Chapter 91

“Sorry sorry sorry, I didn’t see anything!”

Finn ton turned his back to Li Qiuyu.

It was too late to explain, Finn ‘s first thought was to apologize first.

“It’s fine, it’s all because I’m too slow that I made you feel anxious, I’m going to take a shower and will be here soon to serve you.”Li Qiuyu whispered.

But Finn couldn’t hear any shyness, there was only endless aggravation and loss.

Finn ‘s eyes darted to the bed sheet and pulled it off with one hand, then turned around and covered Li Qiuyu’s body with the white sheet.

He didn’t choose the cheongsam, that is, he didn’t understand it and was afraid of making another mistake.And the operation of wrapping the bed sheet around the body, Finn had tried it on Zhou Leya last night, and twice, so naturally familiarity could lead to skill.

Without the slightest extra movement, the sheet wrapped Li Qiuyu tightly.

Without waiting for Li Qiuyu to open her mouth, Finn snapped: “You shut up first, you listen to me.”

He sort of knew now that Li Qiuyu had completely misunderstood him, so the first thing to do was to remove the misunderstanding first.

Li Qiuyu was frightened by Finn and didn’t dare to speak, only then did Finn speak in satisfaction: “First, I brought you to my room, not to plot against you, but I think your matter is private, I don’t want other people who have a mind to hear just, you don’t think blindly.”

“Second, you tell me things first, I’ll consider whether to help you or not, maybe I can’t help you, and even if I can help you, you don’t need to repay me in this way, I’m not a villain who takes advantage of people’s misfortunes.”

“Thirdly, just pulling off your robe was an accident, I don’t know much about the structure of the thing.The choice of sheets was a desperate one.”

“Fourth, once you understand my first three points, you’ll put your robe on, I’ll go out and wait for you, call me when you’re done!”

Finn stretched out four fingers and said one by one.

Next, Finn extended his fifth finger, placed his big hand on Li Qiuyu’s hair and rubbed it a few times haphazardly, saying: “Don’t be too nervous, relax, only if you have any problems can you solve them, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Saying that, Finn walked out of the room.

“I’m good, come in.”

Finn waited outside the door for about five minutes before the door opened, only to see Li Qiuyu poking her head out, her little face all red with shame.

Finn helplessly shook his head, returned to the room and plopped down on the sofa again, raising his legs: “Sit down, think of what to say, just tell me what happened to you, what kind of trouble did you encounter to make you like this?”

If it was a small matter, how could Li Qiuyu be willing to go to the point of dedication, so Finn was also a little curious as to what had happened to Li Qiuyu.

Li Qiuyu sat on the sofa, her face was sad again, and she pondered for a moment before speaking, “The thing is, my original job at the suit shop was found for me by my father, and I’ve always been grateful to him.But because of yesterday’s incident, I had to resign, but I’m quite happy, because as a supervisor in the prosperous star, my salary is three times that of the suit shop.So when I got home I told my father about it, yet my father scolded me severely and told me to go back to the suit shop.”

“Why?” Finn was a little puzzled, why did he have to go back to the suit shop when working at Prosperity paid so much more than the suit shop?

Li Qiu Yu continued, “I was also confused and asked my father, and then I realized that my father had been gambling out all these years and owed a lot of money, and the debtor was the owner of the suit shop, so when I was sent to the suit shop, it wasn’t so that I could work, but so that I could pay off her debts.And I just found out that the suit shop’s monthly salary is actually about the same as working as a supervisor here, except that every month, a portion of the monthly opening salary is deducted in advance to pay off the debt.”

“Your father is really….Talented.” Finn wanted to curse out directly, but worried that Li Qiuyu’s mood was unstable, so he changed the wording instead.

However, a discerning person could tell at a glance that what Finn wanted to say was actually hybrid – seed.

Li Qiuyu sighed and did not retort.

Finn thought about it and asked: “But even if you owe money, wouldn’t you be able to help your father pay back a little every month by working here, so why do you have to go back to the suit shop?”

Li Qiu Yu’s eyes showed a hint of resentment and gritted her teeth, “That’s what I said, and then I learned from my father that he actually owed a gambling debt of up to three million dollars, which was completely beyond what I could pay back from my job.And the reason I was allowed to go to the suit shop was because my father had already signed a contract of sale to sell me to the owner of the suit shop.”

“Is your father treating you like a slave, saying he’ll sell you, and isn’t that an illegal deal?” Finn didn’t even know how to spit at Li Qiuyu’s father, being a father to this extent is really desperate.

Li Qiuyu sighed, “The owner of the suit shop is a big man, which can be provoked by a small citizen like me.Anyway, father signed and drew, so no matter what, it’s our loss.”

“No, if you were taken against the debt, why do you have to help your father pay back the money every month.And the suit shop owner didn’t do anything after he bought you?” Finn was very incomprehensible.

Li Qiu Yu clenched her fists and bit her lips, “Only after I pressed him did my father say that he had become addicted to gambling, and after selling me he exceptionally got a million, but not long after the gambling was gone, instead he owed another three million.And the owner of the suit shop, whose suit shop was only part of the business and had other businesses, never came to see me either.But just this morning I got a call that the owner’s son is back and wants to see me, and I’m too scared to go, so that’s why I came to see you, please help me.”


Finn smashed his fist on the table, Li Qiuyu’s father was too much like his uncle Zhang Shun, he was simply a gambling dog.

“Ringing bell!”

Just then, Li Qiuyu’s phone rang, picking it up, Li Qiuyu panicked, “Ye Shao, please help me, it’s the boss’s son calling again, I don’t know what to do.”

“Give me the phone.”

Finn took the phone and directly picked it up, without waiting for him to speak, a gloomy voice came from the other side of the phone: “Li Qiuyu, be sensible and hurry over, don’t make me angry, don’t think that I don’t dare to go over there just because I’m hiding in Prosperity, do you know what relationship I have with Prosperity!”

“Then come over here.” Finn faintly spoke.

There was a pause on the other side of the phone before a low drink came out, “Who are you?”

“Who I am, you can’t just come over and see that Qiu Yu is in my room right now.” Finn had a faint smile on his lips.

“Bastard, Li Qiu Yu you slut, and you went to the room with a man, boy, don’t run away if you can, you wait for me!”

The conversation came to a screeching halt.


“Yeh, nothing will happen, right?”Li Qiuyu was worried.

Finn returned the phone to Li Qiuyu and comforted, “Don’t worry, it’s a small matter.”

Don’t say that he was now the dragon head of Kaiyuan, even if he wasn’t, he still had a way out, after all, he still had a group of bodyguards and a group of thugs.

Opening WeChat, Finn sent a message to the two groups, “Someone wants to take care of me.”

Just by simply dropping a sentence, the groups exploded, stating which uncaring one dared to mess with Ye Shao and that they would come to prosperity immediately.

When he saw the group message, Finn closed his phone and said, “Okay, don’t worry, I’ve already arranged it.”

Originally, Finn only wanted to help Li Qiuyu pay off his debt and redeem himself.In the end, it was all the fault of Li Qiuyu’s father’s gambling, so there was no comparison to implicate the suit shop owner.

Now he has one billion dollars in the card, a few million is not worth mentioning, Finn help is just idle to do nothing.

But just now that phone call, but annoyed Finn .Even if he didn’t see anyone, Finn probably guessed what kind of person the boss’s son was, and he dared to scold him, which Finn absolutely couldn’t bear.

If you take the initiative to cause trouble, don’t blame me for being rude! First web site

“Then thank you first Ye Shao, I have nothing to repay for causing you so much trouble, if Ye Shao can help me redeem myself, I’m willing to follow Ye Shao.”Li Qiuyu said with a small blush.

“Follow me, then you don’t care about your father?” Finn was a little surprised.

Li Qiuyu was playing too big to follow him, and that meant being a maid ah.

What era is this, and there’s still this kind of operation, it’s really show!

Li Qiu Yu looked lonely again: “Father?He betrayed me. Does he deserve to be my father?I have nothing to repay for the gift of childbirth, I am following you because I am pleading with you to help my father one last time, just let him return to his normal life, more than enough, I want nothing more.”

Looking at Li Qiuyu’s low stance, Finn couldn’t help but sigh.

Li Qiuyu’s mouth hardened and said it was okay, but Finn clearly felt Li Qiuyu’s feelings of helplessness.After all, if it were anyone else, who would be willing to help someone who had sold themselves all over the place if they just ran away?

“Alright, I’ll do my best to help you.” Finn patted Li Qiuyu’s shoulder.

