Dragon Husband Chapter Chapter 1930 (THE END )

Chapter 1930 Numbers in this life

Seeing Lin Jiang’s bitter expression, Wiliam only found it funny in his heart.

Is it so coincidental?

And at this time, one of the three seven-star ferrymen said sharply: “Okay! I knew that there were rogues and thieves among us! As expected! However, just the two of you, do you think you can set off a storm? But don’t. Forget, there are two more, as long as they come, ho ho.”

Lu Xiulan suddenly burst out laughing. He first asked Wiliam, ” Wiliam, are these two brothers of the opposite sex who came to the land of the common people with you?”

Wiliam nodded and said yes.

Lu Xiulan looked at Lin Jiang and Liu Lang with a satisfied smile, “Sure enough! They are all like dragons and tigers! Hahaha! The three of you, your achievements are limitless!”

Then, he turned his attention to the three people, and suddenly a ripple flashed on his body!

“Don’t wait! I’m also a seven-star ferryman!” A black and gold robe instantly appeared on Lu Xiulan’s body, but it was the symbol of a seven-star ferryman.

This scene made the people on the scene scream in unison!

What the hell is going on here!

Even Wiliam and the others were stunned.

Wiliam looked at his father with mixed feelings!

His father was also a seven-star ferryman!


Wiliam was powerless to say anything.

It seemed like a coincidence in the world that they all came to Wiliam’s side at this moment.

“You! You!” When the three saw Lu Xiulan transformed into a seven-star ferryman, their expressions changed drastically on the spot!

The situation, as Lu Xiulan’s identity was revealed, was instantly pulled back to the same starting line!

Those three people beeped dogs in their hearts!

I thought that there were still four seven-star ferrymen left, as long as any one of them agreed with sanctions, it would be done!

Unexpectedly, three suddenly appeared, all on Wiliam’s side!

Simply weird!

And Wiliam on the side, looking at the figure of his father in front of him, suddenly thought of something!

He asked in a low voice, “Father, I just came to the land of the common people, but you explained that Liu Yuntian of Jinyu Lingkong made me go to the battlefield of blood and tears and sold me a favor?”

Lu Xiulan laughed and nodded, “Exactly! I couldn’t see you at that time, thinking that you might need some help here, so I just found something for you to do and sold you. A favor gives you someone to rely on.”

Wiliam smiled bitterly, “So, it was you who waved your hand to kill Beihe Yanwu.”

“Exactly! That mere Beihe hates martial arts and dares to persecute you. Naturally, there is no need to exist.” Lu Xiulan’s face was calm.

Wiliam also smiled.

It seems that his father has always been paying attention to himself and helping him.

It seemed that he had to do his best.

Wiliam took a step forward, “I see, there is no need to wait for the last seven-star ferryman.”

“Humph! What do you mean by that!” the three people opposite shouted.

Wiliam made a random move!

He quickly put on the black and gold robe that belonged to him, “I am the last seven-star ferryman, are you satisfied with this answer?”

The scene fell silent in an instant!

Today’s scene has far exceeded everyone’s imagination!

The mysterious and powerful seven-star ferryman, few people have even heard of before.

But now, the seven-star ferrymen are gathered!

Moreover, Wiliam is actually a seven-star ferryman!

When did it start, Wiliam has already stood at the pinnacle of the Nine Sects, Six Laws and Three Heavens in the Cangsheng Continent!

When Liu Lang saw this, his whole body was not well, so he rushed in front of Wiliam and punched him, “You kid, you’re a real dog!”

Wiliam smiled embarrassedly, “Let’s get half a pound, hehe!”

“Hahahaha! The three of us seem to have all embarked on the same path in the dark!” Lin Jiang laughed after being stunned for a while.

At this moment, the three brothers, plus Lu Xiulan!

The four of them stepped forward and faced the three seven-star ferrymen, “How! Do you want to vote!”

Those three people are completely speechless!

What a shame!

It was the first time I appeared in front of the crowd, and it turned out to be such a result!

This humanity is too treacherous!

“Humph! We will remember what happened today!” The three of them said a word directly, and their figures disappeared without a trace.

The situation in front of them was beyond the control of the three of them.

And Wiliam and the three of them naturally did not go after them, and now is not the time.

If you really want to do it directly, the four of them are not necessarily the opponents of the three.

After all, the three brothers Wiliam took the position of the seven-star ferryman by various coincidences.

“Let’s rest first, let’s go to the side.” Lu Xiulan said loudly to the crowd, but motioned for Wiliam and the others to come to a secluded place.

Wiliam was about to ask questions, but heard Lu Xiulan say: “I know you think you have a lot of questions to ask me now, so do I. I am also very curious about the identity of the four of us as seven-star ferrymen. But now is not the time, Wiliam, Do you want to know the whereabouts of your mother?”

