Chapter 151

Throwing 1.8 billion, Finn finally got a controlling stake in Wang’s company, and as long as Finn went to the Wang family to ask for the company, it was 100% successful, there would be no problems.

However, when Finn wanted to make a statement, but Wu Qiushui and the others were worried that the Wang family was dying to fight back, so they wanted to wait until they completely annexed everything, so that the Wang family would disappear without a word, without even the ability to resist.

For these, Finn naturally could only agree.

From the beginning of dealing with the Wang family, now after just one and a half months, he had seen remarkable results. Finn didn’t think that it was his own merit, it was more due to the help of the Wu and Zhang families that he had reached this point, and because of this, Finn strongly agreed with Zhang Bao and Wu Qiushui’s point of view.

But to completely annex the Wang family, it wasn’t going to happen overnight, especially if the Wang family was completely undetectable, it was even harder.This was the reason why slow work made fine work.

And without the worries on the Windy Capital side, Finn left Qian Duo Duo with Wu Qiushui, and he returned to Kaiyuan alone.After nearly two months, he had completely made his mortal entertainment distribution in Kaiyuan City.

Although after taking down the Wang family, there was no need for Finn to engage in entertainment, as he already had the capital to become the first tier of the Wind Capital, and it was easy for him to enter the big brother circle.

But Finn also knows that in this month, Zhou Lanya, Han Dong’er and Xiao Coco have all put in a lot of effort to become stars, if they just give up, I’m afraid these girls will be very sad, and Finn ‘s heart also feel bad.

Driving the Ferrari, Finn went straight to Bai Qin’s house when he arrived at Kaiyuan.

“Open the door, it’s me.” Finn rang the villa’s doorbell, because there was no advance notice, Finn had to use the most original way of knocking on the door.

“Who is it?”An impatient voice came from inside the villa, followed by a handsome man walking out from inside the villa.

His hair was unkempt and disheveled, and he had obviously just woken up.This person was none other than Bai Qin’s grandson, Bai Mufeng who was constantly looking for trouble with Finn .

Seeing Bai Mufeng, Finn couldn’t help but playfully say, “It’s already afternoon and you’re still sleeping?Or are you looking at me and don’t want me to go in, to deliberately embarr A** me?”

“Yeh, Yeh, what are you doing here?”Seeing Finn , Bai Long was so frightened that he even couldn’t speak properly and stammered, “How dare I not let Finn in, you don’t want to wrong me ah.”

Patting Bai Mu Feng’s shoulder, Finn was somewhat tolerant, “Don’t be so formal, I’m not here to find you any trouble either, but I have something to look for your grandfather.”

“So that’s how it is, then come in quickly.”As soon as Bai Long heard that he wasn’t looking for himself, he was happy, because Finn ‘s tactics were still fresh in his mind, and he also remembered Bai Qin’s teachings to him, so he didn’t dare to be rude to Finn at all.

After politely inviting Finn into the room, Bai Mufeng ordered the maids to serve tea and water while he went to find Bai Qin.

Not long after, Bai Qin hurriedly ran down from upstairs and said, “Ye Shao has come to the humble abode, please don’t blame me for not welcoming you.”

“It’s fine, I only wanted to come here on a whim.” Finn waved his hand, he came straight over without making an appointment beforehand, he was expecting to have to wait for a long time, fortunately Bai Qin was at home, and it saved him the time of waiting.

“Then Ye Shao will have tea first.”Bai Qin said and handed the cup of tea brought up by the maid to Finn .

For the last two months, Finn hadn’t made any movements, and thought that Finn had left Kaiyuan.But suddenly coming to his door made Bai Qin mistakenly believe that his family had made some mistake and offended this god.Knowing that everything was fine, Bai Qin couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“Don’t be so formal, sit down, I’ve come this time to ask for your help with something.” Finn said with a smile.

Ever since Finn had heard about Charles’ deeds from Wu Zhengfeng, he could understand why both Wu Zhengfeng and Bai Qin treated him with such respect and even some humility.

When Charles helped the Bai family to get started, then now that Finn was looking for a little help from the Bai family, it was just collecting some interest.How to say it, Finn using the Bai family was simply like an arm and a leg.

“If Ye has anything to do, just tell me.”Bai Qin said evenly, acting like he was going up and down the mountain.

Finn waved his hand and said, “It’s not a big deal, no need to be so serious.Didn’t you give me a building some time ago, I made it into an entertainment company, and I’m going to get an opening ceremony recently, I just thought I’d let all the big names from Kaiyuan come to the ceremony to appear a bit more branded.”

“That’s it?”Bai Mufeng was slightly startled and thought he had heard wrong.After all, this matter was too small, a phone call would have been enough to inform him, so why come to the door in person?

Without waiting for Bai Mufeng to say more, he was stunned by Bai Qin and stopped speaking.

Bai Qin chuckled, “This grandson of mine is ignorant, I’m making you laugh.Ye Shao personally came to give orders, so I’m sure he’s paying extra attention to this matter.Don’t worry, I’ll organize all the respectable people from Kaiyuan to attend, and definitely give full credit.”

“Okay, I’m relieved when you say that, I’ll go back to confirm the opening time and send you a WeChat.” Finn nodded his head in satisfaction, then got up and left.

If there was nothing else, Finn would still be able to accompany Bai Qin to get drunk, but at the moment he still had to meet the company to see what was going on, so it was inconvenient to drink.

Driving the Ferrari again, Finn rushed to the Fan Pin Entertainment.

But when he arrived at Fan Pin Entertainment, Finn was shocked by the scene in front of him, the Fan Pin Entertainment was now covered by four huge red cloths that covered the entire shape of the building, and Finn could vaguely see the four big words written under the red cloths.In addition to that, the exterior had also been renovated, and it was very different from before.

It was a pity that the red cloth blocked it, and Finn was unable to see the full picture.

Although there was some regret in his heart, but Finn did not feel sorry, after all, it was his own company, and he could see the full picture when it opened.And even a slinger like him could have expectations, let alone others.

The renovation and reorganization of this new company, Finn fully handed over to Li Qiuyu as an agent, Li Qiuyu can do this, Finn really feel gratified.

Taking a big step, Finn entered the company directly, but as soon as the door of the company opened, Finn saw a silhouette rushing out from inside, directly colliding with Finn .

“f*ck!So anxious to reincarnate!” Finn cursed in dissatisfaction, and when he got up and saw the figure on the ground, his saliva almost flowed out.

Black OL outfit with black silk – socks, this is the workplace women only have the temptation.

Especially after the woman in front of the collision is lying on the ground, pouting buttocks, Finn just see a good view.

But when the woman rolled over, Finn was suddenly stunned, because the sexy woman in front of him was none other than his first girlfriend, Tina !


How could Finn have never thought that one day he would reunite with Tina , and still in his own company.

When Tina got up and saw Finn , there was some surprise and fear in her eyes, but soon, these two emotions disappeared from her eyes, followed by a toe-curling, “You don’t have eyes, don’t you know how to walk more carefully?”

Finn was still immersed in his memories and snorted at the words, “None of your business!”

He wasn’t the old Finn anymore, but Tina was still the old Tina , still so defiant, always thinking that he was superior to others, but was actually a Bichi.

Especially since Finn was green, this was something he could remember for the rest of his life.

Although the old saying is that when will revenge be avenged, but Finn has to revenge, and also completely crush Tina .

Previously when Tina ran away, Finn didn’t look into it deeply, but this time he ran into it again, then it was destined by the heavens for him to make a complete end with Tina .

” Finn , don’t think that you can do whatever you want when you’re rich, I’m not as good as you in Jinsha, but in Kaiyuan, you may not be better than me.Having money is nothing, being powerful is the most awesome thing!” Tina sneered, as if Finn had become a piece of white – rabbit to be slaughtered, as long as she gave the order, she could turn Finn into a delicacy.

Finn was a little surprised, he understood Tina ‘s personality, if it wasn’t for being close to a big brother again, he definitely wouldn’t have such an attitude.The previous Li Feng, however, was not even as good as a mole in Finn ‘s eyes.

Thinking like this, Tina should have sturdy the big man of Kaiyuan. The first website m.

“I don’t know what unenlightened thing is going to like you!” Finn sneered, now he was the dragon head of Kaiyuan, powerful and rich, with a casual wave of his hand, he could make Kaiyuan change dramatically, the big brother on Tina ‘s gang was nothing but an A** in his eyes.

When Tina saw how confident Finn was, she inevitably frowned, but quickly stretched out and snorted, “If you’re capable of going out with me, my husband will be here soon to pick me up, and we’ll see who gets killed then!”

“Just go, who’s afraid!” Finn clenched his fist, but not with nervousness, but with anger.

At any rate, he had been in a relationship with Tina before, and as the saying goes, business is not benevolent and righteous, and after the breakup, he was also a friend, but Tina had treated him like an enemy from before until now, and was extraordinarily jealous every time they met.Faced with this kind of ugly face, he really regretted why he was so obsessed with Tina and even became Tina ‘s licking dog.

The more he thought about it, the angrier Finn became.It was really not worth it to give a lot of his youth time to a Bi Chi.

Tina didn’t say much and walked out of the company first, and Finn followed, wanting to see which guy was so ungrateful!

Just out of the company, Finn saw a black BMW parked in front of the company, then Tina twisted her waist, very slutty to go to the car, pull open the p A**enger door to sit on.But before Tina could get on, the driver’s door opened, and a fat man walked out right after.

When Tina saw this, she fell into the fat man’s arms with a shy face and said coquettishly, “Zhou Shao, why bother you to get off the car yourself.”

“Go aside.”The fatty, however, didn’t even look at Tina , and directly raked Tina to one side.

Immediately afterwards, the fatty ran all the way to Finn ‘s front, slightly surprised, “Ye Shao, why did you come back without a word, so I can inform my two sisters ah.”

But Finn didn’t reply, but said with interest, “Not bad, Little Peng, now you have girlfriends.”

This fat man Finn knew, and it wasn’t an outsider, it was Zhou Leya and Li Qiuyu’s brother, Zhou Haipeng.

Zhou Haipeng scratched his head awkwardly and said, “What’s not bad, if there weren’t any good goods, who would want this kind of gold-worshipping Bi Chi, I’m just playing around, they’re all just cheap goods that can’t make it to the stage.”

Upon hearing this, Finn laughed.It seemed that Zhou Haipeng was not stupid, after all, he was a guy who had read countless women, and he could see Tina ‘s nature at a glance.And Finn was not angry with Zhou Haipeng, after all, Tina and him were already strangers, not to mention letting people play with her, even if she was played by a dog, Finn was fine with it.

“Zhou Shao, what are you guys talking about?” Tina but did not hear Zhou Haipeng’s words, even if pushed there was no anger, and soon came to Zhou Haipeng’s side, and took Zhou Haipeng’s arm again, dainty words: “Zhou Shao, a few days before and his acquaintance, he thought I was his girlfriend, and even like a dog’s skin ointment has been pestering me, you help me teach this wretched guy a lesson!”

“Huh?”Zhou Haipeng was suddenly shocked by Tina ‘s words and turned his head to look at Finn .

Finn smiled but didn’t say anything, because there was absolutely no need to explain.Now he sort of knew that originally his first love was all just a hypothesis, and Tina didn’t even take it seriously.

Zhou Haipeng saw that Finn did not speak, turned back and slapped Tina ‘s face.

Tina screamed and covered her beaten face, but was not annoyed, but instead said in aggravation, “Zhou Shao, why did you hit me?”

“Who told you to talk nonsense with your eyes open and dare to insult Ye Shao, you are really tired of living.”Zhou Haipeng sneered, “What is Ye Shao’s status, cheap goods like you don’t even have the qualifications to know. Finn has been busy with important matters all day and has only just returned to Kaiyuan, and you still say that you are pestering you like a dog’s skin, you can really stick gold on your face.”

Tina frowned in defense, “Impossible, he’s just a student, but he’s suddenly turned into a wealthy man, there’s no big event to be busy with.”

“Oh, you don’t understand even if you say so.” Zhou Haipeng looked coldly at Tina , “If it was really like you said, you wouldn’t be mixed up like this now.Like if you’re going to debut as a minor star, who do you think this Van Pin Entertainment is owned by, Ye Shao.”

“What?Is this company owned by Evan?” Tina was startled and couldn’t help herself for a long time.

She had heard before she came that this company was worth hundreds of millions of dollars just for the property, and the owner of the company was even a top big shot in Kaiyuan City, but she never expected that this person was actually Finn .

Tina ‘s face was white and red, but she couldn’t say half a word.

Finn smiled and said, “Tsk, look at you now, are you regretting, are you trying to enter my company.Unfortunately, no chance.Still want to become a star, don’t look at yourself, rotten – goods one!”

After saying that, Finn turned his head and entered the company.

He originally wanted to handle it himself, but he knew that it was more appropriate to leave it to Zhou Haipeng.After all, Zhou Haipeng was the real rich family’s son, and his way of torturing people was many times stronger than him.He, on the other hand, only needed to disgust Tina a few times, and that would be enough for Tina to drink.


Entering the company, the employees inside this company were basically all brought over from the headquarters over there in Windy City, and all had seen Finn because of the investigation of the mole, so they were very polite when they saw Finn , and there were no hiccups. Finn was also happy to be free and came directly to the top floor.

After thinking about it, Finn knocked on the door of the general manager’s office, and then a slightly dignified voice came from inside: “Please come in.”

Finn was startled, he wouldn’t have been surprised if the general manager was dignified, but this voice was exceptionally familiar, it was Li Qiuyu’s voice.

Opening the door to enter the room, the entire general manager’s office was mainly black and white, it seemed a bit deserted, and there was only one person at the general manager’s desk, it was Li Qiuyu.

“What is it?”Li Qiu Yu said without lifting her head.

Finn walked over, only to see that Li Qiuyu was looking through the documents.

Seeing that no one replied, Li Qiuyu inevitably raised her head with a frown, but when she saw that it was Finn , she was so scared that she directly got up and said, “Ye, Ye Shao, you’re back?”

“Well, back.”When Finn nodded with a smile, he picked up the documents on the table and said with a light smile, “Messing with it pretty well, with a good sense of style.”

“I’m just messing around, I’m relieved that Ye Shao is back, I’ll leave it to you to make the decision on these documents next, I don’t understand, some of them will be mishandled.”

Li Qiuyu blushed slightly, without waiting for her to speak, Finn interrupted, “I think it’s good, so that I can also hand over the company to you and be a shirker.” Remember the website . .net

“Leave it to me?This must not be, I really can’t.”Li Qiuyu waved his hand repeatedly.

Finn raised his head, looked at Li Qiuyu’s gl A**es, and said squarely: “Although I didn’t observe your document decisions, but from the time I entered the company, everything was in order, I knew that the company was running well, and I’m sure you’ve suffered a lot of hardships in this month.Do you just want to suffer for nothing?Far from it, now your knowledge of this company is many times higher than mine, and I’m relieved to leave it to you.”

“Then….. okay.”Li Qiuyu nodded heavily, not rejecting Finn , just for this trust of Finn , she couldn’t refuse.

Seeing Li Qiuyu promise, only then did Finn reveal a smile, walked to Li Qiuyu’s body on a hug, affectionate: “Let’s not talk about work, so long without seeing me, did you miss me ah.”

“Hmph, bad guy, so long not to call, come back furtively.”Li Qiuyu said, but she didn’t push Finn away, instead she just hugged Finn .

Just as Finn was about to take the next step, the office door just opened.

“Sorry to bother you.”Zhou Haipeng flashed out of the room as he pushed the door and saw the embracing duo.

“Look all over, come in.” Finn somewhat helplessly let go of Li Qiuyu and sat down on the sofa.

Only then did Zhou Haipeng re-enter, and without waiting for him to speak, Li Qiuyu snorted, “Do you know that you have to knock on the door to enter the office.”

“I know, I know.”Zhou Haipeng smiled awkwardly and nodded his head repeatedly.

“Say, what’s the matter here, you won’t ask me to help that little girlfriend of yours out again, I told you, the company doesn’t have that spare capacity right now, and Tina doesn’t have that strength either, so don’t waste your breath.”Li Qiu Yu sat on the office chair, old-fashioned.

Finn saw it in his eyes and was shocked in his heart.Not to mention, sitting in that chair, Li Qiuyu’s aura came out.

A month and a half of effort really was not in vain, now Finn from Li Qiuyu body can not see half of the former shadow, if the former was a small family, now completely become a strong woman, or domineering president that kind of.

