“What is it?” Finn is a little unhappy, now he and brother-in-law out, do not want to bring other people.

Moreover, Lin Mumu is so fond of money, going will not understand the watch, just like Lou Lou entering the Grand View Garden, it will make Finn ‘s face shameless.

Lin Mumu swallowed the final prawn before he spoke, “Ye Shao, what if you this goes and never comes back, we can’t afford to pay, why don’t you leave some money first, or settle the bill, also let us eat at ease ah.”

Finn was slightly startled and quickly reacted.

Lin Mu Mu was still a child character, but actually worried that Finn would run away at such a time, Finn was also a little speechless.

Then he felt a gold card from his bosom and threw it to Ah Hu, instructing, “This is the membership card I got here, there is 100 million in it, it should be enough for them to eat, but Ah Hu you pay attention, if they use Xu Qingfeng’s method to suddenly make their stomachs stuff news, they won’t eat, they are wasting food.Ah Hu, you keep this card, the rest of the money will be used as food expenses in the future.”

“Okay, Ye Shao.”Ah Hu nodded solemnly, one hundred million was not a small amount, Finn actually gave it directly to him for safekeeping, that represented trust in him, how could he dare to relax his mind. Remember the website .

The heart moved Finn reuse at the same time, is also called up the other five King Kong, together with supervision of this group of eating for two hours and non-stop chopsticks a group of “rice bucket”.

Seeing money to pay the bill, Lin Mumu happily went back to continue eating, not embarr A**ed in the least, not caring at all about Finn ‘s helpless eyes.

“Let’s go, big brother-in-law.” Finn shook his head helplessly and snatched out the door.

“Okay, here goes.”Wang Ke Feng hesitated for a moment before following up.

Not because he was confused Finn , but because he was sedated.

He was sure his ears and hearing were fine, but Finn reached out just to give a hundred million, and just to pay for the meal.

How much food should these people have eaten?

Looking at the blue lobster and wild yellow fish on the table, Wang Kefeng understood that every dish was thousands of dollars, and the expensive ones were over a hundred thousand, what was more exaggerated was not the dishes, but the speed at which these people were eating, it was simply exaggerated terribly, sitting on empty plates that had fallen all over the place, roughly there were over a hundred.

Finn invited his men to eat so well, and one hundred million said to give, this is also too awesome.

Wang Kefeng’s heart was even more certain that Finn was from Ye Island, and his status was definitely not low.

After all, he was looking gluttonous for the food at this table.And his current worth was only a few hundred million, after all, the Wang family had a lot of people, a few hundred million each, which was a lot of money in total.

But even so, Wang Ke Feng’s most expensive meal hadn’t cost more than two million, thus showing how awesome Finn was.

This made Wang Kefeng even more determined to hug Finn ‘s sturdy, solid and powerful thigh!

“Is this your car?”

After leaving the hotel and coming to the underground parking lot, Wang Kaifeng was blinded, thinking that Finn would drive a multi-million luxury car, but Finn was only driving a million Land Rover, or just reached a million.

Wang Kaifeng, even if he is only worth a few hundred million, is still driving a three million Bentley.

This makes Wang Kaifeng a little startled, after all, to the men spend money to eat, can come up with 100 million, how to drive is so saving?

“I’m sorry ha, I bought this car in the afternoon, it’s just for walking, we have a lot of people, the car is small and can’t let go, I’m also ready to change it for a better one, but I couldn’t make it in time in the afternoon, so I didn’t pick it carefully.” Finn awkwardly smiled, he could also see that Wang Ke Feng has no heart, that is, he is really particularly concerned about the external decoration.

Throwing out a hundred million just now was actually to deter Wang Kaifeng, but his Land Rover was indeed a bit too much to hold up in front of Wang Kaifeng’s Bentley.

Finn even more blamed that idiot car sales lady in the afternoon, if it wasn’t for that idiot, he wouldn’t have been able to just pick and choose, but to consult the most expensive car.

At his current position, cars no longer looked at cost performance, but needed to look at the price, and as long as it was expensive, more expensive than others, it was a symbol of strength and would be respected by others.

After all, strangers meeting at first glance would be like Wang Kefeng, who could only observe from the outside to see whether the person in front of him was worth paying, and in what way he should speak.

Finn actually also asked himself, if it wasn’t because he hadn’t been taking the initiative appearance, perhaps he wouldn’t have been despised.In the afternoon, although he was going to buy a car and also wore handmade custom clothes, but it was too noble for ordinary people to see, but the watch was different, an expensive watch was like a sports car, as long as it was lit up and had a logo, it would be known.

If Finn had been wearing a watch in the afternoon, he wouldn’t have been so despised.

This also deepened Finn ‘s belief in wanting to buy a watch.

“It’s fine, brother-in-law, you’re new here, it’s just too late to change cars, but it’s late now, and you can’t buy any cars, so why don’t you go look at the watch now, and I’ll go with you to buy a car when I have the chance, but I know several car dealership owners, and they’ll all take out top quality goods for us to choose from, and you can change cars then.”Wang Kefeng also saw Finn ‘s embarr A**ment, so he quickly consoled and pulled away from the topic.

Finn nodded his head and thought highly of Wang Kefeng.

Wang Kefeng, a man of the world, could be said to be very good and would not be embarr A**ed.

Even if Wang Kefeng wasn’t Wang Kexin’s brother, Finn still felt that Wang Kefeng was a person who was relatable.

Only in the past, Finn would have hated such a person very much.Just because Wang Kefeng is very good, not only is he handsome, more than one meter tall, a tendon meat, and the details of his clothes are okay, but also very rich, this is a standard rich handsome, and speaks comfortably, this is now defined as a high match warm man.

Someone like Wang Kefeng can be a star if he debuts.

Finn was a poor slinger before, hating precisely, jealous and sour.

But this was also before, now Finn is also the heir of a big family, different identity, so it’s not sour, especially Wang Ke Feng is still his brother-in-law, there is nothing to quarrel about.

The two of them drove separately, and Finn ‘s Land Rover followed behind the Bentley, and on the way, they chatted through the voice chat above WeChat, and after a while, they finally arrived at the watch store.


“A Rolex?”

When he got out of the car, Finn saw the name of the watch store, it was a name written in the language of several countries, although some couldn’t understand it, but he could still understand the words of their countries, it was Rolex.

“That’s right, this is a Rolex store, it’s considered the best watch store in Hundred Flowers City, as for the other brands of watches, although there are also stores, but they are not so complete, they may not be able to meet your requirements, we have to come here if we want stock.”

Wang Kefeng explained.

Finn couldn’t help but nod his head in satisfaction, indeed, where to buy a watch, as long as you pay a deposit, you can also get a watch within a few days, but for someone like Finn who didn’t know anything about watches, he still had to see the real thing and personally wear it to be able to judge a thing or two.

Especially if you also want to give a meeting gift, if it’s not a physical object, but an order, it’s a bit awkward.

It had to be said that Wang Ke Feng really handled things in a comprehensive manner.

“Hello two gentlemen, welcome to Rolex.”

When she saw the Bentley and the Land Rover, the sales lady greeted them with a smile on her face, her attitude as respectful as it needed to be.

Finn nodded his head in satisfaction, and even more so to Wang Ke Feng’s words, savoring them several times. A second to remember to read the book

Because although the sales lady said the two gentlemen good, but the focus is still on the side of Wang Ke Feng, and even introduced into the store, is also on the side of Wang Ke Feng.

Not only because Wang Kaifeng looks handsome, but also because Wang Kaifeng is wearing a Rolex watch, in the car, Finn asked, is 600,000 Rolex, which is one of the cl A**ic models.

Especially the outside of the Bentley and Land Rover comparison, you can see who is richer.

If tasting these details, indeed the sales lady chose to be on the side of Wang Kefeng is the right choice.

No wonder it’s said that details determine success or failure, although it’s said that Finn is rich, but without showing it, it won’t be valued.

With ordinary people, it was still possible to crush them, but comparing them to the same level, it was a bit of a letdown, and that was the key to appearance and details.


Finn patted Wang Ke Feng’s shoulder and suddenly let out a sigh.

Wang Ke Feng was shocked, but still managed to control it well, and without thinking too much about it, he knew what Finn was talking about and smiled, “Brother-in-law, none of this is actually something I’m willing to learn, it’s all just something I’ve seen after experiencing more, and the most important thing is that in the past, when Ke Xin was small, she picked on me in various ways, and that’s why she made me look like this.”

At this point, Wang Kefeng suddenly flinched, followed by some doubts: “This is not right, I remember that Kexin went to find you, so why did not change you, that little ninny but very drill, everything is extra serious, or virgin – female constellation, typical perfection complex, but also very compulsive, according to reason, you are her fiancé, should be even more to change you.”

“No.” Finn shook his head.

Although Wang Kexin was a bit of a bull by the horns, but by and large, she was still a sensible and generous daughter of a thousand, how could she be the way Wang Kefeng said she was.

“Ah, I see, I guess it’s you who’s holding Kexin.This little nee-chan, in front of her father, no matter how disgraced her father is, she never dares to say a word and praises him for his excellence, if Kexin also always praises you and indulges you, then you are completely holding her heart.I can’t believe this little nee-chan has such a side, why doesn’t she treat me better as a brother, really.”Saying that, Wang Ke Feng revealed her discontented grievance.

As soon as this was said, Finn was stunned.

Could not imagine that Wang Kexin actually for him, silently all endured OCD and so on, although Finn is not a virgin – female constellation, but also know the horror of the virgin – female constellation, very obsessed with perfection.

Can formerly Finn and Wang Kexin do everything together is a muddle through look, even worse than now.

But Wang Kexin at that time, surprisingly all endure, also did not say anything, Finn ‘s heart is like a spice bottle spilled general, mixed flavors.

There was emotion, heartache and love….

When he saw that Finn ‘s expression was not right, Wang Kefeng patted Finn ‘s shoulder and said, “Don’t think so much, be nice to Kexin in the future, or else my sandbagged fist will not let you go.”

“Don’t worry, big brother-in-law.” Finn was emotionally confused by Wang Kefeng’s half-joking words, so he was not so sad.

In the past, Finn had always had a sense of distance towards Wang Kefeng, and Finn couldn’t explain it, it was because Wang Kefeng was too good for Finn to feel worthy, but now it seemed that Wang Kefeng had already done so much for him, so how could he talk about being worthy of being worthy.

At the moment, what Finn needed to do was to rescue Wang Kexin as soon as possible and get out of the Wang family’s sea of misery.

But Finn was not in a hurry to ask what exactly was wrong with the Wang family, anyway, it was not too late to come out to buy something now, so he would just finish buying something before asking Wang Kefeng.

After all, Xu Qingfeng and Charles over at the hotel haven’t finished dealing with things yet, and when they are done, with a vote of experts in town, Finn is also confident that he will be able to fish out Wang Kefeng, otherwise with his strength alone, even if he goes to the Wang family, it will be useless.

From the fact that Wang Kefeng didn’t even know Finn ‘s identity, Finn knew that the vast majority of the Wang family probably didn’t know about Ye Island or the Ye family, and I’m afraid it would backfire if he went to reveal his identity at that time.

Especially since Finn couldn’t show his face outside, that was to prevent people who had an interest from missing, so Finn was not prepared to rely on Ye Island’s prestige to handle things in the first place, otherwise Finn would easily become a hostage and threaten Ye Island if he was discovered by Ye Island’s rival forces.

In the past, Finn was a small fighter and didn’t know that there were still some strange people in the world, but today, both Xu Qingfeng and Charles deeply taught Finn a lesson that there was someone outside the world, and there was no chance that a p A**erby would jump out and be a great expert.

Relying on ordinary bodyguards like before doesn’t seem to allow Finn to do whatever he wants.

It seems like there’s a long road ahead, it’s a long way to go.

With a sigh, Finn and Wang Ke Feng entered the Rolex store.

“Sir, what a coincidence that you are here today, this Rolex is a new product that just arrived here today, the price is also very fair, the price is 8888 yuan, very auspicious, meaning hair hair hair hair, also specially designed for the country and the brand new concept, there is also the integration of ancient style, this skeletonized mechanical hour hand, also specially used ink color, just to fit the feng shui painting elements, bring up absolutely veryThe high-end atmosphere of the upper cl A**, but also very artistic value.It’s limited to 888 pieces nationwide, and our store only strives for this one, so buying it is earning it!”

The sales lady took out one item and began to gush out recommendations.

Seeing this scene, Finn couldn’t help but think of the afternoon car sales lady, the difference in service attitude was a bit too big!

Surely, when you go out with a real young master, the treatment is different!


“The whole thing is fine.”

After listening to the salesgirl’s introduction for five minutes, Finn finally held out a sentence.

Finn found that the sales lady had spoken for five minutes without repeating her words, more dedicated than the sales shopping inside the TV.

The first thing you need to do is to look around and see Wang Kefeng beside you, but Wang Kefeng is indifferent, apparently having seen it all.

Is this what rich people should look like when they buy things?

Finn muttered in his heart, he used to buy things, he was always mocked, Finn originally thought that it was all like this, but he didn’t expect that there was such a kneeling salesgirl.

It really is still the old saying, the man depends on the clothes and the horse depends on the saddle, Finn originally thought that he had dressed up to look rich enough, but didn’t think that there was such a big difference.

Temperament that thing, Finn can’t learn for a while, but this outfit still have to engage in.

Italian handmade clothes, AJ’s shoes also have, and now all that is missing is a watch.

After thinking about it, Finn suddenly walked towards the counter, “I’ve already decided!”

“Which one did brother-in-law have his eye on?When brother-in-law’s buy one for you as a meeting gift.”

Wang Kefeng said with a smile, although he wasn’t as rich as Finn , he could still afford a watch.

Finn waved his hand even with an awkward smile, “There’s no need to bother brother-in-law, I’ll just do it myself.Honestly, I don’t know much about this stuff, but the expensive one will always be the most noticeable, and I just want the most expensive one.”

“The most expensive one?”

Wang Kefeng choked, he originally wanted to give Finn a meeting gift, but when he heard the most expensive, he was half a day unable to say a word, he came to this Rolex a few times, it can be said that the most expensive watch he also knows, but is he can not afford to buy.

Of course, buy can also buy, is to bleed, this is Wang Kefeng do not want.

It’s not that Wang Kaifeng is stingy, it’s that he can’t even afford to buy it for himself.

The sales lady saw that Wang Ke Feng’s expression was not right and also came out to relieve himself, “This gentleman, I think this Green Water Ghost is not bad, the pricing is only 76,000, it’s also a relatively common Rolex watch, wearing it is also quite in line with your temperament.”

As soon as Finn heard this, he was not happy.

“I want the most expensive one, not this one, you bring out the most expensive one and take a look.” Finn was a little dissatisfied, he still had 1.9 billion in cash, just a watch, he still didn’t pay much attention to the price.

Anyway, he had never heard of any watch that could sell for hundreds of millions, and besides, even if it was hundreds of millions, Finn could afford to buy it, he just wanted a face, and bringing it out with a brand name would be enough.

Seeing Finn ‘s appearance like this, Wang Kefeng also roughly understood Finn ‘s thoughts, and was relieved.

After all, Finn is so rich, to the men to eat out 100 million as food costs, the so-called most expensive Rolex, in Finn is indeed only a feather in the cap.

But this is very exaggerated for Wang Kaifeng, because Wang Kaifeng’s car is only a three million Bentley, but the most expensive watch is even more expensive than the Bentley.

But after thinking for a while, Wang Kaifeng still bit his teeth and said, “Go and bring out the most expensive Full Star watch, I’ll buy it!”

“Do you really want that?”The sales lady was a little surprised, but Wang Ke Feng was already a familiar customer here, and wasn’t afraid of being a robber.

When Finn saw that Wang Ke Feng’s expression was not right, he inquired, “This Full Sky Star sounds quite vulgar, is there anything special about it?You tell us about it.”

“This Full Star is not a common one on the market, but one of the most expensive Rolex, the Greenwich Type II Series 116769TBR-74779B, which is expensive for two reasons, one is that it’s particularly complicated in function, and the other is that it’s set with diamonds.Many people choose this one and don’t understand the movement function, mostly because of the latter, and the case of this watch is 18k white gold with diamonds.It’s said to be a watch, but it’s actually more like a work of art, and it’s also our town’s newest model from ’19.”

