Chapter 111

“I’m starving.”Zhou Leya obviously hadn’t eaten breakfast either, and when she came in and saw Finn eating, she picked up a sandwich and nibbled on it.

“Ye Shao, then you guys talk first, I still have some work.”Li Qiuyu didn’t bother Finn and left with a sense of humor.

Finn praised Li Qiuyu’s behavior like this, but at the same time, he was even more heartbroken for Li Qiuyu.Li Qiuyu was really a sensible and good woman, if he hadn’t already gotten to know other women first, Finn would never touch any woman again, having Li Qiuyu was completely enough.

“What is it?”Zhou Leya’s question directly interrupted Finn ‘s thoughts.

Finn returned, “It’s fine, I just want you to be a big star and a perfect goddess.”


Zhou Leya choked on her sandwich and took a sip of hot milk before exclaiming, “What, you’re making me a star?”

“Yeah, I finished talking to your dad yesterday, and he agreed, and is already looking for a venue, so when the new company is set up, you’ll be the first sister of our company, and all the resources will be yours!”

“So great!Does that mean I don’t have to go to school?”

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But the importance of education Zhou Fu, not only let Zhou Leya go to college, but if Finn does not appear, and even Zhou Leya after the study abroad.

In Zhou Fu’s cognition, the girl should be gentle and elegant, but also rich in five cars, so as to be worthy of the title of the thousand gold.

According to the people in the TV series, Zhou Fu is trying to cultivate Zhou Leya into the image of Zhihua.

But let Zhou Leya disappointed, Finn actually shook his head: “This I discussed with your father, anyway, the company is in Kaiyuan City, the selection of the site will not be too far from your school, for the convenience of you can also go to school, so go to school on this matter, you can not escape, but your father’s requirements are also very simple, university graduation is fine.Studying abroad and such can be considered based on whether you become a big star or not.”

“So that’s how it is.”Zhou Leya had a disappointed look, but when she heard the second half of the sentence, she was still somewhat happy, “Ye Shao, then you must make me a big star ah, I don’t want to study abroad.”

“Don’t worry, I can’t let you go even if you want to go.I’ll smash all my resources and raise you to be a top tier.”

Finn was imperative, this matter was non-negotiable, even without Zhou Fu’s request, Finn would still work hard.

Because raising a first-tier star is just the first step, a knockout, Finn is trying to make the company bigger, when the time comes, not to mention the Wind Capital’s big brother circle, even if the other cities’ big brother circle is also just him strolling around.

If you want to get in, you can get out.

Being the dragon head, Finn is addicted, since he wants to sit in entertainment, he has to achieve the dragon head position.

This wasn’t limited to Fengdu, but Finn looked at the entire country, even the world.

Why should foreigners have so many international stars, Finn wants everyone to know that we are not bad either!

The first step, however, was to get down to business, and that was to open the company.

Zhou Fu promised to just find a venue, and all the registration procedures and so on, in fact, need Finn to personally run, after all, signatures and so on, all need his presence.

After communicating with Zhou Leya, Finn received a call from Zhou Fu, but Finn heard the color of the dilemma.

“What’s wrong, father-in-law?”

Finn did not frown.

Zhou Fu replied, “Little Fan, I have my eye on a company that is only ten minutes away from Love Ya’s university, only ten minutes away by car, and it’s also downtown, the office building has eight floors, and the rent for the entire building is only ten million a year, which is cheap.And yet someone else is robbing us.”

“And someone else is robbing it?Don’t they know it’s me who wants this place?” Finn didn’t frown, he couldn’t imagine that there were people who were still robbing the territory with him, this was not taking him seriously.

Zhou Fu’s tone was a bit odd, “Originally, my name rented, and the person who robbed me only offered a little higher price than me, but after I said your name, the person who robbed me actually directly doubled the price and raised it.”

“What? It was directed at me?I’m not messing with anyone, father-in-law, do you know what the other guy’s name is?” Finn thought hard and couldn’t think of exactly which guy he had messed with, and even if he had, Kai Yuan he was the biggest, who could not give him face.

“I checked, and the other party’s name is Bai Mufeng.”Zhou Fu responded.

“Bai Mufeng?f*ck, why that guy!”When Finn thought about it, he remembered who it was, the narcissist from the beginning.

I didn’t think that Bai Mufeng was really capable of stealing territory from him, but he was really tired of living.

“Father-in-law, there’s no need to rent that place for now, I’ll go talk to Bai Mufeng.”

This was a special time, Finn only had one billion, so he could save as much as he could, and Bai Mu Feng was obviously deliberately raising the bar, Finn didn’t want to spend tens of millions more just to fight for a breath of air.

What’s more, without using money to raise the bar, Finn also had many ways.

Zhou Fu directly sent the location of Bai Mufeng’s location by WeChat, so Finn brought his bodyguards and thugs and rushed straight to Bai Mufeng’s location.

This time, Bai Mufeng had provoked him, so he had to take care of Bai Mufeng with lightning speed, or else any random person would dare to step on his head, and then he wouldn’t have to hang around in Kaiyuan.

Bai Mufeng’s location was a cafe, and with a big wave of his hand, the thugs went straight in to clear the place.

There were actually more bodyguards, but after all, they were bodyguards, official jobs, if they went to do the work of clearing out, some loss of reputation of the bodyguard company.But the thugs were different, and there was no fear.And ordinary people are instinctively afraid of thugs, so as soon as a dozen or so thugs entered, the people in the cafe quickly slipped away, afraid of getting into trouble.

Seeing that the people were almost gone, Finn entered the cafe idly.

“Let go of me, do you guys know who I am?But I’m…”

When he entered the cafe, he heard a familiar line and Finn interrupted directly, “Stop it, I know you’re Bai Mufeng.If you speak again, be careful of getting beaten up!”

“It’s you, you’re Finn !”Bai Mufeng was first shocked when he saw Finn , but when he looked at the bums again, it was an instant dawn, “I remember, you guys were the bums from that day, and you, the green-haired one, I’ve been trying to find someone to take care of you, but I never thought you’d show up on your own, great, save me the trouble of looking!”

Looking at Bai Mufeng’s confident face, before Finn could spit, Green Hair just kicked Bai Mufeng’s face and shouted in a low voice, “You’re stupid, now that you’re in our hands, what else do you have the right to shout at us, I see that last time I beat you up honestly, but now you’re still so ignorant of life, I’m really convinced!”

Green Hair said, and kicked out several times, and Bai Mufeng screamed at once.

Finn looked around before saying with a helpless face, “Bai Mu Feng, are you an idiot, you’re screaming as if you’ve brought someone with you, but unfortunately, you’re the only one, how can you still be so crazy?Who the hell gave you the confidence to be blind like this.”


Finn taught someone a lesson was to enjoy that feeling of pleasure, but like Bai Mu Feng, after the lesson, Finn ‘s heart was still clogged.

The reason was simple, because Bai Mufeng did not beg for forgiveness at all, nor did he recognize his own mistakes, he was still so untamed.

In the old saying, it was that a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water, for this kind of, Finn really had no choice.

“Forget it, let’s take a beating first, we’ll talk afterwards.I feel bad when I see a pretend criminal.” Finn waved his hand, then came to the front desk, looking at the shivering waiter, he revealed a smile, “Don’t be afraid, that guy is in a bit of a mess, it has nothing to do with your shop, you give me a cup of American coffee with ice.”

“Yes, sir.”The waiter shivered and promised, then went to prepare the coffee.

And by the time the coffee was ready, Bai Mu Feng had completely fainted.

Finn took a sip of coffee and frowned, this bitter stuff, Finn really didn’t like to drink it. Finn then directly opened the lid of the coffee cup and poured the iced coffee directly onto Bai Mufeng’s face.

In the same principle as pouring cold water over the head, Bai Mufeng woke up with a start.

Upon seeing Finn , he first glared twice and then shouted, “Wait for me, do you know who I, Bai Mufeng, am, you…”

Without waiting for Bai Mufeng to finish his sentence, Finn was a blast of a hammer. A second to remember to read the book

Bai Mufeng spat and sneered, ” Finn , just be arrogant now, you can’t get that company, poor bastard, I’ll make you understand what it means to be rich!”

“Oh!” Finn was laughing with anger, it was the first time since he had A**ets that Finn would be looked down upon, now he was at least worth a billion, but he would be looked down upon.

“I’ll let you see what true strength is then!” Finn said and took out his cell phone to make a call to Bai Qin.

Bai Qin was Boss Bai’s real name, ever since giving up his dragon head, Boss Bai had daily leisure and enjoyed fishing, I heard that he had recently come to retrieve a long-lost grandson and had recently been in the springtime.

