Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923 Paper drunk!

The instant he looked at Hongshi, the Emperor Yao Sanxing was terrified for a moment!

They seem to be facing a majestic mountain with a mysterious killing atmosphere.

Seeing this scene, Su Hongxiu couldn’t help but said to Wiliam: “Wiliam, your move is ruthless! Even the highest combat power of the leader of the Five Laws has been so embarrassed by you.”

Wiliam shook his head gently, thinking to himself, the highest combat power?


Emperor Yao Lingxu’s highest combat power is not here.

“But I have a question that I don’t understand. Since the formations of the three sects can end them, why do you have to come up with the formations of the six sects? This is a bit expensive. Did you miscalculate?” Su Hongxiu asked again. road.

Because from the beginning to the end, the white tiger’s eyes in the sky, Jinshan’s killing, and the paper drunk meat forest formation have not played a role.

This time, Wiliam answered Su Hongxiu’s words for the first time.

He looked up at the sky, the blood, gold, and pink were extraordinarily charming.

His eyes also became blurred, “Those three formations won’t work, look, they will work right away. I created these three formations, not to fight the emperor demon. Samsung’s, but to prevent the emperor demon Samsung from escaping, or calling for help.”

um, yes.

To prevent escaping, since we have to do it, we must cut the grass and remove the roots, uproot the emperor demon Ling Xu, and leave no grass behind.

Preventing external calls for help is also to eliminate the emperor demon Lingxu with the fastest speed, so as to avoid disaster.

Wiliam’s voice just fell, and he saw Emperor Yao Sanxing flying towards the sky as if he had a good heart.

Of course, I don’t want to confront Hongshi head-on!

But want to run away.

Emperor Yao Sanxing felt a powerful force in Hongshi, and at this moment they were already injured.

They didn’t want to fight Hongshi head-on at all.

So the only option is to run away.

However, when they rushed to the sky, there was a sudden “boom”!

The golden mountain in the sky suddenly fell!

The Emperor Yao Sanxing, who was caught off guard, was crushed by Jinshan with almost no resistance!

Their bodies slammed back to the ground.

“Damn! I’m fighting with you!” A thick blood mist burst out from the grumpy elder!

The brown withered wood smell before turned into blood red in an instant.

It was as if his whole person had turned into a piece of blood wood!

Then, he burst out with all his strength and literally lifted the mountain on his body.

“Bang!” The golden mountain collapsed instantly!

The three finally got a chance to breathe and continued to flee in three different directions.

Su Hongxiu was speechless when she saw this scene!

too strong!

Emperor Yao Samsung, it really lives up to its reputation!

Although the three of them looked miserable at the scene, they couldn’t hide their strength at all.

For example, the Jinshan killing in front of him is the guardian formation of Jinyu Lingkong.

On weekdays, even if a sect attacks in the past, it can last for a long time.

But what about in the hands of Emperor Yao Samsung?

Sending one person, paying a little price, can directly destroy Jinshan!
The strength is also really amazing!

Su Hongxiu was about to order everyone to stop the advance of Emperor Yao Samsung.

But it was stopped by Wiliam, “No need, let them go, they can’t fly.”

“It’s hard to fly with wings attached, you have to run out…” Su Hongxiu couldn’t help but began to doubt Wiliam.

But the next second, she suddenly saw the three people’s figures gradually slow down.

Footsteps also became staggered.

What the hell is going on here?

At this time, Su Hongxiu also noticed that the pink color in the sky was dancing gently.

It’s like a huge beauty dancing a charming dance.

“It’s the paper drunk meat forest! Is it!” Su Hongxiu couldn’t help but ask.

Wiliam nodded, “Well, it’s the paper drunk meat forest.”

At this time, the drunken meat forest finally played a role.

The three Taishang elders rushed towards them, and suddenly found that they had entered a peach blossom garden.

Of course, what they saw was completely different.

Because the pursuit and sex of the three are also different.

The supreme elder who was headed by him saw a golden dragon chair that was dazzling and majestic in front of him.

The surroundings also became golden.

He couldn’t help but look at his body, but suddenly found out, where are the scars on his body?

At this moment, his body is gorgeously dressed, and the whole person is also immortal.

He even felt that there was endless power in him, as if he wanted to, he could shatter the void with a single thought!

This is!

The Supreme Elder suddenly became extremely excited.

Become a fairy!

You have become a fairy by yourself!

It seemed to confirm his thoughts.

In a flash, he was already sitting on the huge dragon chair.

Under him, there are countless Dharma disciples.

These Dharma disciples are all devout and respectful.

They threw their bodies to the ground, kowtowed to him, and shouted loudly: “Congratulations to the elders who have become immortals! Shatter the void! Congratulations to the elders of the greatness for a long time! Forever in history!”

This shouting made the Supreme Elder even more excited.

His greatest wish in this life is to pursue the immortal way!

It’s a pity that he also knows that his talent is limited.

Otherwise, after cultivating for hundreds of years, it will not only be in the previous realm.

Well now, the day has finally come!

And these pictures in front of you are not the pictures that appear thousands of times in your dreams!

It’s been so long, it’s finally here!

He stretched out his hand slowly, and said in his mouth what he had thought many times but was ashamed to say, “Get up, get up! Take me as a god, and be your descendants! Ha ha ha ha!”

It’s full of style!

This Supreme Elder has completely fallen into this kind of vanity and pride of becoming an immortal.

The other elder, in the eyes of everyone, also slowly stopped.

First, his entire body stood still for a while, which surprised everyone from all directions.

what’s going on?

Isn’t this Supreme Elder realm too strong!

Sure enough, there is no trace of the trick at all?

The elder who was headed before was all dancing and laughing on the spot at the moment, and reciting words over and over again that made people feel very ashamed and second-in-class.

And this Supreme Elder didn’t even have any reaction at all, hiding it, hiding it!

However, just when everyone thought so, a strange scene suddenly appeared.

Suddenly, under the surprised gaze of everyone, this elder reached out to his clothes, and the clothes burst open.

Then, facing the air in front of him, he started…


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