Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925 The blood rage of the lion

White Tiger opened his eyes!

The white tiger’s eye in the sky was looking down at the earth from beginning to end.

It’s like an ancient hero, watching the people on the earth roaring.

It’s just as if some little ants are coaxing.

It’s just that the coaxed ants want to escape now.

Then, be merciful.

When Bai Hu opened his eyes, he could only blink once.

After blinking, the eye of the white tiger will dissipate into the world.


With such an understated blink of Baihu’s eyes.

Emperor Yao Samsung’s head banged!

It’s like there are thousands of knives, directly penetrating the body and stabbing into their souls.

The momentum of the three people soaring into the sky came to an abrupt end.

Emperor Yao Samsung swiped down from the air and smashed to the ground.

The three of them were holding their heads on the ground and wailing in pain, how could they still have the arrogant look they had before.

The people present were also shocked.

The background of a sect is really terrible.

Working hard, even Emperor Yao Samsung couldn’t get the slightest benefit.

This white tiger opened his eyes, obviously causing extremely terrifying destruction to the souls of the three.

tsk tsk!

Thinking about it this way, it was terrifying enough for Wiliam to cover the sky with a flat sword.

Wiliam fought against the foundation of a sect with the strength of one person.

Still won.


Wiliam, whose strength has soared now, is even more terrifying.

The situation is not over yet.

The position where the Emperor Yao Sanxing fell, happened to be in front of Hongshi again.

Hongshi looked down at the three of them from a height, but this time there was no mercy.

It lowered its head, and blood began to ooze from its body inexplicably.

The blood seeped more and more, and the aura on Hong Shi became more and more majestic.

Until the blood flowed into a river, Hong Shi’s aura had reached its peak.

Hongshi bowed his head and bit the three of them in his mouth!

“Bangcha!” The huge mouth bites!

The sharp teeth pierced the body of the three people in an instant!

“Ah!” Emperor Yao Sanxing suddenly let out a more mournful wailing sound.

Although their bodies were pierced, the realm was there, and it was not so easy to kill them all at once.

The people at the scene couldn’t bear to look directly.

This emperor demon Samsung has not been able to obtain the slightest benefit so far.

This time, the six sects were dispatched in unison, and it was unbelievable that they had achieved such a crushing victory over the leader of the six dharmas.

At this time, Wiliam took a few steps forward and said lightly to Emperor Yao Sanxing, “Are you still unwilling to wake up your ancestors?”

The elder with the highest cultivation base in Emperor Yao Sanxing suddenly turned around and looked at Wiliam.

His eyes were filled with cruelty and resentment.

“So! Your target is actually our ancestor!” The elder Taishang roared mournfully.

“Otherwise? It’s up to you? It won’t make me spend so much trouble.” Wiliam said honestly.

“Hahaha! Someone! Someone actually hit our ancestors! Good! You kid, you will get the retribution you deserve!” The elder Taishang laughed, his eyes became more resentful .

“If that’s the case, then we’ll do what you want!” he added.
Then, under the watchful eyes of the public, the body of Emperor Yao Sanxing became even darker.

Just like a tree, after flowering and bearing fruit, it quickly entered a period of decay.

It wasn’t until their bodies looked like a pile of dead branches that were forcibly piled up that the elder shouted: “Old Ancestor! Come out!”

When he said this, he was already very reluctant.

After finishing speaking, a brown light suddenly leaked from the body of Emperor Yao Sanxing.

This ray of light rushed straight to the ground!

It actually pierced the ground under their feet directly through three large holes.

At this time, Hong Shi finally ran out of power.

It turned around, not knowing whether it was intentional or not, and glanced at Wiliam.

Nodding slightly, his body was like dust and smoke, completely dissipating in the world.

Seeing this scene, Su Hongxiu felt a strong sadness for some reason.

She first asked, “Wiliam, they still have their ancestors, aren’t they very powerful?”

“You don’t need to worry about being strong or something, your mission has been completed.” Wiliam just replied.

“Na Hongshi…I have heard that this is a life-saving method that Dugu Hongshi will never use unless it is absolutely necessary. Now that it is used, I don’t know the fate of Dugu Hongshi in the future…” Su Hongxiu was obviously in the Worrying about the blood of Dugu Hongshi.

However, Wiliam smiled slightly and said, “Just put a hundred hearts on it. The people of Dugu Hongshi are not fools. How could they abolish the blood of their ancestors in vain. I asked them to use this trick, naturally Enough benefits have been promised to them.”

“What’s the benefit! It’s even more important than their bloodline?” Su Hongxiu’s curiosity was completely aroused at this moment.

“Naturally, not only will their bloodlines not be cut off, but they will also be raised to a new level,” Wiliam said casually.

Very simple truth.

The bloodline of Dugu Hongshi was originally a branch of the bloodline of the ancestor of his ancient unicorn.

If there is no Wiliam, then using this trick, Dugu Hongshi’s blood will be completely cut off.

But now there is Wiliam.

Although giving them a bit of the blood of the sky blue unicorn, it is enough for the descendants to benefit from it.

Of course, all of this is based on the fact that Wiliam can successfully help Senior Tianqing Qilin reshape his body.

And the only risk Dugu Hongshi has to take is gambling.

I bet that Wiliam has such ability.

Obviously, when the people of Dugu Hongshi chose to fight, they completely entrusted their fate to Wiliam.

Su Hongxiu obviously thought of this, and gave Wiliam a blank look.

This kid, don’t ask, don’t tell.

As soon as you ask, I will tell you half of it, and you have to rely on your own understanding to guess.

Not really suitable to be friends.

I really want to cut him with a knife.

At this time, the three large holes on the ground suddenly appeared three streams of liquid toward the outside.

As soon as the liquid came out, everyone stared at it and screamed.

It turned out to be blood!

The three holes are actually bleeding out!

Moreover, with the blood coming out, the scene was filled with a disgusting stench.

The ghost knows how long these blood sediments have been fermented.

“Everyone, step back, the next battle will be left to me.” Wiliam said to the people at the scene.

Everyone is smart, and at first glance, this scene is the final stage for the big BOSS to come out.

It is no longer something that they can face and solve at this level.

Therefore, even Qin Zhanxiong retreated very far as a bachelor, completely handing over the battlefield to Wiliam.

The ground trembled.

And slowly arched upwards.

After a while, a tentacle penetrated the ground and came out directly!


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