“Ye Shao, what can I do for you?”When he received Finn ‘s call, Bai Qin was still polite.

No matter what, he was very clear about his position and knew who gave him everything.

Finn glanced at Bai Mu Feng and said, “Help me find out about a person, I want all the information, can you do it?”

Finn easily doesn’t make a move, and he will directly exterminate his family if he does.

The stumbling block that prevented him from completing his mission, he was about to become a stepping stone, copying Bai Mu Feng’s family, just in time to buy the company.

“What?There are still people who dare to mess with you in Kaiyuan, really don’t know how to live, Ye Shao, what’s his name, he better have a photo, I’ll find it out for you as soon as possible.”Bai Qin’s eyes narrowed, daring to anger Finn , that could have an effect on Kaiyuan, Charles’s tactics, think of Bai Qin is afraid.

Finn chuckled, “I caught this man, I want to know what his background is to dare to arm wrestle with me, by the way, his name is Bai Mufeng.”


Bai Qin, who had just taken a sip of tea to slow his breath, spurted the water out.

“What’s wrong, what’s the problem?”

Finn didn’t frown, Bai Qin’s reaction was too big, did Bai Qin know Bai Mu Feng and Bai Mu Feng’s background was too shocking?

Impossible, Charles even said he didn’t know Bai Mufeng, and he wasn’t from a hidden family, where else would his abilities go?

Bai Qin slowed down for a moment before he said boldly, “Ye Shao, I was wrong, whatever mistake I made, just come at me, don’t get Windy involved.”

“Er…” Finn was slightly startled, and quickly reacted to why Bai Qin reacted so strongly, feeling that Bai Qin knew Bai Mu Feng.

It sounded so affectionate to be called, and they were all surnamed Bai, was it a family?

Without waiting for Finn to ask, Bai Qin took the initiative to explain, “Ye Shao, Feng’er is my recently recovered grandson, don’t look at the fact that I’m doing well in Kaiyuan, but I have no heir, my only son was also lost in the early firefight, leaving such a grandson, it’s not easy to find him, please leave our Bai family an afterlife.”

Bai Qin’s tone was extremely humble, not looking like a big brother in the slightest.

But Finn understood even more how different Bai Mufeng represented to Bai Qin.

“Forget it, since he’s your grandson, bring him back and discipline him properly, there’s a limit to his indulgence, it’s not good to be too wild.” Finn was a bit sorry, if it wasn’t for Bai Qin’s grandson, Finn would have been able to get a lot of A**ets while he was at it.

But now it was a bamboo basket with nothing to show for it, the more Finn thought the more angry he was, after hanging up the phone, Finn kicked Bai Mufeng’s chest again to relieve himself.

But Bai Mufeng sneered, ” Finn , fight now, when I go back and report to my grandfather, you’ll be ruined!”

“sh*t!” Finn cursed furiously, Bai Mu Feng looks quite smart on the outside, why would his mouth be so cheap and speak without brains?

Finn , who had just subsided, kicked out several times in succession, just like Bai Mu Feng said, if Bai Qin came, Finn would be a bit unreasonable even if he kicked someone else’s grandson by virtue of his status as dragon head.

And just now, Bai Qin had said that he would arrive in half an hour, so seizing the time, Finn punched and kicked Bai Mufeng so hard that he woke up in pain and fainted again, and repeated several times before Bai Qin’s figure arrived late.

“Good day Ye, may I ask where my grandson is?”Without the slightest pretense, Bai Qin greeted Finn and then looked around for his grandson.

Finn pointed at Bai Mu Feng who had fallen on the ground in front of him without saying anything, Bai Qin recognized him after a few eyes and hurriedly patted Bai Mu Feng awake, asking, “What’s wrong, Feng’er, are you alright.”

Bai Qin didn’t blame Finn in the slightest, because compared to Charles, Finn ‘s methods were already very light.By simply looking at it, Bai Qin knew that the injuries were external, and there were no broken arms or legs, so as long as he could nurse for a while, he would be able to heal.

Messing with Finn , this kind of injury would count as the smallest of lessons.

“Grandpa, you’re here grandpa.Feng’er was beaten up so badly, it was this boy called Finn who did it.”Saying that, Bai Mu Feng pointed at Finn , “Grandpa, you have to help me take revenge, give me Finn , a thousand cuts, I also want Zhou Leya to be my daughter-in-law, I’ll give you a great grandson out, strengthen our Bai family!”


Bai Qin was directly speechless, followed by a heavy punch that knocked out the newly awakened Bai Mufeng, fearing that Bai Mufeng would say something else.

Originally, Bai Qin was still a little dissatisfied, after all, Finn didn’t give any reason to teach Bai Mufeng a lesson.But now, no need to ask, Bai Qin knows, but he knows that Zhou Leya is Finn ‘s woman, Bai Mufeng still wants to marry home, isn’t this just giving Finn a cuckold.No wonder Finn was so angry, if it were him, he would be very angry too.


“Sorry, Ye Shao.Feng’er has been out there for a long time and doesn’t have much insight, so I’m sorry to make you laugh.”Bai Qin accosted and smiled, and didn’t dare to walk away directly.

Finn waved his hand and said, “Okay, just take it back and educate it well, don’t do it to me again.If there’s more next time, I’ll educate him myself, my squad has been itching lately.”

“No no, I’ll be strict.”One glance at the bums with colorful hair and Bai Qin knew that sending Bai Mufeng over was pushing into the fire pit.

After apologizing again and again, Bai Qin left with Bai Mufeng.

After leaving the cafe and getting into the car, Bai Mufeng woke up.

Bai Mufeng looked puzzled, “Grandpa, why did you let Finn go, you even knocked me out, didn’t you say that you were very powerful in Kaiyuan, just afraid of one person.”

“That’s right, just one person to be afraid of, it’s Finn .I thought you wouldn’t meet, off to the side you did, do you know what kind of identity Finn is, Finn but Kaiyuan City’s dragon head ah, when grandfather started, is Finn ‘s housekeeper casual a small means is just enough for me to suffer a lifetime.”Bai Qin said, somewhat helplessly looking at Bai Mu Feng.

With this one grandson, Bai Qin really couldn’t bear to fight.

Bai Mufeng heard about Finn from Bai Qin, and instantly felt that Finn and him, that’s the difference between heaven and earth, his face changed dramatically and said, “Grandpa, what about me, will I be thrown into the sea, I don’t want to die yet.”

“Don’t worry, Finn isn’t that careful, otherwise our Bai family would be gone by now. Finn has already forgiven you, don’t go looking for Zhou Leya in the future, remember, that’s Finn ‘s woman.”Bai Qin spoke in a long-winded manner. First URL m.

Bai Mufeng’s face was still ugly and cried, “But grandpa, not only did I offend him once, trying to steal Zhou Leya was the last time, this time it’s something else.”

Upon hearing that, Bai Qin’s face went straight to black, “What did you do this time?Hurry up and explain clearly.”

Bai Mufeng shivered in fear and quickly said, ” Finn was going to rent an office building, so I didn’t want to let Finn have his way, so I went to double the price competition, so angry that Finn just brought someone to block me.”

“You, you deserve to be beaten!”

Bai Qin didn’t even know what to say anymore, against Finn in every way, and now still alive and intact, Bai Qin was a bit impressed with Bai Mu Feng, and really had a great life.

Or maybe, Finn ‘s heart was too broad-minded.

“This matter ends here, you don’t touch anything about Finn in the future.Remember?”Bai Qin snorted coldly.

Bai Mufeng nodded his head incessantly like a chicken pecking at rice and didn’t say another word, but now he really knew that he was afraid.

Bai Qin took a look at Bai Mufeng and couldn’t help but sigh, “Forget it, a moat will make you wise.I was originally prepared to make amends with a heavy gift, but since I know that Finn wants to rent the office building, I’ll just buy it and give it to Finn , hoping to resolve the grudge once and for all.”

Saying that, Bai Qin took out his phone and made a call.

On the other hand, Finn left the cafe with everyone, but as soon as he went out, he received a call from Zhou Fu.

Zhou Fu’s tone was a little bit of a problem: “Little Fan, this time things are not going to be easy, Bai Mufeng has withdrawn his capital and is not competing for the building, but Bai Qin has directly bought the office building, I suspect that Bai Mufeng and Bai Qin have some relationship.”

“They do have a relationship, Bai Qin is Bai Mufeng’s grandfather.” Finn ‘s tone was somewhat unkind, he had just let the pair go, but he couldn’t imagine that it backhandedly bit him, Rao Finn was broad-minded, he couldn’t stand this anger ah, he really thought of him as a soft tomato?