The sales lady said as if she was talking about a watch, and then she solemnly brought out a watch.


Finn was suddenly surprised, originally the sales lady spoke, Finn still did not have a sense of picture, because he did not understand the watch, even if he said the flower, Finn still did not understand.

After all, in Finn ‘s view, the watch is used to see the time, what can be different.

But when he saw the watch, Finn knew the value of the watch.

Because the appearance of this watch is set full of diamonds, looks like broken diamonds, Finn does not know whether it is real or not, but Rolex such an expensive price, should be a real diamond.

And the entire watch was filled with diamonds, just looking at the shining light, Finn felt that it was very dazzling and noble.

“I’ll take this one!”

Finn suddenly decided to take this watch, after all, even if one didn’t know anything about watches, seeing so many diamonds, there was no way he wouldn’t be able to see where the price was.

And Finn also thought of what the sales lady had just said, the bracelet of this watch, the metal other than the diamonds, was made of white gold.Even without looking at the function and brand of the watch, the price of these costs alone was astronomical, no wonder it was the most expensive watch among Rolexes.

“Brother-in-law, I’ll do it myself.”

Finn patted Wang Ke Feng, who looked a bit ugly, and understood why Wang Ke Feng was so upset.

This watch was not cheap at a glance.

Finn had seen a short video a while ago, a small diamond was one hundred and fifty thousand, and with so many diamonds, it must be in the millions.

Wang Kefeng’s car is only three million Bentley, and look at Wang Kefeng’s car as a treasure, must have also put money down.And if this watch were to cost Wang Ke Feng any more money, I’m afraid that Wang Ke Feng would be hemorrhaging money.

“This is no good, I’ve said I bought it for you as a meeting gift.”Wang Ke Feng’s face was a little too hangry, but Finn ‘s heart was still a little tingly when he said that he would pay for it.

After all, he was indeed a bit reluctant to part with such an expensive watch.

But thinking of being able to have a good relationship with Finn in the future, and he was still a brother-in-law, he also bit his teeth and said, “Forget it, it’s better for me to pay, it’s just a watch, it’s nothing, and brother-in-law can still afford it, so don’t give brother-in-law any face.”

“Alright then.”

Finn didn’t insist any longer, but he had already planned inside, the meeting gift he was going to give to his brother-in-law wouldn’t just be the most expensive watch here, but the most expensive watch of all the brands.

If Wang Ke Feng was so good to him, he would naturally be good to Wang Ke Feng as well.

And this was also the first big brother-in-law that Finn had met, so naturally he had the intention of treating him well.

However, just when Finn was about to pick up the watch to wear it and try out the right size, a big fat man in his early twenties snatched it away with a cold snort.

Immediately afterwards, he cursed, “Chen Dandan, are you an idiot?How dare you take out such an expensive watch?Do you know you need my permission!”


“Manager, listen to me…”Chen Dandan’s body trembled and was about to explain.

Before she could finish, the manager yelled at her, “You what you, what are you explaining, this watch is the treasure of the town, you wouldn’t take this out even if you wanted to earn a commission, are you crazy thinking about money?”

“But the manager, they said they were going to buy the watch,”Chen Dandan explained.

The manager looked Finn and Wang Kefeng up and down, and then he snorted, “Wearing clothes that cost ten thousand dollars and still thinking of buying this watch?What an idiot’s dream, you guys like this, just buy a few hundred thousand.”

Seeing the watch in Wang Ke Feng’s hand, the manager said again, “600,000 Rolex, you’re good, you know your own appearance, what can be worthy of your position.”

To Wang Kefeng, the manager’s attitude slightly improved, however turning to Finn , the manager snorted, “What kind of shabby clothes are you wearing, the brand has never even seen, just you also want to buy a watch?It’s just about right to buy a seventy-thousand-dollar green water ghost, so don’t puff up your face.”


Wang Ke Feng was at least a regular customer here, but he had never seen this manager before, but no matter who it was, it was the first time he had seen a service staff lecturing a customer so arrogantly, especially with Finn by his side, he couldn’t lose face, after all, he was the one who had brought Finn here.

But without waiting for Wang Kefeng to speak, he was shocked by the crunching sound.

The first time I saw it, I was surprised to see Finn smacking the manager’s face. The first website m.

“Frak, are you fcking on gunpowder?What the fck does it matter to you what I buy, with you telling me what to do here?What are you!”

Finn ‘s face was gloomy, and he kicked out another kick, knocking the manager down, followed by ten kicks in a row before he was relieved.

He was brought out by Wang Kaifeng this time, yet he was being mocked or pointed at by a service staff again, which was too much of a slap in the face.

Finn originally wanted to give Wang Ke Feng a refined and elegant image of a refined and easy-going man, but he was all pointed out by this dogby manager for his shortcomings, how could he take it.

A beating was light, if it wasn’t for the fact that the six villains weren’t around, Finn would have wanted Tiger and the manager to wrestle, and in making a video, disgusting this dogby manager to death.

“How dare you hit me?Kid, do you know who I am?You’re wasted, you wait here, I’ll find our boss!”After the experience, he ran straight away.

Finn was furious, and thought that the manager had some backbone, but he didn’t think that he would directly run away to find the manager.

Chen Dandan wanted to stop talking, but finally he still bit his teeth and spoke, “Two gentlemen, this is our shop’s mistake, this is the new manager, the boss just came back from abroad as a young nephew, he speaks rather directly, the words that caused insult to you, I sincerely apologize to you, please leave now, if you find our boss, it will be hard for you to leave.”

Finn waved his hand, “No go, I’m going to see who he can find!”

Chen Dandan was good for him, he also knew it and appreciated Chen Dandan more, after all, it was indeed rare to see such a friendly service staff.

But just now, the fat manager even had to find someone to get him, he couldn’t take it anymore, wasn’t it just a tough fight?The thing that Finn wasn’t afraid of the most was being tough.

Since he wanted to clash and touch, let’s see who would clash and bleed!

Wang Ke Feng also spoke up, “Brother-in-law, I’m also to blame for this matter, just let it go, although I’m not the Wang family’s mouthpiece, I still have a place, I’ll see who dares not give face to our Wang family!”

Wang Kefeng was also angry, this silly manager was really giving face and shame, and went looking for a fight.

As the young master of the Wang family, he was living a gilded life where everyone respected him, and this was the first time he had encountered this kind of provocation.If he didn’t settle this matter, he wouldn’t even be able to hold his head up in front of Finn in the future.

“Hundred Flowers City, but surnamed Wang!”Wang Kefeng’s face was gloomy, and daring to disrespect the Wang family was a death sentence.

But the waiting time was not idle, so Finn picked up the watch on the ground.

Having just kicked the manager down, the watch fell to the ground.

Although the watch wasn’t his yet, but he was a little distressed, after all, this was the one he was going to buy, and if he dropped a few diamonds, he would lose a lot.

The only thing that surprised Finn was that the quality of this watch was really good, even if it fell on the ground, the mirror of the watch did not have the slightest damage, the diamonds were still so bright, there was no problem at all, this kind of anti-fall quality was also a top existence.

Finn picked up the watch, and also loved it even more.

Don’t look at Finn now rich, but such a valuable thing broken will also be distressed.

In addition to being gorgeous, Finn paid more attention to practicality, and it was also very good to be so resistant to falling.

With a watch on, Finn was even more full of joy.

It is true that people rely on their clothes and horses rely on their saddles, after bringing this watch, Finn all felt that his own compelling style are raised a lot, instantly high-end.

“Brother-in-law, this is out really my mistake, this watch you still look satisfied?”Wang Ke Feng inquired.

Finn nodded his head in satisfaction, “Not bad, it does look very branded.”

“Then let’s buy this watch.”

Wang Ke Feng said and took out a gold card, not an ordinary gold card, but the ICBC’s VIP gold card.

Worthy of being the young master of the Wang family, he was indeed rich.

Finn muttered in his heart, but this card was a card that required a one-time deposit of 100 million, even if the Wang family was rich, everyone wouldn’t have hundreds of millions of dollars in deposits, it seemed that Wang Ke Feng’s position in the Wang family was considered solid.

Originally, Finn still planned to pay for it himself, if Wang Ke Feng only had tens of millions more to buy this watch, Finn also didn’t want Wang Ke Feng to hemorrhage money, but now it seems that it’s considered within the range of Wang Ke Feng’s acceptance, Finn won’t worry.

“Invoice it, we’ll take this watch.”Wang Ke Xin handed the gold card to Dandan Chen.

This kind of Rolex watch shop are high extravagance, to buy watches are rich people, Chen Dandan is also considered knowledgeable, this kind of ICBC gold card is naturally also seen a few times.

Chen Dandan was slightly surprised, but quickly relieved, after all, Wang Kefeng drove a car or three million Bentley, there are hundreds of millions of A**ets is also very reasonable.

“Sir, I’ll handle the formalities for you right away, but please leave as soon as possible, our boss is still a bit hard to mess with, try not to offend, it’s for your own good ah.”

Chen Dandan took the golden card, or a good-natured reminder.

Now it was Finn ‘s turn to be surprised, it was obvious that Dandan Chen had seen the value of the golden card and the identity it represented, but Rao still discouraged them from leaving, thus showing how amazingly powerful the owner of this shop was!


“Don’t worry, we have our own rules.”

Although Finn guessed that the boss wasn’t an ordinary person, he wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

And it was also true that since he could open a Rolex store, these watches would be worth over a hundred million in total, so it was strange that he could be an ordinary person.

Only one thing that Finn was still curious about now, since Wang Kefeng was so rich and a little distressed about this watch, how much should this watch be worth?

Thinking about it, Finn inquired, “Miss Chen, how much is this watch?”

“Including taxes and discounts, the total amount needed to be paid is four and a half million yuan.”

Dandan Chen calculated the price almost instantly.

“f*ck, so expensive!”

Although Finn guessed that the watch was expensive, he didn’t expect it to be this expensive.After all, Wang Ke Feng’s car was only three million, but this watch needed four and a half million, so no wonder Wang Ke Feng was distressed.But spare a thought, Wang Ke Feng still bought it for him as a meeting gift, which made him a little touched.

Wang Ke Feng, this brother-in-law, Finn really recognized. Remember the website .

“Sir, the paperwork is done for you, do you need to wrap it up?”Chen Dandan handed the card back to Wang Kaifeng.

Wang Kaifeng looked at Finn and spoke, “No need to wrap it, my brother-in-law wears it if he likes it.”

Dandan Chen nodded, but before he could speak, the door was kicked open again with a slam.

Then a big fat man walked in, it was none other than the manager from earlier.

However, the manager did not mock, but gave up his position to a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man wore a suit, and his temperament was still relatively elegant and easygoing, in stark contrast to the fat manager.

When the middle-aged man walked in, he looked at the Rolex in Finn ‘s hand and revealed his surprise, “This watch sold out so quickly?”

Chen Dandan nodded, “Yes boss, this gentleman bought it if he liked it, he just paid for it.”

The middle-aged man was a little surprised, then he walked up to Finn , saw the suit on Finn , and was even more surprised: “This suit is the work of the Italian Lauren master, right, it really is a hero, it really looks like it matches.”

Finn was somewhat blinded he thought that coming to the boss was going to be confrontational, but he didn’t expect the boss to be so refined and easygoing.

“I am the owner of this shop, Cao Xuanmao, I still have some things to deal with, if this gentleman doesn’t mind, wait for me for a while, I will invite the two gentlemen for tea, what do you think?”

Cao Xuan Mao revealed a genial smile, then turned his head to the fat manager, “Nephew, who are the troublemakers you’re talking about?Is it already running away ah.”

The manager pointed at Finn : “Uncle, it’s the two of them who are causing trouble, you can make decisions for me ah, just now it was this kid who beat me up, where does a turtle like him deserve this kind of watch, it’s just a puffed up face, how can you get along with them ah!”


Cao Xuan Mao’s face turned pale, when a slap smacked him over, saying, “What do you know, quickly apologize to these two gentlemen, especially this gentleman, he beat you to give you face, and you mocked him for not being able to afford it, even if I can’t afford it, this gentleman can afford it!”

The manager covered his face in pain, a face of aggravation: “The clothes he wears are not branded, where is the clothes made by Master Lauren, uncle you are blinded.”

Cao Xuan Mao coldly snorted, “The cost of this gentleman’s clothes fabric is tens of thousands of dollars, and the shot is Master Lauren unmistakable, this logo logo must be this gentleman’s name.”

“But Master Lauren is famous for being iron-faced and selfless, as long as it is designed by Master Lauren it is all named after Master Lauren ah!”The manager looked puzzled.

Cao Xuan Mao sneered, “You know nothing, that’s for ordinary people like us.Master Lauren has designed clothes for other people, used other people’s logos, just because that big brother’s status is high enough, even Master Lauren has given up his dignity and doesn’t dare to call out with it, that big brother you’ve also seen, that’s the last time you and I attended an event, the organizer of that event, you should understand this!”

“How is that possible!”The manager’s body trembled, then went over to look at Finn ‘s clothes, opened Finn ‘s clothes, and saw an extremely small logo on the inside of Finn ‘s suit.

This logo was Master Lauren’s unique logo, and now, the manager was completely convinced.


The manager was so frightened that he knelt directly on the floor and trembled, “This gentleman, no, this lord, I’m just clumsy and ignorant, you mustn’t get on my nerves!”


Finn was even more blinded, how come it’s just one piece of clothing, these people are like this.

Didn’t they still call for action just now?Why are you suddenly wimping out now.

And his clothes are just a hundred thousand out ah, was Charles ordered, it is reasonable to say that his watch cost four and a half million, if this can threaten the other side, it is still excusable.

But the manager didn’t even seem to care about the watch, but was scared into this state for a piece of clothing, what was going on?

Unaware of the truth, Finn didn’t ask directly, but the other party knelt down anyway, so Finn wasn’t angry.

“Let’s forget about it today, I’ll come back and visit again when there’s work to do someday.” Finn faintly opened his mouth, so he looked like a superior person, and then left with Wang Kefeng.

Cao Xuanmao and the manager watched Finn and Wang Kaifeng leave until they were so far away that the two of them couldn’t be seen in the rear car mirror.

It was only then that Finn couldn’t help but inquire, “Brother-in-law, why are they scared like that when they see a dress?”

“Huh?You don’t know, do you?”Wang Ke Feng was surprised and paused for a long time before inquiring, “Are you sure you bought your clothes?”

“It was bought for me by my housekeeper, told me one hundred thousand a set, these people are not surprised to see my watch, why are they so surprised at my clothes, what’s the matter, is this dress of mine still a treasure?”

Finn responded with a somewhat blinded response.

He this clothes a total of ten sets of clothes, wearing more than a month, and no one found the problem of clothes ah.

Even more so being despised is almost the same, Finn is even planning to buy the clothes on Wang Kaifeng’s body, look a lot more domineering.

But no matter how Finn looked at it, he didn’t understand that Wang Kaifeng was even more envious of his clothes.

Wang Kefeng explained, “That’s no wonder, although I don’t know your family’s influence, but I also guessed that you should be from Ye Island.Master Lauren is an Italian master, one of the top twenty, he designs clothes with his logo, I also have clothes designed by him, but I want to have my own name, but can not take down, and still go Wang family relations also can not, while you Ye Island is easy to take down clothes, just now I guess Cao Xuanmao guessed that the power behind you is extraordinary, before being frightened of it!”

“So that’s how it is.”

Finn didn’t expect that a piece of clothing would cause such a big commotion.

I never thought he would have a day of invisible pretending!

Chapter 236

On the way back, Wang Kaifeng left, saying that he was going back to inform Wang Kexin of the news of Finn ‘s arrival.

Finn then returned to the five-star hotel alone.

When he returned to the private room, the scene had been cleared and Lin Mu Mu and the others had eaten their meals.

“Finished eating so quickly ah, why don’t you continue eating?” Finn laughed and walked in.

Lin Mu Mu’s face was a little bad and said, “Knowingly.”