Once Zhang Shun was also looking for him to repay his debt, but Zhang Shun was the one who kidnapped him, while Li Qiuyu was the one who pleaded with him, even at the expense of giving up his freedom to follow him.

High and low, at the moment, Finn was feeling from the bottom of his heart that he should help Li Qiuyu instead of having an attitude of meddling in his affairs.

“You haven’t eaten yet, let’s go, go downstairs and have a meal while you wait, there’s no rush.”

Finn changed the subject, not wanting Li Qiuyu to worry about it anymore.

“No need to bother, Ye Shao.”Li Qiuyu waved her hand, clearly not in the mood to eat.

Or rather, the suit with your boss’s son coming soon made her very apprehensive and nervous even more.

Finn also knew that he couldn’t talk about Li Qiuyu, and when things were settled, Li Qiuyu would naturally have an appetite.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long, about ten minutes after hanging up the phone, a man breezed into the hall of the prosperous star and roared: “Li Qiuyu, you come out!”

Finn and Li Qiuyu sat on the sofa in the hall, hearing the voice, Li Qiuyu’s body could not help but tremble, Finn comfortably patted Li Qiuyu’s shoulder, then he got up and walked to the man.

The man had dyed blonde hair, wore hip-hop clothing, was very short only to Finn ‘s shoulders, but his weight was extremely shocking, and Finn thought that the ball had become a sperm.

“Fatty, what are you shouting about, don’t you know what this place is?” Finn faintly spoke.

The eyes signaled the security guard at the door, somewhat dissatisfied.

The security guard even ran over and accosted him, “Sorry Ye Shao, I didn’t expect this fatty to come in and shout, I’ll blow him away.”

He had seen Finn show off his might yesterday, and at the moment was half afraid to offend Finn .

The fatty, however, pushed the security guard away with a wave of his hand and snorted, “Do you know who I am, and you dare to blow me away, I’m Zhou Haipeng!”

“Zhou Haipeng?Your last name is Chow?”

Finn was a little surprised, no wonder he dared to come to the prosperous star to be rude, so surnamed Zhou ah, without much thought, Finn knew that this kid is definitely related to the Zhou family.

Zhou Haipeng coldly snorted: “Zhou Fu is my uncle, this hotel is all owned by our Zhou family, you, a small security guard still dare to kick me out, really do not know how to live!But seeing as I’ve been studying abroad for years, I’ve come here less often, and you don’t know me, I won’t bother with you, so just deduct this month’s salary as compensation for me.”

The security guard’s body shook, but then his foot flew up and kicked Zhou Haipeng down.

“How dare you?”Zhou Haipeng was shaken with rage and got up to hit the security guard.

But the fat ball of Zhou Haipeng was no match for the security guard at all, and after capturing Zhou Haipeng, the security guard snorted, “Even if you are Mr. Zhou’s nephew, this is not the place for you to act recklessly.If you’re making noise to Ye Shao, get out or you won’t get any good results!”

“Yeh?”Only then did Zhou Haipeng look at Finn squarely, as if he had thought of something, and his appearance changed, “So it’s you.”

“That’s right, it’s me.”The corner of Finn ‘s mouth rose slightly, in his opinion, Zhou Haipeng also knew the identity of his dragon head.

But Zhou Haipeng snorted, “You kid also dares to admit, it’s you who answered the phone just now, I said how the voice is so familiar, say, where did you hide Li Qiuyu, quickly hand it over to me, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude!”


Finn was speechless for a while, so Zhou Haipeng thought of this.

But then again, even the security guards knew that his identity was unusual, so why didn’t Zhou Haipeng know about it?

Finn was confused, and without waiting to ask Zhou Haipeng, he saw Zhou Fu rushing over from the elevator.

At this moment, Zhou Fu was still in his pajamas, and his hair was messy and unkempt, apparently just waking up.Walking to Finn ‘s side, Zhou Fu turned his head to the security guard and asked, “What’s going on?”

Zhou Fu was still sleeping just now and received a call from the front desk.Yesterday, he had deliberately stressed that as long as something happened to Finn in Prosperity, the employees would have to notify him, which was why he had rushed down so quickly.

When the security guard saw Zhou Fu, without waiting for him to speak, Zhou Haipeng spoke first, “Uncle, I’m Xiao Peng, how have you been?”

“Peng ah, I’ve been doing well lately.”Zhou Fu nodded, then asked the security guard again, “Say, what’s wrong?”

“Boss, your nephew came in yelling and screaming, but when Ye stopped him, there was a fight.”The security guard said succinctly.

Upon hearing that, Zhou Fu waved his hand and asked the security guard to leave.

He then turned his head to look at Zhou Haipeng and questioned, “Did the security guard just tell the truth?”

Zhou Haipeng glanced slightly proudly at Finn , then nodded, “Not only that, I came to look for someone and found out that Finn had hidden the person I was looking for, Uncle, you have to be my master for such an insolent person!”

But instead of Zhou Fu’s comfort, he responded with a big slap!


“Uncle, you hit him wrongly, you should hit him.”

Zhou Haipeng covered his fat face and pointed at Finn with an aggrieved face.

Zhou Fu, however, snorted, “The one who hit him is you, knowing who he is or not, you’re arguing with him here, and you’re asking me to teach him a lesson, I see that you’re missing a lesson.”

Zhou Haipeng looked puzzled and said, “Who is he?It’s just a rich kid, uncle you live more and more back into the trap, and now still afraid of a stinky brat?”


Zhou Fu smacked Zhou Haipeng’s face again and coldly snorted, “Little Fan is my son-in-law, it’s not your turn to say whether he’s good or bad.”

Actually, what Zhou Fu wanted to say more was that Finn was still the Dragon Head of Kaiyuan, and he was only protecting Zhou Haipeng by hitting him now.

Otherwise, if Mr. Charles knew about it by then, Zhou Haipeng might disappear from the face of the earth.

But Xin Zhou Haipeng didn’t know Zhou Fu’s bitterness, after being slapped twice, he even glared and roared: “My father didn’t even hit me, what makes you hit me one after another, you’re nothing if these properties don’t depend on my father, and you still dare to yell at me and tell me what to do, I’ll tell my father to fix you!”

At the news, Zhou Fu was furious, but it turned out that in Zhou Haipeng’s heart, he was relying on others to get up.And that was too cruel and ruthless to say. Remember the URL . .net

“Bastard, I’m going to teach you a lesson today, too!”

Zhou Fu was so angry that he waved his hand, then a whole bunch of people came over, but not the security guards at the door, but a group of strong men, it was Finn ‘s bodyguards who had heard the news.

Finn chuckled, “A child doesn’t know any better, he should be taught a lesson, did you hear what he just said in human language?At least you’re still his uncle, that attitude he has towards you, he really deserves a beating, I’ll lend you this group of people, use them as you like.”

Zhou Fu was in the midst of his anger, he kicked Zhou Haipeng’s body and then shouted in a low voice, “You guys go on, give me a good lesson, just don’t die!”

“Yes!”Chen Xiang promised, rubbed his wrist, and rushed up with a large group of bodyguards.

They were early this time, the thugs hadn’t arrived yet, so it was the right time for them to take the credit.

“This brat is really a disgrace to our Zhou family, but it’s a shame that he’s making Little Fan laugh.”Zhou Fu looked like he was hating iron.

Finn waved his hand and said, “It’s fine, just now I heard him say that he should be abroad for years and have a different mode of life, creating this appearance now.But it’s time to teach him a lesson, otherwise it’s not good to be too crazy, it’s easy to cause trouble.”

“Get into trouble?You mean there’s something else?”Zhou Fu directly heard something in Finn ‘s words.

Finn nodded and said, “To be precise, it’s his father who dares to buy the population, this is indeed breaking the law.”

“Buy the population?No way, my big brother doesn’t have the guts to do that.”Zhou Fu cold sweat couldn’t help but run down, if it was really like what Finn said, then his big brother was really crazy to the point of no return.

Finn shook his head and said helplessly, “If I don’t have any evidence do I dare to say anything.Look at that supervisor over there, called Li Qiuyu.Or rather, the suit with your boss’s son coming soon made her very apprehensive and nervous even more.And Zhou Haipeng appeared here, is looking for Li Qiuyu.Li Qiuyu and I had a previous encounter before, before I stepped in to help and quarreled with Zhou Haipeng.”

“Surprisingly so.”Zhou Futon’s brows furrowed.

Finn smiled faintly and said, “Originally I wanted to solve it myself, but it’s a matter between your nephew and your brother, I won’t ask too much, I just want to return Li Qiuyu a freedom, as for the debt I can repay, just tell me a figure when the time comes.Let’s just turn this matter into a small matter, and let’s not hurt the peace in our own family.”