But just as the call was being made, Bai Qin’s phone drilled in.

“Say Cao Cao Cao, father-in-law, I’ll hang up first, I’ll call you back after I finish talking to Bai Qin.” Finn said, and picked up Bai Qin’s phone.

Without waiting for Finn to split his head in anger, Bai Qin smiled and said, “Ye Shao, I just learned from Feng’er that you need an office building, I’ll just buy it and give it to you as compensation, I hope Ye Shao will like it.”


Did you buy it for me?

Finn was delighted, nodding his head, “Not bad, I like it, this time it’s done well, it’s just costing you a fortune.”

“It’s fine, it’s not much money, it’s good that Ye Shao likes it, I hope Ye Shao doesn’t mind, Feng’er already knows it’s wrong.”Bai Qin said again.

Finn smiled, “Forgive him, when you have time, take Little Feng out for dinner, I’ll treat you.”

Saying that, Finn hung up the phone.

Although Bai Qin said that the office building wasn’t expensive, it was worth 300 million.

This building was also a larger scale building in Kaiyuan, not to mention the area of the building, the height of the building reached twenty stories, and it was still a luxurious location in the business circle.

Finn wouldn’t have said renting the building before if it wasn’t for the fact that the family didn’t give resource grants now.

One billion was a lot of money for many families, but in Finn ‘s opinion, it was just that much.

A private jet plus a private yacht, it was all spent.

And this time, entering the big brother circle of the wind capital is still unknown how much energy is difficult, so Finn is also able to save.Having saved 300 million out of thin air, Finn also had to be a little happy.

“Hey, father-in-law, what Bai Qin bought was given to me as compensation, now I’m going to do the formalities, try to finish the handover today.”After sending a WeChat to Zhou Fu, Finn took his ID card and headed to the office building.

This office building was called the Golden Circle Building, but it should be renamed soon.

Just for the time being, Finn couldn’t think of what it should be called, but getting it first was the key anyway.

Half an hour later, Finn arrived at the Golden Circle Building, because he was riding in the bums’ van, so Finn didn’t drive a Ferrari.

“Hello, what kind of business do you want to handle?”

When the receptionist on the first floor saw that Finn came in a van, there was a little contempt in his eyes.

Finn ignored it and responded, “I’m looking for Wang Meng to sign the contract.”

“Sorry, seeing Wang requires an appointment.”The front desk lady’s face was filled with impatience.

The implication was what kind of status was Wang Meng that a turtle like you could meet?

Finn didn’t bother to make any noise and went straight inside, but the lady at the front desk directly shouted, “Security, come quickly, someone is here to cause trouble!”

“Trouble?You kids making trouble?”The security guard, a big man with a tiger back, came over and questioned Finn .

When Finn frowned, he waved his hand.

The security guard didn’t understand yet, the front desk lady saw a whole bunch of thugs sprung out of the van outside straight away and ran straight over to the security guard.

Don’t look at the strong-looking security guard, but it was hard to beat four hands with two fists, and without two strikes, the security guard was caught by the thugs.

Finn glanced at the security guard, laughed disdainfully, and walked inside without turning back.

Without waiting for Finn to take a few steps, he saw a big, fat man rushing over from the elevator.


“Ye Shao, why did you come personally, I was just about to go to the prosperous star to look for you.”The fatty wiped the virtual sweat on his head, his face flattering.

“You know me?You said go find me, you’re a king?” Finn raised his eyebrows slightly.

The fatty nodded and said, “Ye Shao, the last time Boss Bai had a party, I was there, maybe I sat at the end table and you didn’t see it.”

“Oh, so.” Finn nodded in a daze, thought so, to own the Golden Circle Mansion is also worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s not strange to be able to mix in the big brother circle.

Wang Meng even compensated for the smile, but his remaining light saw the security guard being captured by the thugs, and he frowned slightly, “Aya, what’s going on?”

The receptionist’s figure paled and responded in a row, “Back to Mr. Wang’s words, it’s us who are not doing our job properly.”

In the meantime, Aya’s words made Wang Meng even more furrowed brows, “Say, what happened, was it rude to Ye Shao?”

After being questioned, Aya broke out in a cold sweat and trembled in fear.

She had thought that Finn was just a turtle, but Wang Meng was so respectful to Finn , even if she didn’t have a brain, she could see that Finn was a big man.Although she didn’t say anything dirty just now, calling security to say that Finn was causing trouble was framing Finn .

Having offended such a big man, Aya’s legs went weak, and she actually kneeled straight in front of Finn , saying sincerely, “Ye Shao, it’s my fault for having eyes but not eyes, I’m sorry, please forgive me.” Remember the website .

Finn waved his hand and said, “It’s fine, get up.”

Finn was used to being looked down upon, and no matter how the process went, the result would be the other party begging for mercy anyway.And just now, Finn really didn’t take it seriously, and now it was enough to change Aya’s kneeling.

Although Wang Meng didn’t know what had happened, but Finn didn’t have to bite the bullet if he didn’t delve deeper, so he simply said, “Aya, you and the security guard are fired, go away, and don’t come to Kaiyuan anymore.”

“What?”Aya thought it was over here, but she didn’t expect to be expelled.

Wang Meng, however, didn’t explain anything, just glared at Aya, and Aya left with an angry expression.

The employee had offended Finn , and even if Finn forgave him, he had to show it somewhat.After all, Finn was noble as the head of the dragon, if it was spread out about today’s incident, Wang Meng wouldn’t have to mix, and taking the blame for Aya would be a small thing.

Finn could not help but nod his head in satisfaction, showing a look of praise for Wang Meng.

Wang Meng resigned his employees so decisively just to give Finn face, Finn ‘s mouth did not say, but his heart was beautiful.

Seeing Finn ‘s expression, Wang Meng knew he was doing the right thing, and his face was even more smiling, “Then Ye Shao, this way please, I still have some Tieguanyin there, if Ye Shao doesn’t mind, you can try it.”

“Let’s go.”

Finn nodded and followed Wang Meng to the office.

Drinking tea was secondary, and Finn didn’t like drinking tea, the main thing was to sign the contract to transfer the ownership of the Golden Circle Building.

Extraordinarily, Finn also took a look at the building’s environment, it was indeed quite good, not the slightest bit old, just rows and rows of computer desks filled with small white collar workers, working like crazy.

“How soon can you evacuate all the people from this one?”

Finn originally chose this place not only because of the good location, but also because it was vacant, but it didn’t look like it was vacant in front of him anyhow.

When Wang Meng saw what Finn was thinking, he accosted and said, “Ye Shao, I didn’t rent it out before, so there are scattered small bag companies that rent a floor or a few rooms in my place.I’ll arrange it in a moment to ensure that they’ll all be vacated within three days.”

“Three days?I’ll give you seven days to not only evacuate but to clean it up, I want it brand new from the factory, can you do that?” Finn ‘s eyebrows raised.

Where did Wang Meng dare to disagree, naturally, he nodded incessantly and said, “Okay, Finn , I’m sure you’re satisfied.”

Wang Meng also didn’t mention about the money, so Finn naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to give it.

Wang Meng sold the building to make 300 million, what money do you still want, cleaning would have been just a basic requirement.

“Okay, then you’re busy, I’ll leave first, and I’ll treat you to dinner when it’s done.”After Finn said that, he was sent away from the Golden Circle Building by Wang Meng in a respectful manner.

After going back to play for a day, Finn felt bored, after all, waiting for the building to be cleaned up would take almost a week, with this time, Finn suddenly had a bright idea, wanting to go to the Wind Capital to take a look, thinking, Finn took Li Qiuyu to the Wind Capital.

As for Zhou Leya, in order to be a star, these two days, he had specially found a vocal teacher to learn music theory properly and build a foundation.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for, and what you’re looking for.

On December 2, at noon, Finn drove Li Qiuyu in his car after sleeping in the bed, and left for Fengdu.

Fengdu is a municipality directly under the central government, but coincidentally, it is next to Kaiyuan, the capital of Jin Yuan Province.It was worthy of being a municipality directly under the central government, as Finn had checked before, its area and population were more than twice the size of Kaiyuan City.And near the seaside, the early years of the fishing industry and the current tourism industry, both developed well, although the wind is only quasi-frontline, but has long been a first-line level.

Driving the Porsche on the highway, soaring to the faster in fact half an hour to arrive, but for safety reasons, Finn drove for a full hour to reach the wind capital.

When he entered the capital, Finn drove straight to the nearest restaurant by the roadside.