Zhou Haipeng smiled heedlessly, “Don’t worry, little sister, I’ve already severed ties with Tina , I’ve just sent someone to transport her to Africa as a volunteer.”

“Done so severely?Even if she’s playing dim sum, she’s not going to make you so angry.”Li Qiu Yu was surprised.

Zhou Haipeng looked at Finn and saw Finn nod his head before explaining, “I just now realized that Tina and Finn have already had a relationship.”

“What?”Li Qiu Yu was even more surprised and turned her head to Finn for the truth.

Finn sighed: “I do think there was a, even a first love, but people Tina didn’t feel that way and only thought I was a dog licker and never even let me touch her once.And because of a rich second generation with a family fortune of only ten million dollars, she greenlit me.It’s embarr A**ing to say the least.But Little Peng is quite good at shipping her to Africa as a volunteer, why didn’t I think of such a good idea before.”

The environment over there in Africa Finn still knew, it was multi-disasterous and there were many diseases, going to Africa as a volunteer basically has no return.And Tina ‘s looks, to be honest, really quite good, by which tribal chief looks at, that is this life can not leave Africa, can only be a semi-primitive, child bearing tool.

Thinking of Tina ‘s miserable end, Finn ‘s heart was smooth.

He would repay Finn twice over for those who helped him, and those who hurt him, especially those like Tina who came out to disgust him repeatedly, he just wanted to get rid of them!

Although Finn only had a few words, but Li Qiuyu already understood the general idea.After all, Tina had been in the company for quite some time, and she was still very clear about Tina ‘s character, which was a standard Bichir.

Especially since she had also greenlit Finn , this kind of cheating was also unacceptable to Li Qiuyu.As a traditional girl, Li Qiuyu could accept that Finn had many women, but couldn’t accept a woman’s transgressions out of character.

If she were Finn , she would have already thrown a woman like Tina into the river to feed the fish, then there was no need to send her to Africa to be so troublesome.

“Forget it, don’t think about Tina , even thinking about her is a waste of time.” Finn smiled and waved his hand, the mention of Tina made him feel sick.

As soon as the conversation changed, Finn inquired, “This time, I’m back mainly to see how the company is doing, when will we probably be able to officially open?”

At the mention of business, Li Qiuyu also looked shaken, revealing complacency, “The original plan was two to three months, but now the progress is fast, basically it’s now officially operational, although it hasn’t exposed Zhou Leya, Han Dong’er, and Xiao Coco, but there are already several orders of business booked for shooting commercials.Now we just need to wait for the three of them to finish their training before they can officially open for business, in a week at the latest.”

“So soon?” Finn was a little surprised and couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction, “That’s good, let’s do the announcement now, it’s scheduled for a week from now, Vanity Entertainment will officially open!”


A week’s time was not long to say the least.

And in order to be wonderful, Finn directly made a bold decision, that is, to call the media and directly hold a concert, synchronized to the online live.

The reason why this decision is bold, that is because it was a newcomer, can be accepted by the audience is another story, the main reason is to hold a concert but do not know who the performers are, the audience to see the concert is difficult to buy.

Because of this, on the first day of the announcement, there were only a few curious people who bought tickets, and even Finn felt that they were not bought by p A**ersby, but by company insiders who spent money on them.

So Finn made another bold decision, that is free, as long as you come to see the concert, all free admission.

As soon as this news was released, many people who loved to take small advantage of the situation booked tickets.

The concert was set at the largest Kaiyuan Stadium in Kaiyuan City, a stadium that held 40,000 people.

Such a big battle, tickets are actually free, and even as long as the reservation tickets to the scene, you can receive a box of popcorn and a bottle of drinks.

Forty thousand people do not count the cost of the venue, just popcorn and drinks lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.This kind of money-losing deal sparked a heated discussion online and instantly made it to the Weibo hot search list.

In fact, hundreds of thousands didn’t seem like much in the slightest to Finn , and having gained a hot search, Finn earned it.After all, there was a simultaneous live concert on the line, and this kind of announcement would definitely make more people pay attention.

The main thing was that Finn didn’t spend that much money.When on the hot search, after Kaiyuan knew that Van Pin Entertainment was a big shot in Finn ‘s company, he took the initiative to sponsor Finn .Of course, the big brother circle all know that Finn does not care about this money, but some big brother is to sell drinks to start with, and even drinks sold abroad.

So, the first time, the big man to buy drinks approached Finn , willing to pay for free drinks, which is also considered to help his family’s drinks advertising, a win-win situation.The same goes for popcorn, where the big man in the fast food industry took the initiative to find Finn for cooperation.

One after another, Finn didn’t spend any money, but made two million because he got the advertising fee.

This news was naturally put on the internet by Finn , and the official blogs of the two tycoons also talked about the cooperation, which made the news of Fan Pin Entertainment and the mysterious newcomer a hot topic of discussion recently.

The topic of the behind-the-scenes boss of Fan Pin Entertainment was not bigger because Finn couldn’t appear online, and because of the Ye family’s action, the topic of discussing the behind-the-scenes boss of Fan Pin Entertainment was quickly withdrawn.

And because of this, Wang Yuntian, who was in the Wind Capital, was furious!

Wuji Entertainment had always been an entertainment company operated by Wang Yuntian, and in Fengdu, the only one that could break bread with Wuji Entertainment was Fishwater’s Fan Pin Entertainment.

But now that Fan Pin Entertainment was constantly on the hot search and had grown to Kai Yuan, this news would undoubtedly double the value of Fan Pin Entertainment and even shake the position of Infinite Entertainment as long as it was operated properly.Especially since the Wang family’s stock market had been falling recently and the family’s industry was shrinking, so the Wang family could only rely on Wang Yuntian’s Infinite Entertainment to fight the turnaround battle, and now that Fan Pin Entertainment had become stronger, this was a situation that Wang Yuntian would never allow to happen.

“What should we do now, you guys speak up, isn’t the reason for hiring you with high salaries to use you now, you bunch of rice buckets!”Wang Yuntian smashed the document on the conference table.

The dozen or so people sitting below were all silent, not daring to make a sound.

It was a long time before a balding middle-aged man spoke up, “Wang Shao, don’t worry, I think now is also a good time.”

“Wang Qinglong, what good timing?”Wang Yuntian frowned, the situation is so bad right now, what good is it.

Wang Qinglong instructed Wang Yuntian not to be anxious before he spoke to explain, “This public opinion is a double-edged sword right now, if Van Pin Entertainment handles it properly it will naturally be in the right direction, but if we make a mess out of it, they will definitely make a big joke.”

Wang Yuntian could not help but brighten up before his eyes, although Wang Qinglong did not have a specific solution, this was the right direction.As long as they messed up and prevented Van Pin Entertainment’s concert from going smoothly, then Van Pin Entertainment would naturally be reduced to a laughingstock.

When Wang Yuntian slapped the table, the haze on his face instantly turned into joy, and he waved his hand, “Good, this matter will be fully represented by Wang Qinglong, everything is subject to Wang Qinglong’s arrangement, the meeting is adjourned!”

“Congrats, you’ll get a promotion even if you do it right this time!”

“Worthy of being a member of the Wang family, awesome!”

After the meeting was adjourned, there were many congratulations, and after Wang Qinglong smiled and responded to each of them, he went straight back to his office.

After confirming that no one was there, Wang Qinglong locked the door, cautiously dialed a phone, and whispered, “Everything went according to plan, very smoothly.”

“Good, I know, you do a good job, and I’ll give you ten million yuan when things are done, enough for you to go abroad and be unrestrained for the rest of your life.”A voice came from the other end of the phone.

Upon hearing the words, Wang Qinglong said excitedly, “Okay, I will definitely finish it.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

And the person on the other side of the phone was none other than Zhang Bao.

Zhang Bao picked up the phone and sent a message to Finn , “All is well, don’t worry about Infinite Entertainment.”

Finn laughed when he received the message, this was all Zhang Bao’s plan.Zhang Bao had already guessed that Wang Yuntian would be jealous of Vanity Entertainment and formulate a corresponding plan.And then Zhang Bao bribed Wang Qinglong, promising to give 10 million yuan as a running fee as long as Wang Qinglong became the person in charge of this decision.

The company is a big company, but Wang Qinglong, who is in charge of the company, has never earned 10 million in his entire life, especially when the Wang family is still going downhill.

Now that the time to the opening of Van Pin Entertainment was getting shorter and shorter, Finn also started to get busy.Solving the hidden problems on the Wind Capital side was but one part of the equation, and the more important was the Kaiyuan side.

What Finn wanted was not a moment of heat, but to make the three girls into a frontline in the shortest possible time, and in simple words, a hit.

But Finn also knows the difficulty of this, and the effort for it is naturally essential.

But the professional side of the operation Finn can not help, Finn can only from the venue and other aspects, looking for something with a row, so Finn came to the Prosperous Star Hotel, booked the best box 1001.

The people present this time were not only Bai Qin and Zhou Fu, but also all the big bosses of Kaiyuan City.It could be said that as long as these bigwigs stomped their feet, Kaiyuan would tremble three times.

In past years, the big shots only gathered once a year, but Finn made an exception by virtue of the name of the Dragon Head.And it wasn’t to discuss the development of Kaiyuan, it was simply to see how to help the three girls find a sign for their concert.

To help the public for private, it seemed to say that Finn ‘s current behavior.But Finn was fine with it, it wasn’t needed for nothing anyway, and these big shots were willing to help Finn .


“We’re out of the garage!”

“We security company out bouncers!”

“We Digital City out concert equipment!”

“Let’s offer…”

Finn ‘s party was simple, it was to ask these big brothers what they could offer that had a row to it, and soon the big brothers were offering people, cars, and resources.

What surprised Finn the most was that several of the big men liked to keep a mistress, and they were all first and second tier big stars.So just the day before the concert, many big stars took out blogs to say that they would attend the concert to become performing guests, and once this news was released, the microblogging server directly blew up.

Because so many big names gathered, many fans said to come to the scene, after all, the concert tickets are also free, but when you go to the online inquiry, but found that the tickets have already been ordered light.

The stars have taken to blogs to comfort fans, but also took the opportunity to promote the opportunity to watch the live online.

So on the opening day, before the live broadcast began, the total number of live broadcasts forwarded by all platforms had already exceeded two million.

The live broadcast began at nine in the morning and lasted until nine in the evening. The debut website m.

According to the booking, the opening ceremony was from nine to twelve, while from twelve to six in the evening was the celebrity guest performance, and from six to nine was the three women performance, one hour each.

At first, Finn was worried that the audience would be impatient if the broadcast started for so long, but Finn was relieved to have these people paying attention before the broadcast started.

At nine o’clock, the live broadcast started, everyone saw the building of Van Pin Entertainment was covered by a red cloth, and on the stage was a young woman in a dress, this person is none other than Li Qiuyu.

Finn is not allowed to appear on the network, and the company has been fully handed over to Li Qiuyu, so now let Li Qiuyu directly as the president, it also makes sense.

Seeing Li Qiuyu who dumped the country, the cumulative number of people in all the live broadcasts directly exceeded four million.

There was an instant superlative on the internet: “The most beautiful CEO!”

What man wouldn’t dream of a beautiful and powerful woman like Li Qiuyu?Even if it was a girl, she would fall for it.

Behind Li Qiuyu, there was a row of middle-aged people in suits, and some of the people in the live broadcast who were local to Kaiyuan suddenly exclaimed: “The bald one on the left is the owner of a Porsche dealership, big brother ah!”

“The one next to the bald one is the CEO of Kaien Security!”

“f*ck, it’s the owner of the Prosperity Hotel standing on the far side of the room!”

“Nima, what kind of divine combination is this with the big boys!”

Those in the know between live broadcasts kept breaking the news, while the onlookers were also amazed, the feelings of an opening ceremony actually gathered all the big personalities of Kaiyuan, no wonder they could invite so many top-tier stars, they definitely had a legacy ah.

Just in all of this, the name of Van Pin Entertainment was completely reflected in the heart of every single spectator.Everyone boldly predicted that by fiercely smashing resources according to this frame, soon Fan Pin Entertainment would be able to occupy a place in the entertainment circle, and in an upper cl A** circle at that!

Li Qiuyu made a big speech after cutting the ribbon, and Van Pin Entertainment was finally officially open.

Worthy of being a beautiful woman, even though she was speaking the same long speech, everyone listened to it as if they were rapt, without any anxiety.

After Li Qiuyu stepped down from the stage, it was the others’ turn to speak, and everyone ventured to guess which big shot it was, but to everyone’s surprise, it was an unfamiliar bald head who took the stage.But those who were sharp-eyed, then exclaimed: “Isn’t this Fish Water.”

“Who is Fishwater?”

“Fishwater you don’t even know, the CEO of Van Pin Entertainment, my childhood goddess Han Dong’er is under their banner.Wait, Van Pin Entertainment, is there any mystery in this?”

Because Fish Water’s is also called Fan Pin Entertainment, this new opening is also called Fan Pin Entertainment, to say there is no relationship how can it be, everyone is looking forward to Fish Water’s speech.

I waved my hand after I came on stage, “Hello everyone, I’m Fish Water from Fan Pin Entertainment, I’m sure some of you know me, I’ll say a few words today, so I won’t take up too much of your time.Our Windy City’s Van Pin Entertainment has been acquired by Ms. Li Qiuyu, and I can briefly reveal here that three girls will be introduced tonight, one of which is the Han Dong’er you are familiar with!”

“What?There’s Han Dong’er?”

“Who’s Han Dong’er?”

“Han Dong’er is the voice of the heroine of several animated works such as dubbing Little Whirlwind, Clear Dream Start, and Wang Wu Xiu’an, is my childhood goddess ah.”

“f*ck, those parts are even dubbed Han Dong’er, I didn’t even know, Han Dong’er, I’m going to powder you now!”

The pop-up screen was again filled with heated discussions from the audience, and Evan knew the plan had worked.Although mysticism would give the audience a sense of anticipation, it was still a bit too much to do with all three girls being mystic.Revealing the tip of the iceberg now, exposing one would instead give the audience more of a sense of anticipation.

After all, Han Dong’er alone had pulled up the standards, and the others couldn’t be too bad.

The opening ceremony went off without a hitch as the big brother appeared on stage and the audience screamed in awe, until it was twelve noon and the concert finally began.

Finn is beautiful, while on the other side, in the wind capital, but Wang Yuntian is angry enough, in the conference room to curse angrily: “You bunch of waste, said defamation of mortal entertainment, from which you do, what are you doing, I can’t see half of what happened.”

Wang Qinglong didn’t retort, but took out his pre-prepared miniature camera and clicked the start button.

Wang Yuntian cursed for a full half hour before the meeting ended.

After Wang Qinglong left the meeting room, he returned to his office to first review the contents before satisfactorily sending the video file to Zhang Bao.Zhang Bao transferred 10 million to Wang Qinglong after watching the video, and Wang Qinglong took the money and ran away directly.

This video footage was all about how Wang Yuntian proposed to persecute Van Pin Entertainment’s evil words, and Zhang Bao didn’t even edit it, so he directly sent it to the Internet, and he directly bought the hot search and spent a heavy amount of money to top the video.

All of a sudden, the scolding of Infinite Entertainment combined with the previous incident at Wang’s hotel, it completely blasted Wang Yuntian, and Wang’s company’s stock had fallen to the point where it couldn’t fall anymore.

Finn directly let Qian Duo Duo take the opportunity to acquire all the remaining shares, and now everyone knows that the Wang family is finished, and the Wang family itself is also clear, just after selling the company shares, thinking that at least some money in hand, to be able to make a comeback, they have no reservations about all the shares thrown.

The Wu family and the Zhang family is again to raise 500 million cash, under the operation of money, will be the remaining shares directly all acquired, and even the Wuji entertainment also to the acquisition.

At four in the afternoon, all the A**ets under the Wang family’s name, except for 500 million cash, were acquired by Fan Ye.

And because the video of Wang Yuntian’s persecution of Van Pin Entertainment scurried onto the hot topic, there were more people sympathetic to Van Pin Entertainment, so the number of people paying attention to the Van Pin concert increased even more.

By six o’clock in the evening, the time when students got off school and office workers got off work, the cumulative number of people in the live broadcast actually reached a staggering twenty million!It’s ten times what it was on the air!

Chapter 156

1920, Monday, January 20th, 6pm.

The total number of people inside Kaiyuan Stadium had reached 50,000, the venue was only supposed to hold 40,000, but when it was determined to be safe, some of the aisles were allowed to seat people as well, and it only took ten minutes to fill in with 10,000 people.