Finn smiled and didn’t say anything.

He was indeed asking knowingly, the main reason why Lin Mu Mu and the others had eaten so much before was that they had used some magical means to lose the food in their stomachs, not knowing whether it would just disappear or speed up the dissolution, anyway, it was simply nothing that they had eaten so much before.

If Finn hadn’t found out about this through Xu Qingfeng, I’m afraid Lin Mu Mu and the others would still be eating now.

Ah Hu was also considered a dedicated caretaker to see if anyone had secretly played tricks.

After all, if they didn’t, these people would be able to eat all night as long as they didn’t get tired of it. First URL m.

Although Finn didn’t lack money, but one dish was thousands of dollars, to be wasted by these people for nothing, it also made him feel a little intolerant.

Finn didn’t say anything and sat on the sofa to wait, after waiting for about an hour, Xu Qingfeng came out with a happy face, Charles also had the same expression.

Seeing the situation, Finn could not help but ask, “Charles, how is it going?”

Charles bowed slightly to Finn , “I’ve bothered young master to wait for so long, I’m almost done talking with Xu Qingfeng, and have purchased two jade medals at a satisfactory price, except that the rabbit jade medal is a companion existence, so Xu Fallow is required to return with us.And Xu Qingfeng wasn’t too worried, so he thought of settling all of his people in our Ye Island, and for the sake of the jade medals, I also took the liberty to do so and agreed to this matter.”


Finn frowned, it was originally good to find the jade medal, and it was two jade medals, this definitely counted as a great joy.

But Finn did not run to find the jade medal at first, but to find a bodyguard, and now it was hard to find an expert like Xu Qingfeng who could beat a cow to death, but now he was told to bring it back to Ye Island, and also bring back the nurse who returned Xu’s blood, how could Finn bear this.

But Finn also knew that Xu Qingfeng’s entire martial arts dojo was going to Ye Island, definitely because he was forced by a tight life, so if he could go to enjoy his happiness, he would naturally go to enjoy his happiness.

For others to pursue happiness, Finn didn’t want to stop them, but then he would be looking for someone else again, and it wouldn’t necessarily be better than Xu Qingfeng, the martial arts school.

“Charles, this is someone I found, shouldn’t the family give some indication.” Finn ‘s eyes turned, and he looked at Charles with a “you know” look in his eyes.

Charles shook his head and smiled helplessly, “Young Master, don’t worry, but this time, you have obtained two jade medals, you deserve the credit, there must be a reward, say it, what do you want, I will ask the Master if he allows it.”

“I want one like you, one with very powerful martial arts skills.One that can teach me martial arts as well as protect me, I don’t want my safety to be in trouble and have an impact on the family then.”

Finn smiled heedlessly, actually just seeing the existence of a superior person, he wanted to cultivate.

Not to mention, from a small beginning, Finn had a martial arts dream, had often thought of being able to fly over walls, fly leaves to hurt people, even flying with an imperial sword and so on.

Only these were things that Finn didn’t even dare to think about before.

However, ever since seeing the confrontation between Xu Qingfeng and Charles, Finn completely believed in it, after all, these happened right in front of his eyes, it was so real that he had to believe in it.

“That’s a pretty reasonable request, I’ll ask my lord, I should be able to match one out for you, after all, it’s time for you to learn martial arts.”Charles nodded.

Finn was startled for a moment, he had thought it was a very difficult request, but never would he have thought that Charles would just nod his head and agree.And the obvious implication of Charles’ words was that Finn would need to learn martial arts sooner or later, only now it was earlier.

However, when Finn asked Charles about martial arts techniques and such, Charles didn’t explain.

“Young Master, it’s all up to the Master, if the Master thinks you’re suitable to start learning martial arts now, he’ll bring in a professional and he’ll tell you everything.If the master disagrees, it means that you are not yet at the point where you are ready to understand martial arts, and it is not convenient for you to know this.”Charles faintly spoke.

Finn nodded, he was actually more able to understand Charles, after all, in the end, the one in charge of Ye Island was still his father, and Charles was just the steward of Ye Island.

And although a steward has ideas, but can’t make decisions, this is a plot to usurp power, so everything depends on Finn ‘s father’s one.

If Finn ‘s father nodded, then without much thought, this matter is certain to succeed.

So Finn was in no hurry.

“Okay, then you bring them back, but I need to confirm the news as soon as possible, within three days, you think it’s feasible?” Finn inquired.

After all, he could afford to stall, but Wang Kexin couldn’t afford to stall.

Most of all, the longer he dragged it out, the greater the likelihood of Wang Kexin’s danger occurring.

Even if Wang Kefeng could block some of it in the family, he felt that it was impossible to drag it out forever.

And Finn also didn’t want Wang Kexin to be hurt half the time, so he also wanted Charles to come back quickly.

After thinking about it, Charles nodded and said, “Young Master, I just heard something from Xu Qingfeng as well, and I know what you came to Hundred Blossoms City for, so I will also inform Master as soon as possible about this matter.I’ll call Old Master as soon as I can, and if a decision is made soon, then the earliest this martial arts expert can report tomorrow morning.On the other hand, it’s up to Young Master to continue to think of a solution on his own, then, there’s no time to lose, I’ll be leaving first, Young Master, take care of yourself!”


Evan knew that Charles was very quick to do things, so he didn’t press the issue much, knowing that he could always trust Charles.

It was like when he first knew that he was green and driven out into the street with no one to turn to, it was Charles who found her and reached out for help.

This was something that Evan would never forget.

A night without a word, Finn because he was so tired, but also went to bed very early.

That’s why only at six in the morning, Finn woke up, listening to the snoring sounds from the other rooms from the six villains, Finn quietly went out to prepare for breakfast, after all, the hotels all provide breakfast.

However, as soon as Finn opened the door, he saw a tall woman dressed in black and with a very cold appearance and temperament standing just outside the door.

Finn was suddenly frightened, “Who are you?”


Evan had to be nosy, it was considered a secret that he was staying here, and no one else knew about it but Charles.

But if someone was interested in investigating, it would still be easy to find out, after all, this was just a hotel, as long as you knew the hotel owner, it wouldn’t be easy to get almost news.

Or maybe there was a stalker, squatting just to block him, it was all possible.

Although Finn thought he hadn’t messed with anyone, but in fact, when he came to Hundred Flowers City, in just a day’s time, Finn had strife with many people, so it would be understandable if someone harmed him.

Moreover, he had come to find Wang Kexin, and it was also possible that someone from the Wang family had received the news and had come to persecute him in advance.

Therefore, without knowing the truth, Finn ‘s first reaction was simple: he would quickly close the door of the room to prevent the woman from entering.

Since the woman hadn’t broken into the room, she was definitely afraid of causing a – commotion, so as long as she didn’t go out, she was definitely fine.

Don’t look at the other party as just a woman, but with Finn ‘s eyes, it was by no means an ordinary person.

After all, this woman’s temperament was too cold, and she looked like an ordinary person.

But Finn was an ordinary person, before closing the door, this woman very quickly pulled out an umbrella, the long handle directly blocked the door position, jamming the door that was about to close, no matter how much strength Finn used, he couldn’t close the door, instead, the door was easily opened by the cold woman as she held the door open. Remember the URL . .net

It seemed as if Finn was air, yet Finn had used his full strength, but he couldn’t affect it in the slightest.

“Who are you?”

Seeing that there was no way out, Finn was busy retreating backwards, banging on various doors as he did so.

Without knowing the other party’s details, Finn didn’t think that he could take care of the cold woman alone, or calling up the big men was the most prudent approach.

Six big men, at any rate, were all over one meter and nine meters tall, and even if the Cold Lady was strong, she was afraid that she would not be able to defeat four kicks with two fists, and was surrounded by six big men.

“Bang bang!”

Finn ‘s violent knock on the door suddenly woke up the Six Great Vajra.

Don’t look at the six vajra snoring, but don’t forget, they were the Gao family’s bodyguards, and were themselves very alert, being knocked on the door by Finn like that, they directly just rolled over and were about to rush out of the room, but before opening the door of their respective rooms, they were shocked back inside the house by the cold woman’s several palms that were slapped out.


Although Finn didn’t see how injured the Six Vajra were, but the screams that were emitted and the sounds that seemed to spew blood, he knew that the Cold Lady was not light in her strikes.

But in Finn ‘s eyes, these were a few light slaps from the Cold Lady, as if she hadn’t used any force at all.

Just like yesterday’s Charles against Xu Qingfeng, it was as light as nothing, but the damage was unimaginable.

Martial arts expert!

The thought arose in Finn ‘s mind that it was absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to be like this after all.

And the things that couldn’t be – understood, Finn blamed it all on being martial arts.

“You’re a member of the Wang family!?”

Finn ‘s eyes narrowed, trying to calm himself down a bit.

This was the top floor, and there was no way for Finn to run out, retreating to the corner he had no more way to retreat.

He just wanted to stall as long as possible to buy him some more time.Even if he didn’t know what the use of time was, but who wouldn’t want to live a little longer?

And it was not unreasonable for Finn to guess the Wang family, at least the Wang family was a reclusive family, and still advocated martial arts, only the Wang family was capable of cultivating such experts.

As for the others, Finn couldn’t imagine.

Even if the martial arts school really had such an expert, but Finn had never offended anyone from any other martial arts school, so it was probably only the Wang family.

“You’re done making a scene?”The cold woman spoke indifferently and did not answer Finn ‘s question.

Finn didn’t want to admit it, but he could only nod his head, he had no other choice but to do so.

The cold woman took out a pamphlet, then took out a pen and actually started to write something, without doing anything to Finn at all, which made Finn a little confused.

Finn saw that the car cold woman’s attention was not on himself, so he wanted to slip away from the side, but he was blindly stopped by the cold woman’s voice: “Don’t move, you can’t run away.”

“Yes, I won’t move, I’m sure I won’t move.” Finn ‘s back was already oozing with sweat, he couldn’t skin up at all now, and this feeling of powerlessness made him not even have a hope of survival.

Only after a long time did the cold woman put down the pen in her hand and looked at the pamphlet, ” Finn , 70 points for reflexes, 80 points for resilience, 10 points for force, 40 points for speed, 100 points for desire to survive, 60 points for overall score, barely reaching the p A**ing line.”


Finn was somewhat dazed, not knowing what the cold woman was talking about.

“You’re not here to kill me?” Finn was a little puzzled, but he knew that the cold woman wasn’t here to kill, or else she would have already done it instead of writing a rating here like this.

The cold woman nodded slightly and said, “I’m the tenth War God Mu Zi Ling of the War God Temple under the Lord of Ye Island’s seat, and your future personal bodyguard and martial arts teacher.”

“From Ye Island, ah.” Finn ton was relieved, although he didn’t understand what Mu Zi Ling said about the War God Temple, but as long as it was Ye Island coming, then it should be that Charles’ proposal was agreed by Ye Yuntian yesterday.

Originally, I thought it was a killer, but I didn’t expect it to be a partner, which made Finn have a feeling of desperation.

Because of the relaxed nerves, Finn ‘s legs went weak, his eyes went black, and he directly fainted.

By the time Finn woke up again, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon.

“f*ck, that scared me to death!”

When Finn opened his eyes, he saw a cold face facing him, full of fury.

This person was none other than Mu Zi Ling.

Although it had been accepted that Mu Zi Ling was the one sent by the family, but what was this air of being a stranger?

Finn was a bit dissatisfied, after all, he was the future son of Ye Island, how could he be intimidated like this by a subordinate.And a mere subordinate, even if it was some kind of 10th War God, just a subordinate, why should he give him, the master, a face.

Finn suddenly frowned, “Mu Zi Ling, do you know what my status is, and you’re fuming at me!?”

“Today’s young lord, the future Ye Island Lord.”Mu Zi Ling’s face remained unchanged.

“If you know, why are you still pouting at me?” Finn was even more dissatisfied, if Mu Zi Ling didn’t know his identity it was just a matter of time, but now he knew so clearly, why would he still be like that.

Could it be that they are seeing him as weak and deliberately bullying him?

What Finn couldn’t stand the most was being underestimated, even if he couldn’t do it now, he would be able to do it later.

Therefore, Finn ‘s first impression of Mu Zi Ling was not good.


“This is the Ice Brake Technique that I’ve cultivated, I’m the one who can’t practice it, and I still can’t control it to hide my breath completely, I’m sorry, young master.”Mu Zi Ling slightly owed.


Finn was speechless, he thought that Mu Zi Ling was bullying him, but he never thought that it was the problem with his technique that made him so.

“Forget it then, Ben Shao isn’t so easily angered.” Finn coughed dryly, relieving the embarr A**ment on his face.

It turned out that it wasn’t Mu Zi Ling’s problem, but rather Finn had misjudged Mu Zi Ling.

“By the way, when you talk about merit, is there really a way to cultivate in this world?That kind of flying sword or something fairy?”

Finn changed the subject, firstly to ease the awkwardness, and secondly because he was really very interested in this aspect.

Finn also said before, since childhood, like this kind of stuff, than become a scientist as an astronaut, Finn is quite an immortal.

But Finn is very open distinction, has always thought that the immortals are the stuff of novels in TV dramas, can never become reality, however, until the encounter Xu Qingfeng, Charles, as well as in front of the eyes of the Wooden Plume.

Finn really believed in the existence of immortals.

Because just now, Mu Ziling was just a light palm and knocked over the Six Vajra, this tactic is completely inconsistent with the interaction of forces, already beyond physical cognition.

Finn felt that just now, Woody must have used some kind of internal power or something, in order to overthrow the Six Vajra.

And what Finn , wanted to learn, was precisely this aspect.

Only Mu Zi Ling’s answer made Finn a little dissatisfied.

Only Mu Zi Ling shook her head slightly and said, “Island Master advised that these things are not something you can know, what you need is a gradual process in order to prevent you will be imagining things.So only when you enter the next step, I will tell you what the next step is.”Mu Zi Ling said.

This made it especially hard for Finn , if he really said it, Finn would also have a general understanding, but not telling it clearly and instead making Finn curious, but not being able to know, was just very painful.

But since it was her father’s instruction, I’m sure Mu Zi Ling had no way to refuse, so Finn didn’t take a chance, so he said again, “Then tell me what I can know now, I also want to become a martial artist, fly around and so on.”

Mu Zi Ling sighed and said, “The martial dao is long and not overnight, I’d better tell you about the martial dao first.”

“Good.” Finn was suddenly happy, he just wanted to know this stuff.

Mu Zi Ling nodded, “Martial Dao is divided into many kinds, according to the legends, there are demon dao, human dao, beast dao and so on, among them there are also changes, but what has been p A**ed down now, you know that ordinary martial dao is simply being able to obtain abilities beyond normal people.For example, if you are going to cultivate to become a martial artist next, it is only the first step of a martial artist, called the Outer Strength Martial Artist.A martial artist at this level is able to defeat ten with one, and possesses a physique that exceeds that of normal people.”

“That’s it?” Finn was somewhat speechless, it seemed like Mu Zi Ling was talking a lot, but nothing of practical significance existed.

If it was hard to jump out as useful, it would be that martial artists were more powerful than normal people, and if Finn finished his first step, he would be able to defeat ten with one.


Just as Finn was about to ask further questions, his stomach rang.

Indeed, having not eaten for so long, it was strange that Finn wasn’t hungry.

Awkwardly scratching his head, Finn said, “Let’s go, go out and have a bite to eat while we talk.”

“Okay, young master.”After Mu Zi Ling replied, she stood at Finn ‘s side and switched to bodyguard mode, and a strong fury swept out.

It scared Finn so much that he almost wet his pants and couldn’t move his legs.

“That, Zi Ling ah, you quickly put away your fury, making you a bodyguard is not to scare others, but to protect me.Just make your move at a critical moment, you don’t need to keep emitting this fury.”

How could Finn say it because he was afraid of wetting his pants.

When Mu Zi Ling nodded, she put away the fury and didn’t complain.

After glancing at Mu Ziling, Finn was a bit helpless, but he still took out a blue and white skirt from his suitcase, “This skirt is new, I was going to give it to my fiancée as a meet and greet gift, but it’s really inappropriate for you to wear leather pants, so you should wear this.”