If it were anyone else, Finn would not only recover the debt and clean up the mess, he would also be sent to prison.

But now that he was at least Zhou Fu’s son-in-law, he had to at least give Zhou Fu some face.

Zhou Fu nodded slightly: “Xiaofan, this matter is considered uncle owes you a personal favor, the debt then do not have to pay, fortunately, things did not make a big deal, everything still has room to maneuver, otherwise by the intentional people miss, deliberately mess with my brother, then my Zhou family really difficult.I’ll go and negotiate with my big brother first.”

With that, Zhou Fu entered the group of bodyguards and dragged Zhou Haipeng, whose face was covered in blood, out of the hotel.

“Ye Shao, do you need us to teach this rampaging brat another lesson?”Chen Xiang arrived in front of Finn and inquired.

Finn waved his hand and said, “Let’s leave this matter at that, never mention this matter again, disperse, the rewards will be given to you in the group.”

“Thank you, Ye Shao.”

Hearing the reward, the group of bodyguards retreated with smiles on their faces.

“How’s it going, Ye Shao?”

Li Qiu Yu approached and asked.

Finn waved his hand and said: “It’s fine, I’ll talk to you later.”


Li Qiuyu looked worried and thought that things were not done right, his face was a bit ugly.

“Ye Shao, you’ve done your best, I’m grateful to you, I’ll figure it out myself next.”Li Qiuyu added.

“What are you talking about?”

Finn is a bit speechless, just now he didn’t say anything because he was giving out red envelopes in the group and observing who has the fastest hand speed, because every time he gives out red envelopes Finn always gives out twenty, and counting him, there are twenty-one people in the group, simply put, the last place doesn’t have red envelopes.A few times earlier, Finn hadn’t grabbed any red envelopes.It was very hard to send out red envelopes and not grab them.So Finn just thought that this time, he must grab it himself.

There has been no reply, that is, to grab the red envelope, but this time he still lost, this group of brats a person tall and big, can not imagine the speed of the hand is still so fast, as if hanging.

Finn was somewhat speechless and replied in the group, “Are you guys hanging, don’t let me catch you, or you won’t get a reward next time.”

After saying that, only then did Finn put down his phone and looked at Li Qiuyu who had a sad face.

Li Qiuyu sighed: “Ye Shao, I know you tried your best, it’s fine.”

Finn was a bit speechless: “You’re thinking too much, come with me to the tenth floor, eat while we talk.”

“I can’t eat.”Li Qiuyu smiled miserably, her face somewhat pale.

Finn knew that Li Qiuyu was worried about something, but he still tugged on Li Qiuyu’s small hand and said: “Come on, good news, I’ll tell you when you eat with me.”

“Alright then.”Unable to resist Finn , Li Qiuyu then had to agree.

Watching a dish on the table, Finn couldn’t help but eat, he had just simply eaten a sandwich just now, seeing the table full of mountains and seafood, he still couldn’t help but feel hungry and wanted to gorge himself.

“Eat, eat, eat, it’ll be cold in a minute.” Finn took a bite of abalone – fish, and suddenly revealed a happy look.

Li Qiuyu saw a table full of mountain and sea delicacies, but had little appetite, but still picked up her chopsticks, picked up the few vegetables, took a small bite, and then asked, “Ye Shao, you said there is good news, what is it?You’re not saying that on purpose just to get me to eat.”

“I’m not that boring.” Finn waved his hand, “When I say there’s good news, there’s good news, very good for you.You may not have known before that the suit shop owner’s son is called Zhou Haipeng, and Zhou Haipeng is Zhou Fu’s nephew.So problem solved, although we didn’t get any negotiation from Zhou Fu’s side, but it’s all in the family, and Zhou Fu has promised me that he’ll get you back to freedom, and that all debts won’t be pursued.”


Li Qiuyu stood up with a face of excitement, for Li Qiuyu, the most important concern besides redemption was the debt, unexpectedly Finn solved it all at once.

Seeing that Li Qiuyu was so happy, Finn could not help himself.But still calm down, revealing a calm expression: “So, eat first, I’ll talk to you about other things after I’m full, no strength can do anything.”


Li Qiuyu’s limp face suddenly revealed a smile, just like the early morning sun, refreshing and warming Finn .

It turned out that Li Qiuyu was so beautiful.


Zhou Leya was pampered from a young age, so she was well maintained.Wang Kexin was from a family, so there was no need to say more.And Xiao Coco is also an anchor, naturally proficient in make-up, and her appearance is a top beauty.

But Li Qiuyu was different, she had been pitted by her father and had no time to take care of herself, but even so, Li Qiuyu’s beauty was not inferior to the other three, and what surprised Finn even more was that Li Qiuyu’s skin was still so white – fair, her veins were clearly visible under her skin, and she was really blown away.

“You’re so beautiful!”

Finn subconsciously got out of his mouth, and suddenly made Li Qiuyu make a big red face, lowering her head and not daring to speak.

“Looking good is also for Ye Shao, what I said before is true, I’ll be following Ye Shao from now on.”

Li Qiuyu whispered, but Finn , who had sharp ears, heard everything and was suddenly on fire.

“How old are you, Qiu Yu.” Finn still cared a lot about age, if he was too old, Finn really couldn’t accept it.

Li Qiuyu said, “Don’t look at me working, but I dropped out of high school before finishing high school to work, and I’m just twenty years old now.”

“Twenty years old?”

Finn looked stunned, as he was only twenty years old.But Li Qiu Yu had endured more things that his peers hadn’t endured.

Even if Finn was an orphan, he still had Wang Hua to raise him and pay for his college education, so he was still very happy in comparison.Can’t help but also sympathize more with Li Qiuyu.

Only after he had eaten and drank enough did Finn speak up, “How’s the food?”

“Quite well, Ye quickly tell me what else is going on?”

Li Qiuyu was a bit impatient, because this matter was what she cared about, and Finn always managed to surprise her.

Finn put down the chopsticks and said, “Your problem is solved, but the most important thing is still the hidden danger, which is your father, so I want to go and meet your father.”

“Meet my father?”Li Qiu Yu was surprised and whirled around shaking her head, “I don’t know where he is now, I’ve been talking to him on the phone and I haven’t seen him for a long time, but I’m sure he’s in Kaiyuan because sometimes when I come home, I see leftovers and stuff being eaten, and my father’s room shows signs of having been occupied.”

“But why do you want to see my father, he’s hopelessly out of it.”Li Qiu Yu was a bit lonely, “I’ll go back and ask him to go through the procedure of severing my father and daughter, by then without my backing, he should be able to stop at the appropriate time.After all, without backing, he doesn’t have the capital to act recklessly.The best way to sever his gambling mentality is to leave him completely without capital, that’s what I think, what do you think, Ye Shao?”

“Broken thoughts?”

Finn was slightly startled, he could feel Li Qiuyu’s reluctance and his great righteousness, but doing so would not have any practical effect, it could be seen from Zhang Shun that a gambling dog would always be a gambling dog, once a gambling dog was a gambling dog for the rest of his life.

After thinking about it, Finn said, “I have a good idea, but it’s just a little cruel to you, but it will definitely break your father’s gambling addiction, do you want to try it?”

“Is there a risk?”

Li Qiuyu was most worried about the risk, she didn’t want any means that would hurt her father, even if he hurt her.

Finn was a bit speechless about it, but still replied, “There is still a risk, but not to your father, but to you, if it doesn’t work, you might be really disappointed in your father, but not to him, but it won’t have half an effect.”

“That’s fine, then please help me, Ye Shao.”Li Qiuyu nodded vigorously, thought about probing again, and pecked at Finn ‘s face.

When it was finished, Li Qiuyu ran out shyly.

Finn touched the residual warmth on his face, his heart somewhat rippled.

Walking out of the room, seeing Li Qiuyu just leaning on the door, Finn helplessly said, “What are you running out for, you haven’t explained your father’s past to me yet.”

“I’m at work, I’m going to work first, I’ll take you to my house when I get off work, I’ll talk to you again, if Ye Shao doesn’t mind.”Li Qiuyu whispered.

Finn nodded: “How would I dislike you, it won’t, then you go to work first, I’m going to sleep, I really didn’t rest well last night, my body is still very fierce, when I wake up you’re almost off work, when you come to my room just to wake me up.”

“Okay.”Li Qiuyu responded and left.

Finn looked at the pretty back and couldn’t help but be a little distracted.


“Ding dong, ding dong.”

The doorbell kept ringing, and Finn gradually woke up from his dream, looking at the time it was already eight o’clock in the evening, it was a really long sleep.

