Dragon Husband 996

Chapter 996

Guo Wuji originally seemed to hang up high on his own.

Suddenly when Wu Bili said this, he jumped up and waved his hands again and again, “Mom! Are you crazy! You want to kill your son! I won’t go, I won’t go there! Really too frightening.”

However, Wu Bili looked at Guo Wuji affectionately, and said with a smile: “Stupid boy, how can Mom be willing to let you die! Think about it, I couldn’t bear to let you take a little risk last night, I How could you do that kind of thing.”

Guo Wuji was taken aback, and couldn’t help muttering: “Then you still said that you want me to guard the mountain forbidden land.”

Wu Bili smiled grinningly, “Go! Why not go! This time, you have a purpose. You have to let them go and never return.”

Guo Wuji’s head buzzed, “Mom, you mean, let that Wiliam die there?”

Wu Bili shook her head and said, “You! Can’t you see the situation? Ma Bai taught you for so many years! The point now is, where is that Wiliam! It’s that little bitch named Mulan!”

“Mulan?” Guo Wuji was taken aback for a moment.

“Hoho, just now, I was a bit gaffe. Looking back now, it’s really terrible.” Wu Bili said with a look of deep hatred, gritted her teeth, “That girl, the last name is Mu! It should be your dad in his early years. Wild species born from Mu Xiaolou!”

“Bukit, you forgot, what have we been pursuing for the past few years?”

Guo Wuji touched his head and said, “Naturally, he inherits the position of the head of the Jackdaw family.”

Wu Bili nodded, “Yes! Our mothers have worked so hard to make so many contributions to the Jackdaw family. I thought that if your dead ghost father died this time, we could inherit the family business. It’s a pity, that guy. , The fate is so hard! Not only was he dead, but he brought a daughter back from outside! Do you know what this means!”

Guo Wuji immediately understood, and the expression in his eyes became bad. “It means that if Lao Guo is not dead, I cannot inherit the family business. Even now, Lao Guo’s attitude towards that little bitch makes me feel that Lao Guo wants to If the family business is handed over to her, wouldn’t I have even more chances!”

Wu Bili drank a sip of water and said, “You are quite clever, you are wrong. Now that father and daughter are our mother and son’s worst enemies. But for Lao Guo, we still can’t move our hands, even if we do, Lao Guo said I may even make a will to hand over the family property to the little bitch. So the easiest way is to let the little bitch die! In this case, no one will compete with you for the master.”

Guo Wu Ji was excited, and looked at his mother in awe.

Wu Bili seemed to see through Guo Wuji’s thoughts and said, “My boy, you are still too kind. You must remember that those who make big things don’t stick to the trivial. This time they are going to guard the mountain forbidden land. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Ho Ho, die. There, if you are not good at it, you can’t blame others for it. Do you know what I mean?”

Guo Wuji looked fiercely and said: “I understand! Hoho, there are many dangers in that place, I just need to introduce them a little bit, hoho.

Speaking of this, Guo Wuji became aggrieved again, “No, no, I might die before them. I am now in the early stage of Huajin…”

Wu Bili interrupted Guo Wuji’s words and said with a smile: “Hoho, Mom won’t let you go to die, and I will lend you my baby for a use at that time.”

Guo Wuji was overjoyed, “Mom, you mean your piece…”

Wu Bili nodded, “Okay, leave it to me to arrange this. If you are there, you can say hello to the Hu family and ask them to help. Give them a meal.”

“I know this.” Guo Wuji smiled and hurried out to do it.

At noon, a group of people gathered in the hall for dinner.

This time, Wu Bili no longer had the eyes that had previously been hostile to Wiliam and Mulan, but became polite.

In the eyes of everyone, she was afraid that Guo Yulin would beat her again.

Halfway through the meal, Wu Bili took the initiative to say, “Lao Guo, I heard Bukit say that Wiliam is going to the forbidden mountain guarding area of ​​Gu Yue Hu’s family?”

Guo Yulin frowned and nodded, “Yes.”

Wu Bili showed a worried look and said, “That place, I heard that it is very dangerous, Wiliam alone…”

Mulan said faintly at this time: “I will go with Wiliam.”

Wu Bili was laughing crazy in her heart, she was afraid that she could not wait for your words.

When Wiliam heard Mulan’s words, he glanced at Mulan in surprise.

Mulan whispered: “Don’t leave me here alone, I’m afraid of Guo Yulin’s eyes, I’m so afraid, I beg you.”

Wiliam has a black line.

Isn’t that terrifying guarding the mountain forbidden land as scary as Lao Guo’s look?

However, Wiliam already had a plan in his heart, so he nodded, as he agreed to Mulan’s request.

Mulan immediately burst into laughter, and she was almost hugging Wiliam as her brother.

Wu Bili continued: “How can this be? Mulan, you are now the little princess of our Jackdaw family, how can you go out to take risks? If something goes wrong, what can you do!”

Guo Yulin glanced at Wu Bili strangely, but nodded.

He also thought Wu Bili was afraid of herself, so she was trying to please Mulan.

“Do you have any idea?” Guo Yulin asked Wu Bili.

Wu Bili seemed to be fighting between heaven and man, and suddenly gritted her teeth and said, “Lao Guo, you think you can do this! This time, let Bukit lead the team. After all, he has been there once. There is no danger and no danger. If you don’t know, just go in and be strong. And I also feel that for so many years, I have been a little too doting on Bukit, and it’s time for him to experience the storm.”

Guo Yulin pondered.

Send out a son and a daughter all at once.

If something happens, won’t the Jackdaw family be the last?

Wu Bili said again: “Lao Guo, don’t worry, I think, Wiliam Tianzong is a wizard, there is always a way, he can always create miracles, right? Mulan and Bukit followed him, maybe they can still touch his light and pick them up. What baby.”

Guo Yulin finally nodded, “Bukit leads the way in the past. It is indeed a way. Bukit, you can do your hard work. I will reward you for coming back this time. You three, be careful.”

Guo Wuji nodded hurriedly.

“Wiliam, do you see what else you need to prepare? Or take a break, and I will ask someone to do something for you?” Guo Yulin asked Wiliam.

But Wiliam smiled slightly and pushed the bowl in front of him, “It’s better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day, I think, go now.”


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