It wasn’t that Finn didn’t like dressing up in leather pants and leather clothes, everyone’s aesthetics were different, maybe Mu Zi Ling liked leather pants and leather clothes.

But leather jacket and leather pants really didn’t suit Mu Zi Ling.

Originally Mu Ziling’s body is full of fury, even if convergence, is also a bit cold, with a leather jacket and leather pants a look is a spy look, everywhere will attract attention, especially Mu Ziling’s body is very hot, bumpy front and back, certainly everywhere will be the focus of existence.

Finn didn’t want to be stared at for no reason, so he wanted Mu Ziling to change into a dress, while Finn left the room and came outside, waiting for Mu Ziling to change.

Same as just now? Mu Zi Ling didn’t complain or comment at all, she received the dress and started to wear it.

Although Finn was speechless, he also discovered one thing.That was that Woody Plume wasn’t cold, but rather, he was usually short on words, which was why he was scared at the first meeting again.

Perhaps Mu Zi Ling just wanted to express her identity after approaching, or to test her body quality for scoring, in short, there was no malicious intent, and it was all because Finn had overthought it and gotten it wrong.

Not long after, Mu Zi Ling walked out wearing a blue and white gradient color dress.

“Wow Sai!” Finn suddenly stared in disbelief.

Just now, because of Mu Ziling’s coldness, Finn didn’t notice Mu Ziling’s beauty.

But now it is completely noticed, because the change of dress Mu Ziling is like a princess, people want to embrace, not only that, Mu Ziling’s posture is also superior.

In fact, even compared to Wang Kexin, it is not inferior in any way, even more distinctive because of the extra hint of temperament.

In particular, Mu Ziling is extremely tall, with a height of more than 170, a pair of thighs not only white – fair but also slender, simply leg play year, the average man is absolutely unable to resist this charm.

Although Mu Ziling does not apply powder, but still dumping the country, Finn was suddenly stunned.

After being stupefied for a while, Finn was only able to return to normal because of Mu Zi Ling’s words.

“How is it?Doesn’t it look good?”Mu Zi Ling’s face blushed slightly when she asked this, as expected, as long as she was a girl, she would care about whether it was good looking or not.

Naturally, Finn nodded incessantly, “Good-looking, beyond expectation, it seems as if this dress was made for you!”

In Finn ‘s existing vocabulary, it was: iceberg beauty!


Finn was more eager to learn, so after a few simple bites downstairs in the hotel, he returned to the presidential suite.

“Master, what step do we start cultivating from?Do you need to wash the scriptures and marrow or something first, that’s how it’s played out in the novels I read.”

Finn had no shame at all to call master to Mu Zi Ling.

After eating just now, Finn found out that Mu Zi Ling was really a very strong existence, especially a move to take things through the air was an eye-opener for Finn .

The thing is like this, during the meal, the cutlery was on Finn ‘s side, Finn was going to play a trick on Mu Zi Ling, but he didn’t expect that Mu Zi Ling would move his hand, and the cutlery flew to Mu Zi Ling by itself, as if Mu Zi Ling had a suction stone in his hand.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the cutlery was wooden, Finn would still be suspicious at this moment.

And just this hand operation of taking things through the air was completely convincing to Finn .

To think that in the future he himself would be able to retrieve objects through the air, such a cool and pulling maneuver would definitely attract a large number of girls.

“No, no, no, how could I be that kind of person, I learned spaced retrieval merely to make life easier, like getting up in the morning to put on clothes and stretch out my hand clothes to come, yes, that’s right.”

Finn muttered in his heart, forcibly consoling himself that he wasn’t the kind of person who practiced only to pick up girls.

In fact, Finn does not know what others think, he grew up seeing those martial arts fantasy, the first thought is not to become a top expert, but to become the kind of Chu Liuxiang, the existence of a hundred flowers to p A**, that is truly unrestrained pleasure.

However, these were all Finn ‘s smooth thoughts, and before Finn could think too much, he was completely struck by Mu Zi Ling’s words.

Mu Zi Ling coldly said, “Cleansing the meridians is the first step to enter the outer strength, however your current body doesn’t support that kind of operation yet, you won’t be able to withstand it.So what you need to do now is to exercise your body and strengthen your physique first.”

“Ah?Isn’t there one of those little pills, or I’ll just directly p A** on my power, and I’ll just be a bull.” Finn remembered how it was written in novels, eating a magic pill, swish a few levels and become a rare genius in a hundred years, how come he still needed to exercise his body.

Mu Zi Ling looked up and down at Finn before helplessly saying, “Eating pills is not something that can be taken by any body, and the same goes for p Aing on power, your body can’t even handle it, so how can you talk about finding shortcuts.You’re also not a great genius, you just barely reached the p Aing line, the test I did on you earlier was also a test to see if you’re suitable for cultivation, if you weren’t the young master of Ye Island, I wouldn’t even bother to teach you, you really don’t have much talent, an ordinary person, the streets are full of them.”

“Er…” Finn was instantly hit in the face and couldn’t utter a word for half a day.

He thought he was an unearthly genius, but he didn’t expect that he was just a p A**erby, so this kind of blow was not to mention how big it was.

In the end, Finn gave in to reality, at least Mu Zi Ling was still willing to teach him, although it was because of his identity, but it was not bad.At least to be able to let him start cultivating, he believed that the textbook was correct, a drop of water could penetrate a stone, it relied on perseverance and hard work, with his diligence and hard work, sooner or later, he would become a great power.

And Finn ‘s goal wasn’t to become a great power, after all, Ye Island had experts, he didn’t have to rely on himself to fight the world, all he needed was to be able to protect himself, and the other thing was that spacing out the sky was enough.

Finn was never one to be over-ambitious.


“f*ck!It’s too damn exhausting, Master, are you sure this is entry-level training?”

Evan clenched his teeth, his forehead was taut with veins, his eyes were bloodshot, and his sweat was more like a sweat steam.

“Don’t talk, take a deep breath, just hold on for another eight minutes.”Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke, her eyes not looking at Finn , only staring at the timer on her phone.

“Eight minutes!?” Finn was simply going to die when he heard this number.

Mu Zi Ling’s first lesson was weight training, having Finn carry a heavy object on his back for ten minutes to support the ground, the support was very simple, it was a push-up position, but instead of floating up and down, just support the ground with both elbows. Finn had thought that since it was the first lesson, or entry level training, it must be very easy.

Indeed, just as Finn thought, Mu Ziling asked him to bear weight for five minutes to support the ground.

Although Mu Ziling didn’t like him, but Finn still thought he was a genius, and as simple as weighted bracing, five minutes wouldn’t be too small for him, so he directly took the initiative to double it to ten minutes, wanting to impress Mu Ziling.

But what Finn didn’t expect was that the introductory level weight training was a hundred pounds!

Since the hotel didn’t have anything heavy, Mu Zi Ling went to buy a hundred pound bag of rice and then placed it on Finn ‘s back right after he braced himself on the ground.

The moment it was put on, Finn felt his waist was going to break, because Mu Zi Ling didn’t take it lightly, but threw it straight on Finn ‘s body, almost killing him.

Finn just felt like a second, it felt like he was holding on for a long time, but he didn’t expect that only two minutes had p A**ed.

Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke, “Entry level is five minutes, normal level is ten minutes, difficult level is twenty minutes, and hell level is forty minutes.”

“So that’s how it is!” Finn came to his senses, he had thought that there were many steps to cultivation and that the introductory level was so difficult, the later was even more unimaginable.I can’t imagine that the hell level is only forty minutes, then this is too easy.

“Don’t look at me now that I can’t, I’m telling you, just give me ten days and half a month and I’ll be able to last for forty minutes and successfully complete all the difficult levels.” Finn said proudly, and suddenly felt the rice on his body wasn’t so heavy.

“Is that so?”Mu Zi Ling didn’t praise, but frowned, “It takes you so long to complete the novice period, as expected, you’re not suitable for cultivation.”

“What?Rookie period?” Finn picked up on the point right away and didn’t have time to get angry, so he wanted to know what the novice phase was.

“The Initiation to Hell that I just mentioned is a fixed training level for each period, and before you cultivate to the point where you become a martial artist with Outer Strength, there’s actually a Novice, Rookie, Elite, and Veteran period!Judging by the weight you bear, one hundred pounds is the novice stage, two hundred pounds is the rookie stage, three hundred pounds is the elite stage, and four hundred pounds is the veteran stage.”

Mu Zi Ling’s words were like the whispers of a demon, pressuring Finn to breathe.

Finn was extremely speechless, now it was just the first step of the rookie phase, not even a rookie, really a fighter among trash.

Mu Zi Ling’s words actually spoke more clearly, a total of sixteen small stages, the last stage is to resist four hundred pounds of weight to hold the ground for forty minutes.

According to the words, holding on to this, I’m afraid that this is the last step of the test, as long as the sixteen small stages are completed, then Finn will be able to step forward into a martial artist.

It sounded simple, but thinking of four hundred pounds, Finn wanted to die on the spot, after all, it was too hard!

A martial artist, as it turns out, is not as easy as the novels make it out to be, it’s simply difficult!


“You guys don’t sneak around, come on, practice with me together, I guess you’re not even as good as rookies.”

Finn was finally unable to stand it after six minutes of a hundred pounds, his arms were really too sore, the more they got the more sore they got, it was simply not something anyone could bear.

When he got up and moved his body, Finn saw that the Six Vajra were holding back their laughter, and could not help but speak out in shame.

The Six Vajra’s face changed slightly, because this cultivation was indeed a bit unusually difficult.

However, soon Finn couldn’t laugh anymore, because the six vajra themselves were more than one meter nine brawny man, weight bearing ability was far more terrifying than normal people, coming up with three hundred pounds to start, clenching their teeth were holding on for forty minutes, and the strongest of them, Ah Hu, even more weight bearing four hundred pounds, holding on for twenty minutes, already at the difficulty level of the veteran stage.

Just one last step away from being able to complete all of the martial artist’s previous difficulties.

“f*ck, you bunch of perverts!”

Finn was extremely speechless, he didn’t expect the six vajra to be so strong, but it was reasonable to think that if they weren’t very powerful, how could they become professional fighters.

If you eat this job, you need to have this strength.

“Qualifications are quite superior, but not suitable for my cultivation method, otherwise I can also take you as a disciple.”Mu Zi Ling faintly opened his mouth, with a hint of praise in his eyes. The first website m.

Ah Hu Ton showed a happy color, no disrespect at all.

Earlier, Mu Zi Ling had beaten them to vomit blood with a casual wave of his hand, and they were all extremely respectful of Mu Zi Ling, after all, the strongest were worthy of respect as long as they were strong enough, regardless of gender.

Although Finn knew that Mu Zi Ling was powerful, but how powerful Mu Zi Ling was, Finn was still unclear, so he pointed at the rice bag on the ground and said, “How much can you bear again?”

“Stepping into a martial artist, even at the initial stage of the most elementary Outer Strength, you need to bear a thousand pounds, it’s a threshold and a minimum standard.”Mu Zi Ling faintly opened her mouth and headed to the rice bag.

Just now, Finn used one rice bag, and the six vajra used a total of nineteen rice bags, each of which was a hundred pounds, adding up to a total of two thousand pounds.

Finn felt that these rice bags were enough, although he knew that Mu Zi Ling could not be the beginning of the outer strength, because at least Mu Zi Ling was the tenth God of War, certainly extraordinary, but two thousand pounds is too exaggerated, also bother to believe that Mu Zi Ling will definitely make a fool of himself.And Finn just wanted to see Woody Plume make a fool of herself.

However, soon Finn was dumbfounded, because the appearance of Mu Ziling picking up the rice bag with one hand is like holding a ball of cotton so easy.

And when Mu Ziling picked up a rice bag with his left hand, Mu Ziling used his right hand to catch one.

Originally, Finn thought that Mu Zi Ling would also lie down on the ground and let the six vajra go to get the rice bag on Mu Zi Ling’s back, Finn just got hit by the rice bag and also wanted to take the opportunity to take revenge, but he didn’t expect that Mu Zi Ling himself could pick it up so easily.

And a stack of bags, the rice bag is even unbiased and square, this kind of control is really accurate to the minute.

Most importantly, after all twenty rice bags were stacked up, they were even all held up with one hand in Mu Ziling’s right hand, obviously still not using the full strength of the model.


Finn let out an exclamation of shock, unable to believe that such a lovely little girl could be so powerful.

The Six Vajra even clapped their hands swollen, and didn’t dare to stop.Apart from admiration, there was endless envy in his eyes.

Muziling, she really was too strong!

No, Mu Zi Ling was so strong, what was he in such a hurry to cultivate now, he had originally asked Mu Zi Ling to come over, but it was actually to rescue Wang Kexin.

Finn came to his senses, then waved his hand, “Prepare to go to the Wang family tomorrow!”

Tiger muttered quietly, but Finn didn’t hear him, so he couldn’t help but ask, “What did you say?”

Tiger was stirred, but Ran didn’t wait for Tiger to explain, and then Mu Zi Ling spoke up, “He said you were thinking of going to the Wang family to avoid training, I think so too.”

“Er….Ah Hu, you’re overdoing it, Ben Shao is eating and drinking to feed you, and you’re still chewing your tongue!” Finn ton followed Ah Hu.

Ah Hu awkwardly didn’t dodge, and Finn ‘s fist landed on his body like a hairy rain, it didn’t hurt.

Only Ah Hu was a little curious and looked towards Mu Zi Ling, asking, “How did you hear me speak, I’m obviously not very loud?”

“A martial artist, not only is the force high, all the senses are far beyond normal people, not something you can imagine.”Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke.

This was actually a warning to everyone present, whoever chewed behind her back, she would hear it.

Tiger didn’t want to die yet, so naturally, he didn’t dare to try to kill himself, and the others would be even more afraid.

Although Finn dared, there was no need.After all, he still needed to rely on Mu Ziling to protect him, he had nothing to say what Mu Ziling was doing, not to mention Mu Ziling’s martial arts skills, even if there was no force, simply Mu Ziling’s appearance made Finn unable to stop.

Mu Ziling is like a beautiful woman from a painting, and also the cold and lonely attribute, even more usually completely invisible type, Finn can’t appreciate it enough.

Thus, the cultivation came to an end for the time being, Finn washed up and slept, and the next morning, everyone was full of energy and ready to go to the Wang family.

Sitting in a Land Rover, Finn did not drive, but let Tiger drive.

After insisting on carrying the rice bag for a few minutes yesterday, his back ached and even his legs cramped, as if the sudden overexertion had caused a muscle strain.

“Hey, it hurts, don’t you hurt, master?” Finn said and leaned towards Mu Zi Ling.

Both Finn and Mu Zi Ling were sitting in the back seat, Finn purposely said that he wanted Mu Zi Ling to m A**age him.

Finn had only enjoyed Shangguan Yue’s m Aage, others hadn’t tried it yet, he would have earned it if he could try Mu Zi Ling’s m Aage.

He used to watch TV dramas, in which the injury healing all have some kind of true qi, just a push of the back can heal the internal injuries, very magical, also don’t know if Mu Zi Ling will.

However, Mu Zi Ling pushed Finn away and said coldly, “This is the consequence of not exercising your body normally.”

Finn was furious, Mu Zi Ling was a bit over the top, never forgetting to dislike him whenever he was.

In the past, even when Finn was a poor slinger, no one repeatedly dislike him, not to mention that Mu Zi Ling was still his subordinate.

The only thing is that it’s a little rude to go straight to work, but with a twinkle in his eye, Finn played with the taste: “Master, since you’re so powerful, let’s spar.You don’t have to defend me with your fists and feet, I’ll even if you win, right, you can’t headbutt me either, what do you think?”

Ah Hu puffed out laughing, Finn is really shameless enough, wanting to bully a woman, but also deliberately find so many things to say.

Still not a man anymore!

Chapter 241

“What are you laughing at, just drive your car.”

Finn glanced at Tiger, who was embarr A**ed by Tiger’s mockery.

But Finn was helpless, as long as Mu Zi Ling stretched out just one finger, Finn was afraid that he would be like being easily pressed to death like an ant, after all, Mu Zi Ling was able to lift even two thousand pounds easily, in other words, a ton.