Staying up late was just a little bit bad, the next day would be very unrefreshed, glued to the pillow and want to sleep.

Getting up and opening the door, Evan scratched his messy hair and said, “Come in, I’ll wash my face and we’ll leave.”


Li Qiu Yu said good-naturedly, her face looking a lot better, brighter than before all came .

It was true that people were all like this, and their spirits were good when they had nothing to do .

Finn had a sense of accomplishment about it, after all, it was equivalent to saving a young girl who was about to lose her footing .

After washing their faces, the two of them set off, still driving Finn ‘s red Ferrari, although it was conspicuous, but Finn liked this conspicuous feeling.

After Li Qiuyu directed them along the way, the two arrived at home.

“The house is a bit messy, you sit first.”

Li Qiuyu blushed slightly and hurriedly went to put away all the underwear that was drying on the balcony.

But even though it was dark, the sharp-eyed Finn saw the appearance of Li Qiuyu’s underwear, the vast majority of them were pink, like a little girl, pink – tender – pink – tender.

“Don’t look, no looking.”Seeing the corners of Finn ‘s mouth turn up, Li Qiuyu’s face became even more red.

“Don’t look at it, don’t look at it.” Finn smiled and waved his hand, and began to look around.It was an old building, a house that should be about to be demolished, after all, the walls were cracked.

But there was one thing that was particularly good, it was all perfectly blocked by Li Qiuyu with posters and such.The only reason why Finn felt the cracks was because the posters were showing a little light and shadow.But it didn’t affect it at all, but instead it had an extra beauty.

“Did you make all of these?Very good.” Finn praised.

Li Qiuyu nodded, “I did all of this, I like it, I like designing houses, but unfortunately I didn’t go to school and I don’t know how to do it, I just messed around.”

“Then go to school, what’s the big deal.”Evan said casually.

But after saying that Finn realized his problem, before Li Qiuyu was already exhausted for this family, how could she have time to go to school.

Finn cursed himself for not being long-hearted, and without waiting for Li Qiuyu to speak, Finn continued, “Now you’re my person, don’t forget oh.If I let you go to school, you can go to school, I’ll pay for everything.”


Originally, Li Qiuyu’s face was still a little embarr A**ed, but after Finn added it, Li Qiuyu’s face improved rapidly.

As expected, it was not too late to mend the situation.

After this little episode, Finn didn’t dare to ask blindly.

When Li Qiuyu saw that Finn didn’t speak, she took the initiative and said, “Ye Shao, you’re hungry.Let me cook for you, let’s chat while we eat.”

“Cooking, you still know how to cook?”

Finn was a little surprised, nowadays girls can’t cook, instead there are more and more boys who can cook, like Li Qiuyu who looks good and can cook, that’s the level of rare treasures.

“I can cook a little, but it’s not as good as a meal, so just take a bite.Ye Shao can try it a little, if it’s not good, you can go back and eat it later.”Li Qiu Yu’s words were very modest.

This made Finn doubt, could Li Qiuyu really know how to cook?

It’s not for show, is it?

Finn muttered this in his heart, but didn’t reveal it, after all, having this heart for cooking is a good thing. The first website m.

After waiting for almost an hour, the rice was cooked and the dishes were ready, the standard four dishes and one soup.

In terms of selling, Finn was impeccable, although it was not as good as a five-star hotel, but it was good to do so well at home, especially there was also the presentation plate, which made Finn a little surprised.

“Ye Shao, how is it?”

When Li Qiu Yu saw Finn pick up his chopsticks and take a sip of soup, he asked with a nervous face.

Finn looked a bit complicated, which made Li Qiuyu a bit confused and also a bit just nervous, so he couldn’t help but ask: “What’s wrong, Ye Shao?It’s not good? throw up if it’s not good.I won’t do anything too good, it’s just an ordinary family, ordinary food, if Ye Shao eat bad stomach it’s not good.”

Li Qiuyu looked lonely, and Finn all felt a strong sense of inferiority.


Finn gulped it down in one mouthful, followed by picking up a spoon and serving a bowl directly, and drank it all again: “Shu Tan, it’s delicious.I just didn’t speak was shocked, I never thought you would really cook, I thought you made it out of poison.I thought you were cooking poison. Isn’t that how it’s often played on TV, with all the dark dishes, especially the good ones, the better they look, the worse they taste.It tastes almost as good as my grandma’s. It’s delicious.My favorite thing is tomato and egg soup.”

Finn couldn’t stop praising, and picked up another piece of potato, this time without testing it, Finn ate it, satisfied, “The earth’s three fresh, this is what it should taste like!”

After one meal, Finn couldn’t stop praising it, and before he knew it, he had eaten three bowls of rice before putting down his chopsticks, he really couldn’t eat anymore.

It was the first time he had eaten so much, or in someone else’s home, and to Finn , it was incredible.

“Ye Shao, please drink water.”

Li Qiuyu, however, was enjoying herself, and in her heart, she felt that Finn was very close to the people, surprisingly so natural, not at all like a rich family’s son kind of swing.

Before Li Qiuyu just said dedication, but there was still some repulsion to Finn , not that Finn was bad, but too good, like a prince, so she didn’t dare to touch, like someone from two worlds.But after this meal, Li Qiuyu knew that Finn was even closer to her.

“No more drinking, no more drinking, I really can’t eat anymore, I don’t have any room in my stomach at all.”

Finn rubbed his stomach with difficulty, trying to digest the food in his stomach as quickly as possible.

He was able to eat so much food, except for what Wang Hua had made, this was the first time.Although it wasn’t as nutritious as mountain and sea food, but it was the taste of home, and it was such a simple meal, but it made him very satisfied.

Don’t look at the four dishes and one soup, the four dishes are fried shredded potatoes, patted cucumber, ground three fresh, fried bean sprouts, and the soup is egg persimmon soup.A meal, the cost is only about ten yuan, not expensive at all, outside, ten yuan can’t even buy a takeaway, but at home can eat a full meal.

“Qiu Yu, you stay by my side.”

Finn could not get out of his mouth, with such a virtuous woman here, Finn ‘s heart was still very warm.

Li Qiuyu first nodded and then shook her head, “No, although I agreed to follow you, I can’t marry you.”

“Marry me?”

Finn was suddenly blinded, when did he say he was going to marry, this is too far gone.

Li Qiu Yu nodded, “Yes, I can’t marry you, because I heard that you are already Zhou Fu’s son-in-law, that is, Zhou Leya’s fiancé, how can you marry me.And with my family like this, I’m not good enough for you, I’m happy as long as I stay by your side and serve you.”

“But…” Finn was instantly calmed down.

“It’s enough to be with you, I’m happy.”Li Qiu Yu said as if she was.

Finn couldn’t believe that Li Qiuyu would say that, although the words were different from Wang Kexin’s, but to Finn , the meaning was the same.The implication is that you can have someone else besides me, I don’t care.

Finn was moved to directly hug Li Qiuyu and said, “Qiuyu, you’re so good.”

“Ye Shao, you’re the one who’s really good.”Li Qiuyu whispered, looking shy.

Finn sighed: “I know I’m not right like this, but I really can’t give you a complete family, because in addition to Zhou Leya, I actually have a lot of entangled women, but I also didn’t cross the line, I didn’t take the last step, but this way, it’s also a foot on multiple boats, I don’t know who I should be responsible for, so I haven’t done it, just so I think to myself, alsoI don’t know what to do.”

The more he thought about it, the harder it was for Finn .

But this matter actually does not blame him at all, except for Xiao Ke but he took the initiative, the others whether it is Wang Kexin or Zhou Leya are all backwards, Finn is trying not to accept, but instincts can not be controlled, after all, a beautiful woman took the initiative to give for nothing, how can there be a reason not to?

But now Finn is afraid, because if this is the case, what can it do in the future, is it just going to keep on fraternizing?

However, just as Finn was thinking, Li Qiuyu was the one who hugged Finn all of a sudden: “Ye Shao, you don’t need to worry about it, because there are things that are not your fault, isn’t it normal for a man as good as you to have a lot of women who like you, you just need to get used to it, after all, in my opinion, a great man should have a lot of women.”

“You really think so?” Finn was a little surprised, never would he have expected Li Qiuyu to think this way.

Li Qiuyu nodded: “What kind of people could have three wives and four concubines in ancient times?All of them are big men of royalty and wealth, like city folk who don’t even have wives, that also means you’re awesome, more awesome than all of them, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many women coming to you, don’t you think so.”

Li Qiuyu said as he said, making Finn a little surprised, but even more agreeable.

That was indeed the case, if he wasn’t powerful, how could there be beautiful women who would actively fall back and give for free?

