Dragon Husband 999

Chapter 999

Mulan almost collapsed on the spot.

She stared at Xiao Haitang, and then kept her eyes on the camouflage schoolbag behind Xiao Haitang.

Xiao Haitang spread his schoolbag in front of Mulan, curling his lips, “Look at it, there really is no tent.”

Mulan’s face turned pale.

Sure enough, there are no tents.

Are you proud to bring a tent?

Xiao Haitang said casually: “Little grandpa is full of treasures in this bag. Where can I put the tent under it? Besides, I won’t be able to set it up. My grandpa is a little princess.”

Mulan wanted to make a face of her, who is not a little princess anymore?

You are the little princess of the Gu Yuehu family, and the old lady is the little princess of the Jackdaw family!


The two bastards got together.

She simply spread her hands and threw the problem to Wiliam, “Let’s see what to do, my Master Lu.”

Wiliam looked at Guo Wuji’s tent, and then at Mulan’s tent. Are there any other options?

There is no suspense.

He pointed to Mulan’s tent, “I will sleep here, how about you?”

Little Haitang raised his hand, “Little grandpa sleeps here, too.”

Mulan’s head buzzed, dare to be in the end, are you going to kick me out of the tent?

Wouldn’t it hurt if you touched your conscience?

Mulan’s heart is cruel, “Sleep together! Who is afraid of who! Humph! I just advise a married man to pay attention to morals and don’t think about the night and the wind and the night. Hey, I’m pooh, what is that? Time.”

When she said this, her voice suddenly lowered, her face flushed slightly, and she was a little ashamed.

Wiliam looked at Mulan with a serious face, “Are you impure in your heart? It’s just a night out, what are you thinking about?”

Xiao Haitang also looked at Mulan righteously, “Yes, Miss Sister, you are a little bit dirty. Grandpa and this boy didn’t mind squeezing together for the second time. You are dirty.”

Mulan was so angry!

Dog men and women!

These two are definitely men and women!

In the end, it became my mind to be mad?

Xiao Haitang, you are still too simple!

Don’t be grandpa, grandpa all day long!

If this kid takes the wrong medicine and can’t help it, you may work overtime tonight and call Dad.

Hey, I seem to be driving again.

“I’m so annoyed, you do it yourself, I’ll get something to eat.” Mulan rolled her eyes at the two dudes, twisted her waist and went to the fire.

Don’t look at her bag is not big, not many clothes, big meat is absolutely unambiguous.

Wiliam also squeezed past indifferently, Mulan’s was his.

Xiao Haitang was nibbling on the cake, but suddenly he smelled the meat. He threw the cake in his hand and leaned forward brazenly.

In the end, only Guo Wuji was alone outside the tent eating the shriveled flatbread, suddenly feeling lonely.

He watched the three people on the edge of the fire eating big chunks of barbecue, scolding each other a few words from time to time, as if flirting.

The bread in his hand suddenly no longer fragrant.

He feels that he lives like a small fourth, and he shouldn’t be in the world of these three people…

After a meal was finally finished, a few people returned to the tent together.

Mulan’s tent is big enough. She originally thought that she could not wrong herself when living in the wild, so she made a big one
Now that he became three people, he suddenly seemed stretched.

The three of them could only sleep close to each other.

Wiliam sleeps on the far left, in the middle of Mulan, and Xiao Haitang to the right.

As soon as he entered the tent, Mulan and Wiliam made a three-chapter agreement. They were not allowed to cross the boundary, or else they would kill him!

She speaks plausibly!

“I sleep very lightly! I will know as soon as you touch me! And, I will test you tonight, and I will never sleep over, so you have to die.”

However, after an hour.

“Huh! Huh! Huh!”

Wiliam looked at Mulan, who was sleeping like a dead pig next to him, with a black line.

He pushed Mulan, wanting her to stop the thunderous snoring.

But this ah, just awake.

The snoring continued.

Wiliam looked helpless, this is what you said is very light sleep?

This is the test you said I won’t sleep over?

How do I feel that you are deliberately creating opportunities for me.

I guess I toss you half to death tonight, you won’t find out the next day, right?

Wiliam sighed, and finally got up helplessly and walked outside.

Can’t sleep, is there any way.

He was sitting alone by the campfire outside, the sky was shining with stars, and it was nothing like a dangerous place.

After a while, another person came out.

But it was Xiao Haitang with the same expression of tears.

Xiao Haitang angrily sat next to Wiliam and muttered: “That young lady is better than grandpa! The screams are like thunder!”

Wiliam smiled slightly, “She just has that character, leave her alone.”

At this time, Xiao Haitang suddenly fetched something from behind and handed it to Wiliam, and said with a smile, “Do you like drinking? When I gave Lao Hutou in the afternoon, I kept a bottle for myself.”

Wiliam took a look, okay, this girl still left a bottle of more than 50% liquor.


Little Haitang didn’t care about Wiliam, opened the bottle of wine by herself, and then wanted to take a bold sip.

The result was sprayed out immediately, making a fool of himself.

Wiliam couldn’t help but smile.

Xiao Haitang pushed the liquor to Wiliam depressed, and muttered: “It’s terrible! I really don’t understand why you men like to drink so much! Drink it yourself.”

Wiliam was not welcome, took the wine and drank slowly.

And Xiao Haitang just smelt the wine and nodded.

She wrinkled her nose and whispered, “Hey, why are you here? Like everyone else, are you coveting our forbidden baby?”

Wiliam asked back, “What baby do you have?”

Xiao Haitang was taken aback, suspicious of life and said: “Yes, I don’t know what baby is here, how would you know? Or, besides my dad and a few elders, probably no one knows what baby is here? Come on?”

Lu Yezhen answered, but also looked confused, “I don’t know, come over and take a look, you should be relieved.”

Looking at Wiliam’s appearance, Xiao Haitang suddenly felt a sense of sorrow for some reason.

She suddenly asked, “Wiliam, do you like martial arts?”

Wiliam looked at Xiao Haitang in amazement, don’t look at this thoughtless girl.

The questions I asked were utterly harsh.

He seemed to be struck by his heartstrings, and said more melancholy: “To be honest, I don’t like it at all.”

Yeah, I don’t like it at all.

If it wasn’t for revenge for grandpa, Wiliam didn’t even want to embark on such a difficult and difficult road.

What he really likes is being an ordinary doctor, and being happy with his grandfather is enough.

At this time, Wiliam suddenly stared, looking forward!

A place far ahead suddenly rose into the sky!

A ray of blood!

Light up the night!


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