Finn didn’t want to take tons of damage.

Only after restraining Mu Ziling’s hands, feet and head, did Finn feel relieved.

It was just that Finn wasn’t sure if Mu Zi Ling would agree, after all, Mu Zi Ling wasn’t an idiot and wouldn’t be able to not see Finn ‘s intentional embarr A**ment.

However, to Finn ‘s surprise, Mu Zi Ling nodded her head and agreed without even thinking about it.And on Mu Zi Ling’s face, there was a rare smile.

Seeing that it was an ice-cold smile, Finn was startled, still smiling after all this time, it was either a fool, or confident in his strength.

Obviously, Mu Ziling was definitely the latter.

Finn suddenly beat a retreat, shrinking backwards, “Master, I’m joking, don’t take it seriously, where is your disciple’s opponent, let’s forget about it.” Remember the URL .

“You’re so motivated, happy for my teacher.Come, come, you attack me, I won’t dodge.”Mu Zi Ling beckoned.

Just by beckoning, Finn felt as if he couldn’t control his body to rush towards Mu Zi Ling.

Only then did Finn react to the fact that Mu Zi Ling also had a move to take things through the air, not using her hands at all.

Could it still hurt people through the air?

Finn ‘s heart was shocked and frightened, this woman was definitely not something he could bully.

“I was wrong master, I was wrong, don’t hit my face okay?”Evan was on the verge of tears.

“Alright then.”When Mu Zi Ling sighed lightly, Finn felt the gravitational force in his body disappear.

Seeing the loneliness in Mu Zi Ling’s eyes, Finn didn’t open his mouth to ask about the situation because he wouldn’t be stupid enough to be beaten up by Mu Zi Ling, and Finn probably wouldn’t dare to ask about it until there was a better relationship everywhere.

Like this, there was no more storm on the way, and finally arrived at the Wang family.

It was already eleven o’clock in the morning when we arrived at the Wang family, and it was time for dinner.

Like other city families, the Wang family was a single family built on the outskirts of the city.

It was just that the Wang family was a hidden family, so unlike other city families that would be seen right next to the highway, it was in the deep mountains.

When he got off the car, Finn saw a big sign: “Wang Family Castle.”

As expected, the big families weren’t villa yards, but thousands of mouths, and although not as huge as Ye Island, they were still quite a bit bigger than the mundane families.

This place was very where to find, if not for Wang Ke Feng’s map, Finn would never be able to find it.

And Finn was originally going to contact Wang Kexin, but Wang Kexin’s phone can’t be dialed, fortunately, Wang Kaifeng told Finn , at this time Wang Kexin is not a serious problem, otherwise Finn would have rushed up.

But even if Wang Kexin wasn’t in any serious trouble, the contact numbers were outlawed, it wasn’t a small thing, it was a complete restriction of freedom.

“Brother-in-law, this way.”As soon as Finn and the others got off the bus, they saw Wang Kefeng running not far away waving his hand.

“I’m sorry, brother-in-law, the Wang Castle doesn’t allow foreign vehicles to enter, they must be registered before they’ll be released, it’s also a safety consideration.”Wang Ke Feng explained with an apologetic face.

Finn waved his hand and said, “No harm, it’s not in the way, let’s go, let’s go find Kexin now.”

“So it’s time for dinner, how about we eat first, and after that, I’ll take you to meet Kexin, what do you think?”Wang Kefeng inquired.

Finn ton frowned, “I don’t think so, I was originally here to find Kexin, can’t I see her now?”

“I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult, but Kexin is studying dance right now and needs to get to a point before she can rest.”Wang Kefeng explained.

It suddenly dawned on Finn that Wang Kexin now seemed to be just like the three Xiao Coco girls who had started closed training in order to become stars.

But in the past, Wang Kexin had said that the Hidden Family would only choose to make a person a star after giving up on them.Had the Wang family now given up on Wang Kexin, and had Wang Kexin been reduced to a tool to make money?

Finn burst into a rage and waved his big hand, “Damn it, big brother-in-law, you lead the way, I’m going to take Kexin away now, I’ll see who dares to stop Ben young!”

Saying that, Finn walked directly into the Wang Family Fort.

The Wang Family Fort was similar to the pattern of a village, but it was all two-story villas as far as the eye could see.

Wang Kefeng saw that he couldn’t stop Finn , so he had to lead the way.

“Brother-in-law, you can think about it ah, with your family strength you can definitely get back Kexin from the clan leader, but it’s hard to say if you’re robbing it so forcefully, after all, you’re just taking these few people with you, I think it’s a bit suspenseful ah.”Although Wang Kefeng said so verbally, he was already leading the way.

Finn smiled because Wang Ke Feng still had a backbone, and for Wang Ke Feng to be like this, Wang Ke Feng could be considered a qualified brother.

In order not to let Wang Ke Feng worry, Finn pointed at Mu Zi Ling, “This is my master, don’t say that your Wang family is proficient in martial arts, even if you really come with a few experts, real swords and real guns, my master is fine.”

Although Finn didn’t know if Mu Zi Ling could block bullets, he reckoned that Mu Zi Ling could.

Finn already blindly worshipped Mu Zi Ling.

And since Mu Zi Ling was sent by his family, he was still the tenth ranked War God, meaning that he was the top ten strongest person on the entire Ye Island.

Ye Island was a population of two million people, to be ranked in the top ten, what did this represent?

It’s the one in a million!

Mu Zi Ling seemed to be helping to re A**ure Finn as she said, “The bullets are still defensible.”

“Look, my master has spoken, so don’t worry.”

Finn said with a smile.

In fact, it was all Finn ‘s speculation before, and now that he really spoke from Mu Zi Ling’s mouth that it could protect against bullets, this feeling was even more extraordinarily solid.

Ye Island, as expected, was indeed full of talent, worthy of being at the peak of a hidden family!

Wang Ke Feng stared, “And it’s bullet-proof?That’s really powerful, but I’ve heard that we also have a few elders who can defend against bullets in our Wang family’s fortress, so I hope this matter doesn’t cause the whole family’s chickens and dogs to fly, or else it’ll be harder for the elders to take action.”

“You guys have that too?” Finn couldn’t help but frown, he hadn’t previously reached the point where the Wang family was so powerful.

It was fortunate that he hadn’t gone to the Martial Hall to find someone, or else Finn would probably have backed off at the moment.

But when he heard that there were several elders on the other side, Finn was still a little worried, “Master, how sure do you think it is?”

However, when Finn turned his head to look at Mu Zi Ling, he saw that what filled Mu Zi Ling’s eyes was not fear, but full of surprise.

Immediately after that, a situation that Finn did not expect at all happened.

Only to see Mu Zi Ling take a deep breath, followed by a voice that exploded louder than a radio horn, “A few elders of the Wang Family Fort, can you dare to come out and fight me!”


“f*ck, what are you doing, Master?”

Finn rushed to pull Mu Ziling.

He never expected that before the people from the Wang Family Fort had even appeared, Mu Zi Ling would take the initiative to invite a fight.

Something was wrong with this script!

Should I say that Mu Zi Ling is arrogant, or is it that he is saving to do something.

“Young master rest A**ured, and go save the young grandmother, leave this place to me, soldiers to stop, water to cover up, it’s been a long time since I found an opponent who can use my fists, but my fists are itchy!”

As soon as Mu Zi Ling said this, it instantly dawned on Finn .

Earlier, Finn felt that something was wrong, just now in the car, when Finn wanted to make a move, Mu Zi Ling was just very happy, and when Finn was not ready to sell, Mu Zi Ling fell lonely.

It turned out that Woody Plume wasn’t for any other reason, it simply just liked fighting.

“No hurry, let’s advance and retreat together, if you win we’ll also rob people, if we can’t we’ll retreat together.Anyway, we haven’t revealed who we’re here for yet, and it won’t be a threat to Ke Xin.” Finn said, busy pushing Wang Kefeng, “You go first, otherwise your clan leader will definitely criticize if he sees you.” First URL m.

“Brother-in-law, this…”Wang Ke Feng was in a state of hesitation, not enough now would be criticized, but if he left, it would seem like no friendship.

He had all spent over four million on Rolexes for Finn , and now leaving would be a loss, and he still wanted to climb up the relationship with Finn .

With a little thought, Wang Kaifeng firmly said, “Brother-in-law, I’m also with you guys, at worst, I’ll just be kicked out of the family, and I’ll have to rely on brother-in-law to take care of me in the future.”

Wang Kefeng wasn’t stupid, a simple thought would tell him the pros and cons.

Finn was from Ye Island, and although he was now bringing a few people with him, in the end, Finn could still easily settle the Wang family if he used Ye Island’s power.

It would be better to be a treetop on this small tree of the Wang family than to be a gr A** under Ye Island’s open protection, at least blocking the wind and rain and not having to worry about anything.

Indeed, Wang Kaifeng had made a correct decision.

Although I don’t know these activities in Wang Kaifeng’s heart, but in the end, standing on Finn ‘s side, Finn was still greatly moved, and couldn’t help but pat Wang Kaifeng’s shoulder: “Worthy of being my big brother-in-law, good job, you will have a share of all the food and drink in the future!”

Finn didn’t have much of a mind, and didn’t care if others had other plans or not, he would be doubly nice to them anyway.

“What little child is making a fuss here!”

Right at this moment, a strong and powerful voice came from the depths of the Wang Family Castle, from far and near.

By the time the voice had fallen, five figures had landed in front of the crowd.

The person at the head was a crane haired little dot, and so were the four people behind him.

Although none of them were tall, their aura was one meter and eighteen, and the burst of pressure caused Finn to unconsciously take a few steps backwards.

This kind of pressure was different from the invisible pressure of a big brother in the past, but substantial, making Finn even a little unable to breathe, and his heart was pounding non-stop.


Mu Zi Ling snorted coldly, and the air was lowered by several degrees as the field of energy opened up.

Finn could vaguely see the light blue energy emanating from Mu Zi Ling’s body, but instead of spreading around, it was fan-shaped rushing towards the five little puny ones.

Finn only felt the pressure on his body disappear instantly, apparently being deflected by Muziling’s pressure.

It was possible to defeat five with one?

Finn muttered in his heart, somewhat shocked by Mu Zi Ling’s strength.

Just from the appearance, Mu Zi Ling was a young girl in her early twenties, while the five people on the other side looked like they were just very powerful.

Finn had felt that it was going to be cold, he didn’t expect that Mu Zi Ling was so strong, no wonder she dared to scream, there was some real skill.

The person who headed the opposite side had narrowed eyes, “Inner strength expert?No wonder you dared to come and shout, but you underestimate our Wang Castle, Old Fifth, you go against it!”

“You can all go together!”Mu Zi Ling faintly opened his mouth, and a cold air actually came out of his mouth.

It is now May, already half of spring, soon summer.To be able to emerge cold at this time, it was enough to see that what Mu Zi Ling was cultivating was definitely ice cold and the like, and it wasn’t just a little coming and going, but it was cultivated to a certain level.

Finn didn’t know what internal strength represented, but from calling out experts on the other side, internal strength, it was definitely a tougher realm than external strength.

At the very least, the outer stamina was able to withstand a thousand pounds, so what kind of existence was the inner stamina?

Finn also came to be interested, seeing that Mu Zi Ling was so shouting, it was obvious that she was very strong, so she did not panic and started to watch the fun.

However, the person who was the head of the opposite side was the one who had veins on his forehead: “Yellow-mouthed little child, how can you make a fuss, Old Fifth, don’t hurry up and teach her a lesson!”


Standing at the end of the end wearing a blue robe, Little Dot stood out and dashed straight towards Mu Zi Ling with a low cry.

Finn suddenly said badly, this speed was too fast, almost in the blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Mu Zi Ling’s body.

Finn wanted to open his mouth to warn Mu Zi Ling, but it was already too late.

Finn who didn’t want to see the tragic face couldn’t help but close his eyes.

It was at this moment, a loud bang was heard, even without looking, Finn knew that it was Old Five and Mu Ziling collided with each other.

However, to Finn ‘s surprise, Mu Ziling did not even scream, but instead, a muffled hum came from Old Five.

Finn couldn’t help but open his eyes and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

Only to see that Mu Zi Ling hadn’t even retreated half a step, but instead Old Five had flown out backwards, smashing a small hole in the concrete, his face flushed red as if he was holding back blood from spurting out.

“What face do you want, if this mouthful doesn’t spurt out, I’m afraid you’ll have to stay in bed for five more months.”Mu Zi Ling coldly spoke.

“Spurt it out, Old Five.”The person who was the leader couldn’t bear to close his eyes, obviously seeing the winner of the duel.

What he just didn’t expect was that it ended so miserably.

Old Five couldn’t even go a single round under Mu Zi Ling, and Mu Zi Ling was only a young girl in her early twenties ah!


Old Five spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face receding a bit and somewhat white.


The person leading the group waved his hand, and Old Five retreated back to stand at the end of the line.

“I told you long ago, let’s go together, don’t waste time.”Mu Zi Ling spoke coldly again and waved provocatively at the person who was leading the group.

“Don’t go too far, Old Fifth is only at the early stage of Inner Strength, we can all be at the late stage of Inner Strength, spare you from being at the peak of Inner Strength, you may not be able to win against us.”The person leading the group coldly snorted, “We have never met you before, if we are not life and death enemies, why would we tear our faces apart, don’t be too angry young man, I advise you to restrain yourself, my Wang Jiabao is still very good at hospitality, sit down and have some tea, what do you think?”


Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke, “Since you are confident of defeating me, let’s go together, I can hear that there are a few elders in the Wang Family Castle who are strong, after finishing you, there is still preparation for them, you should not waste time.”

“Insolent!”The one leading the group had angry eyes, “Go on, teach the current youth a lesson!”


The three other than Old Five followed the leader and rushed out in unison.

Finn ‘s eyes narrowed, he didn’t really care about winning or losing, after all, Mu Zi Ling was so confident, it was bound to be because Mu Zi Ling would win.

Even at this moment, Mu Zi Ling still had the remaining power to emit pressure to protect him, obviously he hadn’t tried his best, so Finn didn’t panic at all.

He was just a little curious as to why the person leading him was so angry.

Just now, constantly provoking and even injuring Old Five, the person in charge wasn’t even angry, the last sentence Mu Zi Ling had already said somewhat restrained, why would the person in charge still be angry?

It was too late for Finn to think much, the battle had already started.

The leader was in red robes, the three people behind him were in yellow, blue and purple, and the four of them were in a mouth shape, as if it was some kind of formation, rushing towards Mu Zi Ling at the same time. Remember the website . .

Seeing that the red robe was about to make a move, but Mu Ziling came later.

Seeing Mu Zi Ling’s finger cupping, he opened his mouth and spewed out a mouthful of cold air, then with a wave of his small hand, the cold air solidified the moisture in the air and became countless needles of ice, swishing and flying towards the four people on the opposite side.

“Transforming needles with air, good tactics!”The red robe’s eyes narrowed, and drawing a soft sword from his waist, he danced several sword flowers in mid-air, deflecting the attack of the ice needles.

The missed ice needles were also blocked by the yellow shield erected by the yellow robe behind it.

This round of attack, Woody Plume didn’t harm the opponent.

“What to do, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work, Ye Shao, let’s go back to the car, the timing is not right, let’s run.”Tiger stood behind Finn and reminded him.

Finn shook his head helplessly and slapped Ah Hu’s head, “Are you not stupid, they are fighting, but not half of it has spread to our side, don’t you know what this means?”

“Huh?What does it mean?”Ah Hu was somewhat puzzled.

Finn sighed and said somewhat speechlessly, “Of course it’s because my master still has spare energy to protect us, being able to fight with two minds, obviously my master hasn’t used his full strength ah.And look at my master, how happy he is smiling!”

Yes, Woody Plume, who had always been unsmiling, finally smiled during the battle.

Like a flower blooming at the beginning of March, this smile instantly made everything revive and spring.

Finn didn’t even think that it would be like early spring after the freeze.