He didn’t eat in the morning, but after driving for a while, he was even more exhausted and hungry.

After going in to eat, Finn patted his stomach and walked out of the restaurant, ready to drive Li Qiuyu to find a place to stay first.

According to the plan, Finn will stay here for five days, so housing is very important.Being used to living in the presidential suite, Finn didn’t like to go looking for a B&B.

But as soon as he arrived at his car, Finn couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, he could actually meet someone he knew here.

In front of Finn was a woman in a mink coat, dressed in a dusty manner, especially with heavy makeup, which hid her original age, like a lady in her forties.

But Finn knew that the woman in front of him was only twenty years old.Because she was exactly the friend that Finn had met when he was working in Jinsha, Gu Xuechun.

I remember when Gu Xuechun said that she went abroad to study before quitting her part-time job.But why was she here and leaning against her car to take pictures?

Girls were very vain, and Finn knew this very well, because Tina was that kind of person.However, why was Gu Xuechun like that as well.

In Finn ‘s previous understanding, Gu Xuechun was like her name, a very innocent little sister, and worked to earn money, and was very homemaker.If there was no Tina in the beginning, perhaps Finn would have chosen Gu Xuechun.

The most incomprehensible thing to Finn is that Gu Xuechun’s innocence is gone. Not only is she wearing heavy makeup, but she also has a pungent perfume on her body, making Finn unconsciously take a half step back.

After Gu Xuechun seemed to have noticed and turned her head to see Finn , Finn was just about to say hello when he saw that Gu Xuechun impatiently turned her head to the other side and continued to take pictures.

It was not even recognizing Finn , and there was even some dislike for Finn .


Finn walked over without a frown.

Seeing Finn walk in, Gu Xuechun didn’t turn his head back and snorted, ” Finn , what are you doing!”

She said, turning her head, impatience written all over her eyes.

“Remember me?I thought you didn’t remember.”

Finn laughed and thought that Gu Xuechun had forgotten him.

But Finn did not respond to Gu Xuechun’s doubts, Gu Xuechun loves to take pictures, change his appearance, then let Gu Xuechun take pictures, anyway, Finn has nothing to lose.

But seeing that Finn didn’t leave, Gu Xuechun frowned again, “Can you stay away from me, it’s delaying me from taking pictures.”


Finn was somewhat speechless, “Then can you give up a seat.”

Gu Xuechun took pictures all right, but blocking the door position, Finn was somewhat helpless.

Gu Xuechun suddenly sneered, “Why are you a grown man still so vain, you’re also drunk from taking pictures of other people’s luxury cars, your girlfriend is looking at you, don’t you think it’s humiliating for you to do that.”

“This is my car, you’re blocking my car door.” Finn is also a little impatient, kindly let Gu Xuechun take pictures, how come she complains in return.

It was fine for Finn not to explain, this explanation, Gu Xuechun directly laughed and trembled.

” Finn , you’ve brought your girlfriend with you, you’re not going to brag about this.I still don’t know what kind of you, when I was working, I often stole small materials to change money, you can still afford to buy this kind of car, bragging not to be struck by lightning is not it?It’s almost as if you’re going to say that the car over there is yours.”

Following where Gu Xuechun was pointing, what Finn saw was a bicycle, not even an electric car.

Without waiting for Finn to speak, Gu Xuechun said again, “Do you understand what this car is?Porsche’s newest model, or a limited edition, with a price tag of at least a million dollars, and you say it’s yours, so you’re still working in the first place, and you’re here to be funny with me?”

The conversation changed, Gu Xuechun continued: “To tell you the truth, this car is my husband’s, this little sister, you don’t want Finn ‘s appearance to deceive you, he is a turtle at heart, quickly leave, so as not to suffer.”

Gu Xuechun’s words made Finn very angry, but Li Qiuyu was holding her laughter at the side.

Although I didn’t know who Gu Xuechun was, but daring to say that Finn had no money, this was really the number one thing that Li Qiuyu had seen.

And also daring to mock Finn like this, it was also something that Li Qiuyu had never seen before.Originally, Li Qiuyu wanted to defend Finn , but seeing Finn ‘s angry black face, Li Qiuyu couldn’t hold back her laughter.When had Young Master Ye ever been defeated?

“If you want to laugh, laugh, don’t hold back internal injuries.”

Finn wordlessly ruffled Li Qiuyu’s hair, Li Qiuyu threw out her cute little tongue and didn’t laugh either.

“Get out of the way, I’m not going to bother talking to you, we’re leaving.”Although Finn didn’t know what had turned Gu Xuechun into her current state, but this had nothing to do with Finn in the slightest.

If Gu Xuechun was talking nicely, even if Gu Xuechun was really in trouble, Finn would still help out.But now, Finn has only impatience with Gu Xuechun, if it wasn’t for the fact that Finn doesn’t hit women, he would have done it now.

Forced to resist the urge to do it, Finn was ready to drive away.

But Gu Xuechun was coldly snorting, directly stopping the cars in front of them, “What are you doing, stay away from my husband’s car!”

“You don’t know what kind of pussy you are, do you want me to call the police, you turd!”

A turtle?

Anger also appeared on Finn ‘s face, but when he scanned around, Finn smiled again.

Because apart from his Porsche, the only thing around here was the bicycle he had just seen.If Gu Xuechun’s husband really had a car, it was probably a bicycle.And looking at the way Gu Xuechun kept looking at her phone, it was obvious that it was meeting an online friend ah.

I remember before, Gu Xuechun just always chatted online and called other people’s husbands.

Finn couldn’t help but begin to sympathize, if Gu Xuechun saw that the husband she kept calling wasn’t actually a turncoat, but a bored – slut on a bicycle, I wonder what expression she would have.

“Turtle?I think your husband is the turtle.”It wasn’t that Finn looked down on the poor, he was just poor, but when he was called names, he still had to return the favor.

“It’s ridiculous for you to say that yours is yours.If this car is yours, I’ll lie on the ground and learn how to bark as a dog, instead, you’ll kneel in front of me and learn how to bark.”

Gu Xuechun looked like she had a chest, making Finn feel ridiculous to the extreme.

Without waiting for Finn to speak, a large fat man in his early thirties came out from a public toilet not far away.

The fat man’s bowels, not Finn imagined a suit, but wearing sportswear, or tight-fitting models, a walk all over the body fat are trembling up and down.

Could this be Gu Xuechun’s boyfriend?

Evan muttered in his heart, a little unbelievable.

“Honey, you’re finally here, you’ve made me wait so anxiously.There’s a turtle here who has to say that the car is his, so get the car keys and start the car so he can see it clearly.”

Gu Xuechun quickly stepped forward, hugged the fat man’s arm and started shaking.

Seeing the situation, Finn only felt nauseous.

It wasn’t because of the flowers stuck in the cow dung, but Gu Xuechun’s obsequious face and the fat man’s piggy face that he was smiling into was too disgusting.

“Yah, I just went to the bathroom, so I probably didn’t notice that I lost it.”The fatty deliberately touched his pocket, then looked surprised.

After glancing at the fatty, Finn took out the Porsche’s car key and pressed it, and then the car lights came on.

The car lights were dazzling and glaring, and Gu Xue Chun thought he was mistaken and stared at it for a moment in death.

Finn also extremely with the advantage of pressing the car key a few times, faintly said: “Have you seen enough, look enough to let a little, I’m in a hurry.”

Ironclad evidence, Gu Xuechun was completely stunned in place.

She never expected that Finn , who was working with her in the beginning, was a hidden landowner.

This car was worth a million, and in Jinsha City, it could buy two nice houses.

And it was a limited model, so even money might not be able to buy it.

Gu Xuechun couldn’t say half a word anymore, and mechanically turned her head to look at the fat man, her eyes complex, “Honey, what is this?”

What else could be the case, the car wouldn’t be mine.

The fat man muttered in his heart, but he still wanted to save face by reaching out his hand to Finn and said calmly, “Give me the keys.”

“What?For you?On what grounds?” Finn is somewhat speechless, what is the situation of the fat man’s brain circuit, do you still want to steal the car.

The fat man sneered, “What kind of identity do you think you have to drive this kind of car, didn’t I just say, if I lose it, I think you stole it, so give it to me quickly, and I won’t hold you accountable.”

The fat man was certain that the Porsche wasn’t Finn ‘s, otherwise how could Gu Xuechun dare to shout like that.

“Hahaha!”Gu Xuechun suddenly laughed, the panic from earlier had disappeared, leaving only a face full of disdain, looking at Finn and mockingly saying, ” Finn , I knew you were faking it, hurry up and give my husband the car keys.”

