Dragon Husband 997

Chapter 997

When Guo Wuji heard Wiliam’s words, his scalp became numb.

He couldn’t help but said, “Do I need to rush like this? I’m not ready yet.”

Wiliam looked at Guo Wuji and smiled: “Oh? I don’t know what else you need to prepare?”

Guo Wuji’s face became stiff, and he instinctively looked at Wu Bili.

Wu Bili is still more sleek. She said something like, “I’ve just finished eating, it’s not in a hurry. I have to prepare some dry food for you and some daily necessities. Then, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, you will leave again. how is it?”

Guo Wuji immediately followed Wu Bili’s words and said, “Yes, right, right, three o’clock in the afternoon, let’s go together.”

Wu Bili’s treasure is still not given to Guo Wuji, how dare Guo Wuji go to guard the mountain forbidden land.

Wiliam nodded, “Then there will be Brother Lao Guo.”

After speaking, he and Mulan left the hall.

But Wu Bili and Guo Wuji glanced at each other, their eyes full of pride.

This kid, he didn’t know when he died, he even thanked Guo Buji, he was so stupid that he couldn’t be stupid.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Guo Wuji was clearly prepared.

He carried a big bag behind him, and strode towards Wiliam.

Wiliam and Mulan had already been waiting at the door.

However, Mulan glared at Wiliam with a grimace.

Because Wiliam was empty-handed, Mulan was carrying a small package behind her back.

The things in the Luye Belt were relatively simple, so they were thrown at Mulan.

Mulan hates Wiliam, and she has no feelings of pity and pity for Yu.

Treat women like dogs.

“Let’s go.” Guo Wuji said to them both proudly at the moment.

And Guo Yulin and the others stood at the door to see them off.

Although Guo Yulin felt uneasy, there was no other way but these three people could go there.

The three of them took the car until after four o’clock before they reached the foot of a mountain.

Here is the location of Gu Yuehu’s family.

Wiliam raised his head and looked at the mountain in front of him.

This mountain is not very high, only two to three hundred meters high.

However, the air is not as fresh as the beautiful mountains and rivers.

On the contrary, it makes people feel dizzy after smelling it.

Obviously Guo Buji had already known the situation here.

He walked with a grin and said, “Let’s go, my friend is waiting for me in front.”

The three of them walked for about ten minutes, and they saw a person standing on a small road ahead.

Seeing this person clearly, Wiliam frowned slightly.

It’s really a mountain and river encounter.

Standing there was a woman.

Had a fate with Wiliam.

That day, in the youth martial arts test competition, the woman faced Wiliam in the first round, and then she conceded the defeat.

Lu Yeke still remembered the helplessness in this woman’s eyes.

Guo Wuji had already walked over at this time and greeted enthusiastically, “Little Haitang, I’m here.”

The woman named Xiao Haitang turned her head happily when she heard Guo Wuji’s voice, and said happily, “Why is it so late? It’s getting dark.”

Wiliam and Mulan walked in front of Xiao Haitang.

At this time, Wiliam noticed the dress of this little Haitang.
To be honest, this little Begonia looks pretty pretty.

There is a kind of heroic fortitude before the eyebrows.

She is about 1.6 meters tall, but she is wearing a black overalls and tight jeans.

Tighten the body tightly.

She was holding something in her hand.

It is a camera.

She also carried a large camouflage schoolbag on her back.

But judging from the fact that she didn’t have a tight zipper, it seemed that there were some guns and guns in her schoolbag, professional photography equipment.

Wiliam looked at this woman in surprise.

She wants to enter the mountain?

And looking like this, did you go into the mountains to play photography?

“Xiao Haitang, let me introduce you. He is Wiliam and she is Mulan. You two, she is the daughter of the Gu Yuehu family. You can call her Xiao Haitang.” Guo Wuji casually introduced.

Xiao Haitang should be a few years younger than Wiliam.

She was staring at Wiliam at the moment, and she obviously recognized who Wiliam was.

She couldn’t help asking: “Brother Guo, you came here this time just to take them into the mountain? Why don’t you say it’s this kid?”

Of course Xiao Haitang knew Wiliam.

That day, she surrendered to Wiliam in the first round and despised Wiliam Yitong.

Then, the back was completely destroyed by Wiliam Sanguan.

It’s jaw-dropping that a powerful fighter in the area beat both Guo Xiliang and Li Chengfeng to an impasse.

Guo Wuji had other plans in his heart, and naturally pleased: “Alright, Xiao Haitang, it’s late, how do we get in?”

Xiao Haitang frowned and looked at Wiliam, and said, “Little Grandpa, I’ll say it in advance. You entered the forbidden area of ​​our Hu family, which is very dangerous. Moreover, Little Grandpa is different from you, and I don’t care. What are you going to do when you go in, but I want to shoot some works, but my little grandpa is not good at martial arts, it is only the late stage of internal strength, when there is danger, you kid, you want to be the first to protect your little grandpa, can you? “

Wiliam looked at Xiao Haitang, smiled slightly, and nodded, “Yes.”

Listening to this little Haitang’s words, Wiliam felt that this girl was a little different from the people of this world.

Everyone, especially the children of the martial arts family, was immersed in martial arts, and wanted to accomplish something great.

But this girl went into the mountain with a broken camera.

Moreover, she was simple enough, not evading her lack of abilities at all, and dared to directly make conditions with Wiliam.

Wiliam appreciates this.

At least for the moment, although this girl is a bit savage, it does not seem to be true.

It’s this girl who is obviously a beautiful girl but a little grandfather, which sounds a little trance.

“Okay, you have to remember what you said, Retract.” Xiao Haitang stretched out her little finger towards Wiliam.

Wiliam looked at Xiao Haitang amusedly, and finally reached out his hand, as if he took the hook to keep the promise.

“That’s OK, let’s go, we’re still the same as before, sneaking in, hehe. Today is the old man on duty, the little grandfather has already sent him a lot of wine in the afternoon, he is probably drunk now, hehe.” Haitang suddenly said slyly, a little strange.

“It’s Xiao Haitang, you can do it.” Guo Wuji gave Xiao Haitang a thumbs up, and then followed her.

Wiliam and Mulan walked behind, and Mulan suddenly said quietly, “Hmph, I can’t walk when I see the little beauty, right?”

Wiliam sweated, wondering where this girl was so sore.

Not used to her stinking problem.

Wiliam left Mulan directly behind him.

In a short while, Xiao Haitang suddenly squatted down under a bush of grass in front of him, and motioned everyone to squat down, “Be careful, don’t talk, you’re at the place where Old Hutou is standing guard.”

Wiliam knelt down and looked forward.

Sure enough, a rickety body was standing at a quaint gate.

Wiliam was taken aback, not drunk?


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