Although the contact time with Mu Zi Ling was not long, but Finn found it difficult to reach Mu Zi Ling’s heart, because Mu Zi Ling would unconsciously protect herself well, always cold and icy, although very style, but this made Finn did not understand.

Mu Zi Ling was not an idle person, he was his bodyguard and part-time master, such an important person, of course he wanted to know about it as soon as possible, otherwise how could he feel comfortable giving his back to a stranger to protect.

Even if it was sent by Ye Island, Finn still didn’t feel at ease.

Only now, Finn finally understood that Mu Zi Ling was a martial arts idiot, and only fighting could make Mu Zi Ling happy and joyful.

No wonder Mu Zi Ling was so powerful at such a young age, he must have dedicated the entire first half of his life to martial arts.

“Master, cheer up, you will win!”

Finn knew that the biggest encouragement to Mu Zi Ling at this moment was to cheer, and could not stand at a distance, must be standing behind Mu Zi Ling, so that Mu Zi Ling share the remaining strength to protect them, which was invariably to increase Mu Zi Ling’s pressure.

But Finn felt that Mu Zi Ling liked this kind of weight training.

Because just now when Ah Hu suggested to go back to the car, Finn clearly saw a cold light in Mu Zi Ling’s eyes.

For a martial arts idiot like Mu Zi Ling, going back to the car is a lack of trust in her strength, that’s why Finn chose to stand here, unless Mu Zi Ling falls, Finn won’t move the slightest bit.

It was also a sign of trust in Mu Zi Ling to give her total disregard for her own safety this way.In this way, Finn felt that he could speed up the process of understanding Woody Plume’s true face.

As it turned out, after Finn stopped the crowd from leaving, Mu Zi Ling’s face blossomed with unprecedented joy, while the battle fire in her eyes became even more p A**ionate.

“Five Qi Chao Yuan – Cold Light Chop!”Mu Zi Ling gave a low cry, and a large amount of ice mist emerged from his body.

Finn only felt that the temperature of the air was lowered by a few points, then what surprised him even more was that the ice mist in front of Mu Zi Ling turned into a giant blade and slashed right at the four red-robed people.

“Not good, everyone, defend quickly!”The red robe shouted with an extremely serious expression, the soft sword in his hand turning crimson, and the light of flames even faintly appearing on it.

The three behind them also sent out different types of weapons in unison, working together to resist this cold light slash.

“Puff puff puff!”

Four spurts of blood sounded in unison, and then the four of them flew out and smashed on the ground, and a layer of ice crystals even appeared on their bodies, as if they had transformed into ice sculptures.


The four of them shook off the ice crystals, but their faces were already pale, and it was clear that they were no longer able to fight.

“We’ve lost.”The red robe gritted his teeth and finally spoke out the result.

“Niu-bai Niu-bai, worthy of being my master!”

Finn ton greeted, it really wasn’t that he was bragging about Woody Plume, indeed the fight was really wonderful.

Although Finn couldn’t understand it, he also knew that being able to use these fancy moves must not be simple, it was like making a movie, all special effects.

However, Finn was just envious, and had no thought of learning at all.After all, he wasn’t even a rookie right now, not even an outer strength.To become an expert like Mu Zi Ling, it was probably impossible in this lifetime.

“Dare I ask what sect or school your Excellency is from?”The red robe was worthy of being the leader and was the first to stand up.

Only now the red robe’s eyes were long gone from the previous arrogance and were filled with respect.A strong person of Mu Zi Ling’s level deserved their respect.

Before Mu Zi Ling could speak, Finn proudly said, “My master is the tenth war god of the Ye Island War God Hall, how about it, scared.”

Anyway, the Wang Family Castle was likewise a reclusive family, and knowing the existence of Ye Island, Finn could blurt out the bottom line without any worries.Especially since Finn claimed to be an apprentice, these people wouldn’t suspect that Finn would be the young master of Ye Island, so it was a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

“Ye Island’s War God Temple?”Hearing these five words, not to mention the red robe, the others were also trembling, Ye Island was an unattainable existence for them, and the War God Hall was the gathering place of Ye Island’s highest battle power.

No wonder Mu Ziling was so outstanding at such a young age, he was the tenth Battle God of Ye Island!


To say that just now the red robe was still thinking of finding revenge after checking out the details, but hearing the War God Temple turned completely respectful.

Mu Zi Ling took out a token from his waist and said, “War God Temple No. 10 Mu Zi Ling!”

Seeing the token, the red robe and the others were even more respectful and almost licked their knees.

The tokens of the War God Hall could not be faked, and even if they were, they would have been dealt with secretly long ago, so they were even more sure of Mu Ziling’s identity.

“I can’t believe your Excellency is so young, what a hero!”

“Not bad, we old bones are sort of convinced.”

“Your Excellency must have left the island this time in order to challenge the world’s heroes and train yourself.It’s not a bad time to have a small gathering at a cold house, there’s definitely a need to taste a hundred and twenty years of fine Hundred Flowers Brew.”


The five of them were on their seven tongues, just about kneeling in front of Mu Zi Ling to lick his shoes.

Finn was also secretly surprised, never thought that Ye Island’s reputation was so big that it could make these people not want dignity.

“Alright, you guys should retire, you can drink the Hundred Flowers Brew later, my master still has to challenge the elders.” Finn stopped the five people on behalf of Mu Ziling.

Mu Zi Ling was not good at communicating, it was still Finn who was more skilled in this kind of situation.

“Little yellow-mouthed child, even if you are your Excellency’s disciple, you still have to address us as senior, how can you be allowed to be rude here.”The red robe glared at Finn but didn’t do anything, apparently still yielding to Mu Zi Ling’s silver power.

“This is our Ye Island Young Master.”Mu Zi Ling faintly spoke up.



The red robe lost its voice and cried out before kneeling in front of Finn in fear, tears flowing out of his eyes, “Young Master Ye, forgive us for being blind and unaware of your great presence.It’s also true, who else could have invited the War God as a teacher but such an outstanding talent like Young Master, Young Master has a promising future.”

“Er…” Finn was somewhat speechless, never would have thought that the red robe was really good at doing things, saying anything to anyone, it was really a set of words, leaving no flaw.

“Forget it, you get up, I’m also inappropriate, but why are your elders so slow to come?” Finn was somewhat dissatisfied, indeed, according to the sounds that Mu Zi Ling just shouted, if the elders would have already appeared.

“That, back to Ye Shao’s words, not before the five of us are the elders of the Wang Family Fort.”The red bag said with a blush on his old face.

It suddenly dawned on Finn , no wonder Red Robe was so angry just now, feeling that the five of us in Red Robe were the elders, yet he was ignored like this, it was strange not to be angry.

Although he didn’t expect another person to appear, Finn was still sure of the strength of the red-robed five.Because these people were all top experts, otherwise they wouldn’t have scared Finn ‘s heart just by the pressure alone.

It could only be said that Mu Zi Ling was just a bit more skilled.

With the presence of the elders, the storm of things soon faded and Finn and his group followed the red-robed elders to the villa of the red-robed elders to taste the hundred and twenty year old Hundred Blossom Brew.

The Hundred Flowers Brew was a local specialty of the Hundred Flowers City, brewing with hundreds of flowers, this wine had a low degree of alcohol, but it had an exotic fragrance, and after drinking it, it would refresh the mind, and it also had good effects on the body.

Finn didn’t remember what the effect was, so he just drank it.

Finn is really greedy, very fond of wine, in fact, this one hundred and twenty years old wine, I think it should be a long treasured treasure of the red robe elder.If it wasn’t for bringing out the name of Ye Island, I’m afraid the red-robed elder wouldn’t even take it out.

After three rounds of wine, the red-robed elder inquired, “Why exactly have you all come here?”

Finn also thought of the formal, so he spoke up, “I’m here to pick up my fiancée, which my mother has arranged for me.”

“Oh?There is also this matter, this is a fortunate event for my royal castle, I wonder which girl had such luck to be chosen by your mother?”The red-robed elder’s face suddenly showed joy.

Originally drinking he was worried whether or not someone had provoked Ye Island, but he didn’t expect that he had come to propose marriage, which was only good for the Wang Family Castle without any harm.

It was really a supreme honor to be able to climb up with Ye Dao, even if he was a concubine, it was definitely considered a great joy.

Only what he didn’t expect was that when he finished speaking, Finn ‘s face turned gloomy.

I only heard Finn coldly snort, “What good news, I was traveling in Fangzhou a few days ago, and as a result, I received a call from Wang Kexin, saying that your Wang Family Castle was going to cultivate Wang Kexin into a star and become a tool to make money, that’s why I had to rush over so quickly!”


The red-robed elder was so frightened that he stood up.

In the red-robed elder’s opinion, becoming a star was a good adjective, but in the ancient times, this was a lower third cl A** job ah, simply a sellout.

What kind of status was Ye Island, how could Ye Island’s chosen fiancée be allowed to be an art seller.

And climbing up with Ye Island, someone within the Wang family must know about this, and even so, to send Wang Kexin to sell her art, wouldn’t this show that it was not easy to get along with Ye Island.


The red-robed elders slapped the table in anger: “What a jerk, these juniors do not do the right thing, corrupting the family is a top two, fifth, you go to me to find out who is the mastermind, fourth, you go to personally invite Wang Kexin, this is the future Mrs. Ye Island, but give me a good deal, screwed up for you to test!”


Old Four and Old Five also knew the pros and cons and were also righteous.

Only before the two of them left, Finn ‘s eyes turned, as if he thought of something, he paid his respects and said, “How can I trouble the two of you to go personally, since it’s not your main messenger, I’ll go to find it myself, I heard that Kexin is learning to dance, I’ll go to pick her up, I might be able to give her a surprise.”

From the chat just now, Finn also knew that the biggest of the Wang Family Castle was not the patriarch, but the five in front of him, as if the most powerful of the company was not the president, there was a board of directors above the president, and the Elder’s Court was the board’s responsibility.These five from the ancient establishment of the five of the elder cabinet, the right to speak is very large, usually the clan chief is the elder cabinet deliberate election.

And the five elders didn’t know about it, so it was obvious that someone from below had done the tampering.

Finn is not an unreasonable person, the five elders have taken out a good hundred years of wine to entertain him, he would not tear his face.If he was wronged, he would be able to personally go out and find the source.

He still wanted to personally fix the people who had messed with him!

“How about this, let’s go with you, it’ll be easier then.”The red-robed elders didn’t even notice Finn at first, if the people below did the same, it would be a great disrespect to Finn .In order to avoid others underestimating Finn , they followed and could prevent a lot of unnecessary trouble from being dropped.

“Alright then.” Finn took a deep look at the red-robed elder, don’t look at the red-robed elder as very irritable, but he was a thoughtful person.

And so, under the leadership of Wang Kefeng, Finn and the others arrived at Wang Kexin’s dance practice room.

However, as soon as they arrived at the door of the dance practice room, Finn heard the sound of beating and screams coming from inside.

And it was none other than Wang Kexin who was emitting the screams!


Hearing this sound, Finn ‘s face changed dramatically.

Although the others hadn’t heard Wang Kexin’s voice, this expression of Finn ‘s, needless to say, knew that it must have been Wang Kexin’s scream ah.


The red-robed elder was suddenly furious, if this broke Wang Kexin, the Wang Family Castle probably couldn’t even bear the wrath of Ye Island.Now the red-robed elder only hoped that Wang Kexin wasn’t injured and things could still have some room to ease up.


Without waiting for the red-robed elders to enter, Finn kicked open the door of the dance practice room, and then the scene in front of him made Finn ‘s eyes glaze over.

I saw Wang Kexin is pressing the leg, but obviously can no longer press down, to a normal pressure leg limit, but a black fat black fat woman is holding a ruler to hit Wang Kexin’s thighs, cursing: “waste, this point action are not good, or say you were abandoned by your fiancé, really a waste, quickly give me down, selling art means can not learn, orSay you’re a loser!”

“I’m gr A**-you’re paralyzed!” Finn was truly angry, he had never wanted to be this angry now.

Finn rushed up and just kicked the fat black woman, then rushed to help Wang Kexin, trembling, “Kexin, are you okay?”

“Ye….Ye Shao.”Wang Kexin raised her head, and after seeing Finn , tears flowed down like a dike, unable to stop.

Looking at the haggard-looking Wang Kexin, Finn couldn’t say anything about his heartache.

But before he could say anything, Wang Kexin fainted.

“What’s wrong with you, Kexin!” Finn was so frightened that he quickly shook Wang Kexin, but there was no reaction at all.

Mu Zi Ling also went forward to take her pulse, but the nervousness on her face slowly disappeared, explaining, “Miss Kexin is fine, just a little low blood sugar, it should be because of the low food intake.”

Eating little?

Seeing how stern the fat black woman was, she wanted to not let Wang Kexin eat at all.

Although Finn doesn’t know the hardship of training, but watching the TV, those trainees don’t eat in order to train and keep a good figure.

Other people have dreams of becoming stars and are strict with themselves, which is none of Finn ‘s business, but Wang Kexin said before that she didn’t want to become a star at all, so this kind of high-intensity training is abusive to Wang Kexin ah!

“Fifth, go get the best doctor you can!”

The red-robed elder looked nervous, his face was also very gloomy, he knew that it was impossible to p A** this level so easily.

He is not as good as Finn , and even less of a star, when he entered the door, he saw the black fat woman with a ruler to beat and scold Wang Kexin, this is just like abuse ah, and also do not give food, directly to the starvation faint.

Not to mention whether the body is bruised or not, on the above points combined, also constitutes a major crime.

After all, Wang Kexin is the Ye family’s designated fiancée.

Now being so abused, but also caught in the present, but also by Finn , the young master, Wang Kexin’s future husband saw, what to say is already too late ah.

Not to mention Wang Kexin’s current honorable status, even if she wasn’t Finn ‘s fiancée, she was still a son of the Wang family, so how could she be abused like this.

Although the red-robed elders were not Wang Kexin’s direct line, but they were all from the same family, and had blood relations themselves, and he was also angry when he saw his own back being beaten like this.

“Old Three and Four, arrest this woman for me!”The red-robed elder snorted coldly, his eyes full of killing intent.

It wasn’t that the red robed elder was bragging, the Wang family were all handsome men and women, and had never seen such an ugly black fatty before, seeing that he was a foreign dance teacher.

And since he was a foreigner and dared to attack the Wang family, the red-robed elder would not let it go, even if Finn wanted to kill it later, the red-robed elder wouldn’t blink an eye, because he had wanted to do so for a long time.

“What are you doing, what are you guys doing, you dare to barge in and hit me, do you know who I am!”The fat black woman’s face showed panic, but she was still lustful.

“Who do you belong to?” Finn ‘s eyes narrowed as he stepped forward, he would like to know who was in charge of this, don’t look at the Wang family, Finn will definitely set off the whole thing, he won’t spare a single woman who dares to touch him!

“Want to know?If you want to know let these two dwarfs let me go, what kind of broken aesthetic is it to learn from someone else at such a young age and dye your hair white, it’s just hilarious!”The black fat woman let out a sneer even though her hands were bound by the third and fourth elders.

Finn was instantly choked up as well, indeed, the five elders were all crane haired and looked as if a child had dyed their hair.

But that definitely poked the third and fourth elders in the heart.


After only two brushes, the fat black woman let out a pig-killing scream.

The third and fourth elders would not show mercy, they were both scolded on the head, no one else could endure it.

“Now, can you say who A**igned you?Otherwise you probably won’t have a chance to open your mouth later!” Finn looked at the black fat woman with cold eyes.

The black fat woman was so scared that she didn’t dare to scream, only now did she really know fear, her eyes were filled with terror, she endured the pain and shouted incessantly, “It’s Wang Kefeng, I’m Wang Kefeng’s man, you can’t kill me!”

“Wang Ke Feng?Which A**hole is this!”The red-robed elder snorted coldly, not expecting that there would really be a mole.

But when he heard the name, Finn was stunned, he never thought that the mastermind behind it would be Wang Kaifeng, his respectable and adorable elder brother-in-law.

However, when he turned his head to look at Wang Kaifeng angrily, he saw Wang Kaifeng’s face in a circle of confusion.

