Dragon Husband 995

Chapter 995

When Mulan heard Guo Yulin talked about their father-daughter relationship again in front of everyone, her face turned red.

But she turned aside proudly, not looking at Guo Yulin.

Others, who knew Mulan’s identity last night, were rather calm.

But when Wu Bili heard this, she stood up and looked at Mulan in disbelief!

She couldn’t help but said to Guo Yulin, “Lao Guo, are you still awake from alcohol! Do you know what you are talking about?”

However, Guo Yulin sneered and said to Wu Bili: “I know what I say.”

Wu Bili immediately looked at Mulan angrily, “You are just a little bitch who came up from the mundane world! You hooked up with our old Guo! What kind of medicine did you give him!”

How could Guo Yulin hear Wu Bili’s words, so he rushed over and slapped her in the face!

“I just said that I should be respectful to Mulan! Have you taken my words to your ears!”

Wu Bili covered her face, and her tears fell directly!

From last night to now, she was beaten twice by Guo Yulin!

This is something that has never happened before!

What happened to Lao Guo!

Since coming back last night, it has become weird!

Now I recognize a little bitch as a daughter!

What is this going to do!

She flicked her sleeves and left the table directly.

And the hooked nose chased him immediately, “Mom, wait for me, don’t be angry.”


Wiliam and Mulan were taken aback.

At this time, Guo Yulin explained with embarrassment: “Wiliam, Mulan, don’t care about her. Oh, by the way, just now, it was my son and Bili’s son named Guo Wuji. It’s not a big deal, so ignore him. “

After hearing this, Mulan looked even more indifferent.

Obviously, there was another trace of anger against Guo Yulin.

Guo Yulin naturally knew that Mulan was minding that he had other women and gave birth to a son. He explained quietly: “That’s all in the past. Let’s eat and eat. Guo Wuji didn’t pass by last night. It should be Bi. Li loves her son and doesn’t want him to go out in any danger.”

Wiliam nodded, indicating that he knew it.

Halfway through the meal, Wiliam asked, “Lao Guo, do you know the forbidden land of Gu Yuehu’s family?”

The atmosphere at the scene was stagnant.

Everyone looked at Wiliam.

Guo Yulin even showed a strange expression, “Wiliam, why are you asking? Where did you hear about the Gu Yue Hu family guarding the mountain forbidden land?”

When Wiliam saw everyone’s expressions, he knew that everyone seemed to be very taboo about this forbidden mountain.

He said lightly: “I have something to do and need to go to them.”

Guo Yulin suddenly burst into cold sweat. He lowered his voice and said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, it’s not that I said you, that place, let alone the forbidden land of Gu Yuehu’s family, can be regarded as our forbidden land in Lingcheng. , Your current state is not suitable to go there. If you go, you will die.”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “I have my own decision. You only need to tell me some situations there.”

Seeing Wiliam’s determination, Guo Yulin didn’t know what to do.
In the end, he was very heartbroken and said: “That place, Guo Wuji is better than me. Come here, go and call Guo Wuji.”

Guo Wuji is more familiar than Guo Yulin?

This was beyond Wiliam’s expectation.

Seeing Wiliam’s doubts, Guo Yulin explained: “Hoho, this kid Guo Wuji, although not a great man, is sleek, and has a good relationship with the younger generation of the Gu Yue Hu family. The year before last, he and the Hu family The junior didn’t know what it was like to eat the bear heart and leopard guts, and he broke into the mountain forbidden area privately. Finally, he came out without danger. So some of the things inside, he is more familiar than me.”

Wiliam nodded now.

After a while, Guo Wuji came out.

Guo Yulin directly asked him to tell the situation of guarding the mountain forbidden land.

When Guo Wuji heard this, his brows frowned, “Dad, you are going to guard the mountain forbidden area? You must not go! It is terrible! I will dream of that place even now, it is a living hell!”

Guo Yulin slapped his head, “If you tell me, just say, what’s the fuck?”

Guo Wuji didn’t know how to do it, and then he said nonchalantly: “Guyue Hu’s forbidden mountain guard, to put it bluntly, is a hill. But there are no dangerous places on the mountain, but the dangerous place is under the mountain.”

“There is a valley under the mountain, and this valley is the forbidden place for their Hu family.”

“Down the valley, there are a total of nine floors, called the Shoushan Nine Valleys. There are many dangers there, even if the Huajin martial artist enters, there is no life. Before I went in with my friends from the Hu family, it was on the first floor. When we were on the verge, we were in danger. Fortunately, Hu’s friends carried the baby on them and saved us, otherwise our lives will be accounted for.”

Speaking of this, everyone at the scene took a breath.

Obviously, they have never heard Guo Wuji talk about this.

Is this Moriyama Kutani really so terrible?

“Do I need to get the consent of Gu Yuehu’s family to enter the forbidden land?” Wiliam asked suddenly.

Guo Wuji was taken aback, and said naturally, “That’s not nonsense! That is the site of the Gu Yuehu family. There is only one way to enter the mountain, and it is not the Gu Yuehu family who can not enter at all.”

“In other words, as long as it is brought in by the Hu family, it should be fine, right.” Wiliam asked back.

Guo Wuji screamed, and finally said blankly: “It’s wrong to say that, I was brought in by a friend last time.”

“Okay, I see, thanks.” Wiliam got up and left after speaking.

Seeing this, Mulan quickly followed Wiliam.

Guo Yulin couldn’t help sighing as they watched the two of them go.

He really didn’t know what to do.

This Wiliam meant that he was in trouble, not an exaggeration.

Although he can turn bad luck again and again, what if he loses once?

What Guo Yulin was afraid of now was his daughter, who walked too close to Wiliam and got in too.

In a short while, Guo Wuji returned to Wu Bili’s room, and casually talked about it with Wu Bili.

I don’t know, the speaker is not interested, the listener is interested.

Wu Bili’s eyes flashed with a cold light, “You mean, that kid, want to visit the forbidden land of Gu Yuehu’s family?”

Guo Wuji nodded, “It should be so, it seems that he has been asking all the time, and he seems to be very concerned about this matter.”

Wu Bili suddenly laughed grimly, “Okay, he wants to go, then of course let him go, I still wish he wouldn’t go to death? That place, there are many treasures, but it takes life to get it. “

“Bukit, I can’t say, I want you, come with him!”


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