Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921 Wind! Forest! fire! Mountain!

Su Hongxiu was refreshed when she heard Wiliam’s words!


The things Wiliam borrowed are finally going to come in handy!

Although Su Hongxiu knew what Wiliam borrowed.

But I always thought it was just a way to keep things safe.

As for how to use it, how to make the most of it, and even when to use it, Su Hongxiu is in the dark.

Now that Wiliam said it, Su Hongxiu immediately understood!

She jumped up high and shouted loudly, “Fenglin Volcano!”

This is the code Wiliam told Su Hongxiu before.

As soon as Fenglin Volcano came out, Wiliam’s biggest killer move also meant to hand over everything!

From the beginning of the battle just now, a group of people has been watching from the sidelines, but no one has participated.

Now that Su Hongxiu’s words came out, these people moved in unison.

Most of these people are old men.

If there are elderly people here, they will definitely cry out in surprise.

The identities of these old men are no worse than the sect masters of the six sects!

These people are the people who press the bottom of the six sects!

Just as Emperor Yao Lingxu has Supreme Elders, so do these six sects!

Wiliam’s trip not only borrowed the power of the six sects.

Even the underground forces of the six sects have been dug out.

And that’s not all!

The things in these people’s hands are also the most important weapon that Wiliam borrowed!

The five old men of Yu Shizhi soared into the air and galloped away in all directions.

Then one stays in the middle.

The five people stand in a five-pointed star position.

The treasures in their hands were thrown directly into the sky.

The five treasures seem to be magnetic, and once they are thrown out, a mysterious connection is quickly established between them.

The old man standing in the town shouted loudly, “The Great Array of Imperial Sect Leaders! The white tiger’s eyes are open!”

As soon as this sound fell, the five treasures shone brightly and connected to each other to form a splendid pentagram, and the pentagram directly covered the entire sky and land of the emperor demon!

And the people on the ground looked up and suddenly called out one by one!

In the sky of the demon emperor, he opened a huge eye!

This eye is larger than the area of ​​the entire Emperor Yao Lingxu!

It’s eyes are wide open, and blood can even be seen flowing in its eyes!

This is the Shouzong Great Array that controls the world – the white tiger’s eyes open!

The white tiger opens its eyes, and both advance and retreat are dead!

The old men in Jinyu Lingkong were not to be outdone.

A few of them flew up and down long ago, but they fell to the ground.

After standing in a good position, several old men slammed the things in their hands into the ground.

Then, the blood infiltrated the ground directly along the arms of several old men.

The whole earth trembled slightly.

A golden light soared into the sky, and it actually enveloped the whole world again!

In the sky of the emperor demon, above the white tiger’s eyes, it seems that there is another splendid golden mountain!

If the golden mountain falls, I am afraid that the catastrophe will be reborn again.

“Jinyu volleys to defend the sect, and Jinshan kills it!”

Jinshan Killing is something at the bottom of the Jinyu volley compression box.

In the Golden Mountain Killing Array, if you want to come in, you have to go through ninety-eighty golden and jade killings, and the same goes for going out! If it is not a last resort, Jinyu Killing will not start.

Therefore, very few people, even in the nine sects, knew that Jinshan Lingkong had this great formation.

“What a golden mountain to kill! We actually underestimated Jinyu Lingkong!” An old laughter sounded.

It is an old woman in a red and thin high-rise building.

She laughed loudly and continued to shout: “Then we are also ugly in the red and thin high-rise buildings. The red and thin high-rise buildings are guarding the sect, and the paper is drunk!”

A few old women laughed ho ho, and their white robes were bulging.

As if something was shooting out of them.

Suddenly, the whole sky became psychedelic again.

It’s a weird feeling.

Some people look up to the sky and see the beauty of the world.

Some people have seen the millennial wine.

Some people saw the royal power and wealth.

“Paper drunk meat forest, it really lives up to its reputation!” Several old men laughed, “I was fortunate enough to meet today, and I have no regrets in this life.”

Compared with the two physical defenses of Baihu Kaiyan and Jinshan Killing, the drunken meat forest is completely different.

Drunken Meat Forest is an extremely profound psychedelic technique.

If you want to break into the woods of paper drunken flesh, the poor will see wealth, the greedy will see sex, and the greedy will see power.

Paper drunk meat forest can arouse the dirty desire in everyone’s heart. Hope, and then, let people get lost in it and cannot extricate themselves.

So far!

Baihu opened his eyes, Jinshan was killed, and the paper was drunk!

Three Guards!

Xu Rulin, motionless like a mountain!


Looking at the sky, the blood of the white tiger’s eyes opened, the golden color of Jinshan’s killing, and the pink of the drunken flesh forest.

Not to mention how romantic this sky is, but everyone knows that under the romance, there is an extremely terrifying killing intent.

“Good guy! One by one is usually hidden and tucked away, and one by one is crying and crying. It’s heartbreaking to take out this treasure from the bottom of the box!” Several other old men laughed.

Therefore, one must not underestimate the heritage of the sect.

Some things you can’t see with your eyes open.

Clanging sounds of gold and iron sounded from several armored veterans.

They held up what was in their hands.

Looking at the thing in his hand, it is a piece of bone!

There is an eerie purple color on the bones.

And as the bones were swung out, a roar of a mad beast suddenly sounded at the scene!

“Lanshan stops the Ge and kills the formation, the beasts start the prairie!” The veterans shouted in unison.

Immediately, the ground was humming and trembling.

People can’t see anything underground or moving.

But there are purple lights and roars telling people that the beasts are trampling and marching!

This is the biggest killing formation of Lanshan Zhige.

Those bones are the strongest ancient beasts that their sect has killed in all dynasties.

Then they used their bones to fuse the hatred and blood of the usual killing, creating the soul of beasts trampling on them.

The beasts are invisible to the naked eye, but you can clearly feel that there are thousands of beasts rushing towards the Emperor Demon Samsung!

Beasts start a prairie fire, aggression is like fire!

Several old men from Canjian Jiutian also jumped up.

Behind them, they are all carrying a large sword box.

As the body vacated, these sword boxes also opened at once.

In an instant, the entire Emperor Yao Lingxu was filled with a strong killing intent!

It seems that there are only a few swords, but after flying into the sky, it actually grows in the wind!

Some grow into a 100-meter sword, and some incarnate as tens of thousands!

Emperor Yao Lingxu was instantly filled with sword energy!

“Remnant Sword Nine Heavens Sword Formation, Remnant Sword Wind Slaughter!” An old man said arrogantly.

The sword is the fate of Canjian Jiutian!

And now!

The sword is unsheathed, the grudge is gone!

“It seems that you are forcing me, Dugu Hongshi, to have nowhere to go, these dead ghosts!” An old man of Dugu Hongshi showed a wry smile.

He lived for hundreds of years, and it was the first time he saw such a shocking scene!

“Then, come on! The lion is furious!”



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