Chapter 116

Finn ton was exasperated, “A tiger doesn’t get angry, you think I’m a sick cat.Come on, why don’t you go confront the police, I still don’t believe it, the keys are in my hands, you guys can still make up reasons.”

Seeing Finn so angry, Gu Xuechun panicked, because if you pick up the key how can you be so righteous.

Turning her head, Gu Xuechun then asked the fatty again, “Honey, is this car yours or not?”

“Is it that important.Didn’t you say you liked me, and don’t you like it when I ride my bike?”The fatty knew he was going to be torn apart, no matter if the car wasn’t Finn ‘s, it definitely wasn’t his, and if he went to the police station, he might have to go to jail for a few days.

So, the fat man just broke the jar and said, “Gu Xuechun, I can’t believe you’re a gold-worshipping woman, what about the promised sea vow.”

Gu Xuechun was stunned, and she knew that the car wasn’t Fatty’s.

And the fatty had already ridden the bike she had just laughed at for half a day and left in ashes.

“You bastard!”

Gu Xuechun looked at the departing fatty and broke into curses.

“Let’s go, let’s give you a ride, we’re going to the city too.” Finn looked at the discouraged Gu Xuechun, his heart tapped Gu Xuechun’s retribution, but at the same time, he also somewhat misses the mercy. The first website m.

“No, no need.”After Gu Xuechun returned to her senses, she waved her hand with a miserable smile.

Finn didn’t care if Gu Xuechun really didn’t need it or if it was preposterous, he took Li Qiuyu with him and got into the car and sailed away.

From the rearview mirror, Finn saw Gu Xuechun squatting on the ground sobbing.

“I really deserve it!”

Finn smiled coldly, what was the difference between the current Gu Xuechun and the original Tina , just a bitch.

“Yeah, pretty much deserved it.”Even the soft-hearted Li Qiuyu nodded in agreement, showing how angry Li Qiuyu was by Gu Xuechun’s previous actions.

Gu Xuechun was just a small episode of Finn ‘s arrival in the Wind Capital, soon arriving in the city, worthy of being a big city, the Wind Capital’s building floors were a lot more atmospheric than Kaiyuan.

Looking at the misplaced steel behemoths in front of him, Finn sighed for no reason, it seems that it’s really difficult to blend into the big brother circle.

Looking for a five-star hotel, Finn booked a presidential suite for five days.

Exhausted from driving plus having just eaten, Finn fell asleep when he got to his room and didn’t wake up until eight in the evening.

“Wake up, let’s go eat, I’m so hungry.”Li Qiuyu touched her little belly and said in a grieving manner.

Finn helplessly smiled: “Call me earlier when you’re hungry, look at you hungry, let’s go, let’s go eat.”

Similar to Prosperity, this hotel had accommodation on top and food on the bottom.Because it was just a simple meal, so Finn ate in the lobby and didn’t go to the private room.

The food here was still good, at least Finn ate tastefully, and if he wasn’t paying attention, he would be full.

“Let’s go, go out for a walk, move around and eat.” Finn put down the chopsticks and saw that Li Qiuyu had already finished eating, so he suggested a sentence.

Naturally, Li Qiuyu had no opinion, so she followed Finn out of the hotel.

But Finn had no plans, just aimlessly slipped around, but Li Qiuyu was suddenly surprised to pick up a flyer from the ground.

“What’s this?” Finn ‘s eyebrows raised, this kind of street flyers were all promotional products, what was there to see?

Li Qiuyu showed the flyer in front of Finn ‘s eyes and opened her mouth to explain, “Did you see who’s on it, Han Dong’er.”

“Who’s this?Never heard of it.” Finn doesn’t watch entertainment and doesn’t know.

Li Qiu Yu continued to explain, “Han Dong’er is an animated voice, I recently watched one, the female lead was voiced by her, and she also sang the OP and ED, her voice is very ethereal.”

“Let’s go see it then.”

Finn saw the flyer that said, “On December 2nd at 8pm, Han Dong’er will meet you at the Zunhuang Bar.

Today, it was the 2nd of December.

“Great, thank you Ye Shao.”Li Qiuyu excitedly hugged Finn and kissed Finn ‘s face.

Finn touched the residual warmth on his face and couldn’t help but smile, now Li Qiuyu was getting bolder and bolder.

It was only a ten-minute drive to reach the Zunhuang Bar.

This bar’s marquee wasn’t particularly big, but it wasn’t small either, and it was of the moderate kind.But when he entered the bar, Finn was shocked, because there was no imaginary electric sound, but wonderful and ethereal singing.

Was this really a bar?

Finn was a little startled, in his concept, a bar was a nightclub, chaotic, never seen this before.

Especially Zun Huang’s pattern and general nightclubs are also the same, but the dance floor in the middle is not dancing, only a little girl singing with her head down.

The reason for saying little girl, is that the girl’s height looks like only about one meter six, wearing a white robe, accompanied by white shoes, tied with two pill head, how to look like a minor loli.

“Han Dong’er is a genius, she’s only eighteen now, and she’s already close to a first-tier voice actor, very impressive.”Li Qiu Yu showed a fan girl-like look on the side.

“Surprisingly adult.”

Finn was surprised, and the waiter came over, so Finn settled on the nearest empty seat to Han Dong’er, wanting to allow Li Qiuyu to admire Han Dong’er up close.

As for Finn himself, he was not interested in stargazing or anything at all.Only, Han Dong’er’s singing voice is really good, the more you listen, the more Finn felt calm, unconsciously even fell asleep again.

But as soon as he fell asleep, Finn was shaken awake.

Finn turned his head and saw that it was Li Qiuyu, and couldn’t help but frown and ask, “What is it?Finished the show?”

Li Qiuyu nervously said: “No, not after the show, there was a male brother who drank too much, came in and saw Han Dong’er, went straight up and grabbed Han Dong’er, Han Dong’er refused and was forcibly taken away, Ye Shao, you see if you can save Han Dong’er.”

“Save, must save!”

What Li Qiuyu didn’t expect was that Finn sat up with a start, still very excited in his eyes.

Finn agreed to come to the bar not only to help Li Qiuyu pay back her wish, but also to meet some dudes, these dudes who were hanging around the nightclub, not necessarily the top ones, but they still had a place in Fengdu.

Finn ‘s main purpose of coming to Wind Capital this time was to find out information, it would naturally be good if he had the chance to contact the upper cl A** circle.

Li Qiuyu led the way, and Finn followed behind.After turning left and right, he arrived in front of a private room.

“Are you sure this is the right place?”

Finn was a little suspicious as to why Li Qiuyu knew it was here, after all, the rooms here were all the same.

Without waiting for Li Qiuyu’s answer, Finn heard a pleading voice inside the compartment.

Although this voice wasn’t too familiar, Finn could conclude that it was Han Dong’er’s, so ethereal, it couldn’t be anyone else.

Thinking about it, Finn just kicked out and directly kicked the door of the compartment open!


“What man!”

In the private room, besides Han Dong’er, there was only one bare – topless youngster, and it was this youngster who had just issued a question.

The little youth was full of pimples, but was downright muscular and very strong.

Finn swept a glance at the private room and saw Han Dong’er hiding behind the curtains, so he instructed Li Qiuyu to take Han Dong’er out first.

The little youth didn’t react to this, Finn dared to kick in the door, he must have some skills, the little youth narrowed his eyes, the drunkenness in his eyes also subsided a little.

“Which young master is your Excellency, forgive me for not seeing it.”The little youth sat on the sofa and calmly said.

Finn ‘s eyebrows raised and looked high on the little youth.

If the little youth had been directly furious, Finn would have been a little disappointed, thinking that the other party was brainless.But now it seemed that the little youth still had some brains, and this kind of person was still easier to communicate with.

Finn also took a big step forward and directly sat on the sofa, opening the door and saying, “I am the Dragon Head of Kaiyuan.”

“Kaiyuan’s Dragon Head?Just you?”The young man suddenly laughed and said disdainfully, “As far as I know, Kaiyuan is Boss Bai’s territory, right?” Remember the URL .

“You know a lot more than that?” Finn was a little surprised, it seemed that the young man in front of him really had some capital to know about these things, if it were an ordinary third-rate young dude, he definitely wouldn’t know anything about this.

Thinking about it, Finn directly lit up the jade pendant around his neck and said, “Since you know about our Kaiyuan, you know what this represents, right?”

“The proof of the dragon’s head?”The young man stood up sharply, unable to calm down.