Wiliam nodded, “Of course!”

Lu Xiulan said a long story short: “Your mother is actually not dead. In order to protect me and Beiluo Lu’s family, she was willing to be brought back. Then, in order to punish her, Zongmen cruelly stripped her soul and imprisoned her soul in In the Moon Water Flower Mirror! Let her live forever, she can’t live, she can’t die!”

Speaking of this, Lu Xiulan briefly introduced the Moon Water Flower Mirror.

It was a mysterious mirror, located at the core of the land of the common people.

If you want to go to the higher world, you have to go through this mirror.

It’s just that it is too vicious to imprison the mother’s soul here.

After Wiliam heard this, he was angry!

If it wasn’t for the fact that his father assembled a group of forces to directly kill Void Changming, Wiliam would have to lead someone to kill him immediately!

“Your mother’s body has been completely destroyed. But don’t worry, I have been looking for a way to reshape my body all these years, and I finally found a way to reshape my body.” Lu Xiulan also said excitedly.

Hearing this, Wiliam felt a sense of sight.

So familiar with what happened?

Body remodeling?

Isn’t this the same situation as the Tianqing Qilin and the soldier Chiyou?

So Wiliam blurted out, “Do I need to talk about the three things Shandiwu, Zhaoyaozhuyu, and Dimai Zizhi?”

Lu Xiulan was stunned, “How do you know? It took me many years to find this method!”

Wiliam’s heart was blue, “Then you can come to me sooner rather than later!”

Wiliam told Lu Xiulan the truth about his Tianqing Qilin and the soldier Chiyou.

Lu Xiulan was speechless, and finally said helplessly: “It seems that it is fate! This is also a good fortune. You have already obtained the Mountain Emperor House, so next, as long as we work harder, we will find Zhao Yao Zhu Yu, Earth Vein Zizhi will do! I believe that the day your mother is resurrected, the future can be expected!”

Wiliam is also full of confidence at the moment, “Well! The future is promising! It’s not too late…”

“Hey hey hey! You father and son, have you forgotten that the two of us were there?” Liu Lang suddenly interjected with a displeased expression on his face.

Only then did Wiliam react.

Thinking of the reunion of my father and son, and the safety of my mother, I forgot for a while that the two older brothers had also made great efforts today, and they should not have been left out in the cold.

Wiliam smiled embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, brother and second brother, I was so excited just now that I forgot about you.”

Lin Jiang, on the other hand, looked strange, “Are we talking about this? You seem really excited, isn’t your brain enough?”

“Ah? What do you mean?” Wiliam didn’t react for a while.

Liu Lang punched his fist again, “You are going to reshape your body for the Tianqing Qilin and the soldier Chiyou, have you forgotten that Lin Jiang and I also want to reshape the body for the Supreme Golden Dragon and the Ancient Suzaku?”

“Ah?” Wiliam’s head was completely shut down.

Liu Lang and Lin Jiang laughed together and flipped their hands!

It turned out two things, “We’ve been busy with this thing for a while now. We’re so lucky, Zhao Yaozhuyu and Dimai Zizhi were obtained by the two of us. In addition, you got the Shandi you got today. House, tsk tsk! Perfect!”

When Wiliam heard this, his whole body trembled.

“Hahahaha!” For a while, he couldn’t say anything except smirk.

This humanity is so beautiful!

I always thought that these three things would take a lifetime to obtain.

Never thought that gathering the power of three people would be so easy!

If you look at it this way, your mother, and a few ancient powers!

It can be resurrected.

Even Lu Xiulan laughed.

Laughing and laughing, tears fell.

Boys don’t cry easily!

Over the years, Lu Xiulan has actually been ashamed of himself, believing that he is guilty.

He lived in a sense of debt and vengeance.

Now, he can be freed.

“Let’s go! We’ll go get this done right away!” Lu Xiulan grabbed Wiliam and wanted to leave on the spot.

And Wiliam smiled, but not in a hurry, “Wait a minute.”

“What else is more important than rebuilding your mother’s body?” Lu Xiulan couldn’t help frowning.

Wiliam smiled and said, “It’s not as important as my mother, but I think it’s at least as important. Feng Xue, come here.”

With that said, Wiliam waved to Feng Xue.

In Wiliam’s heart, mother is at least as important as Feng Xue.

At this moment, he wants to introduce the woman he loves the most in his life to his father.

At the moment, Bai Fengxue was shy and a little nervous, and walked over with a little resignation.

The ugly daughter-in-law wants to see her in-laws after all.

“Hmph, nervous!” A cold voice came from behind Feng Xue.

It was the blue-haired blizzard.

