Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926 Bloodthirsty Millennium!

The people at the scene couldn’t help but shouted loudly.

Rao is that they knew that the big boss was going to appear, but they never thought it would be such a way to appear!

I saw a thick tentacle with a bucket shot straight into the sky and slapped the ground fiercely!

Everyone only felt a strong tremor!

It’s just a tentacle!

Then, the ground starts to fall apart!

The thick tentacles gushed out from the depths of the ground in unison, and they were densely packed for a while, covering the sky and the sun, making people look at it with a kind of fear of scalp tingling!

What kind of monster is this!

Everyone looked again, where are these tentacles!

It is clearly a thick branch!

But these branches seemed to be alive, waving constantly.

It seems to be declaring who this land belongs to!

“Back off! Back off! Stay away!” Su Hongxiu’s eyes flashed with a gleam of fear, and shouted loudly to the people at the scene.

At this time, both the people from the Six Sects and the Emperor Yao Lingxu started to retreat recklessly.

Looking at the monster’s appearance, it must be full-screen when attacking, and there is no distinction between enemy and me.

At this time, to worry about the identity of the emperor Yao Ling Xu is simply courting death.

At the scene, only Wiliam was left.

Even Bai Fengxue was thrown on his back by Su Hongxiu with one hand, and he quickly retreated.

The blue-haired Fengxue sneered, as if he didn’t want to make a move, he also stepped back.

Wiliam raised his head, looked at the branches waving in the sky, and sneered.

The body has not yet come out.

Sure enough, the ground suddenly burst!

Wiliam’s body flew away, accompanied by pieces of stone fragments.

His feet kept stepping on the rubble, and his body kept moving upwards!

After a while, Emperor Yao Lingxu had completely turned into ruins.

Between the ruins, a blood-red figure arched up.

And as this figure came out, the stench of blood splattered all over the sky.

This scene is like hell!

“Roar!” A voice that resounded throughout the world suddenly sounded, and it came from this monster.

Even people who have withdrawn for several kilometers can still see exactly what this monster is!

A huge blood-red tree!

This big tree takes root in the earth, and its trunk is the size of a football field.

The branches that danced in the sky were like his descendants, full of an evil aura.

“Who woke me up!” There was a hoarseness in the big tree’s voice.

Like the hoarseness of withered wood.

In front of Wiliam’s eyes, two slits suddenly split open on the trunk of the tree.

It turned into two eyes.

These two eyes are as big as a building!

It looked horrific.

In front of him, Wiliam was as small as an ant.

“It’s me.” Wiliam floated in front of him, looked him in the eye, and said lightly.

“You know who I am!” said the big tree hoarsely.

“Tell me about the Mountain Emperor’s House.” Wiliam replied calmly.

“You actually know who I am!” Talking about Shandiwu seems to be inconceivable that Wiliam recognized him, “I have never heard anyone say this name for thousands of years.”
“The world has changed.” Wiliam said.

“The world has changed, the world has changed.” Shandiwu pondered for a while, and his voice became more hoarse, “Yeah, I have slept for a thousand years, and the world has indeed changed.”

Speaking of the back, his eyes became more and more fierce, “The world has changed, even a hairy boy dares to provoke me.”

“I see, you are not sleeping for thousands of years, you are bloodthirsty for thousands of years.” Wiliam broke the mountain emperor’s house in one sentence.

Talking about Shandiwu’s eyes froze!

Wiliam looked at the stench of blood splashing all over the sky and shook his head, “Sorry, I think, you are already on the verge of death, but you are dormant in the ground, and let your descendants sacrifice the blood to you, forcibly hang you. I don’t know how many people’s blood you have sucked over the past thousand years!”

Speaking of Shandiwu, he was stunned for a moment, then suddenly burst into laughter, “Hahaha, what’s wrong? You want to condemn me from the moral high ground? I’m talking about Shandiwu, and mortals are like dust to me, and they can do it for me. It is their honor that I sacrifice blood. When you stand in my position, you will naturally know the morality.”

Wiliam shook his head, “Even if I get to your position, I don’t want to know the morality of such a bloodthirsty thousand years.”

“Hoho, hypocritical person. Today, you cut off my bloodline, and you can’t escape death!” The eyes of Shandiwu gradually became cold and severe.

He waved at will!

Hundreds of sturdy branches were thrown towards Wiliam in unison!

In front of the branches, Wiliam was like an ant.

If this is thrown, I am afraid that he will die on the spot!

However, Wiliam sneered, but he didn’t dodge!

Around his body, a green water ripple barrier appeared for no reason.

The branches slammed on these barriers, and only a little ripple appeared.

Wiliam was in it, standing still.

“You kid, you have some skills!” Speaking of Shandiwu, seeing this scene, he also let out a surprise.

Wiliam’s ripples are naturally condensed from metamorphosis and long live demon lotus.

You must know that the material of the long live demon lotus is now made by a little celestial girl!

The strength of the little Tiannv’s body has reached a terrifying level!

With the blessing of metamorphosis, the Long Live Demon Lotus is even more indestructible!

“If you can’t even break through my barrier, you’re dead. You’ve been feeding the dogs for thousands of years of bloodthirsty.” Wiliam said indifferently.

This sentence, like a needle, plunged directly into the heart of Shandiwu!

It is said that Shandi’s house has been living in hibernation for thousands of years and bloodthirsty for thousands of years!

Today is the first time he sees the sun again!

I thought I could kill the Quartet and shake the world.

Never thought that even the stinky boy in front of him couldn’t do anything.

What’s even more ridiculous is to be ridiculed by the other party!

What a shame!

“I have to kill you today!” said Shandiwu angrily.

It seems that the whole world is roaring!

It is said that the branches of Shandiwu are madly thrown at Wiliam without money!

In the meantime, there is the aura of killing!

The branch fell on Wiliam’s barrier, making a thud.

seems to work.

Wiliam’s body was shaken by the shock, but he never fell.

“Hoho, I’ll see how long you can last!” Speaking of Shandiwu, it seemed that he saw through Wiliam’s strengths, and continued to increase the transmission of spiritual energy.

More aura, greater strength!

Crazy slapped on Wiliam’s barrier!

This scene shocked everyone!

Everyone’s eyes have completely changed!

Is there only one monster in the riding scene?

Who said stand up and I’ll beat anyone to death!

It’s clearly two monsters, okay?

Wiliam is much more enchanting than that monster!


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