leg and said lightly.

These words asked both the Jackdaw family and the Blue Tiger King.

There was a hint of gratitude on Guo Yulin’s face.

If Wiliam hadn’t said that, the Azure Tiger King would have left directly.

Since then, the Jackdaw family has lost a lot of help.

Now that Wiliam said this was equivalent to forcibly extending his life to the Jackdaw family.

Guo Yulin seemed to know that King Blue Tiger understands things, so he walked over and said, “King Qing Tiger, I have wronged you over the years. But I, Guo Yulin, asked myself, I have never treated you badly, and I have never treated you despicable. Means. Even in the last war, I rushed ahead of you, and I did not let you fight alone. One year, stay for one year, and then be my friend Guo Yulin for another year, how about?”

At this time, the Blue Tiger King roared lowly, as if responding to Guo Yulin’s words.

Guo Yulin looked overjoyed, “Then, thank you, my old friend.”

At this time, everyone walked forward slowly, and the target was the Jackdaw family.

Many people were drunk and they were all carried on their backs.

A group of people drunk.

The man is in front, the beast is behind, and they stretch a distance.

Wiliam and Guo Yulin walked ahead and suddenly asked: “I have been listening to you saying that there was a big battle before. What happened to that battle?”

Guo Yulin’s steps stagnated, with a trace of embarrassment on his face, he slowly said, “Shame, in fact, that battle was also against Gu Huogu. At that time I mistakenly believed in traitor intelligence, and united several martial arts schools. Aristocratic family, all the masters went to encircle and suppress a person from Guhuo Valley. As a result, you have also seen it. We were all defeated. All of us were poisoned by that person. It was also at that time that I was forced to Guhuo Valley. Surrender. I’m all right now. I get rid of the terrible heart attacking poison, and I don’t have to worry about people in Gu Huogu.

Wiliam frowned slightly, again Gu Huo Gu.

This Guhuo Valley is simply lingering.

He couldn’t help asking again: “Who is that person?”

At this time, Guo Yulin showed a look of fear on his face, and said in a quiet tone: “I’ll tell you later. I’m here, I’m home.”

Guo Yulin stretched out his hand and pointed to the front. The house of the Jackdaw family was right in front of him.

At the gate of the Jackdaw family, there were several people standing, all women and subordinates.

Wu Bili is naturally there.

She saw Guo Yulin first, rushed over in one step, and said with a frightened expression: “Old Guo! The big thing is not good! More than an hour ago, without knowing what happened, our wild beasts ran away frantically. ! You never answer when I call you.”

At this time, she glanced at her eyes and saw Wiliam behind Guo Yulin, her tone suddenly became rude.

“What are you doing here? We, the Jackdaw family, do not welcome idlers.”


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