Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1927

Chapter 1927 Great achievement!

The difference in body size between Wiliam and Shandiwu is really too big, and the visual impact is also huge.

But Wiliam, with the body of an ant, withstood the attack of the Shandiwu.

Although the situation, Wiliam is getting more and more unfavorable.

But it’s enough to be impressive.

As time passed, Wiliam’s body shook more and more violently.

There are also some cracks visible to the naked eye in the water ripple barrier outside him.

I believe that it will not be long before this layer of water ripple barrier will be completely shattered.

Wiliamshen was also very surprised.

The strength of the little girl’s body is simply too terrifying.

To be able to withstand the attack of Talking Mountain Emperor House for so long!

I was thinking…

Speaking of the mountain emperor’s house, it seems that Wiliam’s protection has been exhausted.

He let out a hoarse laugh, “I see how long you can last!”

With that said, he continued to intensify his efforts.

The people on the outside secretly sweated for Wiliam.

Many people were thinking in their hearts, why didn’t Wiliam take the initiative to attack, or even avoid it.

What’s going to happen when you’re standing there like this!

This is completely inconsistent with Wiliam’s style.

“No! Wiliam must have a backer! It’s not that simple!” Su Hongxiu looked at the passive situation, her eyes becoming more and more blurred.

as predicted!

A few minutes passed.

Laughing out loud, talking about the Mountain Emperor House more and more wildly, his laughter stopped abruptly!

“This! What the hell is going on here!” Speaking of Shandiwu, he couldn’t help but scream.

The people at the scene were stunned, but no one noticed something was wrong.

And Wiliam showed a faint smile.

Finally, is it here?

It came earlier than I expected.

Speaking of Shandiwu, it seems that he does not believe in evil, and continues to slap Wiliam by waving the branches!

However, the people at the scene also found something wrong!

At this moment, the branch was drawn on Wiliam’s barrier, and it no longer caused shock to Wiliam as before.

As if using brute force, it did not cause any damage to Wiliam’s barrier.

what the hell!

Did Wiliam’s barrier become stronger!

“No! It’s not that Wiliam’s barrier has become stronger! It’s that the Mountain Emperor’s House has become weaker! Wiliam, Wiliam, what the hell are you doing!” Su Hongxiu’s eyes became more and more fierce!

“You kid! What kind of magic method did you use!” Speaking of Shandiwu looked at Wiliam with a sneer, he couldn’t help roaring at Wiliam.

And Wiliam said lightly: “Demon magic? It’s just my spiritual root.”

It is Wiliam’s ancient and present-level spiritual root of spiritual disaster!

The spiritual root of the spiritual disaster level can madly devour the surrounding spiritual energy for its own use.

From the very beginning, Wiliam was madly devouring the spiritual energy of this world.

But the vastness of the world cannot be swallowed up by Wiliam in a short time.

Wiliam has been holding on until now!

And he is showing the enemy to be weak, so that the Shandiwu has not found out at all, and his spiritual power has no supply at all!

It is said that Shandiwu was frantically squandering his spiritual energy when there was no supply, and now he finally drained all his own spiritual energy.

And what is the difference between a barbarian and a bare-handed barbarian who doesn’t have the spiritual energy to talk about the Mountain Emperor’s House!

“It’s impossible! It’s impossible! How could someone drain all the spiritual energy of the surrounding world!” For the first time, Shandiwu showed a horrified look, and his eyes widened!

He also finally understood that the boy in front of him was not weak at all.

Being beaten passively is just consuming the enemy’s spiritual energy and delaying time!

Terrible boy!

“Now, it’s my turn!” Wiliam laughed.

With one move with one hand, Long Live Demon Lotus once again transformed into Chiyou Demon Sword!

The magic knife grows bigger and bigger, it actually covers the sky!

This knife!

Wiliam didn’t hold back at all!

The dance of the mad knife, the world has no light!

“Ah!” Said that the body of Shandiwu was too huge.

Want to dodge, but there is no way!

Chiyou’s magic knife slashed at Jiang Shandiwu’s body, making a screeching sound.

“Drink!” Wiliam roared, his spiritual energy was violent!

Chiyou Demon Sword was injected with even more terrifying spiritual power, and it went down!

It’s like tearing a piece of paper with your hands!

It is said that the Mountain Emperor House was split into two by a magic knife!

“Roar!” Speaking of Shandiwu, there was an extremely unwilling roar, and the body was divided into two, slowly falling backwards!

“Run!” The faces of the people at the scene changed greatly, and they retreated again.

However, the Sandi House did not completely fall down.

But when it fell down, the body shrank sharply.

Finally, a green sapling was formed.

The small sapling glowed with a gleaming azure light, suspended in mid-air.

Wiliam made a move with one hand, and the little sapling flew directly towards Wiliam.

This should be what Tianqing Qilin and Senior Chi You need.

Thinking about it, Wiliam put away the sapling.

There was a burst of cheers from the people at the scene.


A miracle happened!

Wiliam took the six sects, and at the speed of lightning, he directly overturned the first of the six sects!

This is a great achievement enough to go down in history!

Those present were witnesses and participants, and they were very proud of it.

On the contrary, Wiliam, after accepting the small sapling and falling back to the ground, was not at all happy.

He stared blankly at the sky, except for the laughter of the people from the six sects, the rest was incomparably quiet.

“Wiliam! You are so terrifying! I will remember this battle for the rest of my life!” Su Hongxiu pushed Wiliam’s shoulder with a blushing face.

Wiliam was silent.

Seeing Wiliam’s ghostly appearance, Su Hongxiu suddenly lost all smiles, “What’s the matter? Are there still enemies?”

Wiliam shook his head and said, “It’s not right.”

“What’s wrong?” Su Hongxiu asked.

Wiliam touched his chin and said, “Quiet is scary, don’t you think?”

“No, aren’t everyone very happy and coaxing?” Su Hongxiu was puzzled.

“I mean, other methods are terribly quiet, and even Sandingtian is terribly quiet.” Wiliam said slowly, “It stands to reason that we have made such a big noise, other methods and people from Sandingtian should not Just stand by and watch.”

Su Hongxiu was stunned for a moment and patted his forehead, “Yes! We are guilty of this! Other methods and San Dingtian will never sit idly by, otherwise, one day, they will be the next emperor demon Lingxu. This kind of evil wind It can’t be long.”

“So, what’s wrong?” Wiliamming thought hard.

Although he arranged the guards of the three sects, it was also to prevent other methods from intervening, thinking that it would be better if he could delay the time, so that he could eradicate the emperor demon Lingxu as soon as possible.

But now the battle is over, and none of the other methods have appeared.

Abnormal is a monster!

Su Hongxiu still had some eyeliner, she immediately said, “Let me check.”

When he was done, he stood aside.

But only two minutes later, she came back.

On his face, there was an incomparable astonishment!

It was even more shocking than witnessing Wiliam killing the leader of the Six Laws!

“What’s wrong?” Wiliam asked this time.

Su Hongxiu’s lips moved, and her whole body trembled slightly.

Even the words she said were bumpy, and there was endless fear and confusion in her voice.

“Just when the news came, at the same time as we killed the emperor demon Lingxu, the head of the three tops of the sky was always bright…”

“It was also exterminated!”


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