Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928 Lu Xiulan!

“What!” This time, even Wiliam was shocked!

For Wiliam, this message was like a bolt from the blue!

Three Heavens!

What a terrifying existence!

Now the head of the Three Heavens has also been quickly exterminated!

Who is it that has such terrifying strength!

And what makes Wiliam even more horrified is why he chose this juncture!

Knock the mountain and shake the tiger?

Is someone knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger?

Hit the head of the three top heavens, so that the other six methods and three top heavens do not dare to act without authorization.

It’s just that this knock is a mountain!

This knocks God!

It directly knocked down the sky of the land of the common people!

At this time, Wiliam thought about his own father!

Isn’t his own father also in the void?

Is he also dead?

Thinking of this, Wiliam raised his heart!

“Go to the place where the Void Changming is now!” Wiliam immediately said to Su Hongxiu.

Su Hongxiu nodded, just about to convey this message to everyone present.

But at this time, a bolt from the blue really came down!


This thunderbolt was exactly right in front of Wiliam.

“Crazy ministers and thieves!” A violent shout suddenly appeared in Wiliam’s ears.

At this time, Wiliam felt a mysterious thought.

It’s him!

Or rather, it’s them!

Three figures appeared directly in front of Wiliam.

Wiliam looked intently!

as predicted!

The three people who appeared in front of Wiliam were wearing a black robe with a delicate totem embroidered on the black robe!

Isn’t it the Seven Star Ferryman?

And there were three of them all at once.

The thought that Wiliam felt just now was caused by their black and gold robes.

Seven Star Ferryman.

Known as the ceiling of this common land!

His status is higher than that of San Dingtian, and he is the actual ruler of the land of the common people.

Now three people suddenly appeared in front of Wiliam. It can be seen that Wiliam’s killing of the emperor demon Ling Xu caused a terrifying shock.

Someone killed Void Changming and wanted to knock the mountain and shake the tiger.

But it couldn’t knock the Seven Star Ferryman’s head.

Now, they appear.

Wiliam looked at the three in front of him and took a deep breath.

He knew that the most difficult time was coming.

According to Wiliam’s current skills, it is enough to deal with a seven-star ferryman.

Not to mention there are three.

And the people of the six sects had all the strongest moves just now, and now they can’t count on it at all.

Can only go up to send people’s heads.

Just as Wiliam was thinking about it, another voice came from the sky, “I see who dares to touch him!”

In the voice, there is endless heroism and vicissitudes.

It’s too late to say.

When the voice falls, so do the people.

A figure fell on Wiliam’s side in an instant.

And seeing this person, Wiliam felt a shudder for no reason.

But not trembling with fear.

Because of a mysterious and mysterious bloodline induction.

Looking at the person in front of him, Wiliam’s eyes suddenly turned red.

The man in front of him was tall enough to be a real man.
His eyes were like tigers, with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

“It’s you! Lu Xiulan!” a seven-star ferryman shouted through gritted teeth.

Lu Xiulan!

Those three words smashed Wiliam’s heart.

He had this guess just now.

Now that these three words are spoken out, Wiliam can’t stand it anymore.

Tears in his eyes fell instantly.

Lu Xiulan, Wiliam’s biological father!

Wiliam came from a long way to find his biological father!

Now he actually took the initiative to appear in front of Wiliam!

Is it really a dream!

Wiliam’s shoulder was severely slapped by Lu Xiulan.

Lu Xiulan ignored these three people at all, but looked at Wiliam with red eyes.

“Do you recognize who I am?” When Lu Xiulan said this, his voice choked.

Wiliam nodded heavily, and spit out two words that he had not dared to spit out all these years, “Father!”

“Wiliam, you’ve grown so big! You’re too much ashamed of your father!” Lu Xiulan was called a father, and his whole body began to tremble.

He seemed to have endless things to say, and wanted to pour it out in an instant, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I made a solemn oath not to save your mother, and Wuyan came to you! I’m sorry!”

“Father, you have no face to come to me, then I will come to you, the same!” Wiliam shook his head, not blaming his father at all.

“Well, but my oath is still valid! I dare to appear in front of you today, you know what it means!” Lu Xiulan looked at Wiliam with a resolute expression.

“Mother…” Wiliam was stunned for a moment.

“Yeah! I need your help! I’ve finally waited for this day!” Lu Xiulan said with emotion.

“It turns out that you are father and son! No wonder! No wonder! They are both chaotic ministers and thieves! Today, I will kill you!” One of the seven-star ferrymen said viciously.

At this time, Lu Xiulan looked at the three people opposite, but there was a look of contempt in his eyes, “What? Is it true that the seven-star ferryman is invincible in the world? I, Lu Xiulan, really have no fear of you!”

“You! Hohoho, these years, I really gave you a face! I have doubted you countless times, but you have always followed the rules as a turtle grandson, never thought of it! Today, I will sanction you on behalf of the seven-star ferryman. !” The man yelled again.

“Sanctions? Where did the sanctions come from? The sanctions of the seven-star ferryman? Are you worthy?” Lu Xiulan directly replied.

This scene made Wiliam feel very happy.

My father is not afraid of heaven and earth!

Standing in front of Wiliam, it looks like a tall enough mountain to block all the swords, guns and sticks for Wiliam!

The man was scolded, just about to get angry, but was pulled by another person.

The man’s mind was obviously much deeper than the previous one.

“Oh? Could it be that you know the rules of the seven-star ferryman?” The man asked Lu Xiulan back, like a cliché.

Lu Xiulan couldn’t help laughing out loud, “You know what? My son killed a case, you want to punish him for the crime of killing the sect? Sanctioning this kind of crime requires the seven-star ferryman to vote together, your opinion alone , can be a piece of shit!”

“You! You!” The previous grumpy person almost went wild.

No one dares to be so presumptuous in front of the Seven Star Ferryman!

“Vote? But it’s easy. I have already contacted the other four seven-star ferrymen. Today is your death!” The thoughtful man said gloomily.

“Wu’er Wiliam, are you afraid?” Lu Xiulan suddenly turned around and looked at Wiliam.

Wiliam didn’t know where the arrogance came from, how could he be cowardly with his father here!

Battle father and son soldiers!

Wiliam stepped out, “I’m afraid of a fart!”

“You! You!” The man was so angry that his breath was unsteady.

“Isn’t it going to be sanctioned? To punish my son for the crime of destroying the sect, then punish me for the crime of destroying the sect! The void is bright, and I will destroy it!” Lu Xiulan looked at Wiliam with admiration in his eyes!

Tiger father has no dog son!


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