Outside the arena gates, there was already a flood of people.

The Kaiyuan Stadium was very advanced, the skylights could be opened so that sound could be transmitted to the outside, and the surrounding area of the stadium was also mainly gl A**, so even if you didn’t enter the stadium, you could still see what was going on inside.And for the convenience of the audience, Finn temporarily found someone to make eight oversized screens and placed them outside of the stadium, so that those who didn’t enter the stadium could also see what was going on inside the stadium.

A free concert to this extent, this was considered a first.

That’s why the audience also had no choice but to turn all their enthusiasm into shouts and applause, offering an unprecedented inspiration to the mysterious three girls of Van Pin Entertainment!

Finally, above the stage, a petite figure slowly appeared, the light is very weak, even if the camera close video, the audience can not see the face of the live broadcast, it seems to be intentional general.

The audience is not impatient, a day’s time have waited down, who also difference this little moment of work.

But the lights never came on, and the song came on.

Without any accompaniment, an ethereal voice spread throughout the venue, invading everyone’s heart, this is the melody we have never heard before, beautiful, elegant, make people feel like being in heaven. Remember the website .

Finn sat in the VIP seat and nodded his head in satisfaction, this song was Han Dong’er’s original.However, it wasn’t a recent original, but rather Han Dong’er had studied them since childhood, but just couldn’t understand music theory and couldn’t show them perfectly.After more than a month of special training, Han Dong’er was finally able to master her original perfectly.

After the end of the first part, everyone was dumbfounded, then the piano sounded, the second part began, it was Han Dong’er self-singing.

Also at this time, eight ice blue light on the stage above, the perfect image of Han Dong’er all bloom.

Beautiful people, beautiful songs, beautiful lights, absolutely perfect!

Both live and on air, the audience all roared and shouted with excitement, “Goddess!Goddess!”

But the audience is found the lighting is different, this ice blue is not ordinary lights can play out, and looking for light sources, the audience was shocked, it is eight million level Ferrari sports car, playing lights!

The scene spread ten, ten spread a hundred, and soon all the attention to the lights, and the live camera also gave a close-up of the lights, suddenly all of them were amazed, after all, the lights is the level of millions, this treatment is all the stars have not had.

At first glance it is a gimmick, but on careful reflection, everyone understands that only this kind of excellent ice blue can match the stage Han Dong’er.

The number of people in the live broadcast climbed further due to the lights forming the lights, and by the time Han Dong’er’s hour was over, the live broadcast had reached twenty-six million people.

While the live concert was going strong, other live streams were also being held as usual, like Xiao Coco’s, where there were still over 200,000 people online at the same time.

“Coco, don’t worry, we’re not going back to the concert, we’ll accompany you!”

“Coco won’t fall down, stay with you till the end!”

Looking at a pop-up screen, Xiao Coco revealed a would-be smile.

“Stop giggling, it’s your turn, get ready to get off the stage.”Just at this moment, a silhouette behind Xiao Coco approached and appeared in the live broadcast room.

The audience went crazy as the figure was none other than Han Dong’er, who was singing on stage just now.

Han Dong’er said that Xiao Coco was on stage, so was Xiao Coco the second debuting newcomer of Van Pin Entertainment?

Thinking about this, the audience couldn’t sit still and collectively brushed their crying faces.This is because they are watching the winner of the broadcast to become a star one day, which is unthinkable.It’s like the success of the Department of the foster to chase dreams, witnessing the whole process from nothing to something, is tears of joy.

Xiao Coco threw out her tongue and said, “Now the live broadcasters are not many people, only two hundred thousand, but you guys also have to go to the main live broadcast of the concert to help me cheer yo, I do not want to lose to winter sister.”

The people in the pop-up screen suddenly said they knew.

Then a strange scene appeared, don’t look at the concert live room with 26 million people, but brush gifts are a few dollars of small gifts, but Han Dong’er down, live black screen period, there are suddenly a lot of live platform famous big brother figure, directly brush 666 group of a thousand dollars of gifts, even throw 600,000 six hundred thousand.

It’s not even one big brother, but thirteen.

Anyone who was interested in finding out that the big brothers who swiped the gifts were all carrying Xiao Coco’s fan cards, suddenly felt that there was something strange.Immediately afterwards, the live broadcast lit up and the person appearing on the stage was Xiao Coco, wasn’t it!

A goddess like Han Dong’er, famous as a child child star, the live audience did not have much of a sense of reality.But Xiao Coco is different, they have known each other since before, because Xiao Coco is a big anchor ah, every day is live to share the daily life.

The anchor suddenly appeared on the stage of the star’s debut, and the audience watching the live broadcast had a feeling of a girl growing up, and a few of them cried tears of joy, feeling that Xiao Coco was competing with her.

And Xiao Coco’s first sentence is also laughable: “Friends of the live broadcast, 666 buckle up, small gifts to walk!”

Unlike big-name stars who are kind of cold, Xiao Coco this belongs to overly pro-people.Although there were some black powder with rhythm, it was drowned out by more than 20 million people, especially the live streaming platform where Xiao Coco was located, seeing Xiao Coco suddenly go to the concert, it was even pushed directly to the homepage.

The platform’s whether it was an anchor who wanted to rub off on the heat or an audience, they all rushed directly to the live concert, and thousands of gifts kept climbing.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you’re not going to be able to get a lot of money for your own money.

In a short while, the staff sent a message: three minutes, gift proceeds 13 million!

“f*ck, a money grab!” Finn was shocked, how could he have never imagined that people would swipe so many gifts.

But on second thought, Finn was relieved, because there were originally more than a dozen local heroes in Xiao Coco’s live broadcast, and each local hero brushed more than six hundred thousand, in fact, a total of more than seven million, some scuffling big anchors each brushed tens of thousands, and the remaining millions were only brushed by ordinary viewers.

More than twenty million viewers swiped a few million, which is quite normal when you think about it.

Finn then let the company operate, and once again brushed up a hot search with the title: shock!The web anchor turned into a new star, the three-minute gift proceeds actually amounted to 13 million!


Han Dong’er is a child star debut, Xiao can be an anchor transformation, both have a fan base, once launched, the topic is no less than a first-line star.And now the only thing that Finn is worried about is the only remaining Zhou Leya.

Zhou Leya can be said to be a pure vegetarian, nothing online, in reality is only a student, if the debut battle can not show amazing strength, then it is easy to directly paste. Finn can’t help but sweat for Zhou Leya, but also did not go backstage to see, after all, the meeting will instead bring more pressure on Zhou Leya, now can only rely on Zhou Leya’s own efforts.

In other words, Finn from back to Kaiyuan has not seen Zhou Leya, heard that Zhou Leya has been secret training, Finn did not bother Zhou Leya.

In any case, Xiao Coco’s one hour perfect end, then the stage lights went out again, followed by a silhouette to see a dignified and atmospheric woman walked on stage.

Finn can’t help but be shocked, who is the girl in front of him?

Although he knew clearly in his heart that the one who was sure to go on stage was Zhou Leya, but this temperament was completely unlike Zhou Leya.Zhou Leya was the lively little elf, while what was in front of him was the gentle and elegant noble daughter, elegant and generous.

Finn a time to accept this setting, can not wait to perform whether he adapted, a “small bridge and flowing water,” the accompaniment slowly played.

The stage lights condensed, showing the silhouette of a person, is Zhou Lanya.

Light open lips, beautiful singing like spring water tinkling flow, not Han Dong’er’s ethereal, nor Xiao Coco’s enthusiasm, but like a little cat scratching the heart, a little bit of constant stimulation of the nerves of Finn , so that Finn has a kind of itch that can not be said.At the moment on stage Zhou Leya’s singing with four words to describe the most appropriate: to reject and welcome.

The boys like the look of the girls most, is precisely this desire to reject and welcome. A second to remember to read the book

More than a point of refusal to appear to pretend, more than a point of enthusiasm to appear young, just right to do to grasp the hearts of the people but not hard to grasp broken.

Pop-up screen familiar with Zhou Leya’s cl A**mates exploded Zhou Leya is a thousand gold Miss, instantly let the live wolf – friends can’t stop.This kind of gold only drama will appear, can’t imagine the reality also have such a good person, suddenly attracted most of the male audience.

And girls like Prince Charming, boys also want a princess of their own.

A song to strike, Zhou Leya’s first words were not self-introduction, but softly said: “Will you be my knight?”

“I do!I do!”

This question straight from everyone’s heart, whether it is live or live audience suddenly issued a tsunami of willingness, like a knight, like a knight, want to protect Zhou Leya this beautiful princess.

In no time at all, Finn saw a super voice: on how the knights to protect Her Highness.

Finn couldn’t help but chuckle after reading it, it seemed he was over-intentional, a girl as excellent as Zhou Leya, just her appearance alone could attract most people, add a prominent background and strength after special training, it’s close to perfect.It might be a bit exaggerated, but at least being a star is completely more than enough.

As the saying goes, an outsider looks at the crowd, while an insider looks at the door.Although some of Zhou Leya’s movements were still a little rusty, ordinary people couldn’t see them.Professionals can see out, and did not comment, like Zhou Leya at this age to do this, is already hard training.

Zhou Leya is like a diamond in the rough, as long as it is built, it is definitely a first-line star.Not that kind of traffic first line, but the strength of the first line, can always red existence.

This comment was a message received on Finn ‘s phone, and the one who sent the message was none other than the former owner of Van Pin Entertainment, Fish Water.

With this comment, Finn was also completely relieved.Not to mention the future, on the end of this concert, at least within a year, the three women steadily in the flow of the first line is no problem, as the focus of the stars is to mix a face, when the public knows, that is, out of the circle.

This concert the peak of the number of viewers reached 34 million, microblogging above the cumulative reading of superlatives also add up to 400 million, this kind of data in the first line is no problem.

And to reach the pinnacle of the number of viewers, is the live broadcast to nine o’clock, the finale of the song is three women together to perform the original song, with hot dance, let the audience excited, and the final big shaft is all the stars on stage together to sing a blessing song, the concert will come to a successful end.

“Hard work everyone!”

After sending a message to the big brother group, Finn directly sent out a million red envelopes as a treat for everyone.

These big brothers naturally don’t care about this amount of money, but at least it’s Finn ‘s heartfelt gesture, so everyone grabbed each other for a while to give Finn a handful of red envelopes.

Putting down the phone, Finn came backstage and drove away with the three girls from the basement, without giving the media a chance.

Tonight, it was destined to be a celebration feast that belonged to the four of them!

The next morning, the three women went to busy press conference, this wave of heat naturally can not be so simple to let go, the three women have said the direction of development, take advantage of the press conference, conveyed to fans and investors.

Finn didn’t ask the three women to earn much money, as long as they are having fun.

As for Finn , he drove off to Fengdu early in the morning, and now that all the shares of the Wang family were collected, he even completely replaced the Wang family and became a first-cl A** family in Fengdu.

Now it became a first-cl A** family, but in name only, because the Wang family’s company was extremely shrunken and not worth that much money at all. Finn then called Li Qiuyu and transferred the Wang’s listed company directly to the name of Vanity Entertainment, and this news was released, and the share price of the Wang’s listed company picked up rapidly.

In just three days, not only did the single share return to $5.50, it even reached a staggering $6.7, and Finn instantly had a ten billion dollar worth!

As previously agreed, Finn helped Zhang Bao’s Zhang family become a top-notch family, and the rest of the money Finn only left his original one billion, and the remaining Wang family A**ets were divided in half between the Wu and Zhang families.The most pocket money in the family was given to one billion, so ten billion was just a number in Finn ‘s opinion, just enough money to spend.And the constant help of the Zhang and Wu families earlier to have the current success, in fact, Finn did not contribute much.

And because of this, the Wu family was also back among the top-tier, while the Zhang family had instead become the upper echelon of the top-tier families.Zhang Bao and Wu Qiushui felt more and more that following Finn was the right choice.

It was only after sorting all this out that Finn completely let go of the burden he was carrying, and after two months of tireless efforts, he was now finally standing his ground in Fengdu and had the support of the two first-cl A** families in Fengdu behind him.

“Looks like it’s time to complete the family’s A**essment mission!” Finn sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and took out his phone with a relaxed face.


Don’t look at the fact that Fengdu was a bit bigger than Kaiyuan, but the pattern was still the same, divided into third-rate families, second-rate families, and first-rate families.

The so-called big brother circle was just a gathering circle for the heads of the first-rate families.

After all, Zhang Bao and Wu Qiushui’s families were now among the first-cl A** families, and they were the heads of the families, so there was no difference between them and the big brother circle.

After three rounds of wine, Finn made a call to Charles.

“Charles, I’ve completed my mission.” Finn drank a little too much and his tongue was big.

“Congratulations young master on completing the mission, the score still needs to be given by the master himself, you should take a moment, I’ll give you news tomorrow.”Charles’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

Finn also knew that there was no hurry, so he hung up the phone and waited for the results the next day.

The next day soon arrived, and Evan didn’t receive a text message from Charles, because Charles came straight away.

“Charles, how did the results go?” Finn was a bit impatient.

Charles smiled lightly and said, “The master has a high opinion of you, although there are other people helping you this time, they all rely on your own judgment, the family didn’t help you, and you also managed to help two families to be among the first cl A**, which is many times more difficult than mixing in the big brother circle, so this time the master gave you a rating of 60 points.” First URL m.

“What? Sixty points?”Evan was a bit confused, if he really did that well, why should it be a p A**ing score.

Charles explained, “The only way to get a perfect score is to truly manipulate the plan yourself, plan on your own, not rely on anyone else’s help at all, and to create a family on your own and stand at the top of the Wind Capital.To think that back then, I was only 80 points.”

“Er…” Finn was a bit speechless, the requirement for a perfect score was indeed too difficult.

But when Charles said 80 points, how could Finn feel that Charles was showing off his score.

Leaving aside the unpleasant topic, Finn inquired again, “Charles, am I allowed to go back to the family now?”

Finn has always been more eager to go back to his family, especially since the New Year is coming up in three days, and now it’s time to go home and have a reunion.

But Finn does not hold much hope, after all, the previous several times did not go back, this time is only a p A**ing score, even less hope.

To his surprise, Charles nodded and said, “Young Master can go back for the New Year, after all, the New Year is all about reunion, and Master and Madam miss you a lot.”

“Really?That’s great!” Finn excited almost jumped up, this news can be said to be the best news at the end of the year.

Who doesn’t want to go home for reunion, before, Finn ‘s New Year’s Eve only with his adopted grandmother, extremely envious of others who have parents, finally, Finn can also have a full year.

“That, that, Charles what do you think I should prepare, the first time home can’t go back empty handed, how bad ah.”Evan scuffed his hands against his pants, a little overwhelmed, the intense excitement had made it impossible for Evan to think properly.

“No need to prepare.”Charles spoke faintly, there was still a little intolerance in his eyes.

But Finn didn’t notice, but frowned, “How can we not use it, why don’t I go home to the mountains to dig up some local specialties to bring back, mountain treasures and seafood I guess my old parents have eaten a lot of things from that small county in my hometown, they should have never seen it.”

“There’s really no need.”Charles thought about it, but still told the truth: “Now the Ye family can be alone among the hidden families, it’s because there are no children in the knee, other families let our Ye family go, if it is known that there is your existence, there will definitely be many families looking for you to do something, so this time back to the family is a secret return, must not be made public.”

Finn was slightly startled, and soon everything dawned on him.What Charles said was reasonable, yes, letting the Ye family grow bigger was because the Ye family had no queen, and there was no worry that the Ye family could always stand at the top, and when Finn ‘s parents were old, they would be able to gang up and steal everything from the Ye family.And if they knew that the Ye family had an heir, then the other families would definitely join forces, not to mention threaten the Ye family, at least to completely fix Finn and get rid of him.

Finn just realized why he hadn’t exposed his time on the internet before, just in case the other families had a trail to follow.

But there was still one thing that Finn didn’t understand, he couldn’t help but ask, “Then wasn’t the previous Wang Kexin also a reclusive family, why would they be able to know my tracks, aren’t they afraid that the other families would scramble the news to each other?”

Charles explained: “This involves another secret, in fact, like Wang Kexin this kind of reclusive family but only started in the Ming and Qing dynasties, the bottom line is just average, can have a hundred billion trillion trillion is remarkable, but our Ye family is the Qin dynasty began the reclusive, belongs to a higher level of reclusive family.It’s inconvenient to reveal the specifics now, but simply put, our family’s level is several orders of magnitude higher than Wang Kexin’s family.”

“That impressive?” Finn was surprised, but understood why.