This kind of jade pendant was different from city to city, but it was similar, and it was impossible to high imitate it out, all the jade industry knew what the dragon’s head jade pendant represented, no one would high imitate it unless they wanted to die.

“Are you really the Kaiyuan Dragon Head?Are you the grandson that Boss White recently got back and he p A**ed the throne to you?”The young man was confused.

“That’s not your concern, even Boss Bai knows that he has recovered his grandson, you’re not an ordinary person anymore, what cl A** of status do you belong to in Wind Capital?” Finn directly entered the main topic.

“I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Wu Qiushui, I was originally first-rate, but a few years ago, there was a change of heart, and now I’m only at the end of second-rate.”Wu Qiushui explained.

Second-rate end of the line?

Finn ‘s eyes couldn’t help but show a hint of disappointment, but thinking about it, if the other party was also top-notch, would he not have a few thugs by his side.

And by the looks of it, it was the decline of the family that made Wu Qiushui good at using his brain.

Finn liked to talk to smart people, so he didn’t hit too hard: “My name is Finn , and I came to Fengdu to eat here, will you help me and provide me with information, and I’m willing to right your family then and re-enter the first-cl A.If you fail, you will also be introduced to Kaiyuan and become first cl A.”


Wu Qiushui was stunned, he had been around for so long, but he had never seen one who spoke so bluntly, instead, it was unbelievable.

At first when he heard the first half of the sentence, Wu Qiushui wanted to laugh at Finn , after all, Wind Capital wasn’t Kaiyuan, it was more than twice as terrifying as Kaiyuan.But the second half of the sentence had the ability to move Wu Qiushui, because his wish was to restore the family to first cl A**.

Second-rate wasn’t bad, more than second-rate, and in the eyes of ordinary people, it was remarkable, but in the eyes of a first-rate family, it was just a dog.Especially after being suppressed in the early years, now Wu Qiushui’s situation was even worse than a dog, and he needed to nod his head and bow when he saw any first-cl A** male.

“I’ll do it!”Wu Qiushui thought about it for a long time and finally bit the bullet.

The reason why he believed in Finn was not because Finn could talk, nor was it Finn ‘s promises.Rather, it was the proof of Finn ‘s Dragon Head, and in Wu Qiushui’s opinion, he didn’t have a choice.

Even though Finn was the Dragon Head of Kaiyuan, it would be easy to crush a second-rate end of the line family, even across the city.

Finn was a bit shocked at this, never expecting Wu Qiushui to be so easy to talk to, but he didn’t think of anything else, anyway, if something went wrong it would at most take more time and have no effect on his plan.

To settle for the second best, Finn ‘s mission was to enter the big brother circle, in other words, now that he knew Wu Qiushui, as long as Wu Qiushui introduced him, he would be able to enter the big brother circle in the Wind Capital, and it would be considered a mission accomplished.But Finn still wanted to completely eat the Wind Capital, so that he could get the mission review full!

“Ye, I’ll do it with you, but if you’re free, can you come back to the family with me?”Wu Qiushui inquired.

“What are you going to your family for?” Finn was a bit confused.

Wu Qiushui explained, “Although I’m agreeing to it, but the elders who dared to take risks in the early years of my family because of strife were all shocked and died by other families, and the ones who survived were all the mediocre factions who were surviving at the time, I want you to go and act as a re A**urance pin for them, otherwise the information I can provide myself isn’t enough to support your plan.”

“In that case, there’s time to go then, here’s my wee message.” Finn said, and took out his phone.

Wu Qiushui nodded vigorously, and after scanning the WeChat, he just left.

It seemed that Wu Qiushui was really anxious to deal with the family matter.

Finn muttered in his heart, the reason why he could trust Wu Qiushui was not only because of the information just now, but also because he was directly at the bar and kidnapped the performing guest.If it wasn’t a child of the family, would the bar have let it go?

The corners of Finn ‘s mouth rose slightly, on the first day of coming to the Wind Capital, he had already made good karma, and it seemed that this five-day trip would be quite rewarding.

Thinking about it, Li Qiuyu also entered the compartment, and behind Li Qiuyu was Han Dong’er who had almost been raped just now.

“Thank you, big brother.”Han Dong’er said timidly.

Finn , however, frowned and asked Li Qiuyu, “Why is she still following us here, isn’t there anyone from the agency following her in this kind of commercial performance?”

Without waiting for Li Qiuyu to speak, Han Dong’er cried and twisted her head to leave, but she was held back by Li Qiuyu.

Li Qiuyu explained: “Ye Shao, this is her first commercial performance, just now the people from the agency company ran away for fear of causing trouble, so Dong’er was afraid and was quite dissatisfied with the company, so she didn’t want to leave.”

“I’d better go, thank you for your help.”Han Dong’er said, and then she was leaving again.

It dawned on Finn that the people at the agency had wimped out before abandoning Han Dong’er, no wonder Han Dong’er didn’t leave, her feelings were hurt in her heart.

“Forget it, then you don’t go, first go back with us.After that, you can then slowly consider whether to stay or go, anyway, you’re still young, you have a lot of options.” Finn knew the reason why Han Dong’er didn’t dare to go back, if she went back this time, the company would still abandon her the next time she encountered something.

Who would be willing to go to such an insecure company.

Just as Finn got up to leave with Li Qiuyu and Han Dong’er, the door of the compartment was kicked open again!

Chapter 118

Finn turned his head to see a thirty-something year old woman in a black suit, followed by five brawny men.

“Something wrong?”

Finn frowned and asked.

But the woman who headed it didn’t pay any attention to Finn ‘s question, and walked right up to Han Dong’er’s body, looking concerned, “Dong’er, are you alright.I’m sorry, I went looking for someone just now, you’re not hurt, are you.”

“I’m fine, Sister Lan.”

Han Dong’er shook her head.

“It’s good that you’re fine.”Sister Lan patted her chest and got up with a flourish, “Tie them both up and send them to the police station.”

“Sister Lan, it’s not…”Before Han Dong’er could finish her sentence, Sister Lan walked out of the room with Han Dong’er, not giving Han Dong’er a chance to open her mouth.

Finn couldn’t help but frown, he was able to see that Sister Lan should be Han Dong’er’s agent, and it wasn’t a wimp just now, but went to move help.Obviously, it was the misunderstanding that Finn was the Dengtong.

“Look who dares to touch me!” Finn coldly snorted, now there are only five strong men in the room, but Lan Sister took the cold winter out, now arguing is simply useless, had to first use the might of these people. A second to remember to read the book

Not to mention, lately Finn was always in contact with big brothers, and in a fit of anger, there was invariably pressure really surfacing on his body, and the five strong men hesitated.

“Dare I ask which young master is your Excellency?”The strong man wasn’t in a hurry to take action, but asked.If Finn was really the son of a big family, they wouldn’t be offended, but the few of them were only paid to hire him temporarily anyway.

“Wu family, do you know Wu Qiushui.”

Finn knew himself that these thugs wouldn’t necessarily know if he spoke out the identity of the dragon head, so he might as well say Wu Qiushui’s name, after all, Han Dong’er had just been taken away and no one from the bar had appeared, so obviously Wu Qiushui’s name was easier to use.

As expected, the strong man was startled at the mention of Wu Qiushui and didn’t dare to do anything.

Only then did Finn take Li Qiuyu out of the room and saw Han Dong’er was struggling and wanted to defend herself, but Sister Lan was simply not listening to the cold winter explanation.

Although Finn knew that Sister Lan was trying to protect Han Dong’er’s safety, that didn’t mean that Finn was easy to bully.

Finn lifted his foot is on Sister Lan’s A**, not to mention, the foot feels good, soft.

“You, why did you come out?”

A trace of horror and fear flashed through Lan’s eyes.

But Finn snorted, “Why can’t I come out, it’s not like I captured Han Dong’er, I was just rescuing her, you let people tie me up without asking anything, you’re really capable!”

Sister Lan is not the slightest bit convinced, Han Dong’er saw the situation and wanted to clarify for Finn .

But what one didn’t expect was that Sister Lan spilled her guts and just slipped away.


Finn was somewhat speechless, no wonder Han Dong’er was insecure about the company, just ran away no matter what Han Dong’er, even if it was then to move the rescue troops can not be said.

Han Dong’er was also completely disheartened and said, “Big brother, I know you’re a good person.Just now, I heard Sister Qiu Yu say that you’re planning to open an entertainment company, so why don’t I go to your side, it feels a lot safer than this side.”

“Alright then.” Finn is no refusal, although Han Dong’er is a petite loli type, but also beautiful looking.Especially with an ethereal singing voice, she was fully capitalized to become a first-tier singer.

