Dragon Husband 998

Chapter 998

But the next second, he heard Xiao Haitang’s triumphant laugh, “Hehe, old Hu slept over, let’s go.”

Mulan grabbed Xiao Haitang and said in a low voice: “Hey, the old man is standing facing us, where is he drunk? I think you are drunk, right?”

Xiao Haitang looked at Mulan with a dazed expression, wondering where the temper came out of this girl, speaking so aggressively.

However, Xiao Haitang explained in a low voice: “Don’t talk nonsense, the old head is different from ordinary people. He usually lies on the ground with his eyes closed when he is awake, but when he is asleep, he sleeps standing up. And the eyes are still open.”

Wiliam and Mulan looked at each other.

Is there really such a wonderful person in this world?

Is the owl reincarnated?

While Xiao Haitang was talking, he already crept past.

Wiliam had no choice but to believe Xiao Haitang’s words and followed out.

Sure enough, when they approached the old head, they heard a slight snoring sound.

The man named Lao Hutou, with white beard and hair and pleated face, is now full of anger and looks vigorous.

It happens to be accompanied by the snoring sound, which makes people feel indescribable.

Xiao Haitang gingerly crossed the old head, and then reached out to push the heavy door.

But after pushing, she gave up, “Then who, you come to push, grandpa is afraid of knocking on the baby.”

little baby?

Wiliam asked with his eyes.

Xiao Haitang pointed to the camera in her hand, “Little baby.”

Everyone has a black line.

Gu Yue Hu’s family, can a normal person communicate?

Wiliam Lu hesitated any more, then reached out to push the heavy door.

After a few seconds, the door opened a small slit.

Xiao Haitang hurriedly said: “It’s alright, sneak in, don’t drive too big.”

A few people hurriedly slipped in through the crack of the door, and then Wiliam closed the door again.

After closing the door, Xiao Haitang breathed a sigh of relief, playfully sticking out his tongue, “Scared the little grandfather to death, old Hu will pretend to be a fool and be lazy, thinking that people with wide eyes would not know that he was asleep. Hehe. Hehe, I finally came to this place again! Last time I didn’t take anything and I was in danger. This time I must take a lot of beautiful photos and submit the manuscript! Contribution fee!”

As she said, she walked a little forward two steps, looking around.

Wiliam and Mulan looked at each other.

What contribution?

What is the contribution fee?

There is no logic in speaking.

At this time, Guo Wuji kindly explained to Wiliam: “Xiao Haitang is the only seedling of the Hu family’s generation, that is, the owner of the next generation of Hu family. But Xiao Haitang is different from others. She doesn’t like martial arts, so she likes it. With regard to photography, her biggest dream is to shoot good-looking works, and then submit contributions to some well-known magazines to get the manuscript fee. She said that this is her own self-reliance, a little clumsy, don’t mind.”

Wiliam and Mulan were amused.

What a little Begonia, it’s so unusual.

I don’t want to leave the identity of the family heir, but what kind of photographer do I want to be, and I have to rely on the manuscript to support myself?

With the strength of the Hu family, it is not a problem to buy the magazine directly.
Come to think about it, this world is really a drought of droughts and floods.

The younger generations of the Southern Forbidden Li Family and the Jackdaw Family vie for the position of Patriarch, but this girl has been prepared to be the shopkeeper since he was a child?

Tsk tut, there is a future.

Several people walked slowly in the direction of Xiao Haitang.

However, what they didn’t notice was.

After they left.

The old beard across the door suddenly closed his eyes and fell straight to the ground.

Of course he is not dead, and there is no accident.

He closed his eyes and stretched out on the ground, muttering to himself: “Hey, it’s not easy to pretend to sleep when I’m old, this little girl slipped in again. Well, I have to report to the owner of the house. .”

As he said, he took an old cell phone from his pocket and dialed out the call.

“Little Hu, your little ancestor has slipped into the forbidden ground again.”

On the other end of the phone, there was a bit of an evil voice, “This time, I know, I’m afraid, I went in with that Wiliam, ho ho.”

Old Hu was taken aback, “You know Xiao Hu? Then you let her in on purpose?”

“Well, I have my plan. I will immediately send someone to keep up with him in secret, ho ho, that boy, I am very optimistic about him, but I don’t know if he can perform miracles in my mountain forbidden land. I look forward to it.”

Old Hu’s brain hurts when he hears it, “You little babies, they will be tricky, not fun, not fun, or your little ancestor is the most fun, hang up and go to sleep.”

With that, Old Hu hung up the phone.

His gaze slowly turned to the heavy door, as if he was going to enter through the door.

The sky has gradually dimmed.

The old Hu fumbled around for a few times, took out a bottle of wine, took a sip, and said with emotion: “The girl still understands me, the wine I sent is so fragrant. Well, it’s night, I hope they have a good time. One night.”

Old Hu got up and walked into a small hut.

When he came out again, he carried a dim lantern in his hand.

Wiliam and others strolled around and couldn’t help sighing.

This forbidden mountain guarding land is extremely big.

The place they entered, according to Xiao Haitang’s words, was the edge of the uppermost layer, and it was not considered to have entered the true Nine Valleys of Shoushan Mountain.

Xiao Haitang advises everyone to stay on the edge tonight and go in tomorrow.

After all, it’s getting dark, and the beasts here are about to appear.

Wiliam was not afraid of the beast.

This is one of the reasons why he dared to come over.

But I heard Xiao Haitang say that the scariest thing here is not the beast, but another thing.


The trees here are lush and lush, and I don’t know how many terrifying plants that can be eaten by people are hidden inside.

And it is poisonous.

This is something people have to guard against.

The four people lit a fire in a clearing, and then Guo Wuji started to pitch a tent.

With this ride, the other three have a black line.

Guo Wuji’s tent was small and exquisite, like a sleeping bag, and could only accommodate him alone.

Wiliam looked at Mulan, “Where is your tent?”

Mulan is so angry.

She spread her hands and didn’t carry anything, now it’s alright, she knows how to ask the tent.

She took out the tent angrily, “Go and set it up.”

Wiliam was also neat, and quickly set up the tent, still very satisfied.

The tent is big enough.

Mulan looked at Wiliam hopelessly, “I only have this tent, do you have a way to sleep with me?”

Wiliam still didn’t say anything, Xiao Haitang on the side rushed to answer first, “I’ll add little grandpa to me. The three squeezed to make it warmer.”


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