Charles specifically described the sub-level, then it wasn’t the same level as first cl A** second cl A** third cl A**, but a concept that crossed over to another level, a qualitative difference.

Finn ‘s understanding was that a family like Wang Kexin actually didn’t even have access to top-tier families, so why worry about being leaked.

Perhaps for a top family like the Ye family, there was no difference between Wang Kexin’s family and ordinary city folk.

What surprised Finn the most was that Wang Kexin’s family was at the hundred billion level, so how much money should the Ye family have? Finn dared not imagine that poverty limited Finn ‘s imagination.

Because of this, Finn gave up the idea of bringing things back to the family and went with Charles to the Ye family.

Originally, Finn had planned to take the four girls with him, but Xiao Coco, Zhou Lanya, and Han Dong’er were in the heat of the moment and had already been scheduled to go to the General Radio’s Spring Festival Gala, and didn’t have time to go with Finn , as for Li Qiuyu, she couldn’t leave because of her company.

The four women can’t be brought back to the family even if they are free, and the Ye family doesn’t allow outsiders to enter, especially the women, who can’t come out once they’re in. Finn was relieved, and was glad that he didn’t bring the four girls with him, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to swim together in the future.

“I’m going to sleep, call me when I get there.” Finn took a sleeping pill and went straight to sleep.

This time back to the family is to take Charles’s private jet, Finn did not do the plane before, and did not know that he would be airsick, on the plane would like to vomit, mo not like to take medicine to sleep it.


I don’t know how long it took, but Evan was awakened by Charles, and the plane had landed safely.

“Where is this?”When Finn got off the plane, he saw the endless sea.

Charles said quite proudly, “This is Ye Island, the island that our ancestor of the Ye family found for seclusion, after more than two thousand years of development, this place has been completely occupied and perfected by the Ye family.”

“What?” Finn couldn’t believe that the Ye family was so strong that it could be placed on the island, and couldn’t help but wonder, “How come I’ve never heard of this Ye Island?”

“These are the Simmons, the young master doesn’t need to know for now, this island of leaves doesn’t appear on the map and is not regulated anywhere, in the island of leaves, his lordship’s word is a supreme command.”Charles reminded.

Finn also put away his curiosity, when it was time for him to know, he would naturally tell him, but not now, it must be for his own good, he could not ask any more questions.

Finn was just a little impressed, others said rich at best, but the Ye family, whether in terms of property or governance, had become completely independent.Being able to stay out of a territory that the map showed and was completely autonomous, what was the difference between this and a small country?

Before Evan could think deeply, a call woke Evan up.

“Little Fan, my son, you’re suffering out there!”

The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of the old man’s body, but I don’t want to do it again. Remember the website .

Finn suddenly realized in his heart that the beautiful young woman in front of him was his biological mother, but this was a bit too young, right? Finn even felt that she was several times better looking than his four daughters, and energetic, if it wasn’t for the dignified and majestic clothing, there really wasn’t much difference between her and a young girl who had just stepped into the university.

If my mother was so good-looking, why was I so ordinary?

Muttering in Finn ‘s heart, the beautiful young woman had arrived in front of Finn and directly jumped into his arms.

Caressing Finn ‘s face, the beautiful young woman trembled, “Look at you skinny, you didn’t suffer much outside, right?Do you still remember me, I’m your mother, Chen Fangling.”

Finn shook his head slightly dazed, he really didn’t remember, he didn’t remember a lot of things from his childhood.

Chen Fangling sighed, “It’s no wonder, it’s been so long after all.You shouldn’t blame Mom and Dad for being cruel and not bringing you back to the family even though they found you, it’s really because the current situation isn’t too good, bringing you back is actually harming you ah.”

Seeing that Chen Fangling still wanted to explain, Finn smiled and shook his head, “It’s fine, I heard Charles say it, I know you guys are doing it for my own good, I understand all of that.”

Finn originally thought that he would sob when he saw his mother, but who would have thought that Chen Fangling was such a young beauty, making Finn unable to feel touched either, but just kept muttering in his heart, what a person worthy of the name Fangling.

“Alright, let’s go back and catch up.”

Just at this moment, a majestic voice sounded, Finn couldn’t help but look up, the application was startled.

The emotion that Finn felt for his loved ones had finally arrived, simply because the middle-aged man in front of him looked almost the same as Finn , except he was a little older, and looked like an old hangman.

Needless to say, Finn knew that the person in front of him was his own father.

No wonder he didn’t look good, his feelings were inherited from his old dad.

The trio returned to the Ye family, and Finn was shocked by the majestic appearance of the Ye family.

The Ye family was not like the Zhang family Wu family in Windy Capital, there was nothing else but the quaint layout.

How do I not know how to describe it, climbing the tallest building of the Ye family, looking around the entire Ye family, it was like looking at Kaiyuan in the Prosperous Hotel, with endless tall buildings, distributed in an orderly manner.

Finn felt that it was no longer appropriate to describe it as a family, the Ye family was a city ah!

Seeing Finn ‘s surprise, Finn ‘s dad, Ye Yunlong smiled lightly and said, “Ye Island has a total population of two million, about the same size as the entire island and the wind, and the island’s inhabitants are all Ye family members, completely self-sufficient, that’s our Ye family!”

“Two million?Isn’t this an inbreeding.” Finn was shocked by the data that Ye Yunlong said, such a big city autonomy, no wonder the Ye family was said to be a top family, it was really different.

Ye Yunlong explained, “In order to prevent inbreeding, every year, we go to various countries to select some excellent genes to bring back to Ye Island, but the ones selected are just females to help the Ye family spread its wings.As for the females on Ye Island, they are selected more than four generations apart and match themselves, rest A**ured, the Ye Family will not be so confused that there is a possibility of inbreeding.”

Finn nodded his head in a dazed manner, so he didn’t say anything more.He also knew that he could think of things that Ye Yunlong could not think of.

“Little Fan, it’s been hard for you all these years.”Ye Yunlong patted Finn ‘s shoulder, not as sentimental as Chen Fangling.

“It’s not bitter, my foster grandmother has been quite good to me, even though I can’t eat mountains and seafood, it’s no problem to have a full stomach.” Finn didn’t want his parents to worry too much, after all, the past had already p A**ed.

After a short chat, Finn became more and more aware that this father, who looked similar to him, had an easy-going appearance, but his heart was actually far deeper than he had imagined, worthy of being at the helm of the Ye family.

After a few moments of contemplation, Ye Yunlong finally asked, “Little Fan, do you want to return to the family?”

“Think.” Finn got out without even thinking about it.

Ye Yunlong said squarely, “It’s fine to return to the family, but you need to complete a task, the task two choose whichever one you want to complete, but if you can’t complete it, then you can’t return to the family.”

“You say it.” Finn nodded his head heavily.

Ye Yunlong stretched out one finger and said, “First of all, one of the reasons I asked Charles to train you is so that you can grow up to be strong enough to endure a big storm, so that when you return to the family, whether you encounter oppression from other families or inherit the Ye family, you’ll be fine.”

Finn nodded and said, “I understand that this is all for my own good, but I also know that this kind of exercise will take at least a few years, if not longer, before I can grow completely, and I don’t want to take that long to return to the family.What about its second?”

“Its second solution is actually non-existent, but I see hope in you, you found the Dragon Brand before and made a great achievement to the family, which proves that you are a great luckster, so the second one is for you to gather the remaining ten Zodiac Jade Plaques, and when you find the real Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, then you can crush everything in terms of hard power, and you don’t have to worry about the threat from other families.”After Ye Yunlong finished speaking, he actually laughed at himself.

Finn understood that the first task was something that could be accomplished with plenty of time, but the second task was not something that could be made up with time, it relied on luck.

Good luck might be able to gather it in a day, bad luck would never find it in a lifetime.The Ye family cared so much about this that they must have been looking for it, but hundreds of years would only prove how difficult it was to find the Tiger Brand.

“I’ll try my best.” Finn spoke in a slightly heavy tone, knowing that he would not be able to return to Ye Island for a short time.

Ye Yunlong patted Finn ‘s shoulder and said, “Little Fan, you’re father’s son, you have to believe in yourself.Don’t think too much about it now, prepare for the New Year, relax and try your best next year!”



In Ye Island, Finn stayed for a total of three days and left after the first day of the new year.

This New Year was the happiest Finn had ever had, but Finn didn’t stay long, he knew he wouldn’t want to leave if he stayed longer.

Three days Finn has been accompanying Chen Fangling and Ye Yunlong, talking about some of these years past, and also did not go to the city of Ye Island to play, Ye Island’s population is so large, there is no guarantee whether there is a mole, Finn does not want to expose himself so early.He will happen life threatening is one thing, more or less afraid of his parents distracted for him.

On the day of leaving, Chen Fangling didn’t come to see Finn off, as she had already fainted from crying, only Ye Yunlong watched Finn leave.

“If you go out, you are a member of the Ye family, don’t lose the Ye family, let’s go, the great world is even more for you to go through!”Ye Yunlong heavily patted Finn ‘s shoulder.

Finn nodded heavily without leaving the slightest promise and left on Charles’ private jet without turning back, afraid that he would choke if he opened his mouth.

He would use his efforts to obtain results and then scenically re-embark on Ye Island!

This time, Finn adapted to the plane without getting airsick and took eight hours to return to China.

Originally Charles was going to send Finn back to Fengdu or Kaiyuan, or Jin Sha, but Finn refused.

From the moment he returned to China, Finn was destined to make his way on his own, without any mission, and all of his adventures needed to be done on his own.

Therefore, Finn chose a city called Fangzhou.

Fangzhou belonged to a third tier city, not too big, not too small, just enough for Finn ‘s experience.

“Young Master, in the future, every month will be fixed in your account into a hundred million dollars of pocket money, everything you can freely allocate, what resources you need, just talk to me, I will report to the Master, the Master’s approval will give you what you need, after that I will not be able to accompany you, Young Master everything should be based on their own safety.”Charles sighed, and there was obvious reluctance in his tone.

“Charles, thank you for nurturing me this time, I’ll be on my own next.”Evan didn’t say too many words of separation, not wanting to make the atmosphere too sad.

As for Charles’ promise of family help, Finn didn’t care.What he needed now was to train himself, and if he asked for help without limit, what was the difference between him and a flower in a greenhouse?And how does he grow?

Finn had already thought about it, all the money given by the family except for expenses would be transferred to Li Qiuyu’s account, and now that Li Qiuyu was becoming more and more like a female president, he would feel more at ease if it was given to Li Qiuyu to manage.

After seeing Charles leave, Finn walked aimlessly on the street.

Finn didn’t have the slightest understanding of Fangzhou, the only thing he knew was that Fangzhou wasn’t an oceanfront city and was surrounded by mountains on all sides, which gave it its name.

The only thing that has changed is that Finn is now only one person and has no acquaintances in Fangzhou.

Since the encounter with Charles until now, Finn has been tense, don’t look rich, but things have become more, the things encountered in the past few months, Finn feels that could write a novel.Originally, Finn ‘s life was a four point one line, eat, sleep, go to school, work to earn money as Tina ‘s licking dog, life is extremely quiet.

Come to Fangzhou and start everything over again.

No more acquaintances, no more grudges, Finn only feels like a newborn, standing on the roadside, just want to quietly feel the beauty in front of him, the mind is also never calm.

That’s right, the first thing he wanted to do was to slow down and return to his ordinary life.When he was busy he couldn’t observe everything in time, but now he was able to carefully observe every bit of what was in front of him, calm his mind, and do everything without fear, which was also a necessary lesson to become a superior person.

I have to say, Fangzhou’s air is really good, worthy of being surrounded by mountains on all sides, the air quality is excellent, there is not the slightest haze, the blue sky and white clouds are very pleasant, Finn closed his eyes to enjoy, can’t help but inhale heavily, surprisingly can feel some vegetation aroma.

Hmm?Why does it still smell like a girl?

When Finn opened his eyes in confusion, he saw a young girl of about eighteen-nine years old standing in front of him.

The young girl willow leaf eyebrows almond blossom eyes, looking youthful and lively, wearing a casual white wide fluffy jacket, feet on a pair of blue and white short boots, Finn can not help but admire the eyes, more sweeping a few eyes, after all, beautiful girls who do not want to see ah.

But to Finn ‘s surprise, the girl even stood in front of him and did not move, Finn did not know what the girl was thinking, nor did he want to know.Anyway, the person was right in front of him, one more glance would earn her a glance, and she would be done.

After looking for about ten minutes, the maiden suddenly said, “Have you seen enough?”

“Almost.” Finn nodded his head in satisfaction, but just now he hadn’t let go at all from head to toe, looking carefully back and forth several times.The more he looked at Finn , the more satisfied he became, a beautiful girl like this who was beautiful at a glance was basically uninteresting, but this one in front of him was the more beautiful she looked.

“If you’ve seen enough, take me to dinner.”The young girl said and directly took Finn ‘s arm.

Finn was directly confused, what was going on, for nothing to the maiden?Or is it playing fairy hop?

Finn couldn’t help but inquire, “It’s the first day of the year, you’re not home for New Year’s Eve, looking for me to scrounge up dinner?And what’s your name, I don’t know you yet.”

“My name is Lin Mengqi, I’ve run away from home.”

Lin Mengqi said very casually, but Finn couldn’t even see half of Lin Mengqi’s sadness, and couldn’t help but feel even more like a fairy jump.

But Finn didn’t shake off Lin Mengqi’s hand, but instead hugged Lin Mengqi’s shoulders with his back hand and grinned, “That accomplished, I’ll take you to dinner, what do you want to eat?”

“I’ll have the Louis XIII pizza, the Japanese wagyu beef pie, and the Golden Jade sundae.”As if she was reporting the names of dishes, Lin Mengqi named a few dishes.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you’ve been wearing for a while.Let’s go, you lead the way.”

A hint of complexity flashed in Lin Mengqi’s eyes, and before Finn noticed, she smiled, “Brother Ye, the Western Restaurant is not far from here, let’s walk.”

“Whatever, it’s up to you, I don’t know the place well anyway.” Finn smiled and sized up Lin Mengqi.

Just now he was holding Lin Mengqi’s shoulders, although Lin Mengqi didn’t struggle greatly, but Finn clearly felt Lin Mengqi’s nervousness, it was obvious that Lin Mengqi had never been held like that, at a glance, she was unattached, perhaps not even with an object, which made Finn feel at ease, knowing that Lin Mengqi wasn’t a fairy hopping actress.

And there was another point, just now he just asked Lin Mengqi’s name, but did not report himself, but Lin Mengqi called out the name ‘Brother Ye’, so it dawned on Finn without much thought, it was very likely that Lin Mengqi was one of the twenty fiancées arranged by Chen Fangling, otherwise why did he call Finn so similar to Wang Kexin, or even the same as.

However, when Lin Mengqi said that she ran away from home, it was most likely out of rebellion that she ran away from her family and came here to test Finn .

Estimating in his heart, Finn had a lot of ideas, but he didn’t ask and tear down Lin Mengqi, anyway, if he didn’t ask, Lin Mengqi would be unable to resist saying it directly sooner or later.

Thinking of this, Finn had no thoughts in his mind, and he didn’t care if Lin Mengqi was willing or not, he reached out and hugged Lin Mengqi again, and headed to the western restaurant together.

Mengqi really didn’t resist, so quietly in his arms, of course, it would have been better if there wasn’t some slight trembling from overstress.

“Here we are.”

Reaching the front of the western restaurant, Lin Mengqi’s body was finally not shaking.

Finn raised his eyebrows slightly, it seemed that Lin Mengqi’s ability to adapt was pretty good, having adapted to such an intimate contact in such a short period of time.

In exchange for Finn ‘s first time, that nervous from the end of the date, hands were trembling, even touching each other’s small hands didn’t dare to do.

“Let’s go in then.”Shaking his head to shake off the distracting thoughts in his head, Finn hugged Lin Mengqi and entered the western restaurant.

Entering the western restaurant, Finn was surprised, because it was now the first day of the Lunar New Year, a part of the restaurant were closed, even if it was in business state, in fact, they were all booked years ago, people – traffic is in full and full state.For example, before entering the Western restaurant, Finn saw a hot pot city on the road, the queue was lined up to the corner.

But inside the western restaurant was still deserted, with only a few tables of people elegantly eating their food and exchanging low voices.

“It’s really not a friendly shop, the New Year is so miserable, it might as well close down and go home for the New Year.” Finn shook his head, somewhat speechless.

But as if she hadn’t heard, Lin Mengqi skillfully walked to a window seat and sat down, snapping her fingers, “Waiter.” The first website m.