With Han Dong’er on board, the three of them left the Zunhuang Bar and returned to the hotel.

Fortunately, the presidential suite is not just a room, Li Qiuyu went to bed with Han Dong’er, as for Finn , but some bitterness.

Originally, if there was no Han Dong’er, Li Qiuyu should accompany him to sleep, but now, Finn had to go to the empty room by himself.

The next morning, Finn ‘s cell phone rang, but he only saw Li Qiuyu, but did not see Han Dong’er’s figure.

Without waiting for Finn to ask, Li Qiuyu took the initiative and said, “Sister Dong’er said that she went to the company to settle the contract with the company, and then she will be able to come and join your company.”

Finn didn’t care, and was watching TV after breakfast, but by noon, Han Dong’er didn’t come back, and Li Qiuyu was a little worried: “Ye Shao, do you think something happened to Dong’er, do you want us to go check it out.”

“That’s fine.”

Although Finn didn’t care about Han Dong’er, Finn still cared about Li Qiuyu’s words.

After getting dressed and driving the Porsche, Finn and Li Qiuyu arrived at the Van Pin Entertainment.

Where product entertainment is Han Dong’er entertainment company, the reason why the first stop commercial performance choose Zunwang bar, is because the product entertainment and Zunwang bar is just across the street, said commercial performance, more in fact or training Han Dong’er face the audience when the performance, as the accumulation of experience.

Seeing Finn driving a Ferrari, the lady at the front desk didn’t stop him, but said enthusiastically, “Welcome to Van Pin Entertainment, do you have an appointment, sir?”

“No appointment, I came to ask where Han Dong’er is now, you guys are from the same company, ask a few questions should be enough to know.” Finn opened the door.

The lady at the reception desk looked like she was doing it: “Sorry sir, you can’t come in without an appointment.”

“Then what if this.” Finn directly took out a wad of money from his money clip, two or three thousand dollars.

Don’t look at the internet to say that dumping money is bad, people have dignity.But after the receptionist saw the money, she directly put it in her bosom and said without moving a muscle, “Sir, wait a moment, I’ll inquire for you right away.”

Seeing the situation, Finn smiled, this was the reality, it was so real.Money could make the devil take the hindmost, not to mention this kind of front desk lady whose monthly salary was only around three thousand.

Just by asking for a piece of information, she was able to earn a month’s salary, anyone else would do it.

It wasn’t long before the front desk lady revealed her dilemma again and said, “It’s really not easy to meet Han Dong’er now.”

“What’s wrong?” Finn frowned.

He said, and took out three thousand from the thousand family and slapped it on the table.

Seeing the money, the front desk lady hesitated, but confiscated it. Finn again shot out three thousand, only to see the front desk lady bite her teeth on all of them, before whispering, “Miss Han Dong’er is now in the general manager’s office, I heard that Miss Han Dong’er is causing trouble, is being a small meeting with the general manager.But we insiders know that the general manager is the old pervert, and now are going in for almost twenty minutes, it is estimated that Miss Han Dong’er’s knuckles are not safe.”

“Where is the general manager’s office?”

Finn ton cursed angrily, if resignation to embarr A** Han Dong’er is fine, but this kind of direct want to get into bed, Finn can not endure.And Han Dong’er is immediately their company’s artist, it would be bad to be rumored to have such black spots.

Although and Han Dong’er talk less, but Finn also knows Han Dong’er is a cowardly, insecure house girl.

Subjected to this stimulus, if she became depressed, the consequences would be unthinkable.


“Top floor, number 1202.”Seeing that Finn was shocked and angry, the front desk lady hurriedly replied.Receiving money to do things, having already gotten ten thousand, the lady at the front desk didn’t dare to conceal anything.

Knowing the location, Finn brought Li Qiuyu and went straight to the top floor.

“1202, here it is, found it!”Li Qiuyu pointed to a room that had General Manager’s Office written on it.

Finn nodded and took a deep breath: “Qiu Yu, don’t come in outside, I’ll go in by myself.”

He was afraid that the inside of the room was already filthy and didn’t want Li Qiuyu to see that scene.

Li Qiuyu knew exactly what Finn was thinking and didn’t ask to go in.

When Finn arrived at the door of the general manager’s room, he saw Sister Lan, who first backed away when she saw Finn , but then frowned: “You’re the one who made trouble yesterday?Still daring to come to our company, what audacity, don’t run away if you’re capable!”

Sister Lan said and just slipped away to find security.

Finn didn’t pay any attention to Sister Lan and directly kicked open the door of the general manager’s office, but was momentarily startled.

The scene he expected didn’t happen, only to see three people inside the room.Two were sitting on the sofa, and one was kneeling on the floor kowtowing. The first website

The two people sitting on the sofa Finn knew, one was Wu Qiushui and the other was Han Dong’er, but the one kneeling on the floor kowtowing was a balding old uncle that Finn had never seen before, and with a simple thought, Finn knew that the balding uncle was the general manager.

“What’s going on here?” Finn was a bit baffled.

Wu Qiushui rushed to Finn ‘s side: “Ye Shao, it’s like this, last night I had wrongful thoughts about Miss Han, the news was told to Fish Bai by Lan Pin, the general manager knew that Miss Han was going to resign, so he wanted to send Miss Han to me.But how dare I, Ye Shao’s person I will not touch it, I am very angry with the fish white way, let him apologize to Miss Han, Ye Shao you see can still be satisfied.”

Saying that, Wu Qiushui took out her cell phone and said, “Ye Shao, I even took a video, I was going to give you a surprise, I didn’t expect you to come by yourself.”

Finn nodded, and everything dawned on him.There were a few words written on the desk for General Manager Fish Bai, and Finn knew that the person on the floor was the old pervert Fish Bai.

But Lan’s name was really aptly called Lan Pin, that is, rotten Pin.

Hindsight Finn on yesterday’s matter also understand, should be Lan Pin in order to please Wu Qiushui, early prepared this plan, want to let Wu Qiushui directly take Han Dong’er to play with, but see Finn into the room, Lan Pin with people want to clean up Finn , do not let Finn bad things, so Lan Pin yesterday will not let Han Dong’er explain to take Han Dong’er out of the room.

Finn is glad that he has the strength, otherwise the sudden heroic rescue, may not be injured is himself.

I guess Lan Pin could not have imagined that Finn would directly let Wu Qiushui become a little brother, no wonder Lan Pin would stay outside to watch the door, everything was Lan Pin’s bad idea.

Thinking of this, Finn hated Lan Pin even more.People who did things this way were really disgusting.

Han Dong’er’s departure was really the right thing to do.

Thinking of this, Finn raised his foot just to kick the fish white several times.Next, Finn patted Han Dong’er’s back and comforted her, “Don’t worry, it’s fine now, you’re my artist, I won’t let you be wronged.When Lan Pin comes later, I’ll help you teach her a lesson.”

However, Han Dong’er was scared and dodged, obviously scared badly.

Seeing this, Finn even more wanted to teach Lan Pin a lesson and see how frightened the child was.


When Cao Cao arrived, the office door opened and Lan Pin walked in with six security guards.

When Lampin saw the howling fish white that had fallen to the ground, he waved his hand and said, “Dare to attack the General Manager, you go, arrest them!”

Wu Qiushui snorted coldly and was about to make a move, but he was stopped by Finn with one hand.For someone like Lan Pin, Finn still wanted to teach him a lesson himself.

After taking out 30,000 bills from his money clip and throwing them on the ground, Finn snorted, “Take the 30,000 and tie up Lan Pin for me!”

“I’ll see who dares!Do you really think you’re a bull, but this is my…”Before Lan Pin had even finished the word ‘territory’, he saw the security guards directly pounced on Lan Pin and tied him up in five different ways.

The scene of Finn dumping money at the front desk just now, these security guards all saw it, especially when Finn arrived in his Porsche, he looked like a young master, and compared to Lan Pin, who was stronger or weaker at a glance.

Not only that, Finn also gave them money.On the other hand, Lan Pin, in the company’s notoriety no one knows no one, is just fish white’s stooge, said that the – pimp is also appropriate.


Evan walked up to Lempin and smacked Lempin’s face with a slap.


Lan Pin screamed and fell to the ground in response.

Finn originally wanted to smack a few times, but seeing his hands, but thick white powder, and then looking at Lan Pin’s face, but not a red handprint, still so white.

How much powder was this wiped on?

Muttering in his heart, Finn raised his foot to kick Lan Pin’s stomach again.