Without waiting for Finn to open his mouth, Wang Kefeng took the initiative to stand up in front of the fat black woman and said, “You said that the main amb A**ador is Wang Kefeng?”

“That’s right, it’s Wang Ke Feng, now you know you’re afraid, it’s already too late, kneel before me and plead for mercy!”The fat black woman revealed a sardonic smile.

Wang Kaifeng puffed out a laugh, and then took out his cell phone, “Well, then you should call Wang Kaifeng, I’d like to see which bastard it is.”

“I’ve lost my arm and you want me to call?You take my phone out, it’s in your right pocket, you have the guts to dial it for me, I’ll call my Maple over, you’ll all be useless!”The black fat woman sneered.

Wang Ke Feng naturally did as he was told, went to take out the black fat woman’s phone, found the so-called Wang Ke Feng from her address book, and then dialed over and put it on speakerphone.

The call was just two rings, and then it was answered.

“Good sister, why did you ring to call your brother?”A bitchy voice came from over the phone.

The fat black woman burst into tears, “Brother Maple, I’m in the dance studio, there’s a gang of people breaking in, come and save me.”

“What? Someone actually touched you, I’m going to see which bastards it is, just wait, I’m coming!”The caller hung up after an angry shout from the other end of the line.

Chapter 246

“Hmph, this Wang Ke Feng, but what a bastard, when he comes, let’s see how I’ll teach him a lesson, Ye Shao don’t worry, I definitely won’t condone it!”The red-robed elder vowed his A**urance to Finn .

Finn , however, looked at Wang Kefeng with a strange face.

Wang Ke Feng snapped the black fat woman’s phone in his hand and roared at the black fat woman, “Finished making the call?You’re f*cking fury, take a good look, I’m the one who is Wang Kefeng!”

“Uh, what’s this about?Aren’t you the one Ye Shao brought?”The red-robed elder was suddenly confused.

Wang Ke Feng took a deep breath and came to the red-robed elder, “Hello Elder, I’m Wang Ke Feng, I’m Ke Xin’s own brother, how could I harm Ke Xin.I also heard the voice on the phone just now, it was Wang Kejian’s voice.In ten years, there will be only three candidates for the next family election, namely me, Wang Kejian and Wang Kezhen.In my opinion, Wang Kejian is deliberately doing this just to run for family head, to trap my sister and then harm me!”

Sighing, Wang Kefeng clenched his fist and said, “It’s fine if I don’t run for this clan leader, I didn’t think it would cause so much harm to my sister, please elder allow us siblings to leave the Wang family, I decided to follow my brother-in-law in the future, at least I can live my life peacefully in Ye Island, I won’t be hurt by such a hidden arrow!”

Finn also stepped forward and said, “Grand Elder, this is my brother-in-law, I was able to find Wang Jiabao this time and was also introduced by my brother-in-law, if you can’t deal with this matter fairly, I think it’s better to let my brother-in-law and Kexin go back to Ye Island together, this place is too seductive and there are too many bad people, if we don’t purge and clean it up, an old good guy like my brother-in-law will be played to death sooner or later.”

The red-robed elder’s face was condensed, “I will handle it properly and definitely give a good explanation to Ke Feng.”

The red-robed elder with a heavy face was actually smiling on the inside, originally thinking that things were difficult to handle.

But now that Finn had called Wang Ke Feng’s brother-in-law, this relative had definitely climbed up, so the Wang family was not inherently dangerous, as long as they purged Wang Ke Jian. The first website m.

Moreover, Wang Ke Feng himself is a candidate for clan head, if he can become the next clan head, relying on this relationship between Wang Ke Feng and Finn , who else would dare to touch the Wang family.

Although I don’t know how capable Wang Ke Feng is, but just based on Wang Ke Feng being able to befriend Finn , becoming the clan head is also deserving of the name.

After all, the impact on the family was too great, and the benefits were the most numerous.

“Grand Elder, this child Ke Feng is simple-minded and righteous, and he also seems to be very wise in the little tactics he just used, in my opinion, we definitely can’t let a good child like Ke Feng leave the family, this is a great loss to the family, I think we should purge Wang Ke Jian, and as for Wang Ke Zhen, he will be a deputy clan head, and this next clan head position, let’s p A** it on to Ke Feng.One is to make up for the debt owed to him, and the other is that he does deserve it!”

The Second Elder spoke up at the side.

“Second Elder’s high opinion!”

“I also agree.”

As soon as this was said, the third and fourth elders also agreed.

They were all old foxes who had lived for an unknown number of years, and the pros and cons were naturally straightforward to see, and they could also directly guess what the elder was thinking, so they also supported the second elder.

The red-robed elder’s heart was happy, their cooperation was exactly what gave him a step, he naturally didn’t even think about coming down the steps directly.

“Since Old-Two, Old-Third and Old-Third are all very agreeable, then it’s already a majority vote, let’s do things according to what the Second Elder said, after Wang Kejian comes over later and inquires about the network of connections behind him, then we’ll purge them all together and compensate all these properties to Ke Feng and Ke Xin, the dowry of the girl married off by my Wang Family Fort is naturally indispensable.”Saying that, the red-robed elder looked towards Wang Kefeng and said, “Kefeng, what do you think of this matter?”

Wang Ke Feng was delighted, but the surface was also heavy, “Now is not the time to discuss this, the people who did this to my sister, I want them to taste the evil consequences.And the position of clan chief, I indeed can’t afford it, brother-in-law, what do you think should be done about this?”

That was it, the problem was still pushed to Finn .

Actually, Wang Ke Feng also knew that he wasn’t really important.Why else wouldn’t the elder even know his name before?

It was all in Finn ‘s face that the elders were so polite, so the key to the problem was still Finn ‘s attitude.

But Finn didn’t know the way of this, he was just happy to hear that Wang Ke Feng could be the clan leader, so he nodded his head and said, “I think the elders are pretty good, brother-in-law, just stay here and be a good clan leader of the Wang family, I think you will definitely be able to do it, if there is anything, or if you encounter any trouble, just talk to your brother-in-law, it will definitely be done properly for you, just feel free to be this clan leader!”

Finn was speaking from the heart, he would be doubly nice to anyone who was nice to him.

What’s more, Wang Ke Feng was his brother-in-law, which was a very good relationship in itself.

Even before, Wang Ke Feng had bought him a four-million-dollar Rolex, which made Wang Ke Feng bleed a lot.If he raided Wang Kejian’s property this time, Wang Kaifeng would be able to return the blood.

And disposing of Wang Kejian and avenging Wang Kexin’s death can be considered a win-win situation.

So, how could Finn disagree?

The red-robed elders also saw that just now Wang Ke Feng was only probing to ask Finn , but did not think that Finn would be so supportive, and this distinct attitude, just shows that Wang Ke Feng and Finn ‘s relationship to be good, this clan headship, it seems that it must be p A**ed to Wang Ke Feng, after several elders eye exchange, finally nodded to Wang Ke Feng, and directly shot the matter.

Wang Ke Feng’s heart was also overjoyed and clenched his fist tightly.

Wang Ke Feng felt that he had made the right bet, not only did he not lose, but he had also gained.

And just when all was happy, the door slammed open, and before anyone could come in, a cheap voice came in.

“Damn it, which scum dared to come to my Wang family to cause trouble and bully my good sister, don’t you all want to live!”

As the voice trailed off, a man dressed like a small white man walked in.

This voice was the same as the phone, and without much thought, Finn knew that it was Wang Kejian.

Indeed, it was also exactly Wang Kejian.

Only Wang Ke Feng directly rushed out and said, “Wang Ke Jian, you still use my name to send people to abuse my sister, I’ll kill you!”

Saying that, Wang Ke Feng smashed a punch on Wang Kejian’s stomach.Wang Kejian fell to the ground in pain, and without waiting for Wang Kejian to get up, Wang Kaifeng just kicked out and stepped on Wang Kejian’s stomach, launching a series of fierce attacks!


Only Wang Kefeng’s energy did not add up, and after kicking a few feet, he was exhausted and gasping for air.

Wang Kejian had just been protecting his head and curled up, so his injuries were not serious, and when he saw Wang Ke Feng strike, he alluded to a chance to reach out and get Wang Ke Feng down.

However, as soon as Wang Kejian reached out, his hand was stepped on, and he suddenly let out a scream.

“Ah!My hand!”

Finn looked at Wang Kejian coldly, his foot even more increased the intensity: “Wang Kejian is it, is it you who let people bully and mistreat Ke Xin, do not give food to Ke Xin?You bastard, if I don’t kill you today, this young man won’t be surnamed Ye!”

Looking back at Wang Kexin, who was pale and emaciated, with tears hanging from the corners of her eyes, Finn was furious, thinking of the scene where the fat black woman had just beaten and scolded Wang Kexin.

Finn clenched his fists and couldn’t stop trembling, this wasn’t the fear and nervousness before hitting someone, but the anger to control his body.

Of course, Finn wasn’t going to control it either!

Raising his foot, Finn was like a football kick to Wang Kejian’s jaw.

Immediately after shortening down, it was a rain of heavy punches, punch after punch to Wang Kejian’s bitchy face. Remember the URL . .net

“You’re the loser!Useless stuff!Even you dare to bully my woman, I’ll kill you!”

Finn ‘s eyes were bloodshot, and with each punch, Wang Kejian would either fly out a tooth or spurt out a mouthful of blood.


A full hundred punches were thrown before Finn was able to stop.

It wasn’t that Finn was soft, it was that Wang Ke Feng went into shock!


After Finn got up and took a deep breath, he kicked Wang Kejian’s crotch again and heard that chicken and egg fight before he stopped.

Originally, Finn was going to continue the fight after taking a break, but the Fifth Elder had already invited a doctor, so Finn didn’t have the heart to take care of Wang Kejian.

“Do you f*cking think you can hide with such a big lump?”

Finn glanced at the black fat woman and kicked down the black fat woman before coming to Wang Kexin’s side and picked up Wang Kexin in a princess hug and left the dance practice room with the doctor.

In fact, it was possible to treat without leaving here, but Finn didn’t want Wang Kexin to open her eyes or the practice dance room, even if Finn hadn’t practiced dance, he knew that this room would probably become Wang Kexin’s demon.After all, here, Wang Kexin had encountered inhumane treatment.

After the red-robed elder looked at Wang Kejian and the fat black woman, he coldly snorted, “Fifth, interrogate the group of relations behind Wang Kejian and uproot them.”

After saying that, the red-robed elder and the others kept up with Finn , after all, Wang Kexin was still unconscious and didn’t know how the situation was, it would be bad if there was another accident.So until Wang Kexin woke up and was sure that there was no danger, they wouldn’t leave Wang Kexin by half a step.

Fortunately, the results of this examination were very good.

Wang Kexin was only suffering from low blood sugar, no other problems.And the bruises on her body were just external injuries, which could be completely recovered with the application of ointment.If it was an injury, it would be the treatment Wang Kexin was receiving these days, and I’m afraid it would become a shadow mark for the rest of her life.

Finn wouldn’t be able to take care of girls, especially girls like this, so Finn was going to take Wang Kexin back to Ye Island.

Finn was not sure if the technology of Ye Island was advanced, but Xu Fallow was the heir to the Rabbit Jade Brand, which could treat trauma, and perhaps as far as mental injuries and illnesses, so that Wang Kexin could forget this unpleasant memory, and perhaps there was a chance.

As such, Finn stayed in the Wang Castle for a few days and then left.

Before leaving, the red-robed elders and the other five elders were all happy to see him off, and that expression was truly happy.

It was because within these few days, Finn had drunk an unknown number of bottles of Hundred Flowers Brew, and the five elders were living a devastated life as they were being trained daily by Mu Zi Ling, a martial idiot.

It was hard to send away the two plague gods, and the five elders were almost happy to be beating drums.

It was only because of their identities that they were pretending to be sad.

But after Finn ‘s car drove out, he hadn’t even walked a few miles before he really heard the sound of the gongs and firecrackers of Wang’s castle.

“These old guys!”

Finn shook his head somewhat speechlessly, but he was still very happy inside, these people were quite good to him.For this group of good people, Finn would still remember them in his heart, and he would have to repay them sooner or later in the future.

After leaving the royal castle and returning to Hundred Flowers City, Finn saw Charles.

“What are you doing here?” Finn looked surprised, not expecting Charles to come looking for him.

Charles revealed a faint smile, “I heard about the matter of Wang’s Castle, but I’m sorry, Young Master’s status is inconvenient and he can’t return to Ye Island yet, one of the purposes of my visit is also to pick up Miss Wang Kexin and return.”

“So that’s it.”Although Finn was disappointed, he had already guessed it.

Anyway, he was more relieved that Wang Kexin could return to Ye Island.

Only Charles had something in his words, and Finn was not stupid, so he naturally heard the way out, so he inquired, “Charles, do you have any other purpose?”

“The second purpose is to bring Mushi Ling back to be punished.”Saying this, Charles’s face was slightly gloomy as he looked at Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Zi Ling was trembling in fear, but didn’t dare to speak.

Finn was busy blocking in front of Mu Zi Ling, looking puzzled, “Why ah, my master is quite good, what punishment to go back to be punished?What crime is she guilty of?”

Charles explained, “Using force outside without permission and also taking the initiative to provoke the other families have all caused serious damage to Ye Island’s reputation.In the long run, it will result in our Ye Island’s reputation of bullying the small with the big, causing discontent and united resistance from other families, so we must kill the chicken as a warning to the monkey.”

“Kill the chicken to warn the monkey?You want to kill my master? She’s my master!” Finn tensed up, there was indeed nothing wrong with what Charles said, but Finn didn’t want Mu Zi Ling to be punished like this.

Charles waved his hand, “It’s not my decision, it’s your lordship’s decision.The death penalty can be forgiven, and the living crime is hard to escape, at least we have to give an explanation to the other families, so we have to let Mu Zi Ling stay in the abyss of Ye Island for three years.”

“Abyss?What’s that place?” Finn sounded horrified, after all, just staying in a place for three years without any other punishment, it must be that the place itself was full of crisis.

Turning his head to look at Mu Zi Ling, Finn was even more convinced, as Mu Zi Ling’s face was already as pale as paper.

“Is there no other way?”After a long silence, Finn wanted to fight for Mu Zi Ling again, but Charles was faintly shaking his head, clearly there was no way he could turn it around.

After all, it was done to other families, if it was child’s play, it would be counterproductive.

Just like that, Finn watched Charles take away Mu Zi Ling and Wang Kexin, and Finn was again like he had just arrived in Hundred Flowers City, with six vajra after him.

The only thing that was extra was a letter in his hand.

It was given to him by Woody Plume before he left….


“Beloved disciple Finn qi.”

Looking at the few words on the envelope, Finn was a bit confused.

He wasn’t a cultural person, and he didn’t know if what was written on it was right, but in short, it probably meant that only he could open it, and no one else but him could open it.

But isn’t this just nonsense, since it was all said to him, others wouldn’t dare to open it without permission.

After all, they were all wrapped in envelopes, so they must have said something that they only wanted Finn to know.

Just like this, Finn returned to the presidential suite and solemnly opened the envelope.

It seemed that Mu Zi Ling left in a hurry, the envelope was not even glued on top of the envelope, just folded the envelope opening.

Finn is also happy with this, so open the envelope opening, will not damage the envelope.

At any rate, it was the first letter that Mu Ziling gave him, and the first letter that he received in his life, so naturally he should keep it well.

After carefully opening the envelope, Finn took out a piece of letter paper, and when he pulled out the letter paper, what he didn’t expect was that there was a jade plaque underneath the letter paper, with only one word “wood” written on it. The first website

Obviously it is a jade tablet, why is the character “wood” engraved on it, could it be that it is the surname of Mu Ziling?

Finn didn’t think much about it, anyway, with his brain, he couldn’t figure it out, so he opened the letter paper, and it would definitely write everything clearly on it.

As it turned out, the letter paper actually wrote on it, the original text was as follows.