Chapter 96

“Actually, Ye doesn’t need to think that much, after all, you have the capital, you just need to have a clear conscience and be nice to your ladies.”


Finn nodded his head in agreement, although the money was the family’s, it was also his sooner or later.After thinking about it, Finn came to his senses.

There was time to ponder over these useless things, it would be better to be nice to these women.

If there were women who couldn’t accept other women, that would be later, and Finn didn’t want to think about something so complicated now.

“Right, let’s talk about your father, let’s help you with your matter first.”

Finn changed his words and turned the topic to Li Qiuyu.

And at the mention of her father, Li Qiuyu looked lonely, only after a long time did she take a deep breath: “My father’s name is Li Dafei, you see my house, this house is actually still rented.Originally this house was our family, but my mother p Aed away some years ago, leaving my father and I at home, and after my mother p Aed away, my father became addicted to gambling.At first it was better, just going out during the day, but then he went out every day and didn’t leave the house.I only found out all of this when my dad called me before, and I originally thought I owned the house, but it was already mortgaged for gambling debts.In the past, my dad even tricked me into working, who would have thought that it was all the result of gambling.”

Saying that, Li Qiuyu sobbed.

Finn comfortingly patted Li Qiuyu’s back and said, “Don’t think about it, you’ll always get over it.” Remember the website . .net

Finn had wanted to learn about Li Dafei’s other habits and wanted to do it gradually, but now it seemed that it was a gambling addiction that was completely impossible to solve through normal channels.

Thinking about it, Finn took out his phone and made a call, “Are you busy now?”

“Not busy, not busy, what does Ye have to do?”The obsequious voice on the other end of the phone was the same Wang Jiabao who had previously opened a gambling game to cheat Zhang Shun.

“Come to Kaiyuan to help me with something, and it will not be accomplished without your benefit.” Finn hung up the phone after saying a simple sentence.

The first plan he thought of was to find Wang Jiabao, just let Wang Jiabao come to open the gambling game and set up a trap to let Li Dafei know the truth about the gambling game, it might make Li Dafei quit gambling.

This was just Finn ‘s plan, if Li Dafei had already gambled to the bone, then he would really be hopeless.

“Ye Shao, I’ve troubled you again.”Li Qiuyu didn’t know who Finn had called, but it was clear that Finn was trying to help her, so she was inevitably touched again.

“It’s fine, it’s all trivial.” Finn smiled faintly and waved his hand.

At this moment, Li Qiuyu’s phone rang, but it was an unfamiliar call, and Li Qiuyu couldn’t help but frown, “Ye Shao, do you think it’s Zhou Haipeng?”

“I’ll get it.”When Evan took the phone, he pressed speakerphone, “Which one?”

“Who are you?Is Li Qiu Yu here?”A stern drink came from over the phone.

Finn couldn’t help but frown, “Who are you, yelling and screaming, do you have any education anymore.”

He didn’t sound like Zhou Haipeng, but the tone of his voice was more or less the same, it was a bad visitor.

“Who I am doesn’t matter to you, tell Li Qiuyu that we have Li Dafei, if you want to redeem her, just hurry out, my people will take her away in ten minutes!”

Just say it, and the phone hangs up.

“Dad’s been arrested!”Li Qiuyu’s body trembled and almost fell to the ground.

Finn was busy helping Li Qiuyu: “Don’t worry for now, this person dared to call, so he must be planning something, your father will be fine now, at least his life isn’t in danger.”

“Then what should I do now?”Li Qiuyu was a little panicked, not knowing what to do.

Finn thought: “Don’t be anxious yet, I’ll go with you, wait until the place and then see what happens, this kind of people usually kidnap for money, there won’t be any big trouble if you give them money.”

“This won’t do.”Li Qiuyu waved her hand in a row, decisively refusing, “Ye Shao your identity is not suitable to participate, otherwise what should you do if you are injured.”

“I’m fine, I was kidnapped just two days ago, I have experience and I’ll also inform my people to follow first, so there won’t be any danger.” Finn said, and took out his phone to send a message to the two groups, asking them to hurry up and come.

But to Finn ‘s surprise, the group of non-mainstream gangsters instantly replied that they were downstairs.

After letting the bodyguards get their rewards during the day, the thugs were indignant, so they secretly followed Finn all day.

Finn was a little surprised, but was very satisfied with this, and thought, “Qiu Yu, it’s still going to trouble you to be aggrieved.”

“It’s fine, I’m not afraid of the grievance.”Li Qiuyu agreed without even asking anything.

Finn was very pleased and nodded, “I was prepared to go with you, but I thought about it but couldn’t.The kidnappers there will most likely disagree with me getting on the bus, after all, it’s you they’re looking for.Bringing me an extra one is a burden instead, and this isn’t going on a spring trip.”

Without waiting for Li Qiu Yu to speak, Finn added: “But you don’t have to worry, my men and I will follow you from afar and won’t lose you.You turn on the location sharing of your phone WeChat, if you do lose it, you can also find it through location, don’t worry.”

“Good, I trust Ye Shao’s judgment.”Li Qiuyu nodded vigorously, and about the time, she went downstairs.

Finn , however, didn’t rush downstairs, going downstairs with Li Qiuyu would definitely be suspicious, so Finn stood at the window of the building on the second floor and observed.

Only saw a van with no license plate speeding past and stopped in front of Li Qiuyu, it seemed to say two words, and Li Qiuyu got into the car with a pale face.


What Finn didn’t expect was that the car was completely black, and even the windows were covered with blackout material, so it was completely impossible to see anything from the outside.

Originally, Finn wanted to take photos to catch evidence, but the people in the car didn’t get out of the car at all, so nothing was taken.

Quickly to the downstairs, the van has gone far away.

Green Hair trotted over from a distance and said, “Ye Shao, I’ve arranged for White Hair to follow on a motorbike, it will definitely not be discovered.”


Finn nodded in satisfaction, opened his phone to check WeChat, found that the location sharing was still there, Li Qiuyu’s location was moving away at an even pace, Finn was relieved.

If a thug, or a smart mugger would definitely confiscate the phone, looking at the situation, this mugger is either a fool, or just wants money, not so sadistic.

“Let’s go, let’s keep up.” Finn was about to drive the Ferrari.

But he was held back by Green Hair: “Ye Shao, let’s keep a low profile, please condescend to be our broken van, this one is not conspicuous.The one you have is easy to spot.”

“I’m in a hurry, Green Hair you did a good job, you deserve a reward!” Finn slapped his head and almost got confused.

Immediately after that, he caught a ride in Green Hair’s van, and in the van were all the other thugs, all on standby, who couldn’t help but greet Ye Shao when they saw him.

Finn nodded and didn’t say anything, now he was still distracted and was thinking about Li Qiuyu.

I have to say that Green Hair’s driving skills were really good, but turning left and right, he quickly caught up with the van.But Green Hair was not going straight up, after all, it was the middle of the night, although there were cars, but the traffic was not very large.Especially since this direction was the direction of the suburbs, there were fewer and fewer vehicles.Green Hair controlled the distance, just to not be discovered.

Not long after, Finn saw the van in front of him parked next to an abandoned building.Three youths came out of the van, while the fourth youth came out with a playful tug on Li Qiuyu’s hair.


Finn was suddenly furious, not only because of Li Qiuyu, but more importantly this youth he also knew, the Purple Hair who had molested Zhou Leya.

New hatred and old hatred repeatedly superimposed, Finn got out of the car and picked up a stone and threw it at Zi Mao, growling: “Give me on, catch these people, don’t let any of them go!”


Zi Mao was terrified when he saw Finn , his little brothers had turned against him because of Finn , and now Finn was still chasing after him, without even thinking about it, he pushed Li Qiuyu away and ran away.

“Damn it, catch them for me!”

With a big wave of Finn ‘s hand, the thugs suddenly rushed towards the four youths and trapped them in three strikes.

“Brother, I was wrong, I know I shouldn’t have offended you before, I know I was wrong, please let me go.”Zi Mao cried.

Finn , however, was stunned, but it soon dawned on him.Apparently, Zi Mao didn’t realize that he had followed him here and thought he was trying to take revenge for what happened before.

But when he would get rid of him, Finn snorted, “Kid, you are really tired of living, messing with this young man and still wanting to live in peace, your heart is really big.”

Saying that, Finn glanced at Li Qiuyu and said, “And what’s up with this, are you going around flirting with little girls again!”

“I was wrong, big brother, I really know I was wrong.Don’t blame me for this, it wasn’t me who wanted to catch it, it was Brother Niu who wanted to catch it, I’m not to blame.”

“Brother Niu?” Finn ‘s eyes narrowed.