As soon as he saw her, Wiliam’s whole body felt bad.

“This, this…” Lu Xiulan was also stunned.

He only heard of one daughter-in-law, not a pair of twins.

My son is patient!

Wiliam looked embarrassed, “Well, father, this is your daughter-in-law Bai Fengxue.”

“Hmph! What about me? What am I?” Lan-haired Fengxue pretended to be resentful as if he was doing something on purpose.

“Don’t be a shit stick, okay? I beg you, go back.” Wiliam was even more embarrassed.

Blue-haired Fengxue saw that Wiliam was deflated, so she sneered with satisfaction and returned to Fengxue’s body with a swoosh.

“Well, I’ll explain to you about the blue-haired blizzard later.” Wiliam whispered.

But I don’t know why, but I see full regret in my father’s eyes.

What the hell is regret?

Do you think your son is not romantic enough?

After introducing Feng Xue, Wiliam asked the people from the six sects to go back, and then a few of them went directly to the Moon Water Flower Mirror.

With three things, and Lu Xiulan knowing how to use these three things, the resurrection of Ye Qiuchan and several ancient bigwigs are naturally no problem.

Even Wiliam kept a copy for Song Huan, the future inheritor of the Xuanwu bloodline.

It’s just a pity that rebuilding the body does not wake up immediately, and it will take several days.

And through these days, Wiliam also began to arrange some things.

For example, to return the six sects, divide the six sects into three elite forces, the two will become the Six Laws, and the one will become the Three Heavens.

With the support of the three brothers Wiliam and Lu Xiulan, other methods naturally did not dare to say a word.

As for the other three seven-star ferrymen, Wiliam naturally had a way to deal with them.

As long as a few ancient bigwigs wake up, they will definitely be invited to get rid of evil in the first time!

So far, everything is going in the right direction.

When his mother wakes up, Wiliam can bring Feng Xue and his family together for a good reunion.

The old man Qingfeng also met with Wiliam, and even made a hexagram for Li Chunfeng.

The spring breeze returns, just wait for the sky to be warm.

In the blink of an eye, the past few years have passed.

On this day, there was a blizzard outside, and the sky and the earth were white.

” Wiliam Wiliam! Your stinky boy ran into the ancient land and deep mountains to play adventure games with the eldest brother and the second brother’s little girl again! I’m so mad!” Wiliam, who eats fruit, said.

Wiliam Yihan, this…

He immediately took Feng Xue’s hand and disappeared into the room out of thin air.

The ancient land and the mountains are endless at a glance.

“There!” Bai Fengxue’s eyes were sharp, and at a glance, he saw the figure of his stinky boy.

The two landed immediately.

But in the midst of the snowstorm, a little boy of three or four years old was holding a wooden stick he didn’t know where he picked it up, and tremblingly pointed at the wild animals in front of him who were many times bigger than him. dog.

Behind the little boy were two little girls who looked like porcelain dolls.

They were holding hands, next to the little boy, with fear in their eyes.

Although the little boy was trembling all over, there was a firmness in his eyes after all.

“Sisters, don’t be afraid! I’m here! These dogs won’t hurt you!” The little boy didn’t turn his head, his voice was a little trembling.

“Little Fatty Lu, if you can’t beat him, run away.” The two little girls behind him said worriedly.

“Humph! Sister Qingyi and Sister Dongshuang, have you forgotten what I said to you countless times? Since I forgot, I’m Lu Xiaopang, I, Lu Xiaobai, might as well tell you one last time, listen carefully! In danger, I, Lu Xiaobai, are still the man who is willing to sacrifice for you!” The little boy said in a tender but loud voice.

Little people, little sticks.

Small voices are small and strong.

For a time, Bai Fengxue, not far away, was in a trance.

It was as if time had gone back 20 years, back to that windy and snowy night.

There was also a boy holding a stick in front of her.

Today, the boy has become a boy, and the girl has become two.

The wild dog is also more vicious.

But the only thing that didn’t change was the words that sounded deeply rooted in love.

Bai Fengxue rubbed his eyes and looked at Wiliam with a strange expression, “What did you teach?”

With a black line on his head, Wiliam quickly explained: “I just told the stinky boy, bah, I mentioned it once…”

Bai Fengxue suddenly bit Wiliam’s shoulder, “Does it hurt!”

Wiliam pretended to be mourning, “Ah, so sweet!”


“It hurts!”

If the years are warm, it must be the cool wind blowing the beauty…

And if time is dyed with color, it will be like clear snow to the world…

The extreme tenderness and romance of these few red dust is probably due to the long-lasting love between the two, and eventually grew into the appearance of a small child.

Wiliam has no regrets.

The wind and snow are affectionate.

So big in the world, counting in this life…

(End of the book)


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