Seeing this, Finn was suddenly a little confused.

Because from the moment he entered the western restaurant, Lin Mengqi’s reaction was completely different from before.This calm and relaxed manner, as if she had been to this restaurant countless times. Finn began to mutter in his heart, knocking over the original idea.

Originally, Finn had thought that Lin Mengqi was Chen Fangling’s chosen fiancée who didn’t want to get married and flee the family.But on second thought, this judgment was a bit whimsical.Not to mention how Lin Mengqi met him by chance on the street, let’s say that this time’s arrival in Fangzhou was also Finn ‘s temporary decision, outsiders wouldn’t even know.

Then, why did he know that his surname was Ye?

The more Finn thought about it, the more he couldn’t figure it out and simply asked, “How do you know my surname is Ye?”

“How do I know, because of the clothes you’re wearing.”Lin Mengqi pointed at Finn ‘s jacket.

Finn looked down at his jacket and found that there was nothing strange, but took off his clothes and saw that a large leaf character was embroidered on the back of his clothes.He just suddenly realized that this shirt was taken in the family when he came back without clothes for the New Year, so this shirt is the family costume, he didn’t notice this detail at first, but he didn’t expect it to be the culprit for exposing his identity.

Deep in his heart, he understood that Lin Mengqi was not a family child as he thought, and Finn was a little worried.

Coming to a strange city and following a stranger to dinner was a big taboo in itself.Especially coming to such a deserted restaurant, how to think, how to have an end.

How could I be so defenseless?

Evan muttered in his mind that he was sure the fairy jump was unmistakable and was about to get up.

“Are you going to leave me on my own?”Lin Mengqi frowned.

Finn said without concealment, “Yeah, I’m leaving now, is it hard to stop you from stopping me?”

“I won’t stop you, but you disappoint me, I thought you’d be different from the other boys, but I guess I was naive, so go away.”Lin Mengqi shook her head with eyes full of loss.

Finn was a bit confused and didn’t know what Lin Mengqi was acting, but he still left with determination.

Who would know if this was Lin Mengqi’s acting or not?

Originally, Finn came with Lin Mengqi to make up his mind that Lin Mengqi was the fiancée sent by Chen Fangling, since she wasn’t, why waste time.

Even though Finn was rich, he was not going to be fooled as a fool.

When he left the western restaurant, Finn received a phone call.

“Hello, who’s there?” Finn looked at the unfamiliar caller ID and couldn’t help but ask.

“Hello, is this Mr. Ye?I’m a housing agent, you had a housing enquiry on our side before, I’m sorry, there are no new villas, but there is one that has just been rented out, I wonder if you would mind?”A steady male voice came over the phone.

“For rent?That’s fine, then send me the address, I’ll go over to inspect the house and pay on the spot if I’m satisfied.” Finn faintly opened his mouth, he came to Fangzhou need to find a house to live in is right, but after all, it is not a new house, if the landlord is a mourning ghost, Finn simply stay in a hotel for a few days.

Hanging up the phone, Finn received a text message stating the address.

After twenty minutes, he arrived in front of the villa.

“No car is really inconvenient, if I drive myself, I’ll be there in five minutes, I waited so long for a car.” Finn couldn’t help but vomit when he got out of the taxi, this experience of taking a taxi outside in the middle of winter was not to mention how unpleasant, anyway, Finn didn’t want to have a second time.

“Hello, Mr. Ye, I’m the intermediary who just spoke to you on the phone, my humble name is Wang Qiang, and this will take you to see the villa.”Wang Qiang said with a smile.

The villa was in the suburbs, it was sparsely populated, a taxi was parked in front of the villa, without even thinking about it, Wang Qiang knew that the person in front of him was Finn .

Finn nodded his head and showed his admiration to Wang Qiang.The New Year’s Eve away from home, still working outside, Wang Qiang is very similar to the previous him, even more than the previous him to work hard, Finn admires this kind of self-reliant person.

The villa is different from Fengdu’s villa, Fangzhou’s villa is small, only three floors, and covers an area not too large, listening to Wang Qiang’s explanation that it covers an area of only 200 square meters.The owner of the house was not the kind of person who would be annoyed. The fragrance was so faint that it would not be possible to achieve this effect if it was cleaned up on the spot.The actual actual time of the day, the actual time of the day, the actual time of the day.

After renting the house and getting the key, Finn took Wang Qiang out to eat, fearing that it was the fairy jump that left in a hurry just now, but now his stomach was rumbling.The reason for taking Wang Qiang, or because Finn saw the original self.And because it was the suburbs, it was very difficult to find a restaurant, walking two streets before Finn saw one, and by the time he returned home after dinner it was already two hours later.Fortunately, Finn is not a picky eater, otherwise you will hesitate for hours and hours to eat.

As soon as he got home, Finn not only frowned, the entrance somehow added a pair of women’s white short boots.

“Now that burglaries are so civilized, you’re still changing your shoes in and out of doors?”Evan muttered and entered the room carefully.He knew that the thief was in the room now, so he had to sneak in softly and catch the thief by surprise.

Looking all over the first and second floor, Finn didn’t see any sign of the thief, not even signs of things being tossed around.It was not until Finn arrived at the third floor that Finn found a clue.

Because the third floor bathroom actually came from the sound of the shower and the sound of singing.

Nima, the thief broke into the empty door there is still time to take a shower, especially breaking into the empty door is also a girl, is intolerable, Finn directly rushed to the bathroom, a hand pushed open the bathroom door!


It seemed that the shower wasn’t long, the steam in the bathroom hadn’t been completely emitted, and Finn immediately saw the unarmed girl in the bathroom, but before admiring the girl’s delicate body, Finn saw the girl’s looks and was stunned Finn .

It wasn’t because the girl was too ugly, but it was just too pretty, and more importantly, the girl was exactly Lin Mengqi!

“Lyn Monique?” Finn subconsciously screamed out.

“Ah!!!Pervert!Get out!”The door to the room was opened, stopping Lin Mengqi’s singing with a sudden fright and reaching out to grab the bottle of shower gel, it was flung right at the door.

Fortunately, Finn was quick-eyed and closed the bathroom door with one hand, or else he would have been smashed out with internal injuries.

“Forget it, let her wash first, we’ll catch up later.” Finn muttered and went to the living room on the first floor, just now he had noticed that there was even a cloakroom on the third floor, which displayed quite a few girls’ clothes.

Finn reckoned that the owner of this villa should be living here after he moved away from here, Lin Mengqi broke into the empty door and found no one there, so he lived here.

In the past, when Finn watched the news, he had seen such idiotic thieves, and in the end, the thieves were brought to justice.

“Should I call the police?” Finn said to himself, to be honest, the previous Lin Mengqi fairy jump to now breaking into the empty door, all made Finn have no good impression of Lin Mengqi.But what Finn cares more about is that a young girl like Lin Mengqi, who is a flower like a jade, must earn a lot from finding a decent secretarial job, or an anchor like Xiao Coco, who earns tens of thousands a month, why does she have to do these illegal things if she can’t think straight?

Without waiting for Finn to find out the result, he was interrupted by Lin Mengqi’s squeal, “Call the police, I think I should be the one to call the police!” Remember the URL .

Finn turned his head to see that Lin Mengqi was walking down from the stairs with a bathrobe on her body.

Seeing this, Finn directly took out his phone and opened the video.

“What are you doing with your phone?”Lin Mengqi frowned.

Finn reasonably said, “Naturally, it’s video recording.”

“Video, you big pervert, I’ll definitely call the police to arrest you!”Lin Mengqi’s face swished red and tugged tightly on her bathrobe to prevent going – light.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.If I don’t video evidence, by the time the police come, and then you frame me for abducting a young – daughter, it will be more than worth the loss.”

“Wait, did you say your house?”Lin Mengqi locked her eyebrows, seeing that Finn didn’t seem to be faking it, she squared up and said, “Get it straight, this is my house!”

“Your house farts, do you have a key, this is the house I just rented!”

Saying that, Finn took out a set of keys and then said, “I just suspected that you were breaking into the house to see your master not home, that’s why you’re living here secretly, and now you still dare to argue, I’m calling the police!”

“I told you, this is my house, you wait!”Lin Mengqi ran up the stairs as soon as the words were out of her mouth, and came down with her ID card not long after, saying, “Keep your eyes open, the address on the ID card is not here!”

Finn fixed his eyes to see that it was really here.

“f*ck, could it be that agent is a scammer?Doesn’t look like it, does it?” Finn was a bit shocked and suspicious, took out his phone and dialed Wang Qiang’s number, shouting angrily, “Wang Qiang, I kindly invited you to dinner, why are you still lying to me, this house is obviously occupied!”

“Impossible, I just contacted my landlord I carefully confirmed the real estate license, it’s the landlord himself who is renting out right, I won’t be mistaken about that.”Wang Qiang hurriedly explained.

Finn listened to Wang Qiang speak does not seem to be fake, even more frowned: “Then what is going on now, you go ask the landlord, is there any misunderstanding?I want it to be resolved as soon as possible, don’t…”

Before Finn finished speaking, Lin Mengqi snatched Finn ‘s phone and said, “That, it’s me and my boyfriend who had a fight, it’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with this house, don’t worry, happy new year, bye!”

“What are you doing?Feeling guilty?Could it be that you forged the documents? Finn didn’t get angry because he was robbed of his phone, instead he looked at Lin Mengqi with interest.

Just now, when he called the intermediary, Finn was afraid that the intermediary was a liar, if that was the case, it would turn out that Finn was forcing his way into the people’s house.But now, Lin Mengqi seems to have softened up, otherwise why would she tell the intermediary that nothing is wrong, this at least proves that the intermediary is fine, and Finn is not considered to be forcing his way into the people’s house.

Lin Mengqi even waved her hand, “I didn’t forge documents, this is indeed my house, except…”

“Only what?” Finn ‘s eyebrows raised, smelling the story.

Lin Mengqi sighed and said, “If I’m going to say something, you’re going to have to let me live here, okay?”

“You speak first, I’ll think it’s okay, and the story, it must be exciting, depending on my mood, I’ll let you stay.” Finn doesn’t fall for it, if Lin Mengqi fools around with a few words and doesn’t hear any stories, then he’ll be at a loss.

Lin Mengqi phoenix eyes slightly stared, but found that Finn was indifferent, and soon became like a defeated lion, and spoke, “Then I’ll say it, listen carefully, I’ll only say it once.I’m a first year college student, food and clothing life is good, but last New Year’s Eve, my dad suddenly wanted me to get married, and the wedding object is the son of my dad’s old war friend, yesterday New Year’s Eve my dad’s war friend’s family also spent at my house.I didn’t want to get married, so I ran away, and this house was an adult – human gift from my dad, and I guess running away from home was discovered by my dad to prevent me from coming back here, and that’s why I rented this place out in advance.And I don’t have any financial resources, so if I don’t have a place to stay, I should have to go home.”

“So that’s how it is.”Evan stroked his nose, a little bit dizzy.

I thought it was a fantastic story, but I didn’t expect it to be the old bridge of parents pushing for marriage and children running away, but although the bridge was old, Finn was eating it up.Anyway, Finn advocated free love, and besides, Lin Mengqi was only in her first year of college, she hadn’t even finished her studies, and her life hadn’t even started, so wouldn’t it be a pity to fall into the marriage grave.

“Isn’t my reason for running away from home ridiculous, but I beg you to let me live here, this place is being rented out by my father, he must not expect me to be here, don’t worry, even though I have no money, I won’t live with you for free, I will wash and cook and clean, as a payment for housing, do you think it’s okay?”Lin Mengqi was anxious to burst into tears.

This made Finn couldn’t help but spit out, “Look at how scared you are, it’s to the point where you’d rather be a hard laborer than go home.I’m really curious as to what your father’s old comrade’s son looks like to have such power, is it a bull’s head and a horse’s face or black and white?”


Lin Mengqi shook her head and said, “That person came back from studying abroad, he’s an elitist, he’s upper cl A** in terms of his talk and appearance.”

“Then what are you dissatisfied with, isn’t this pretty good.” Finn was somewhat speechless, such a boy was the prince charming that how many girls dreamed of.

Not to mention others, if Finn were a girl, she would have married such a good guy long ago if she met him.

The company has been in the process of developing a new product for the company’s customers, including a new product for the company’s customers, a new product for the company’s customers, and a new product for the company.Even if the process is tiring of crying, at least it’s my own choice, I’ve been arranged by them, I’ve lived without any sense of meaning, without any sense of reality.”

Finn was slightly startled, Lin Mengqi’s temperament revealed lively and lovely, but he never thought that his heart would be so heavy.

Lin Mengqi went on to say again to herself, “The reason why I don’t want to give up this house is also very simple, because it’s the only private space that completely belongs to me, and here, I am everything.But now, even this house was ruthlessly taken away by my father and even rented to you, if I didn’t have any money, how would I get to the point of helping you with your laundry and cooking, I just want to better guard my house from being destroyed by you!”

“Sabotage?What’s so serious, I’m not from the demolition brigade.” Finn was somewhat speechless, although he understood Lin Mengqi’s words, he couldn’t agree that this was the reason why Lin Mengqi was viciously slandering him.

As the conversation changed, Finn spoke again, “But well, I can grant you this request, it doesn’t matter if you live here, there are more rooms anyway, and you, in addition to washing and cooking and cleaning, you also need to grant me a request.”

“What request?I won’t grant excessive requests, so if you want to hit on me, don’t open your mouth.”Lin Mengqi’s eyebrows knitted.

Finn smiled and looked Lin Mengqi’s figure up and down, although he had seen it once before, but now that Lin Mengqi was only wearing a bathrobe, he was looking more directly at it.

Observing for a moment, before Finn shook his head, “Don’t look at your looks and figure quite good, but it’s not like I haven’t seen you better than good, not to mention, there’s a whole bunch of women chasing me behind me, so I’m not going to ask for bad taste from you.”

Finn was telling the truth, Chen Fangling had introduced him to twenty fiancées, and now he had only seen Wang Kexin, and the other nineteen he hadn’t even had time to look at.

“Then tell me, what is the request?”Lin Mengqi glanced at Finn , apparently thinking that Finn was bragging, she thought she was quite good looking, a whole bunch of ones better than her would be too much, to say two or three, she still felt a little credible.

Finn waved a big hand, “My request is very simple, that is, this house is now mine, everything I say, who I want to bring back to play is my freedom, without my command, you are not allowed to dictate to the people who come here and spoil the atmosphere.”

“OK!”Lin Mengqi clenched her teeth and nodded, at the worst, when Finn ‘s lease arrived, she would throw away all the beds and blankets at home and replace them with new ones.As for Finn bringing no-three – no-four people back to affect her reputation, she didn’t care, this was already a suburb, or a villa area, and there weren’t that many long-talking women chewing on her tongue.

“That’s it then, good cooperation.” Finn smiled, thinking about it and then inquired, “Then you just suddenly approached me on the street and asked me to buy you dinner, are you now without any money at all?If not, I’ll earn you a hundred thousand living expenses for the first month, or else you won’t be able to buy food or anything.”

“A hundred thousand?A month’s worth of living expenses?”Lin Mengqi was shocked by Finn ‘s words, “I ran away from home, my credit card was stopped by my family, and I only have a few hundred dollars on me, and I wanted to eat something good on New Year’s Eve before I was looking for someone to treat me to dinner.But are you really that rich?If you had money just now, why did you just run away without eating?”

“I feel like you’re so weird, you don’t even resist being hugged by strangers, and you’re so skilled when you enter a restaurant, I thought you were a fairy dancer trying to trap me.Don’t look at me as rich, but I don’t want to be the wronged party.” Finn laughed awkwardly, not expecting that it was all because of his big brain that he had the previous misunderstanding.

Finn took out his phone and opened WeChat, looked at the WeChat balance, and pondered for a moment before speaking, “It’s too much effort to transfer money to you over and over again, anyway, the change in my balance is almost enough for living expenses, so add my WeChat, I’ll transfer the money to you, and it’s time for dinner in a little while.”

“Okay.”Lin Mengqi didn’t say anything more, but in her heart she despised Finn , just now she was still paying lip service to 100,000, but now it turned out to be a transfer of change, how much change can there be, 300 or 500?

As expected, Finn was as big a liar as she expected.

Very quickly, the two of them added WeChat, so Finn directly transferred the change to Lin Mengqi, smiling, “I rented this house for a year, and this change is estimated to be enough for us to spend our living expenses out of pocket for a year, of course, I’m referring to the spending at home.”