No need to ask, Purple Hair took the initiative, “Brother Niu is the person in charge of this underground gambling – casino, this girl’s father owes gambling debts, so he caught her to ransom.” A second to remember to read the book

“That’s right.” Finn deliberately showed a sudden color, the corners of his mouth turned up, “I’m not used to people who bully girls, Green Hair you guys tie up the other three and knock them out, Purple Hair, you take me inside to have a look.”

“This….”Purple Hair showed hesitation for a moment.

“Is there a problem?” Finn snorted coldly.

Zi Mao hurriedly waved his hand, “No problem, no problem, I’ll take you in right away.”

“That’s more like it.” Finn nodded, followed by untying Li Qiuyu and said, “Little girl, is everything alright, follow me first, he won’t do anything to you.”

“Mmhmm.”Li Qiuyu nodded and also cooperated with Finn ‘s acting.


Following Purple Hair into the abandoned building, he came to a metal door in the underground, and after opening it, Finn couldn’t stop coughing.

A smell of smoke mixed with poor quality perfume permeated the entire underground gambling – casino, just by entering the door, Finn couldn’t help but want to leave quickly, this really wasn’t a place for people to stay.

After adapting for a while, Finn looked around and could only use three words to describe this place: dirty!Chaos!Poor!

A small room of less than a hundred square feet, filled with thick white smoke, if not for Purple Hair told Finn that this is the underground gambling – venue, Finn thought it was on fire.

The room is not large, only two round tables, and each round table is surrounded by twenty or thirty people, a total of nearly fifty people.

Everyone was holding a cigarette in their mouths, their eyes red as they shot money onto the table, roaring, “Dada Dada!Out big!”

“So the TV is all lies.”

Finn shook his head speechlessly, the movies were all about the lights and the gamblers were surrounded by beautiful women for company.But here, aside from a large group of unshaven, shaggy-haired uncles, there weren’t even the most basic waiters.

“Ye Shao, go this way.”

Purple Hair reminded at the right time.

Finn nodded, he didn’t know Li Dafei, but Li Qiuyu did.But seeing Li Qiuyu’s confused face at the moment, he knew that Li Dafei wasn’t here.

And the sharp-eyed Finn also saw that there was an iron door in the corner of the room, there should be another room.

When he followed Zi Mao to the door of the room, Zi Mao knocked on the door and said: “Brother Niu, the person you want is here.”


Brother Niu’s voice came from the door of the room, before Purple Hair opened the door.

Unlike this smoke-filled room, Brother Niu’s room was a luxurious office, with a middle-aged fat man slumped on a leather couch, and two heavily made up and scantily clad women giving the fat man a m A**age.

On top of that, there was also a dry and skinny uncle lying tied up on the floor.

Without much thought, Finn knew that the middle-aged fatty was Brother Niu, and the one lying on the ground was Li Dafei.

As expected, seeing the dry and thin uncle on the ground, Li Qiuyu pounced on him and sobbed, “Dad, what’s wrong, Dad are you alright?”

Saying that, Li Qiuyu quickly untied Li Dafei.

“Purple Hair, who is he?”Brother Niu grabbed a woman’s thin waist and touched her randomly, asking.

Without waiting for Purple Hair to speak, Finn smiled and said, “I’m a distant cousin of Li Dafei, here to ransom someone.”

“Oh?A bit interesting.”Brother Niu looked up and down at Finn and turned his head to Li Dafei: “I can’t tell, you’ve come to have a rich relative.”

After being untied, Li Dafei sat paralyzed on the ground and didn’t get up, obviously being starved for a long time, he didn’t even have the strength to eat.At this moment, he was just looking at Finn with a face of astonishment, but he kept his mouth shut.

He didn’t know Finn , but he had come with Li Qiuyu and could have been a friend of Li Qiuyu’s.

But the main reason why he didn’t open his mouth was that he was afraid that he would leak out, and then if Finn didn’t help, then he wouldn’t even have a chance to pull out at all.

Zi Mao didn’t know this, he only knew that Finn was here to join the fun, but he didn’t dare to provoke Finn , so he nodded his head and agreed, “Brother Niu, he is indeed a distant relative of Li Dafei.The man’s voice that appeared when he was on the phone just now was his.”

Zi Mao was only trying to round out Finn ‘s words, but he directly told the truth, scaring Finn almost revealing himself.

But seeing Zi Mao’s demeanor, it was obvious that Zi Mao was just making it up, and only then did Finn feel relieved.

Smiling helplessly, Finn pulled out a wad of money from his pocket, exactly 10,000 yuan.Slightly shaking the banknotes, before Finn smiled lightly and said, “Brother Niu is it, is it okay for me to take the money for ransom.”

“Ten thousand?For someone your age, it’s not a small amount, but unfortunately, it’s still too little.”Niu’s eyes showed disdain and slowly extended two fingers, “Li Dafei but he owes me two hundred thousand!”

“Two hundred thousand?Wasn’t it twenty thousand?”Li Dafei looked agitated.

“A day ago I lent you twenty thousand, and now I have to pay back two hundred thousand, are you questioning my judgment?”Cow laughed sardonically, flicking the butt of his cigarette directly at Li Dafei’s head.

“I….Don’t dare.”

Li Dafei’s clenched fist slowly unclenched as he seemed to think of the terror of Brother Ox.

“That’s more like it.”Brother Niu smiled and turned his head to Finn , “Do you still have money?If you don’t have it put ten thousand here and you can roll.”

“Yes there is, but what did you mean by what you just said.Let me give you ten thousand and then f*ck off, you want to take my money for nothing?” Finn smiled faintly, but his eyes emitted cold mane.

“Kid, learn to be smart, this is not a place where you can be rude.”

Brother Niu glanced at Finn and turned his head, then he said to Li Dafei, “Alright, now the game is over.I don’t want to be long-winded, if I can’t come up with 200,000, you just follow the previous agreement.”

Saying that, Brother Niu looked at Li Qiuyu and revealed a meaningful smile .


“What deal?”Li Qiu Yu frowned and asked.

Brother Niu laughed and licked his lips: “You still don’t know?No wonder, how could Li Dafei tell you such things, then I’ll be the one to tell you.Li Dafei owes me a note for borrowing money, so either give me two hundred thousand or let you sleep with me for a night, hehe.”

Hearing Niu’s ugly laughter, Li Qiuyu’s face became extremely ugly.

“Dad, did you really write such a written note?”Li Qiu Yu looked at Li Dafei with a disbelieving face.

However, Li Dafei left his head without making a sound, apparently having acquiesced to the fact.

And Niu also flipped a few times from the table and took out a word note and threw it directly to Li Qiuyu: “If you don’t believe it, look for yourself.”

Seeing the request on the note and Li Dafei’s signature drawing, Li Qiu Yu recognized that it was Li Dafei’s handwriting, so it wouldn’t be fake.

“Dad, how could you do this!”Li Qiuyu almost cried out, and was disappointed in Li Dafei.

But Brother Niu spat out a smoke ring, he smiled: “It’s so good to be a woman, two hundred thousand in one night.You’re also really good, Li Dafei, to give birth to such a showy daughter.”

“You!”Li Qiuyu was trembling with anger, but couldn’t utter half a word. The first website m.

Li Dafei finally said, “Qiu Yu, I blame dad for being bad and gambling on the head.”

Hearing this, Finn nodded his head, it seems that Li Dafei is still saved and knows to admit his mistakes.

But then Li Dafei is again: “I bet on the size, see has been ten in a row is open big, thinking can open small, borrowed money, thinking to win back with interest, but I can’t think of another five in a row open big, I…….”

“You shut up!”Li Qiuyu interrupted Li Dafei’s words with a stern cry, her pursed lips even oozing blood.

Damn it, Li Dafei was truly hopeless!

Finn cursed in his heart, so many big in a row, it was obvious that it was a secret cheat, why didn’t he understand it yet.I guess Zhang Shun is here and can also see that it’s a cheat.

And how can you still say such things at such a time, won’t you be good enough to admit your mistake?

“Good, what a little beauty, so pretty even in anger.”Brother Niu but he smiled, with silver filth in his eyes looked at Li Qiuyu: “Now well, two ways, either pay money, or accompany me for a night, no, I changed my mind, accompany me for a month!”

“I choose…”Li Qiuyu was so discouraged that her eyes were not even half as bright.

But before the words came out, Finn teased: “Brother Niu is it, you’re fat as this bear, you can still play for a month, aren’t you afraid of playing yourself to death, I think, it’s better to pay.”

Brother Niu’s eyes narrowed, “Kid, you’re quite talkative.Then pay up, pay up and I’ll let you go!But if you’re not paid, one of your hands stays here!”