Yesterday, Lan Pin was looking for someone to f*ck him, if he didn’t have the ability, he would probably still be lying in the hospital right now.Today, he was even looking for someone to take care of him, and he really thought he was a soft persimmon that could be pinched whenever he wanted?

Finn was not relieved to kick several times before he was completely relieved, but at the moment, Lan Pin was foaming at the mouth and fainted with a roll of his eyes.

However, Finn had no intention of stopping there, but picked up the cup on the table, received a cup of hot coffee and splashed it directly on Lan Pin’s face, instantly waking Lan Pin up.

“Give me a beating, if you can’t beat me to death.” Finn said, worried that the security guards didn’t dare to do anything, so he threw out all the cash inside the money clip directly.

Seeing the money, these security guards’ eyes turned red, and without saying a word, they beat up Lan Pin.

Finn nodded his head in satisfaction, but his remaining light took a look at Wu Qiushui who was standing beside him.

The reason why he did this was not only to punish Lan Pin, but also to let Wu Qiushui know his wrist and build an iron-faced cold-blooded killing decisive image in Wu Qiushui’s heart.

As expected, seeing Finn do this, Wu Qiushui’s forehead had a fine layer of cold sweat and his legs were trembling.

When Finn reached his goal, he patted Wu Qiushui’s shoulder and said, “Follow me and work hard, eat and drink, if anyone over there in your family is not satisfied with your arrangement, you tell me, they will all end up like Lan Pin, you can do it with confidence and boldness, everything is with me!”

“Okay Ye Shao, I’ll try my best.”Wu Qiushui nodded repeatedly, don’t look at Finn ‘s words as being good for him, but he knew in his heart that if he betrayed Finn , Lan Pin would be his downfall.

“What happened?”When she heard the sounds of the fight, Li Qiuyu walked in nervously.

Finn waved his hand and said: “It’s fine, take Han Dong’er away first, she’s terrified.”

Li Qiuyu saw that Finn was intact and didn’t pay attention to the others, these were men’s matters, she wouldn’t ask about them.Just took the frightened Han Dong’er and left the general manager’s office.


“Ye Shao, I was wrong, just detour me.”Fish Bai was a businessman in the end, when have you ever seen someone so ruthless, what era is this, it was already a harmonious society, and still dared to fight so much, either a fool or with real skills.And the money that Finn just threw out, a rough look also has nearly 100,000.

And all of this money is cash, carry around so much cash, no need to think, Finn is often do this kind of thing.

Fish Bai was really wimpy, he had only wanted to scream with Wu Qiushui, but now he was making a fool of himself.

“It’s fine to spare you, but you have to promise me one thing.”The corner of Finn ‘s mouth rose, and he thought of a good idea.

Hearing that there was a chance, where did Fish Bai dare not agree, nodding his head repeatedly, “Ye Shao you say, as long as I can do it absolutely help you to do it beautifully.”

Finn faintly spoke, “I want this company, but I don’t want you for nothing, so make a price.”

“Want the company?Really?Not lying to me?”Fishwhite suddenly laughed.

Even Wu Qiushui laughed along with it.

Seeing this, Finn was somewhat puzzled, “What are you guys so happy about?”

Wu Qiushui explained, “It’s like this, Van Pin Entertainment hasn’t been able to hold out a big star, so it’s not breaking even, so I thought of selling the company before I found it.I still feel a little embarr A**ed about it, I didn’t think that Ye Shao even wanted this company, just now I have talked to fish white, the lowest price is 200 million shot, directly to the legal person to transfer to you, everything in this is yours, you want to continue to open a company to engage in entertainment also, get other.” Remember the website .

Fish Bai added, “Ye Shao, if you continue to engage in entertainment, the price can be even lower, after all, this company, Van Pin, is everyone’s hard work, if the company collapses, many employees will be jobless, at least 180 million, what do you think?”

“Let’s make a deal.”

Finn didn’t bargain, 180 million was too good a deal for Finn , because Finn was already planning to open an entertainment company.Although there was a place on the Kaiyuan side, it hadn’t been opened yet, and the complete entertainment operation on this side was the perfect solution to Finn ‘s immediate need.

Finn had already thought about it, as long as half of this company was transferred to Kai Yuan, then both companies would be able to operate at the same time.One would cultivate Han Dong’er, and the other would cultivate Zhou Leya, not only was it guaranteed, but it would also be able to stand firm in Fengdu.No matter how one thought about it, it was earned.

Seeing that Finn promised so freely, Fish Bai was almost moved to tears.

This let Finn can’t help but be stunned, listening to the front desk, fish white is an old pervert, but looking at the situation, fish white should just be too horny, the work aspect is still very dedicated.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.Fish Bai, you go to the legal department and draw up a contract, no problem to sign now.”

“Okay, okay.”Fishbaek smiled even more fully when he saw Jinka.

He was at least the general manager, and the company’s legal entity was his father, so he had seen many things with his father.His father had this kind of gold card, a VIP gold card from the Industrial Bank, which could only be opened if one hundred million was credited at a time.Now he doesn’t even have this kind of gold card, and is even more convinced that Finn is really rich and wants to buy the company.

Fearing that Finn would regret it, Fish Bai rushed out to deal with the contract.

In the meantime, the security guard left with Lan Pin, and Fish Bai also went out, and now only Finn and Wu Qiushui are left in the room.

In the meantime, Wu Qiushui said, “Ye Shao, have you really thought about it, would it be too hasty, as far as I know, this company is going downhill, and there is also a big company in Fengdu that is suppressing this place, it’s a loss.”

“Others are also suppressing it?Then let them suppress it and see who will have the last laugh!”

Finn was very confident, there was nothing that money couldn’t solve.

Just now, Finn was suspicious of why the imbalance was still able to make it big, it turned out that there were other competitors, by all means, as long as you beat the competitors, then annexation, the company can still double the expansion.

But Fish White wouldn’t have thought of it, and since Fish White was hiding and ready to sell the company, then it must be a rival with a lot of power.

Finn couldn’t help but ask, “Qiushui, what is the origin of the opponent’s company?Is it also supported by the family?”

Wu Qiushui’s face revealed a dilemma, but soon relieved, “Fish Bai came to me, I also wanted to take over, the other party’s backstage is a first-cl A** family, originally the other party was only a second-rate family, that is, when we fell out of favor, they took a piece of the pie, only then up to the first-cl A** family, but not yet a few years, the foundation is unstable, just to suppress.But it’s hard to fight them completely, because other families will also be eyeing and take advantage of the opportunity to make small moves behind the scenes.But it’s also my overthinking, now the company is immediately yours Ye Shao, for you, these first-cl A** are just children.”


Finn ‘s mouth didn’t reveal a flaw, but his heart was a batch of panic.

Estimated again Wu Qiushui’s heart, Finn is a dragon head must be worth billions or even tens of billions, a very awesome existence.But Finn knows, his own dragon head is Bai Qin for the sake of Charles to let out, in fact, the price is only one billion, and after buying the company, only 800 million more.

To put it simply, now Finn is no bottom at all.

But not now does not mean that there will be no future, really no, Finn will still implement the worst plan.

That is to directly enter the big brother circle, and speak to them even if they complete the task, when the family to pay to support him, then it is estimated that the money can smash the competition.

But this is the lowest rating, which is something Finn absolutely will not allow anymore.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, Finn would never take the easiest route.

Finn knew that even though Charles wasn’t around, he would definitely have eyes and ears, in order to ensure Finn ‘s safety.Correspondingly, Charles would also know all of Finn ‘s movements.Every move would be enough to raise his rating, which was what Finn wanted.

A little effort goes a long way, Finn was still very sure of that.

Finn sat on the sofa and wasn’t going to leave, so he waited for the contract to be signed, which was nothing anyway.

But Wu Qiushui also did not leave, Finn saw Wu Qiushui locking his eyebrows, so he knew that Wu Qiushui was something, but Finn did not point out, waiting for Wu Qiushui to take the initiative to say.

After waiting for a while, Wu Qiushui suddenly stood up and actually kneeled directly in front of Finn ‘s body.

Finn was a little surprised: “What are you doing, get up quickly and say something properly.”

Wu Qiushui bit her lips tightly and said, “Ye Shao, please promise me one thing, as long as I can make it, I’ll go up to the mountain of knives and down to the sea of fire, this life is yours.”

“Then you say it.” Finn didn’t promise first, but listened to what Wu Qiushui had to say.

After all, Finn had just gotten to know Wu Qiushui, and what kind of character Wu Qiushui was Finn wasn’t sure.But there was gold in a man’s knees, and to be able to kneel directly in front of Finn , I don’t think it would be a small matter.


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