A few hundred dollars and still spend a year?Lin Mengqi almost didn’t laugh off her teeth, but the surface didn’t show it, she just opened the chat window with Finn and prepared to claim the money, but when she saw the amount of money, Lin Mengqi opened her mouth so violently that she probably could have even stuffed an egg into it.

“This this, this is sure it’s change?”Lin Mengqi’s speech was a bit slurred, it really wasn’t that she was worshipping gold, but this amount was too exaggerated.

One million two hundred and thirty five thousand four hundred and eighty one!

It was the first time Lin Mengqi saw that WeChat transfers could transfer so much, and it was also the first time she knew that a seven-digit amount could also be taken as fractions.

It really wasn’t that she was exaggerating, in a third-tier city like Fangzhou, the consumption wasn’t that high, for example, this villa of hers looked like it was three floors, but in fact it was only 800,000 after all the formalities were completed.

In other words, all this money that Finn gave her was more valuable than her villa, and yet this, was only a fraction of Finn ‘s balance, a year’s worth of living expenses, or just the daily necessities living expenses spent at home, this was too much beyond imagination, completely reversing Lin Mengqi’s third view.

“What are you stunned ah, money collected ah, you really think I let you free as a hard labor ah, give me to cook and wash clothes, I must not for you to go to college it.Now you run away from home, your family probably won’t give you tuition, as a way to threaten you to go home, I don’t provide for you who provides for you.” Finn was somewhat speechless, just now Lin Mengqi was so magnificent and said some ideal and ambitious words, but now he was so obsequious that he didn’t even dare to collect one million.

“Collect, immediately.”Lin Mengqi mechanically nodded her head, so she collected the money, followed by somewhat blankly asking out the doubt in her heart, “Then how much whole money do you still have in your WeChat?”


“A whole lot of money?Nuo, see for yourself.” Finn handed the phone screen to Lin Mengqi’s eyes.

“A billion….One billion?”Lin Mengqi was completely stunned by the numbers, no wonder Finn didn’t care about a million, there was still a hundred million in A**ets.

“But you have to be moderate, even though you have money, you can’t spend it like this.”Lin Mengqi felt that Finn was still too defeated.

Finn retrieved his phone, opened the bank app, clicked to check his balance, and then handed it back to Lin Mengqi in front of him, saying, “Don’t worry, I still have one billion in my card, just in case.WeChat’s one billion is just my family’s living expenses for me for this month.”

One billion needed to be deposited for unexpected needs?

A hundred million dollars a month to live on?

Nima, this is no joke!

It’s f*cking outrageous!

Lin Mengqi was completely speechless, before she still somewhat felt that Finn was bragging, but the data was in front of her, just now Lin Mengqi had seen the transfer records, no surprises, Lin Mengqi was sure she had seen last month’s outgoing flow on the bank card, 15 billion!

Finn was also shocked to see 15 billion, but quickly thought that 10 billion was the flow of water caused when he divided up the Wang family’s property last month.But Lin Mengqi didn’t ask, and Finn wouldn’t explain himself. The first website m.

When Lin Mengqi looked at Finn again, her eyes changed.

Originally, she thought that Finn was a braggart who didn’t make any mistakes, until Finn transferred a million to her, she knew that Finn had power, but he was just a loser.But when she saw the final amount in hundred million, Lin Mengqi knew that Finn might be living inside two different worlds with her.

Fangzhou this third-tier city, can have hundreds of millions of A**ets is a big brother, and reached a billion price has been able to shoot on the list of the rich, but also did not see who can flow ten billion away ah.

In Lin Mengqi view, like Finn this kind of person, in the Fangzhou, that is the earth emperor, want what there is not to say, and call the wind and rain is also a small matter of waving hands.

Lin Mengqi was shocked and unable to speak, Finn was also quite bored, and with the fact that he had just finished his meal and his previous plane ride, before he knew it, Finn fell asleep.


Hearing Finn ‘s slight snoring sound as he slept, Lin Mengqi only then recovered from her shock and looked at the teenager in front of her who was about her age, Lin Mengqi didn’t know what to say.To say that Finn had a big heart or had trust in her?

Lin Mengqi looked at Finn , who was curled up sleeping with a smile on his face, and softly went upstairs to get a blanket to help cover Finn .

“What am I doing!”As if waking up from a dream, Lin Mengqi couldn’t help but blush and whispered, “I’m not worried about him catching a cold, am I?I’m just afraid he’ll catch me with a cold, yeah right, that’s definitely true.”

After finding a reason to help justify herself, Lin Mengqi’s heart calmed down this way, and before she knew it, she fell asleep as well.

“Whew, that feels good!” Finn stretched his back and sat up.

I have to say, sleeping on the couch, if your back aches, but it’s a miracle you didn’t catch a cold.


Only then did Finn realize that he was covered with a blanket, and he didn’t need to think about it to know that Lin Mengqi had helped cover it, and there was no one else in the house besides Lin Mengqi.

Turning his head to look around, Finn saw that Lin Mengqi was sleeping on the sofa next to him.


Finn somewhat found it funny that Lin Mengqi helped him cover the blanket, but Lin Mengqi herself did not cover it, and was wearing a bathrobe, showing a lot of spring-light.As for Finn laughing, it was because Lin Mengqi was freezing her hands and feet curled up like a little meatball.

Shaking his head helplessly, Finn put the blanket covering himself on Lin Mengqi’s body.As he expected, with the blanket on, Lin Mengqi’s tightly locked eyebrows stretched out.

This little girl was not a bit defensive, she really was not out of society, her heart was really big.

Finn muttered in his heart, fortunately he had seen some big scenes now, and was not so excited to see a beautiful woman.Otherwise, in the past, when he saw Lin Mengqi’s beautiful legs, he wouldn’t be able to help but go up and lick a few bites, at least he couldn’t escape from sniffing the fragrance.

It seems that she sensed Finn ‘s aggressive eyes, Lin Mengqi also woke up leisurely, and immediately after seeing Finn , she hastily shrank back into a ball.It wasn’t until she saw the blanket on her body that Lin Mengqi’s heart warmed, knowing that Finn wasn’t furry.

But all this was in Finn ‘s eyes, which suddenly made Finn a little dissatisfied: “Wake up and cook, Ben is hungry, we have to eat dumplings on the first day of the New Year, I want to eat the ones you personally wrapped.”

“Personally wrap dumplings?”Lin Mengqi smiled awkwardly, somewhat for the sake of it: “I just know how to cook some Western food, all learned at school, I don’t know much about Chinese food, especially pasta, basically don’t know anything, how about going out to eat?”

Afraid of Finn ‘s reluctance, Lin Mengqi said again: “There is a Xijia De dumpling nearby, with thin skin and big filling, and whole prawns inside, how about eating his?The taste is amazing!”

“Fine fine, fine, I’ll obey you.” Finn shook his head helplessly, he also wanted to say no, but the price was going hungry at night.

As for ordering takeaway, Finn had never thought about it, Finn had delivered outside before, and although the vast majority of restaurants were up to standard, there were many small workshops that were not up to standard, and Finn didn’t want to risk eating bad food one in a million.

Now rich, we must pursue life, no longer have to go for cheap to order those low-quality food.

Finn also came empty-handed this time, and didn’t bring any luggage.By the time Lin Mengqi had groomed and dressed up, it was already an hour later.

“Been waiting long, right?”Lin Mengqi was slightly apologetic.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I was just playing with my phone too.”

Finn responded with a smile, although he said so on his lips, Finn ‘s heart didn’t think so.

Usually even if even the cutest girl, when it came to makeup and dressing up as well as shopping, it would make guys feel uncute, and Finn was no exception, he even felt that Lin Mengqi had been dressing up for a bit too long, extremely inked, and the point was, Finn didn’t see much change before and after the makeup.Still a white fluffy jacket with white boots, a close look at Finn also know that the style has changed, but not carefully observed, really almost.

The reason why Finn does not refute, but also as an exercise of their own mentality, after all, the purpose of coming to Fangzhou is to exercise itself, whether from outside to inside, are to progress to improve. Finn very heart is also clear, now he is very rich, but the heart is still a hanging wire, not so noble cultivated vision, now to do, is to at least look decent on the outside, as for the inner exercise, he wants to hurry and can not rush.

The same as when we first met in the morning, Lin Mengqi was leading the way, while Finn was hugging Lin Mengqi’s shoulders at the back, looking no different from an ordinary couple.

This time, Lin Mengqi couldn’t help but question, ” Finn , I’m not your girlfriend either, why do you have to hug me?”

In fact, if Finn really said that he liked her, even if it was a dogged love at first sight, Lin Mengqi didn’t even know how to answer, because she had never been with a man at all.

Just as Lin Mengqi regretted asking the question and was trying to figure out the wording of rejection and acceptance in her mind, Finn spoke up.

“Mengqi, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a guide dog?”


“I would like to…Er, what?A guide dog?”Lin Mengqi was about to say the word willing, but suddenly reacted that Finn was asking a question and couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

Finn hehely smiled, “I just happened to watch a guide dog movie on a plane this morning, I just felt like you lead the way and I follow, this feeling is very much like a master and guide dog, I just wanted to experience what the main character of the movie feels like.It’s a pity there’s no chain, otherwise I’d probably pull a full experience.”

“Evan, you bastard!”Lin Mengqi stepped on Finn ‘s foot and then came raging.


Finn took in a mouthful of cold air, but the bottom of his eyes was laughing.

The guide dog and so on is naturally a lie to Lin Mengqi, in fact, Finn just wanted to take advantage of Lin Mengqi, but to say it directly seems how degrading, how much like an idiot – man pervert ah.To be able to defuse it in such a humorous way, Finn is deeply wise.

Not ashamed to be me!

I’m such a little genius!

Finn narcissistically tossed his hair, followed by catching up, stretched out his salty hand again, placed it on Lin Mengqi’s shoulder, and smiled hehehe, “Let me feel it again, next time it’s you instead, you won’t lose out.”

“Really?It’s my turn next time, it’s a deal oh.”Lin Mengqi smiled happily when she heard Finn ‘s promise, claiming that she wasn’t losing anything. Remember the URL . .net

Finn smiled and didn’t say anything, he knew in his heart that Lin Mengqi wasn’t a loss, but whether he took the initiative to build Lin Mengqi or let Lin Mengqi hug him, he was sure to earn.

Thus, the two of them played around and finally arrived at Heijia De.

Just as Finn expected, New Year’s all eat dumplings, if you don’t have a reservation, it’s really hard to get a seat.

Watching the crowds line up to the corner, Finn knew it would take at least four hours to wait.

But was Finn the kind of person who would honestly wait in line?Of course he wasn’t, and with Lin Mengqi, he walked right to the front of the line.

The waiter’s brows furrowed, “Sir, please get in line, it’s New Year’s Eve, you all want to have a good time, so don’t provoke public anger at this time.”

“It’s fine, I won’t jump the queue, I’m just here to talk to the boss about a small business.”Saying that, Finn walked in with Lin Mengqi, and after a few questions, he went straight to the boss’s office.

It was said to be an office, but it was just a small room, and the owner was a middle-aged man in his forties, short and chubby, and his face was just honest and simple.

“Hello, I’m the owner of this shop, Kong Chunsheng, what can I do for you?”Kong Chunsheng was polite.

Finn smiled and handed out a business card without beating about the bush, “My name is Finn , I want to acquire this store, how much do you think is appropriate?”

“Acquisition?”Kong Chunsheng frowned slightly, “It’s peak season, I invested two hundred thousand in it, I’ve been losing money for the first six months, and I’m just about to start making money, do you think I’ll sell it?”

“Two hundred thousand cost ah, how about this, auspicious New Year, I’ll pay eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight, I wish you a new year’s hair, what do you think?” Finn was smiling and looked like a harmless person.

Kong Chunsheng’s eyebrows were even deeper locked: “Young man, this is not how jokes work, if there is nothing you can go out.”

Finn did not talk nonsense, picked up his phone and scanned the Alipay QR code on the table, then Kong Chunsheng’s phone sounded an alert.

“Alipay has arrived, $8888888!”

“What?”Kong Chunsheng thought he had heard wrong, opened his phone and hurried to confirm, seeing that it was indeed 8888 yuan in the account, suddenly smiled and said: “Young man, you can be really great, so much money without blinking an eye, okay, I will not be polite to you, the money are given, I will draw up a contract later, the shop is yours.”

He invested only two hundred thousand, even if he lost money, the total would not be more than three hundred thousand, but Finn shot over eight hundred thousand, only a fool would still not do a business with this much money.

“Wait a minute, boss, I don’t have the time to manage this place right now either, if I can, I’m willing to continue hiring you, but I haven’t eaten the dumplings here yet, do you think we should try the finished product first.” Finn still had a smile on his lips.

Kong Chunsheng patted his chest and said, “You can’t call me boss, you are the boss here now, don’t worry, I’ll go fill a table and you guys will be able to eat hot dumplings in no time.”

Saying that, he went to rig it.

Lin Mengqi stared at the departing boss dumbfoundedly and asked, ” Finn , as for that, you bought the shop just to eat a dumpling?”

“Isn’t it convenient, before I was willing to throw some money away and jump in line even.But you see this now business is booming, not just because of the New Year, it must still be a good reputation to do so, just like you, isn’t it also boast the delicious dumplings here.I think Kong Chunsheng is quite simple and honest, he has good eyesight, so I’ll give him a red envelope for the New Year, I’ll return the money if the dumpling shop makes a profit, and learn a lesson if it loses.Anyway, it’s just for fun to come out to eat.” Finn smiled, the point was that he was really hungry now.

Now he could understand Charles more and more, why he would just buy wherever he wanted.Because doing a membership card is only a part of the privilege, but becoming a boss is having supreme power, like this temporary extra table, isn’t it a privileged treatment.

Lin Mengqi nodded her head in plausible understanding, anyway, in her opinion, Finn has money, this money is not even a fraction of Finn ‘s account.It’s like someone with ten thousand dollars, spending a dollar on a grilled sausage, it’s just so easy and carefree, where there’s not much to think about.

“Fine, it’s pretty good to be able to eat dumplings without queuing up anyway.”Lin Mengqi smiled hip-hoppingly and followed Finn out of the boss’s office.

But as soon as she left the door, Lin Mengqi hid behind Finn and even had to return back to the office.

Finn couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

“That, the old comrade’s son I was talking about earlier, I think I saw him, in a white suit.”Lin Mengqi hid behind Finn , not daring to come out.

“Wait a moment, I’ll take a look.” Finn ‘s eyebrows raised, quickly locked on to a man in a white suit, huge dumpling shop, just one in a suit, no wonder Finn saw it so quickly.

But when he saw it clearly, Finn ‘s expression started to become odd, somewhat startled, “Mengqi, are you mistaken, the man in the white suit is accompanied by a young woman and holding a three-year-old child, it looks like a pretty happy family.”

“Really?”Lin Mengqi poked her head out at the words, but then she retracted back into Finn ‘s back and said squarely, “No, I’ll never forget that face once I see it, it’s Zheng Bingqing, there’s no mistaking it!”

Finn helplessly took out his phone and took a picture, then handed it to Lin Mengqi, “Take a good look, people are a family of three.”

Looking at the man, woman and child laughing and talking in the photo, Lin Mengqi’s body trembled and her eyes showed incredulity.

“What? How is this possible!”

Chapter 166

“What’s impossible, I’ve seen plenty of this.”

Finn patted Lin Mengqi’s shoulder and comforted her, “There are all kinds of birds in the forest, just live your own, it’s not a loss if you see what Zheng Bingqing is like now.”

“It’s not a loss, I just need to tell my dad about this, and then dad will definitely not push me anymore.”Lin Mengqi waved her hand and stood up again full of fighting spirit.

In fact, she and Zheng Bingqing only had a one-sided relationship, it was impossible to talk about liking each other, and she wouldn’t fall in love at first sight with anyone else, so knowing about Zheng Bingqing’s marriage deception didn’t actually affect Lin Mengqi in the slightest, it would only be beneficial.

“Okay, if there’s nothing else, let’s eat, but I’m starving.”

Finn touched his stomach and sat on the extra table, waiting to eat.When Lin Mengqi nodded, she waited for the dumplings.

Not long after, Finn ate the dumplings, and I must say that the dumplings here were really delicious.Although it didn’t have the taste of home, it was extremely fragrant, and although it wasn’t as good as a five-star hotel, it was already excellent for a small shop on this street to make these dumplings.