“A mere $200,000 is not in my eyes.” Finn said that he was about to take the money, but just then his phone rang, and when he opened it, it was a WeChat sent by Wang Jiabao, indicating that he was ready to come to Kaiyuan to develop a little before, and he was just now getting off the bus on his way to Kaiyuan when Finn called him just now.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including: a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, a wide range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.If I can’t win, I’ll pay out of my own pocket again.”

“Interesting, interesting, then I’ll give you an hour!”Brother Niu smiled sardonicly, he could know the gates of his gambling – venue, even if he was proficient in gambling, so what, he still couldn’t play their underhandedness.

“But well…”Brother Niu’s words were again, “Give you an hour no problem, but the debt with interest will rise to 400,000!”

“Okay, just four hundred thousand!” Finn smiled faintly, not caring at all.

Money was a small matter to Finn , who had just sent a WeChat to Wang Jiabao, and now Wang Jiabao was on his way here. Finn ‘s purpose is to let Wang Jiabao show gambling, to prove that gambling is a fraud, in order to make Li Dafei timely awakening.

For Li Dafei, Finn didn’t want to help at all, which was why he wanted to do it after seeing how Li Qiuyu’s appearance made him feel distressed.

Somewhat to Finn ‘s surprise, he waited for forty minutes before Wang Jiabao appeared late.

“Why are you so slow?” Finn was a little dissatisfied, looking at the time left with only twenty minutes left, Finn ‘s heart was also a little bottomless.

Brother Niu, however, smiled, “There’s only twenty minutes left now, so hold on tight.”

“I’ve prepared a little prop to delay a little, don’t say twenty minutes, ten minutes will be enough.”Wang Jiabao whispered attached to Finn ‘s ear.

It suddenly dawned on Finn that Wang Jiabao should be preparing cheating props, not by heart, “Brother Niu, what are you in a hurry, I’m afraid that I’ll make you lose blood directly, before waiting for this little apprentice of mine for so long, it’s enough to let him simply show two hands.”

With that, Finn took Li Qiuyu’s small hand and walked out of the office to the smoke-filled underground gambling-ground.

Brother Niu grunted coldly, and followed anyway, having nothing else to do, with the mindset of watching a joke, just to see how miserable Finn would look after losing and vomiting blood later.

Zi Mao wanted to stop talking, but finally he chose not to say anything, because he didn’t want to offend Finn more than Brother Niu.

In fact, in his opinion, Finn is just having fun. With Finn ‘s generous hand and a group of thugs outside, it’s no problem to call in directly.

Ye Shao is really idle, Brother Niu is really miserable this time.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

Thinking of this, Zi Mao helplessly shook his head and also followed out with a bite.

“Uncle, make way, make way.” Finn patted the uncle who was around the table.

The uncle was up for gambling and felt a tap on his shoulder, revealing a look of impatience.Turning his head just to get angry, he saw Finn holding a red banknote in front of him.

Without saying a word, the uncle took the bill and let out of his position.

Finn smiled in satisfaction and shot a few more people as he did, finally getting himself, Li Qiuyu, Li Dafei, and Wang Jiabao to the table.

“Are you confident?” Finn chuckled and asked.

After first touching the table and staring at the dice cup for a few moments, Wang Jiabao nodded and attached himself to Finn ‘s ear, “A small token, something that was played 800 years ago, I need to know it’s like this, I’m actually here in 20 minutes, I don’t need to prepare that much at all.”

“That’s good, what do you think we should bet on this one?” Finn was asking again.

Wang Jiabao smiled flatteringly and said, “Ye Shao, I wish you a happy six-six, so bet all 10,000 on the leopard.”

Bet on the leopard?

Finn was stunned at the news, and even if he didn’t understand it, he knew that leopards were not good out.


This gambling game is very simple, that is, three dice in the dice cup, you can bet on the size, can also bet on the leopard.And the leopard would need the same number of points as the three dice, the odds of this can be much more difficult than betting on size, but there are many benefits, that is, the odds are ten times the odds, while betting on size is only twice as much.

“Buy set to leave the hand!”The Dutchman said casually, not a professional at first glance.

“Alright, listen to you, just bet on the leopard.”

Finn didn’t care about 10,000, more instead he had some expectations, if it was as Wang Jiabao said, then Wang Jiabao would really be a god.

But Finn felt that it was simply impossible!


The Dutchman said and opened the dice cup.

Finn suddenly stared at it and said, “f*ck, God!”

The only thing that came out was really a leopard, and it was still three sixes. Finn fiercely sounded out just now when Wang Jiabao said that he wished him sixes and sixes, could it be that this was also in his plan?

It’s amazing that Evan didn’t see Wang Jiabao make any small moves, and that he was able to manipulate it from so far away from the Dutchman! Remember the URL .

“Bully bully bully!”

Finn really said it from his heart and soul, he used to think that gambling was just simple tricks, but now it seemed that it was a miraculous skill.

No wonder these people didn’t know when they lost a bet, and if it were Finn , he would also think that he was unlucky when he lost.

Ten thousand instantly turned into one hundred thousand, and Finn received one hundred thousand dollars in a beautiful manner.

This sense of accomplishment is very different from playing money at home, but Finn only took this as a small game, not serious, after all, gambling is not the right way, and Finn will not take this small advantage.

After all, his pocket money was in hundreds of millions.

Seeing the result, Li Qiu Yu also opened her mouth wide in surprise, although she didn’t know the principle, but she also knew how small the chances of a leopard, if there wasn’t a little bit of action, she wouldn’t believe it.

Li Dafei also looked surprised and said, “Master, definitely a master!”

Looking at Wang Jiabao again, Li Dafei’s eyes actually appeared in adoration.

Brother Niu was also very surprised and gave a cold snort, signaling the Dutchman with his eyes.The lottery officer was also frightened to the point of cold sweat, and after nodding his head repeatedly, he began to roll the dice.

“Let’s bet on the leopard for this one.”Wang Jiabao said without even looking at it.

Finn was convinced to put all 100,000 on the leopard.

Seeing this, the lottery officer’s face showed joy and shouted, “Buy it and leave it, is there any bet left?”

“Are you going to have a problem?” Finn some on the suspicion of looking at Wang Jiabao, because the lottery officer’s expression is also too excited, a look is to know that the dice cup inside is not a leopard.

But Wang Jiabao is laughing: “Don’t worry.”

Then attached to Finn ‘s ear, he whispered, “It’s five-five-six inside, the opening is big, but I have a way to make the inside become six-six, and steadily out of the leopard.”

“And that’s okay?”

Finn was slightly startled, so he stopped talking.

“I think we should bet on big or small…”Before Li Dafei finished speaking, he was stunned by Li Qiuyu and stopped squeaking.

“Open, five five six, big win!”The Dutchman opened the dice cup and burst out laughing.

But Finn was speechless: “This one, if you’re blind, you can go to a doctor, it’s obviously six-six-six, the leopard wins!”

“How is this possible!”The Dutchman fiercely looked at it and was directly stunned in place.

Even in his heart, Finn wanted to say, how is this possible!

Not only did Wang Jiabao guess five-five-six, but he actually turned the dice into six-sixes.

Once is a coincidence, twice can not be said, that is, Wang Jiabao has real ability.

The Dutchman looked confused, but Brother Niu was livid.

Finn just bet twice, and turned ten thousand into one million, not only winning four hundred thousand, but even winning six hundred thousand more.

Looking at the time, there was still thirteen minutes before the allotted time.

“God, what a god!”

Li Dafei looked at Wang Jiabao with an agitated face, but after being glared at by Li Qiuyu, he withdrew his gaze with annoyance.

“Alright, shaving off the four hundred thousand owed to you, give me the remaining six hundred thousand.”Looking at the livid Niu, Finn smiled and his face was filled with pride.

Brother Niu’s expression was a bit cloudy, 600,000 was not a small amount, he could even buy a house in Kaiyuan.If no one else was here, he definitely wouldn’t give the money, but now that there were so many people, if he really didn’t, he would have smashed the signboard.

What’s more, Li Qiuyu was so beautiful, he’d already wanted it, to let her go like this, he was really unhappy!

Not to be outdone, Brother Niu glared angrily at the Dutchman, blaming the Dutchman for messing it all up.

The lottery officer broke out in a cold sweat, his eyes turned and he shouted fiercely, “Brother Niu, he’s the one who cheated!”

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The voice fell, only to see the uncle, who was originally dressed as a gambler, suddenly pull out a stick, so there was still a prop.

Finn was somewhat speechless at this, but he didn’t panic in the slightest and waved his big hand, “Brothers, give it to me!”