” Finn , as your master, I didn’t actually teach you any techniques or means to protect yourself, I’m very ashamed of that.And this time back, the short term is three years, and you shouldn’t waste these three years, if you have time, go to the Wood Spirit Villa, it’s my old home and a sect, where you can receive systematic training.Only the Wood Spirit Villa is reluctant to let outsiders in, and the jade tag I gave you is the knocking brick, it has my scent on it, once you enter the Villa, just give the jade tag to the Villa Master, and you can receive systematic training.Good luck to your apprentice, Master Muziling stay, May 20, 2020 13:48:52.”

“Eh?Is it Valentine’s Day?” Finn didn’t pay attention to the letter, the only thing that caught Finn ‘s attention was the final date, but he didn’t expect it to be Valentine’s Day before he knew it.

Although it was not a legal Valentine’s Day, but the meaning of 520 was Valentine’s Day for the youngster.

The only thing is that now Finn is not around a lover, the most important thing is, just now was Charles took a lover.

When he thought of this, Finn was a little bitter and put away the letter paper.

The general meaning was that he also understood that the days that Mu Zi Ling was away, he had found a cultivation sect for him.

The jade plaque was the door knocker, the identity verification, and the introduction letter was the same effect as the introduction letter.

After stringing up the jade tag, Finn just stayed around his neck.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you are not worrying about what you are doing, and that you are not worrying about what you are doing.

Thinking of this, Finn was beautiful.

In fact, for Finn , before Mu Zi Ling was his master, it was even more his guard, and most importantly a beautiful woman, for a beautiful woman, Finn has no resistance.

In particular, this kind of intimate object is the most desirable thing for Finn .

As such, Finn took the jade medallion and left with the Six Vajra without staying much in Hundred Flowers City.

Until he left, he never met Wang Kolan and Wang Keling, who he had only met once.

Because those two were the air travelers, flying the route from Hundred Flowers City to Fangzhou, but as for the Wood Spirit Villa where Finn was headed, it wasn’t that route.

According to what was written in the letter, the Wood Spirit Villa was located in Mudou.

Like Fengdu, Mudou was also a municipality directly under the central government, located in the southernmost part of the country, already close to the equator, and it was said that next to Mudou was a pristine forest, so the air quality there was very good.It is said that Mudou is next to a virgin forest, so the air quality there is very good. And because it is a virgin forest, Mudou also produces many precious medicinal herbs, such as Ganoderma lucidum, Polygonum multiflorum and so on.

Mudun, a municipality underdeveloped in heavy industry, has become a municipality directly under the central government by virtue of its medicinal herbs, and is also known as a place for rich people all over the country.

It was now three o’clock in the afternoon, a group of people came out of the airport of Mudou, attracting the attention of many people, because this group of people are not ordinary people.

Six brawny men over 1.9 meters tall, led by a handsome young man in a suit, without much thought, everyone thought that the handsome young man at the head was the standard rich second generation, and the group of big men behind him were the bodyguards of the handsome young man.

One young man needed six big man bodyguards, such a bizarre combination was also hard to see.

Although Mudou was rich, it was still rare to think of a handsome young man being so rich, not to mention how expensive the handsome young man’s clothes were, simply that pair of AJs was over 100,000 yuan, not to mention the six big men behind him.

Every big man was wearing a suit and standing straight.The height of more than one meter nine, itself is hard to see, especially all muscle men also appeared six at once, a look is from the bodyguard company specially hired, and to reach such a level of bodyguards, the appearance fee can be quite a lot.

The main thing was the suits on the big men, with such height and uncommonly strong muscles, the suits must have been custom-made, and the price of customization must have been extraordinary.

How rich must the handsome young man heading the bodyguards be if he could get them all to wear custom suits.

The first one is a young man, who has been in the business for a long time, and he’s not only rich, but also handsome.

Usually the locals in Mundu are rich, so they don’t pay much attention to their appearance, except for the expensive clothes.Even though the handsome youths were so handsome, even if they were replaced by an ordinary one, they were all handsome when they came to Moodoo.

Of course, the last thing that Mokdu lacked was beautiful women, and there were so many beautiful women in Mokdu that the locals were rich, so they would go for plastic surgery.And when foreign women can come to Fengdu, they are usually kept by rich men in Fengdu, so naturally they find pretty little girls.

So this led to a bizarre scene forming on the street, where there was a baboon or gorilla by the side of every pretty girl.

“Damn, all the good cabbages have been caught by the pigs!”When the handsome young man saw this, he couldn’t help but take off and curse out.

The words were not about the individual, but about all of them.


However, the men only dared to be angry, after all, behind the handsome young man were six brawny men.

And unlike the men’s anger, the women present were all shy, the handsome man demeaned the men, but at the same time, he praised them all.

“Ye Shao, we’re new here, it’s better not to cause trouble, let’s go first.”The man standing behind the handsome young man reminded.

“Tiger, what are you guys afraid of, especially you, you’re all about to become martial artists, you’re just short of completing all the tests at the final critical gate, you’re strong enough to let me loose here.”

The handsome young man spoke up.

Listening to this familiar conversation, those with understanding naturally guessed the identity.

The bizarre combination in front of him was none other than Finn and the Six Vajra who had just left Hundred Flowers City and rushed to Mudou.

“Forget it, let’s find a hotel to stay in first.”Seeing Ah Hu’s embarr A**ed face, Finn was a bit speechless but still compromised.

Now he didn’t think of Ah Hu as a bodyguard anymore, more like a close subordinate, so he still listened to Ah Hu’s opinions.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the woman’s body, not to mention whether the woman will be willing or not, and whether the body can take it or not. Remember the URL . .net

“Thank you Ye Shao, in fact, the food on the plane just now was not good, so we didn’t eat it, we are all hungry, now it’s best to find a hotel to have a full meal, otherwise our brothers are starving and have no energy, and we can’t help Ye Shao town ah.”

Tiger said and rubbed his stomach, which was already gurgling.

Finn was somewhat tolerant, no matter how Finn made it in normal days, Ah Hu wouldn’t say anything, after all, the more powerful he made it, the more extra money Ah Hu made, it was all win-win, but now Ah Hu even took the initiative to remind, so it wasn’t that he was wimpy or afraid of the Mudou people, but simply because he was hungry and couldn’t use his strength.

“Let’s go, let’s go, you can give your opinion, you should have found the hotel, so hurry up and lead the way.” Finn kicked Ah Hu’s buttocks.

Ah Hu laughed heedlessly, so he hurried to lead the way.

But Finn had a vicious chill, he had forgotten that Ah Hu liked men, and a kick just now might have made Ah Hu feel good.The more he thought about it, the more he lost his appetite, keeping a certain distance before following.

Tiger’s hotel is not far from the airport, no need to take a taxi, and the luggage and so on are six King Kong to take, Finn is also happy to leisurely, walk a few steps as a relaxation.

As for why Finn wasn’t hungry, it was because he was eating on the plane.Don’t look at Tiger saying that it was unpalatable, but Finn didn’t feel that way.

Before not being found by Charles before, in order to pursue Tina , to buy gifts for Tina , Finn ‘s regular are frugal, once the most powerful time is to eat half a month of steamed bread, only with the old Godmother to eat.And just now in the airplane meal there is the old godmother, so the old godmother with rice, Finn ate very tasty, completely do not even need anything else.

And one portion wasn’t enough, so Finn ate two more.After all, since he was rich, Finn hadn’t eaten Old Godmother since then, and now he was very satisfied to eat it this way.It was like eating spicy strips when he was a kid and not eating them when he grew up, but occasionally, he would still find them delicious.

The few people in Ah Hu walked in a hurry, were hungry. Finn followed behind slowly and slowly, just as a digestive and slippery food after eating.

“Shu Tan!”

Finn roared with satisfaction, I must say that the air in Mudou was indeed excellent.

In the past, when Finn was in a small city, even though the air was good and there was no haze, it was just very normal and didn’t feel much.

It wasn’t until Finn came to Hundred Flowers City that he knew the air would smell.The air in Hundred Flowers City was faintly aromatic, giving people a sweet feeling after smelling it.But Mudou was different from Hundred Flowers City, the air was a smell of nectar, although faint, it was refreshing and refreshing after smelling it.

This kind of faint smell, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to stand it, after all, some people are also allergic to pollen.So compared to the Hundred Flowers City, the Moodoo side is more suitable for wellness.

Especially since Mudou still produced precious medicinal herbs and was close to the primeval forest, the people living here were already more pristine and it was a very suitable place for retirement.

However, what made Finn extremely speechless was that Tiger said that he had found a place, but it wasn’t a hotel, but a small restaurant.

“Ye Shao, I’m sorry, we’re really hungry.”Ah Hu smiled hehehe and yelled as he sat in his seat, “Let’s do it, brothers!”

And then began to eat like crazy.

Finn is extremely speechless, Tiger is very well prepared, just off the plane is to open the ordering software, pre-booked a table of food, to the restaurant directly on the meal, even ordering waiting time are saved.

Looking at the six King Kong crazy eating, although Finn is speechless, but also began to eat a piece.

The dishes that Tiger ordered were all very local, with very little meat, and were basically medicinal meals, which tasted a little bland, but were very refreshing and had a good effect on the body.

After the meal, everyone was very satisfied.

After finishing the meal, the six vajra followed Finn and continued to skulk around again to consume food.

After walking not too far, Finn discovered a very unique hotel.

This hotel was five stories high, although it was not as high-spec as a five-star hotel, but the exteriors were very desirable, full of green plants crawling all over the hotel building, it looked primitive, but the green vines were staggered and artistic, with the vines blooming flowers of various colors, it was full of vitality.

In particular, the hotel building was not a conventional building either, but a similar European-style building, very distinctive, designed in the shape of a cylinder, with vines, like an old tree with roots, so that even Finn could not help but see the brightness.

What made Finn feel most amused was that the name of the hotel was called Old Tree Pangan.

“Old Tree Coiled Root, not bad, let’s stay here.” Finn was a bit cryptic, and felt some shame for saying the name of this hotel, but it was more of a sense of excitement, it really was a city that would play.

“The people of Mudou are so elegant, this hotel, I love it.”Tiger hehehehehe, even licked his lips, scaring the other Big Five, including Finn , all trembled and had a bad chill.

Two men old tree roots?What about the plate?

Finn didn’t dare to continue thinking about it, so he took the lead and walked into the hotel.


To Finn ‘s surprise, the inside of the hotel wasn’t that smell of disinfectant, nor was it the faint fragrance of the outside, but a slightly thicker woody smell.

That’s right, it was the smell of wood, that is, the smell of wood paneling, but there was also a slight aroma, mixed with a little ambiguous meaning, so that people could not help but feel a little bit intrigued, really worthy of the old tree pancake hotel, there really was something ah!

All around a large number of, the hotel interior is relatively simple, especially in terms of color, but also only green.The only difference, is light green and dark green, different green with, looks also extremely artistic, especially green is eye color, see more on the eyes is also very.There is a more green and healthy small fresh feeling, Finn can not help but nod secretly, extremely satisfied.

When he arrived at the front desk, Finn inquired, “Is there a presidential suite here?”

It wasn’t a five-star hotel after all, and Finn was still a little worried that there wouldn’t be a large room with that kind of suite.

“There is.”The lady at the front desk was pretty and spoke very softly.

“Alright then, give us the presidential suite.” Finn said he was going to scan the code to pay the deposit.

The lady at the front desk didn’t respond, but got up and looked at Finn , and then at the six vajra behind him, and then hesitated and said, “Sir, this is not quite right, we only have one presidential suite left, a group of big men living in one piece, or you guys can book more rooms, don’t worry, other than the presidential suite, the other rooms are also very cheap, seven single rooms togetherAbout the same price as the Presidential Suite, or else, seven single rooms?”

“Well?” Finn instantly dawned, so it was the front desk who thought they were gay, but Finn was not angry, after all, there really was a tiger who liked men.

Finn really don’t know whether to say the front desk lady is a sharp eye, or she has seen too much experience.

But in the end, Finn still spoke up, “Let’s have a presidential suite.”

Finn considered a lot, he was new to the city, he still didn’t know the culture here in Mudou, if he lived by himself, Finn was really a bit uneasy.It would be better to book a presidential suite like in Hundred Flowers City, it would be enough for everyone, anyway, he had lived that way before, psychologically, Finn could accept it.

The most important thing is, Finn is really used to living in the presidential suite, after all, why not choose a good money, have to single room, that’s how uncomfortable ah.

And Finn came to Mudou mainly to find the Wood Spirit Villa and worship.If there was no accommodation in Wood Spirit Villa, and he had to live outside, even more so for an unknown length of time, then he would definitely have to choose the presidential suite.

“Alright then, since the gentleman is sure about it, let’s give you the presidential suite.”The lady at the front desk no longer excused herself and looked at Finn with a little disappointment in her eyes.

What kind of look was this?

Finn was speechless, could it be that the lady at the front desk thought he was a gay brother?

Finn was about to open his mouth to explain when a slightly cold voice sounded.

“Who allowed you to give someone else a room, this presidential suite is mine right!”

Finn frowned slightly and turned his head to look at the location of the sound coming from behind him, and saw four people walking into the hotel at an unknown time, and were slowly making their way towards the front desk location.

The four people were one man and three women, three of the girls were flower girls, and since they were in Moodoo, a southern city, or nearing summer, they were all wearing rather revealing tank tops and skimpy shorts, revealing large areas of white blossom skin.The girls were especially tall, each of them more than one meter tall, standard model body, looks are also superior, although not as good as Shangguan Yue Wang Kexin and so on so dumpy, that is not a big difference, absolutely all of them are school flower goddesses.

And most importantly, the three girls were still triplets, except for the fact that the clothes on their bodies were black, white and yellow with a difference, the rest were simply identical.

It was like the Lord of the Shadow Stream or the Multiple Shadow Splitting – Body, making Finn look a little dazzled.

However, what caught Finn ‘s attention the most was the man in the middle, and the cold voice just now should have been spoken by this man.

The local men in Mudou were short and unpleasant looking, but the man in front of him was over 1.8 meters tall, a bit taller than Finn , and similar in age to Finn , in his early twenties.The most noticeable thing to Finn is the man’s skin, more white – fair than the triplets, can even be said to be crystal clear, looks are also evil level, some British style, like a vampire duke, definitely attract the majority of girls of the small fresh meat.

Paired with mid-length wool curls as dark as the night, as well as golden wire gl A**es, there was even a sense of gentleman, Finn even felt that if he was not a man, but a woman, he would definitely be attracted to the man in front of him.

No wonder he could bring triplets to a room with just one man, he really had real skills.

Of course, the look on Tiger’s face when he looked at the man was also lustful, and when Finn looked at Tiger’s eyes, he wrote two words, “Just him!”

Indeed, in the eyes of a fierce man like Ah Hu, the man in front of him was a small accepting appearance ah.

But Finn knew that the man in front of him was not what Ah Hu saw, the man’s eyes were even more empty than his peers, a little too empty, even able to reach the bottom of the heart as pure as pure, so that Finn ‘s first encounter would make people like him feel unable to do anything.And that was the most dangerous part, to be able to disguise it so well, he was definitely not a commoner.

If it weren’t for the man taking the triplets to a room, but rather meeting them on the main road, Finn would only think that he was a good young man, but taking the triplets to a room, the purity in his eyes was definitely a disguise.

These were all thoughts of Finn ‘s mind, but in reality it was merely a p A**ing moment.

And the man is still walking to the front desk, p A**ing by Finn , without even looking at Finn , “Look at your face, you are new here, then I’ll tell you again, here, always keep a presidential suite for me, understand?I’ll spare you this time, I don’t want a next time.”

The lady at the front desk was blinded by the man’s reprimand and frowned when she returned to her senses, “Who are you?I’ve never heard of this rule in our hotel.”

The man also frowned, a little impatient, “If you don’t understand what I’m saying, then call your manager out and don’t waste time with me here.”

“I got it.”The lady at the front desk didn’t want to bother with a fight, so she went to find the manager.

Finn , on the other hand, was a bit obsessed.

It was true that beautiful men frowned all so good looking.

Finn is face control anyway, for the beautiful man’s face value is somewhat irresistible, but reason is reason, law is law, now on a presidential suite, Finn still did not want to let out, so he stood up and said: “Little old brother, everything is a first come, first served, we came first, this presidential suite, I’m afraid you can’t live on.”


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