After eating enough, Finn brought Lin Mengqi and prepared to go out, but as soon as she went out Lin Mengqi bumped into a figure, it was none other than Zheng Bingqing.

Zheng Bingqing clenched her fist in a death grip and questioned, “Lin Mengqi, explain to me clearly, you’re not going home because of this man?”

Lin Mengqi cringed at first, but quickly stepped forward and said in a low voice, “What does it have to do with you.”

“What’s it got to do with me?”Zheng Bingqing sneered, “My father and your father have both agreed to let us get married, what do you think it has to do with me, you tell me!”

Lin Mengqi glanced at Zheng Bingqing and snorted, “Don’t pretend, I’ve seen it all, aren’t you already married, why are you still pestering me, can’t you just be honest and explain it.”

As the conversation changed, Lin Mengqi said again, “I do not know what plans you have for my family, but to tell you the truth, I’ve already taken pictures, if you don’t give a frank account, I will also tell my father, there is no way that you and I have anything to do with each other, and I don’t like you either!”

“Are you saying I pretend?What did I pretend?You mean the guy I had dinner with?That woman is my sister!”

As Zheng Bingqing’s words fell, Lin Mengqi was stunned in place.

Finn stood by the side also opened his mouth wide in surprise, no wonder Zheng Bingqing was so excited.

According to what Lin Mengqi said, Zheng Bingqing was Confucian and easy-going, now it seemed that the reason for this rant was that he felt green, also right, as long as he was a man, who could permit the woman within to be with someone else.

“That’s because I misunderstood you, I apologize to you, I’m sorry.”Lin Mengqi bowed her head and said, then she was about to run out, but was grabbed by Zheng Bingqing.

“You want to leave without making anything clear?Aren’t you going to explain to me who he is?”Zheng Bingqing stared at Finn with a deadly stare.

“Ah!You’re hurting me, let go!”Lin Mengqi ate painfully, her wrist was being gripped by Zheng Bingqing very tightly and painfully.

Finn frowned, “Let her go!”

“Let her go?Do you have any say here, I’ll teach you a lesson after I ask her, you won’t get away!”Zheng Bingqing snorted coldly, turning her head and questioning again, “Lin Mengqi, I’m asking you again, can’t you hear me?”


Zheng Bingqing fell to the ground in response, and it was Finn who punched him.

Finn kicked at Zheng Bingqing’s stomach and shouted lowly, “Are you deaf?I told you to let go. Can’t you hear me?Had to force me to do it.”

Turning around, Finn grasped Lin Mengqi’s reddened little hand and blew gently, “Is it okay, Mengqi, does it hurt, let me take you to the hospital.”

Lin Mengqi shook her head and said, “It’s fine, no need to go to the hospital, let’s go home.”

Glancing at Zheng Bingqing who had fallen to the ground, Lin Mengqi whispered, “I told you, I don’t like you, even if you’re not married, I don’t like you, please don’t make a fool of yourself treating me as your person, the one who agreed to get married is my father, if you want to get married you go find him to tie the knot, it has nothing to do with me.”

After saying that, Lin Mengqi turned around and walked away, not looking back.

As for Finn , he didn’t even have the heart to look at Zheng Bingqing.

Zheng Bingqing being green was different from the previous Finn , who was really cheating with Tina when he was with her.But Zheng Bingqing and Lin Mengqi itself is to see one side, parents’ words just, Lin Mengqi did not even agree.

In other words, Zheng Bingqing feels that being green is just self-inflicted.

Back home, Lin Mengqi took off her shoes and sat on the sofa, dumbfounded, not knowing what to think about, and not applying the ointment.

Finn couldn’t help but worry, “Mengqi, what’s wrong with you, didn’t you say it’s fine, hurry up and apply the ointment.”

In Finn ‘s opinion, Lin Mengqi was different from him, boys were already thick skinned, even if they were injured, it was no big deal, but girls were already tender skinned, they were clutched so hard by Zheng Bingqing, and now they were still red, as if they were being pinched.

“I…”As soon as Lin Mengqi was about to speak, she couldn’t help but choke, saying, ” Finn , do you think I’m really my father’s real daughter?Why should I listen to him on everything, when I was a child I was ignorant, it was only natural that I would listen to him, I would listen even if I felt it was wrong, after all he was the one who gave birth to me and raised me, it never hurt me.But marriage is a big deal, it’s my whole life, why should I listen to him on this matter as well?”

Finn chanting but no mouth to hide, because his mother Chen Fangling is even more terrifying, directly introduced twenty fiancées, and now just Wang Kexin a meeting, there are still nineteen did not have time to meet it.And because Finn is a boy, his mother has found a whole bunch of beautiful young ladies, he also just feels like enjoying.So he also didn’t have the position to convince Lin Mengqi.

“Oooooh~” Lin Mengqi started crying as she hugged the sofa pillow.

Finn , who was normally a big grin, but could not see girls crying the most, pursed his lips, Finn still felt it wasn’t right to give a little advice, or else he wouldn’t say anything.

“In my opinion, what the parents did was not wrong, he also experienced young rebellion and was hurt, that’s why he didn’t want you to be hurt and wanted to give you the best, even if he treated you like a flower in a greenhouse, it was to protect you.” Finn chanted.

Lin Mengqi threw the pillow directly at Finn and said, “But, have they ever thought about what I want, I’m not a marionette, I have to do whatever they say, if that’s the case, it’s better to have a kitten and puppy that are obedient and never leave.”

Evan reacted quickly, grabbed the pillow directly and spoke softly, “Don’t get excited yet, I know you want to live your life.So to put it simply, there’s nothing wrong with what you’ve done, and there’s nothing wrong with what your father has done either.The only thing that’s wrong is that your strength hasn’t reached the point where your father has completely let go of you.”

“What do you mean?”Lin Mengqi somewhat didn’t understand Finn ‘s meaning.

Finn smiled slightly and said, “Actually, you can make an A**umption that your father doesn’t see you as a flower in the greenhouse, but as a chick.He hopes that one day your wings will be full of feathers, and then he won’t stop you and let you soar at your own leisure.”

With a word that woke up the dreamer, Lin Mengqi’s body shuddered and she set it in place.


Finn saw Lin Mengqi’s lost fighting spirit’s eyes gradually reveal light.

It seemed that Lin Mengqi had figured it out.

Finn shook his head helplessly, got up and patted Lin Mengqi’s shoulder and said, “Just think about it, I’m going to sleep first.”

He could have said more, but things were bound to go the other way, and it was not a bad idea to give Lin Mengqi some time to digest herself in moderation.

“You go to bed.”

Lin Mengqi nodded, but Finn felt a little funny, not for any other reason than Lin Mengqi’s eyes were red like a little rabbit, looking pitiful, but funny.


Going up to the third floor, Finn recognized a door, opened the room and collapsed on the big soft bed.

Although he didn’t like girl powder, this bedroom had a faint fragrance, and before he knew it, Finn was going to sleep.

“Bang!” First web site

Right at this moment, Finn ‘s head suffered a pillow attack, waking Finn up all of a sudden.

Finn sat up somewhat angrily and looked around, and saw Lin Mengqi holding the pillow, and couldn’t help but say angrily, “What are you doing?”

He could understand that Lin Mengqi was sad, so he wasn’t mad at Lin Mengqi for throwing the pillow before, but the way he disturbed his sleep made Finn extraordinarily angry.

Lin Mengqi didn’t back down and pointed at the bed, “If you want to sleep go somewhere else, this is my room, how can you sleep on my bed?”


Finn ‘s anger disappeared, he was picking a random room, unexpectedly it was Lin Mengqi’s room.No wonder Lin Mengqi was angry, a little girl like Lin Mengqi, who was untouched, probably no boy had ever been in her bed, but Finn went up there, and still lay safely with his clothes off.

If it were him, he would probably be angry, no, to be precise, ashamed.

“That, I’ll be leaving soon, don’t worry.” Finn smiled hehely and was about to get up.

“Ah!”Lin Mengqi hurriedly covered her eyes and turned her body around.

Finn shook his head speechlessly, worthy of being a little girl, not even daring to look at a boy’s bare arms, still really juvenile and innocent.

Putting on clothes, Finn got up and left the room, he originally wanted to say something to Lin Mengqi, but when he saw Lin Mengqi who was blushing up to her neck, Finn didn’t know what to say.

When he left the room, Finn was ready to find a new room, but to Finn ‘s surprise, all the bedrooms were empty, not even the bed board, so he had no choice but to turn back to Lin Mengqi’s room.Naturally, he didn’t want to sleep with Lin Mengqi, and even if he did, he probably wouldn’t agree.

And Finn went to Lin Mengqi’s room just to ask for a blanket to sleep on the sofa downstairs.

But as soon as he opened the door, Finn ‘s nose blood couldn’t control it.Then after a scream, Finn was once again attacked by the pillow and smashed out of the room.

“Er, white…”

Finn said to himself, he never thought he would go to Lin Mengqi’s room just in time to change his pajamas. Finn shook his head, he didn’t know what to say anymore, before he changed, Finn still had a bit of a reason, but now that he had even seen someone’s body, Finn didn’t know where to start even if he wanted to defend himself.

“What are you doing?”

After sitting on the floor for a while, Evan was about to get up and leave, but at that moment, the door of the room revealed a crack, and Lin Mengqi poked her head out and asked.

“That, I just need a blanket or something, there’s no bed in the other room, I’m going to sleep on the couch.” Finn replied truthfully, he hoped that this explanation would make Lin Mengqi calm down.After all, it was a girl’s body, it wasn’t something to just look at.Especially Lin Mengqi this kind of uninvolved, it is even more can not look blindly, if you are not careful it is easy to hurt the girl’s heart, he does not want to be hated by Lin Mengqi, and in the future will have to share the same roof, look up and see, it is not good to fall out.

Lin Mengqi closed the door without speaking.

In this situation, Finn knew that Lin Mengqi might be sad, but now is not the time to coax, so he was ready to leave, to find a hotel outside.

As soon as he got up, the room door opened again.Lin Mengqi handed out a blanket, “I don’t have any spare blankets at home, so you can cover the blanket, it will be fine, go buy it tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Finn ‘s lost face blossomed into a smile as he knew that Lin Mengqi wasn’t angry and had just closed the door to just go get the blanket.

Not being angry was a good thing, after all, this matter was Finn ‘s fault, if Lin Mengqi was really angry, he would have had to coax it.If Lin Mengqi was really angry, he would have gone to coax her. Now that she’s not angry, it’s a relief.

Finn got up and took the blanket, thought for a moment, then probe “bar” kissed on Lin Mengqi’s face, solemnly said: “Mengqi, you are so good.”.

After saying that, Finn ran down the stairs at light speed.

This time also take advantage of Lin Mengqi is indeed to get an inch, but Finn does not regret, was looking at the body, Lin Mengqi is not angry, such a good girl where to find.

But this is also divided into people, if Tina kind of gold-worshipping girl, big Bi Chi, even if it is not wearing anything, Finn will only resent.The first thing you need to do is to look at the woman and see if she’s a good candidate for the job.If he pretended to be innocent, Finn would instinctively feel resentful because Tina ‘s lesson hurt him too deeply.

Today’s Lin Mengqi, gave Finn the feeling like Wang Kexin, Xiao Coco, etc., feelings that were unique to these women of his.

Collapsing on the sofa, Finn took a deep breath of the blanket with the fragrance of Lin Mengqi’s body, and started to fake sleep.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you are wearing.But apparently he thought too much, after waiting for more than half an hour Lin Mengqi did not come down, and his fake sleep also completely turned into a deep sleep.

The next morning, eight o’clock.

Finn was still lying on the sofa, having a beautiful dream, when he was knocked awake by a pillow attack.

“What are you doing?” Finn sat up in pain and stroked his messy head.

Lin Mengqi snorted and said, “Who told you to secretly kiss me, that was my first kiss, this is your punishment!”

Finn was a little helpless, after defending himself all night, he never thought that the attack would come the next morning.

But soon Finn was shocked because he heard the main point from Lin Mengqi’s words, that stolen kiss yesterday, it would be Lin Mengqi’s first kiss!

Finn didn’t know what was good anymore, he was already a bit emotional, that’s why he kissed Lin Mengqi at once when he was moved.But he never expected that it would be the first time, could it be that he would be responsible for yet another woman?

However, he didn’t know Lin Mengqi very well yet.

How could this be?

Evan muttered in his heart, lost in thought.


“I’m just saying, I didn’t make you responsible, it’s just a kiss, I also hit you, why are you even.”Lin Mengqi said indifferently.

Not to say okay, this kind of generosity is even more so that Finn has no reason to feel a little heartache, as if sarcastic his irresponsibility.

“Don’t worry, if you ask me to be responsible, I will naturally be responsible, but some of my situation is responsible and not necessarily acceptable to you.” Finn scratched his head, a little embarr A**ed.His situation was indeed different, everyone else was monogamous, but instead he had five women involved behind him, including Wang Kexin, Xiao Coco, Li Qiuyu, Han Dong’er, and Zhou Leya.On top of that, there were nineteen fiancées who had yet to meet.Don’t tell me that it was placed now, even in ancient times, the number was astonishing.

“Forget it, I’m joking, don’t take it seriously, calculate you really want to be responsible, I may not agree yet, I’m not that familiar with you, if I rely on you with one kiss, then under the heavens first love can end up being married, there won’t be a few.”Lin Mengqi puffed out a laugh, she was actually just teasing Finn , seeing that Finn was so serious, she really wasn’t angry.

Although it was the first time being kissed, it was too exaggerated to call it a first kiss, after all, Finn only kissed her on the face and not on the mouth.


Finn was about to speak, to talk to Lin Mengqi about his woman, when he was interrupted by the sound of his stomach.

“Let’s go, let’s go eat first, I went to sleep after eating yesterday and just woke up hungry, I really don’t know what your stomach is made of.”After Lin Mengqi looked up and down at Finn , she started to steal a smile.

Finn pursed his lips and didn’t say half a word, so he nodded his head and started to put on his jacket to prepare for dinner.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available on the market. Remember the website .

On the second day of the new year, just like the first day, there were few places to open a shop, so Finn once again came to the dumpling shop.

Although it was a dumpling shop, but Finn had become the owner, besides eating dumplings, if you wanted to eat something else, the kitchen had to make it.And Finn ‘s request was not excessive, that is, he asked for two bowls of chaos, with noodles and fillings, and if it was made now, it was also very fast and did not delay things at all.Especially since there weren’t really many people eating dumplings in the morning, the kitchen could also be busy.

“Not bad, this chef is quite skilled, not only is the dumpling good, the ravioli is also so good, could it be that he is a professional pastry chef?”After taking a bite of the ravioli, Finn praised and was inevitably curious to see who the chef in the back kitchen was.

“Sure enough, I knew I’d meet you guys here!”

Finn was eating the wontons, and was almost burned by the interruption, when he turned his head in discontent and saw Zheng Bingqing standing in front of the dumpling restaurant.

“Damn it, what’s wrong with you, a shock.” Finn couldn’t help but curse.

Zheng Bingqing strode in and snorted, “No quality, Lin Mengqi, you like such a vulgar person?”

“With you in charge?”Lin Mengqi’s brow furrowed, and her meal was ruined.

“Now that my father-in-law and my father haven’t completely clarified our matter, you’re still my fiancée, so naturally you have something to do with me.”Zheng Bingqing naturally sat beside Lin Mengqi, revealing a mouthful of big white teeth.Originally, Lin Mengqi had thought that Zheng Bingqing was refined and easygoing, and had a nice smile.But now, the fact that Zheng Bingqing was still able to smile in this situation couldn’t help but make Lin Mengqi feel a little hypocritical and disgusting to her.

“Don’t worry, eat slowly, it’s not good if you burn it.”When Finn saw Lin Mengqi suddenly speed up her eating, he knew that he wanted to hurry up and leave, making him a little worried that Lin Mengqi would get burned.

Lin Mengqi waved her hand indicating that it was fine.


Zheng Bingqing’s stomach screamed as he watched Lin Mengqi eat, and in order to wait for Finn and Lin Mengqi to show up, Zheng Bingqing didn’t eat breakfast.In particular, the fresh fragrance emitted from the wontons made Zheng Bingqing’s appetite somewhat.

“Have a wontons!”Zheng Bingqing waved his hand.

“Sorry, we don’t serve wontons here, only dumplings.”Kong Chunsheng responded with a smile.

Since Finn had become the boss, Kong Chunsheng had naturally replaced the waiter, anyway, now that he was employed by Finn , if he didn’t work, wouldn’t it be sneaky, Kong Chunsheng claimed that he couldn’t get paid for nothing.And he had been right next to it just now, and he also knew that Zheng Bingqing had an argument with Finn , so naturally, he couldn’t take out the wonton.

