Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929 The same goal!

Wiliam actually vaguely guessed this idea.

But when his father admitted it in public, Wiliam couldn’t help but be shocked.

It turned out to be true!

“Hoho, I’ve been dormant in the void for many years, what is it for? Is it the ridiculous glory and wealth? What I want is the fate of the void!” Lu Xiulan’s eyes became extremely cold.

“Void Everbright is nothing but a place of arrogance. It is unforgivable to dare to do such a thing to my wife! It’s not in vain that I have endured humiliation and burden in Void Everbright for so many years, and I have secretly gathered a large number of forces. Today, I can finally make all the It erupted, and since then, there will be no void in the world!” Lu Xiulan said again.

It was said lightly, but the cruelty beyond the words, Wiliam could imagine.

It should be coping.

The father is cooperating with him.

Wiliam thought in his heart.

“Humph! Even if you have gathered a group of forces, the Sect Master of the Everlasting Void is not the one who kills you when you say it! What kind of magic method did you use!” One of the seven-star ferrymen shouted.

“Demon magic? It’s ridiculous that the sect master of the everlasting void has been possessed by an evil soul recently. It stands to reason that his strength should be stronger after being possessed by an evil soul. But these few days are the running-in period of evil soul possession. Therefore, the strength has plummeted, it is a golden opportunity for me, I will kill the Sect Master of the Eternal Void together with the evil soul.” Lu Xiulan sneered.

And Wiliam’s heart skipped a beat!

Evil spirit!

Could it be the ancient remnant soul in Ye Qiongqi’s body?

According to my father, and according to time, there is indeed a great possibility!

Really lucky.

The Evil Soul is extremely powerful, and the Sect Master of Eternal Void is also extremely powerful. If these two things are combined, even more terrifying monsters will come out.

Fortunately, they had a running-in period to allow their father to find this opportunity to kill them together.

This also indirectly gave Wiliam a pimple in his heart.

“Here!” The Seven Star Ferryman suddenly shouted.

Everyone raised their heads.

I saw two figures descend directly from the sky.

They were wearing black and gold robes that symbolized the identity of the ferryman!

Five seven-star ferrymen came.

“Hoho, although there are only five, it is enough to vote for sanctions.” The previous Seven Star ferryman said with a sneer.

Wiliam and Lu Xiulan looked at the five of them coldly.

In Wiliam’s heart, he was actually ready to go head-to-head with these fierce men.

After all, Wiliam didn’t have a good impression on the group of Seven Star Ferrymen.

The previous three people first briefly described the crimes of Wiliam and Lu Xiulan, and then said: “According to our rules, sanctions on their father and son require a vote. Although there are only five here, it is more than enough, as long as the five of us Four of them agreed, and the remaining two don’t come, so it doesn’t matter.”

After all, the man raised his hand first.

The three of them, naturally, had already reached a consensus.

Lu Xiulan looked at Wiliam at this time and whispered, “Be careful next, I might not be able to beat them either.”
Wiliam nodded, naturally aware of the situation in front of him.

Minutes passed by.

The previously tense momentum suddenly turned into embarrassment.

The three of them looked at the two seven-star ferrymen coming from behind and asked in a cold voice, “What are you doing in a daze? Why don’t you vote soon?”

The two seven-star ferrymen who came from behind were obviously confused by the situation in front of them.

They looked at each other first, and both of them were at a loss.

Even, both of them made a gesture of invitation in unison.

After the action was over, the two froze again.

The people at the scene were also bewildered by the two later Seven Star ferrymen.

What are these two doing?

“What are you doing!” The three of them were obviously angry before.

The seven-star ferryman has always been proud of the world. Today, five people appearing together in front of everyone is already a gift to mortals.

Now the two of them are like two fools, what are they doing there?

The faces of the seven-star ferryman were all lost to them.

How hard is it to vote?

However, the two of them felt the same afterward.

There was a strange light in their eyes.

“Hey, you won’t…” One of them asked in a hoarse voice, obviously changing his voice.

“Uh, I have an ominous premonition, you…” The other person touched his forehead, as if he was a little afraid to face reality.

“What are you doing! Quickly agree!” the quick-talking one among the three of them immediately shouted.

However, the situation in front of them is obviously beyond the control of the three of them.

One of the two later distanced slightly from them, and said with a hilarious smile, “Didn’t you let me vote? Then why do you have to vote yes? Can’t you vote for no?”

The three were instantly furious.

But how!

The Seven Star Ferryman has never been a harmonious group, and even since its birth, it has been intriguing.

The three of them turned to look at the other person.

The man spread his hands, “I’m sorry, I don’t agree either.”

The people at the scene almost laughed.

Ouch, this awesome idol ceiling has torn his face in front of everyone.

This is interesting.

“You! Are you also chaotic thieves!” The three were trembling with anger.

Afterwards, the two looked at each other and nodded in unison.

Then they even unveiled their cloaks in full view.

Then, there were two faces that made Wiliam very happy.

“Big brother and second brother! You, you!” Wiliam suddenly saw that his elder brother and second brother turned into a seven-star ferryman, and he didn’t know what to say for a while.

There are two words in my heart: awesome!

His eldest brother and second brother had such an adventure and became a seven-star ferryman.

You must know that Wiliam himself paid a very heavy price to kill Ye Qiongqi.

As for his eldest brother and second brother, it must have been extremely difficult for them to become seven-star ferrymen.

Only, the results are good!

Wiliam thought that his three brothers had come back to the same destination by different paths, and they all became ferrymen, and the three of them didn’t know about each other before.

Interesting, interesting.

Could it be that when he first participated in the Seven Star Ferryman Conference, the person in the lead would say that more than one person was replaced.

It turns out that there is a big brother and a second brother to replace it.

Liu Lang and Lin Jiang showed their original appearance, and they looked at each other, embarrassed to each other.

Well, the two brothers joined an organization without telling each other, and they met again in this organization. Is it embarrassing?

” Wiliam, we didn’t mean to hide you. After all, you know that this organization is not that close, and maybe your strength is far from enough, so we didn’t tell you…” Lin Jiang was very considerate, thinking about three Among the brothers, Wiliam was the only one who pulled him down. Wiliam was definitely not feeling well, so he explained it kindly.


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