Dragon Husband 994

Chapter 994

Wu Bili hates Wiliam very much.

On the territory of their Jackdaw family, Wiliam had embarrassed her in public.

Until now, Wu Bili still remembers the words that this kid asked her to kneel to him in public, and the nasty expression.

If it hadn’t been for that time when Guo Yulin was seriously ill and wanted Wiliam, how could Wu Bili bow to a hairy boy.

A few days ago, Guo Yulin bit Wiliam back, and Wu Bili felt so happy.

Especially three days ago.

Wu Bili watched this kid be beaten up by people from the Li Family and Guhuo Valley in the south, and she was even more proud for several days.

Unexpectedly, this kid unexpectedly appeared again tonight.

Still appeared in front of her.

It’s really a blessing and a big life, there is no death tonight?

Look at this, it was Lao Guo who took this kid back for his life, right?

Ho ho, it should be because Lao Guo felt that he owed him his life. Now it can be said that all the grievances have been wiped out.

Then Wu Bili naturally doesn’t have to be afraid of this kid anymore.

But Wu Bili hadn’t noticed that her words actually chilled the atmosphere of the scene.

Wu Bili looked behind Wiliam at this time, her brows frowned even tighter.

She saw Wiliam behind, followed by a large group of alcoholics.

And these drunks, she still knows them.

It was clearly Wiliam’s men, a group of rubbish that had been beaten to death by the Guhuugu people three days ago.

“Why? In your eyes, is our Jackdaw family a garbage shelter?” Wu Bili couldn’t help but drank again.

Wiliam stood still, frowning slightly.

But at this time, Guo Yulin yelled violently, “Shut up! Stinky girl! What are you going to be crazy about here! Let the servants clean up all the rooms in Nanyuan!”

Wu Bili saw Guo Yulin drunk violently, and when she smelled Guo Yulin also drunk, her anger became even greater.

This kid must have got Lao Guo drunk, so he asked to live with the Jackdaw family.

He has a good calculation.

Wu Bili couldn’t help but said to Guo Yulin: “Old Guo! You be sober! The wild beasts of our Jackdaw family have all gone, so you don’t have to worry about this matter, why are you still taking care of garbage as a good person.”

“Slap!” Guo Yulin slapped Wu Bili’s face with a slap.

“A girl! Is there a place where you talk? Get out!” Guo Yulin was shaking with anger.

This eyeless lady!

I really should take you over tonight!

Let you see it in person!

How did the Blue Tiger King, whom the Jackdaw family feared, crawled under her so-called garbage!

Guo Yulin also wished to tell Wu Bili what happened tonight.

However, the remaining sense of reason still made him bear it.

On the road just now, in order to protect Wiliam’s identity, Guo Yulin took the initiative to tell everyone that what happened at Li’s house in Nanban tonight should not be shared.

After all, the other kind of strength Wiliam showed tonight was really jealous.

And always beware of Gu Huo Gu’s people from coming back.

So silence is the best choice.

Wu Bili was hit by Guo Yulin, covering her face, looking at Lao Guo in disbelief!
In her heart, the grief and anger were extreme!

Lao Guo, for an outsider, slapped himself in front of so many people!

She immediately stared at Wiliam angrily!

It must be this kid!

This kid, drunk Lao Guo, he still doesn’t know what tricks he has done!

Maybe it was Lao Guo, like everyone else. Seeing that this kid was so talented, he was ahead of others and wanted to include him in the Jackdaw family!


Wu Bili stared at Wiliam, but didn’t speak.

Guo Yulin ignored Wu Bili and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, leave her alone. We are in a neurosis. Let’s go in first.”

With that said, he led the way and greeted Wiliam in.

“Take a rest tonight, we won’t be too late to talk about something tomorrow.” Guo Yulin still did not forget to say to everyone behind him.

Wiliam nodded, and under Guo Yulin’s arrangement, he went to a room to rest first.

Tonight, too much happened, Wiliam needs a little time to digest.

And early the next morning, Wiliam was invited to the hall for breakfast by a servant of the Jackdaw family.

Wiliam washed up, and when he reached the hall, he found that Mulan was already there.

However, Mulan looked a little awkward, seeing Wiliam coming over, she suddenly showed joy, and she trot two steps behind Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Mulan with a helpless look, and said amusedly: “Why are you looking so unlovable?”

Mulan glared at Wiliam fiercely, and said dejectedly: “Why, Guo Yulin is too enthusiastic about me, I can’t stand it.”

Wiliam looked at Guo Yulin.

Sure enough, Guo Yulin’s eyes were on Mulan’s body, the indescribable kindness, the indescribable flattery.

Wiliam understood that as a father, he wanted to eagerly repair the strangeness of father and daughter reunion for many years.

He took Mulan to a large table and greeted politely: “Good morning, Master Guo.”

“Wiliam, Mulan, sit down and have a simple breakfast together. The others have already eaten in the side hall.” Guo Yulin said with a smile.

Wiliam looked at the people standing around.

They should all be direct relatives of the Jackdaw family.

There are about a dozen people.

At this time, Wiliam felt it, and two beams stared at him with strange eyes.

One of them is naturally Wu Bili’s.

Wu Bili’s eyes burst into flames.

How can this kid, Ho De, have the right to sit at the family banquet of their Jackdaw family?

He even brought a woman!

And looking at Guo Yulin’s expression towards this woman, could it be that the old Guo was just sick, and he was thinking of a second spring?

The owner of the other gaze was a bit strange.

Is a young man.

He looks wretched, and a hooked nose is particularly eye-catching.

This young man, standing beside Wu Bili, had never seen it before.

After everyone sat down, Guo Yulin cleared his throat and introduced to everyone a bit solemnly: “He is Wiliam, the genius doctor who saved my life before, do you know how to be polite to him in the future!”

Members of the Jackdaw family, except Wu Bili and Ying Hook Nose, nodded together.

These people had witnessed Wiliam’s horror last night, and naturally they respected him.

The eagle hook nose sneered, and whispered: “A doorman, we have taken him in because of his ancestors.

Guo Yulin glared at the eagle’s nose, then looked at Mulan with a loving look, and said, “She is called Mulan. From now on, everyone will not only be polite and respectful to her, but do you know? !”

“After all, she is my daughter Guo Yulin, my long-lost daughter!”


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