Moreover, it’s true that won ton is not available here, and Finn is the boss in order for the back kitchen to make the desired food.

Zheng Bingqing slapped the table in anger, “What do you mean, they can all eat, do you think I’m blind?Or do you look down on me and cheat consumers?I’m telling you, I’m a food blogger, if you lie to me, I’ll write a post and stink up your shop’s reputation.”

“What are you shooting nimah, you pay for the table breaking!” Finn frowned, now that the shop was all his property, the tables and benches here were all his property, how could he endure being slapped like this by Zheng Bingqing.

“What does it have to do with you whether I compensate or not, it’s your turn to speak?”Zheng Bingqing looked at Finn with disdain.

Finn smiled and said, “This really has something to do with me, this shop is mine, just now you broke my table, now take the money to pay for it, this table is ten thousand a piece, if you don’t pay you won’t be leaving!”

“You want to blackmail?”Zheng Bingqing eyes narrowed, he was not an idiot, now in Finn ‘s territory, if he was reckless, there was no doubt that a whole bunch of people would dare to come out and fight him.Yesterday, Finn even dared to fight, he knew that Finn ‘s wild temperament could not be settled by just saying a few words verbally.

“You’re right, I’ll blackmail you, give it or not.” Finn laughed and pointed at the surveillance, “See, there is surveillance here, I edited the video, only the first part of you pounding the table to provide as evidence, do you think you can escape the sanctions?Hurry up, take ten thousand and get the hell out of here, and I won’t embarr A** you.Or I’ll beat you up every time I see you!”

“Hit me, just because you want to hit me too?”

Zheng Bingqing didn’t believe that Finn really dared to do it, but Finn was already throwing a punch, directly hitting Zheng Bingqing’s stomach.

“Hit you, how drip it!” Finn snorted coldly, looking at Zheng Bingqing like he was looking at a mole.

Finn knew that Zheng Bingqing was a cultural person, and it was impossible to talk about it, so it would be better to just do it.He woke up in the morning to be woken up, his anger to not spill out, a meal is still disturbed, Finn ‘s anger is even greater, after a few punches, he is only comfortable.Just like what Finn said, Zheng Bingqing is a cultural person, that is, he is verbally powerful, but his body is soft, a few punches, he bowed like a shrimp on the ground.

“Two thousand for one punch, I’ll beat you up for five punches, take it as the price for slapping my table just now.” Finn moved his wrists a few times, and was no longer in the mood to visit the back kitchen, and left the dumpling house with Lin Mengqi.


When she left the Dumpling House, Lin Mengqi was worried, “Is everything okay, aren’t you afraid of getting into trouble if you hit him like that?”

Finn shook his head, “What trouble could there be, he’s still asking for it.If he doesn’t provoke me, I won’t even bother to talk to him.People like him just rely on a little bit of culture to go around lip-syncing people, thinking they’re superior, when in fact they’re not even a fart, a beating would be honest, I reckon that within a week he won’t have the guts to come looking for trouble with us again, and with luck, he’ll go around the road if he sees me in this life.”

Lin Mengqi nodded and didn’t say anything.She was however aware of Finn ‘s background, a billionaire, in a small place like Fangzhou is a horizontal existence, her concern might be a bit unnecessary.

After thinking about it, Lin Mengqi said again, “Then let’s go buy furniture, otherwise you’ll have to sleep on the sofa again tonight.”

When it came to sleeping on the sofa, Finn ‘s back ached.Don’t look at the sofa as soft, but sleeping on the sofa is basically being stuck in the sofa, and sleeping is very tiring.

As such, after reaching for a taxi, Finn took Lin Mengqi with him to buy furniture.

In the car, Lin Mengqi was a little curious: ” Finn , why don’t you buy a car ah, it’s so troublesome to take a taxi.”

In her opinion, Finn was buying shops directly in order not to queue up, so how could he save a car money.

“I forgot if you don’t tell me, I just arrived in Fangzhou yesterday, I haven’t had time to buy a car yet.Let’s do it this way then, let’s go buy furniture first, and then we’ll go look at cars.”If Finn was thoughtful, he arranged the trip directly.

Soon they arrived at the furniture city.

Not bad for a furniture city, this is a place where Fangzhou specializes in selling furniture, the entire five floors of the building is full of various brands of furniture.Since many people only had time to buy furniture for weddings after a busy year, Furniture City didn’t take a holiday on New Year’s Eve, which was the same for many service industries.

“Let’s go to the fifth floor.”

Just as Lin Mengqi thought, there were many people who came to buy furniture for the New Year, especially concentrated on the first, second and third days, because after the third day, they had to go to walk the streets to visit the gates, so Lin Mengqi directly suggested going to the fifth floor.

On the elevator, Finn knew the inner workings of the furniture city.

Although the furniture is divided into different brands, but the furniture city show also according to the price of the distinction, the first floor is the cheapest, are some second-hand furniture, and the second floor is inferior point patchwork furniture, to the third floor is solid wood furniture.But solid wood furniture cl A**ification many, different wood value is also different.As for the fifth floor was the solid wood furniture of big brands, all of which were series of products.

For example, Finn is now standing in the furniture store, is the Hua Ri Furniture’s Nanmu Shijia series, are Nanmu to build, from chairs to cabinets to beds, can be said to choose a series of products, can directly arrange the entire family, and the same series, looks like a natural.

Of course, the most expensive wood for solid wood furniture is not nanmu, but in a third-tier city like Fangzhou, nanmu furniture can be said to be the best furniture, which is also the reason why Finn chose here.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the chairs in front of your eyes, the price tag is two thousand, although it’s just a dining table chair, but the beauty of the texture of the chairs and the comfort of sitting on the fit is nothing to say, very good.Anyway, with Finn ‘s eyes, he couldn’t pick out any faults.

The only thing that Finn found beautiful was that the collection didn’t have a matching wooden floor.

When Finn looked up and around, he saw the shop opposite the door that sold flooring, so he and Lin Mengqi said, “Mengqi, you go across the street and choose a set of flooring that matches this one, expensive all right, pick a good one and I’ll go pay for it later.”

Lin Mengqi nodded and went straight to the opposite side, in fact, even if she didn’t need to pay Finn , she still had 1.23 million living expenses on her WeChat account that Finn had given earlier, which was completely enough to buy the floor.

“This sofa is also not bad, it’s quite comfortable.” Finn sat on the Nanmu series of sofa again, nodding his head in satisfaction, is really comfortable, soft and hard, and in line with the human – body engineering, the height is just right, sitting is not tired at all.

“Give me a whole set of the Nanmu series, all of them.”

Finn said to the male salesman without lifting his head, and went to look at the other furniture right after.Anyway, they were all here, so Mo Bu Ru replaced all the furniture inside the villa with new ones.This kind of Nanmu furniture was all very low in formaldehyde, even if you bought it and put it directly in your home, it wouldn’t affect the environment, that’s why Finn chose solid wood furniture, otherwise when the formaldehyde evaporated for three months, Finn wouldn’t have to live in it.

“You want so much?”The male salesman’s eyebrows were raised, and only then did he put away the phone he had been playing with in his hand.

Finn feel some funny, just male salesman has been looking at the phone, not at all and he introduced furniture, obviously did not look down on him.Now is surprised to put away the phone, is also a snob.

When Finn wanted to directly swipe the card again shocked the male salesman in front of the time, but did not want the male salesman skilled from the pocket out of a paypal payment code, indifferent: “need I give you invoice – invoice, and then tell just that little girl, explain clearly shop no spot, need to wait for a period of time to pick up goods right?It’s a bit risky for you to ask for a whole set of furniture, so it’s not too much for me to charge you ten thousand,”

“Huh?” Finn was suddenly blinded, Finn did not expect the male salesman to be this kind of reaction, completely beyond Finn ‘s imagination.

“Okay, just this amount of money you still think it’s expensive ah, this set of furniture is the most expensive in the entire furniture city, a whole set of all together almost half a million, I only charged you 10,000, you can put the pussy, quite a bargain.”

The male salesman looked like he knew what he was doing, in fact, it wasn’t the first time he had met someone like Finn , who wanted to pick up a girl, but didn’t want to spend too much money yet, but wanted to demonstrate his strength, he would let him open a fake invoice and say that he would pick up the goods in a while.This not only allows him to pretend to be a rich man playing with beautiful girls, but also saves a lot of money.

It took Finn a moment to react before he understood what the male salesman was saying.

But Finn wasn’t annoyed, he just felt a bit amused, now that the hangers-on were chasing the goddess, they were all still playing with the routine, and I have to say, it was really a good idea.If not Finn is really rich, perhaps want to try this method, play cool but also spend less money, even if the beauty to find the truth, presumably he himself have played enough, can be replaced by a beautiful woman to continue the routine.

Unfortunately, Finn is really rich.

Taking out his phone, Finn sent a million directly to the QR code.

When the male salesman saw Finn scan the code, he smiled: “OK, seeing you like this should be the first time you use this routine, come often in the future, I’ll give you a 20% discount.”

As soon as the words fell, without waiting for Finn to explain, the male salesman’s phone sounded the Alipay receipt beep.

“Alipay to account, 1,000,000 yuan!”


“One, a million?”The male salesman was shocked, he would never have thought that this unknown kid in front of him would be so generous, waving his hand is a million, look at that look as if he spent a hundred dollars, easy, calm and unrestrained!

“I’m sorry, I’m the dog’s eyes, I’ll get you the receipt.”The male salesman changed his previous attitude, obsequious to the point of no return.

Finn waved his hand, “Okay, go install all the furniture from the Nanmu series, I see that this piece has a delivery to home package installation service, get up now and try to install all the furniture for me today.”

“Okay Dasho!”The male salesman nodded his head repeatedly, his attitude positive and serious, which still had his previous laziness.

Finn smiled and shook his head, he had seen such people more than once, so he was not surprised.

After waiting for ten minutes, Finn finished signing the order and handed it over to the male salesman to deal with, while the remaining 450,000 was also re-transferred to Finn .With the 450,000, Finn went to the flooring shop across the street, and at the moment, Lin Mengqi just finished picking out the flooring, and after Finn was satisfied with the payment, he left the furniture city with Lin Mengqi and headed to the car dealership.

“What brand of car do you like?”On the road, Finn turned his head and asked.

He knew in his heart, Fangzhou such a small place is not even as good as Kaiyuan, even if you buy a car you will definitely not be able to buy a Rolls Royce, and in addition to the Rolls Royce, the rest of the cars are more or less the same, it’s just a million sports car is more pulling style, as for the SUV or off-road type are not so cool.But no matter which one, in his opinion, it was just a means of transportation, he did not bother to think about it, Mo Bu Ru left the problem to Lin Mengqi.

Lin Mengqi thought, “I don’t know anything about cars, all I know is Mercedes-Benz BMW, the car my dad drives is a Mercedes-Benz, how about you just buy a BMW?”

“BMW?It’s okay too.” Finn nodded, he really had never driven a BMW before, and it was good to choose a BMW. The first website m.

Thinking of a target, Finn brought Lin Mengqi to the BMW car dealership.

As Finn expected, there weren’t many BMW car dealership cash vans here, and they were all very common styles, only the town’s treasure was a sports car, which could barely get into Finn ‘s eyes.

“Let’s take this one.” Finn said, pointing at the orange BMW in front of him.

The car sales lady’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise, but still explained: “Sir is really good eyes, this car is a 19 new BMW i8, compared to the 14 standard model, this one is only 160,000 higher in price, so it’s upgraded to a convertible sports car, matching your temperament can’t be better.But the price is 1.95 million, do you see the need for a test drive?”

Finn eyebrows, don’t look at the sales lady is full of praise, but deliberately put forward the price first, before saying test drive.Obviously, she was saying to weigh whether there was money in your pocket or not first, and if you don’t have money, don’t test drive, you can’t afford to pay for it if you break it.

“No need for a test drive, just swipe your card.” Finn was too lazy to fight with the car sales lady, after all, people were just kindly reminding, and didn’t show any obvious disdain.

“Okay, sir.”The car sales lady took Finn ‘s gold card and went to pay.

The car sales lady twisted her little waist as she left and walked slowly, but when she came back from the payment, she was fast on her feet and her face was a little panicked.The first thing you need to know is that you can’t afford to buy a car without paying for it, and the second thing you need to know is that you can’t afford to buy a car without paying for it.And 10 million worth, in Fangzhou is a rich man.In the view of the car sales lady, Finn must be the rich second generation did not run away.

Just now, she dared to talk to Finn so much, and now her heart was regret and fear.But Miss Car Sales obviously thought too much, if Finn really wanted to be serious, he wouldn’t be so elegant and easy-going now.It wasn’t until Finn drove the BMW sports car away from the dealership that Miss Car Sales knew that Finn really didn’t care about people like her at the bottom of the hierarchy, it could even be said that people like Miss Car Sales didn’t even have the qualifications to be scolded by Finn .

“This is a nice car!”

Finn drove the car and nodded his head in satisfaction.Previously his sports car was a Porsche 911, priced just a million out, but this BMW i8 was nearly two million, crushing the previous Porsche from the price, from the exterior to the interior made him more satisfied.If you have to pick a fault, it’s the color of the exterior, although the exterior shape is good and extremely cool, but the exterior color is only orange, a bit like the car in the Transformers, if you change the gradient color to earthy gold or gray and black, it will be more beautiful.

Of course, orange is also good, after all, domestic cars are black and white based, in addition to red and blue is also a lot, but this kind of orange is rare, directly highlights the charm of imported cars, a look at the price is expensive, very compelling.If it wasn’t for the fact that it was in the middle of winter and couldn’t change the convertible mode, it was even more drawn out otherwise.

“Where are we going now?”Lin Mengqi was a little confused when she saw the direction Finn was driving, because it was the direction to the suburbs, but it wasn’t the direction of home, but the road on the highway.

Finn took out his phone and shook it, smiling lightly, “Going to an auction.”

“An auction?”Lin Mengqi was a little surprised, it was the first time she had heard this term apart from the TV show.

“You’ll know when you get there.” Finn smiled without saying anything, so he continued to drive.

Now that the house was all about installing furniture and flooring, even if you went home, there was no place to stay, mo as if looking for some fun.

The reason why Finn chose Fangzhou, in fact, there is a small mind, that is, Fangzhou is rich in jade, Finn was prepared to go to the major jade shops and antique shops to see, may be lucky to find a Chinese zodiac jade medal, that will earn a lot.The first thing he noticed was that there was a jade auction at 2pm, so he decided to go to the auction first.After all, the last time he got a Zodiac jade medal was at the auction, so Finn was very fond of the auction.He would rather buy something useless than miss the jade medal.

The venue of the auction was located right on the outskirts of a place called Cloud Mist Mountain Resort.

The only scenery in Fangzhou belonged to Cloud Mist Mountain, and Cloud Mist Mountain Resort was a large jade shop that had opened its shop in Cloud Mist Mountain.

It was already 1:50 p.m. when we arrived at Cloud Mist Mountain Villa, just in time for the auction.

“The air here is not bad.” Finn couldn’t help but show his approval after getting out of the car and taking a deep breath of air.

This auction didn’t require a special status, nor was there a ticket, there was only one mandatory requirement, and that was that you had to have a luxury car in order to enter. Finn had only come here because he saw this news on the internet, if it was a free admission auction, Finn wouldn’t have bothered to come.

Since Cloud Mist Villa rigidly required a luxury car to enter, it must mean that today’s auction was very expensive, which greatly increased the rate of jade medals.

However, Finn also sighed somewhat, although the luxury car entrance is the bottom line, but the Cloud Mist Villa’s definition of a luxury car is to reach 500,000 even luxury cars, it really is only a third-tier city, the requirements are really low.

The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of your car, and how to get the best out of it.The biggest profit of the auction is the bidding process, more people bidding each other, in order to coax up the price, if only a few people come, and then there are old acquaintances, perhaps all commodities are the bottom price bidding success, that auction will lose a lot of money.

Shaking off the thoughts in his head, Finn brought Lin Mengqi into the auction venue.

Like Kaiyuan’s auction venue, it was divided into the first floor and the second floor, the first floor was the main stage, and in front of the main stage was the audience, neatly arranged.The second floor, on the other hand, was a box, and apart from the door number, you couldn’t see anything inside from the outside.

Pulling over a receptionist, Finn inquired, “I want to go to the second floor, what do you see the requirements?”


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