Ten people sprang up on the scene, it was his army, these thugs were originally arranged by Finn outside, but Green Hair was worried, so he told Finn that he could blend in and pretend to be a gambler.

But not only the thugs, there are also twenty brawny men also rushed out, it is Finn ‘s bodyguard army.

So originally the fifty people present to gamble, most of them were actually thugs, and only a few were actually gambling.

Seeing the large number of people that suddenly rushed out, Rao couldn’t help but have his legs tremble and two trembling.

Without waiting for him to beg for mercy, Finn ‘s thirty men had already rushed out, and in less than a minute, they captured six of Brother Niu’s thugs alive.

As for Purple Hair, but he was smart enough to take action at the first time and directly captured Brother Niu.

“Ye Shao, it was all my fault before, I know it was wrong, I’m willing to make up for it.”Zi Mao said to Finn with a flattering face.

He who knew the times was a good man, especially this kind of existence that dared to bow, Finn would never take action.

He was a typical soft eater, without thinking much, Finn nodded, “Okay, then you join the squad, but in the future, Green Hair is the captain, you come last, you are at the end of the line, don’t cause any trouble, or you will be kicked out directly.”

Turning his head, Finn said again, “Green Hair, you are in charge of supervising him, if he has a problem, report it in time, don’t worry about messing with anyone, I have everything!”

“Okay, Ye Shao.”Green Hair nodded and naturally walked up to Violet Hair, kicked Violet Hair’s A** and said, “Hear me, hang out with me from now on, eat and drink, if you make us ten angry, you’re finished.”

“Yes, what Brother Green Hair said, Brother Green Hair said.”Purple Hair accosted and smiled, wanting as many grandchildren as possible.

After finishing Purple Hair, only then did Finn move a few muscles and bones and looked at Brother Niu, “Brother Niu is it, you want to do it, may I ask, who gave you the guts?”


“Big brother, I know I was wrong, forgive me, I’m willing to make up for the six hundred thousand.”Brother Niu said with a flattering face, afraid that Finn would make a move and break his golden body again.

It was never too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years, Brother Niu was never a person who was in a hurry, as long as Finn collected the money and left.After that, he had a hundred ways to make Finn spit out the money, with interest.

But unfortunately, Finn was not the kind of person who was greedy for small bargains.

“A mere six hundred thousand I still don’t care about, and I still want to take money to settle it, you take six hundred million well almost.” Finn sneered coldly.

“Are you playing with me?”Brother Niu was furious.

But Finn shook his head, “Playing tricks on you?Do I have to fool you?Let’s go, everyone, and take him out!”

Finn said six hundred million is really not a joke, there are still nearly one billion in his account, all pocket money, so six hundred million is equivalent to just a few months of Finn ‘s pocket money.

Originally gave Brother Niu the opportunity, it was Brother Niu himself did not cherish, Finn could not do anything about it.

Brother Niu and several of Brother Niu’s thugs, Finn did not let go, not only let the bodyguards all maimed, Finn even reported the police, reported the illegal underground gambling – casino.

Only after everything was taken care of, did Finn leave the smoke-filled underground casino and return to the city.

As for Li Qiuyu but left with Li Dafei, Finn also knew that now Li Dafei just dangerous, or need to go home and quiet, and without much thought, Finn also knew that Li Qiuyu will use this lesson to persuade Li Dafei, short term, there should not be any news of Li Qiuyu.

“I don’t know if Li Dafei will be able to grow a bit after seeing this, but if he still can’t, then he’ll have to resort to coercion.”Back at the hotel, Finn threw away the distracting thoughts in his head and went to sleep, he was really tired after experiencing so much today.

Early the next morning, Finn was woken up by the commotion.

It was reasonable that this kind of presidential suite should have very good soundproofing, so how could there be murmurs?

But when Finn opened his eyes impatiently, the entrance was a beautiful sight.

“Zhou Renya, why are you here?” Finn was a little surprised.

Zhou Leya wearing a white dress, tight calves wrapped in transparent silk – socks, looking chic and touching, especially early in the morning, Finn can not help but some blood-resistant.

Zhou Leya hip-hop smiled: “I’m not here to wake up my husband.”



What’s this about?

Zhou Leya seemed to see that Finn looked confused, so he explained: “My father has agreed to our thing, what is it called if not your husband.”

Finn was somewhat speechless, but was sharp-eyed enough to see a hint of a sneak smile at the corner of Zhou Leya’s mouth, and couldn’t help but frown: “Say, what’s going on this time, looking for me to block the gun again?”

The last time Finn had seen this expression when Zhou Leya faced Zhang, he didn’t have to think much, Finn knew that Zhou Leya was in trouble.

Zhou Leya hehehe smiled: “Nothing can be hidden from you, then I won’t beat around the bush, the thing is like this, actually it’s not my fault, it’s my dad before and my old friend Wang Shun thumbed his nose, then Wang Shun’s whole family emigrated abroad, there was no contact for many years, this thing also gradually faded away, but now…”

“Are you trying to say that they’re back?” Finn frowned.

Zhou Lian Ya nodded, “That’s right.I just received the news last night that they will be arriving in Kaiyuan today, and they are still settling here.When Wang Shun called my father, he mentioned the matter of fingering the marriage, and my father was not in a position to directly refuse, so he had to let me meet him first.”

At this point, Zhou Leya said again in a row, “But Ye Shao, don’t worry, my father asked me to meet with him to make it clear to Wang Shun’s son, Wang Yinglong, in person, definitely not to break his word to you.”

Finn nodded his head, already understanding everything.

Simply put, it was that Zhou Fu and Wang Shun had finger-married in the first place, but Wang Shun had been gone for many years and the matter was voided, so that’s why Zhou Fu had agreed to Zhou Leya falling in love with him and taking him as his son-in-law.

“Then you go, I won’t follow you, I’ll sleep a little more, I was sleepy from sleeping late last night, I’ll come back early when I’m done with it.” Finn said, and fell back to sleep.

“What a defeat, Wang Yinglong asked me to meet him downstairs, I’ll go quickly and return.”Zhou Leya hesitated, then kissed Finn ‘s cheek and ran out coquettishly.

It wasn’t until the room door ornamented that Finn opened his eyes.

He also wanted to follow, but that would be a disguised distrust of Zhou Leya.But if you don’t go, you will make Zhou Lelian Ya feel that she doesn’t care about her.

So it was fitting that Finn used sleep as an excuse.

Touching the kissed cheeks, Finn can’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, he admitted that he couldn’t resist Zhou Lelian Ya’s temptation.

On the other hand, Zhou Leya stood outside the door after running out of the room, and didn’t go downstairs.

Only when the flush-red on her face receded did Zhou Leya step down the stairs with lotus steps.

“This is the place, right.”Zhou Leya looked at the text messages on her phone and confirmed that the private room where the appointment was held was 1008.

In order not to be har A**ed by Wang Yinglong, Zhou Leya didn’t even exchange WeChats with Wang Yinglong.As for her phone number, no need to think about it, they all knew that Wang Shun asked for it from Zhou Fu and told Wang Yinglong afterwards.

Tapping on the door of the room, Finn heard a slightly gangly voice from inside the door: “Enter.”

Zhou Leya opened the door, and there wasn’t even a single waiter in the huge private room, only a big fat man in hip-hop clothing sat on the main seat.

Originally there was a large round table in the private room, but it was removed and replaced with a long table suitable for two people to sit facing each other.

Seeing the big fat man, Zhou Leya’s eyes couldn’t help but flicker with a touch of boredom.

The big fat man must be Wang Yinglong, but the person is not the right name, not only weighing more than two hundred, but also the height is not Zhou Lelian Ya tall.But the reason for Zhou Lelian Ya’s boredom is that Wang Yinglong is squinting his small eyes at her silk – stocking legs, and even showing a wicked smile.

After pulling her skirt, Zhou Leya walked to Wang Yinglong’s opposite and sat down.At least by sitting down, she couldn’t be looked at by Wang Yinglong’s legs with dirty eyes.

“Leya, what do you like to eat, just order anything.”Wang Yinglong said with a smiling face.


Zhou Lannia also really want to pick the expensive point, after all, who do not want to eat a good meal.Especially the prosperous star or their own home hotel, point expensive not only eat cool, but also make money.

But Zhou Lelian Ya is not this kind of greedy little cheap people, is afraid of having a relationship with Wang Yinglong, and then entangled.

So according to what was agreed upon when coming and Finn , Zhou Leya directly spread out, “Hello Mr. Wang, please call me Miss Zhou, or call me by my full name, I’m not that familiar with you.”

“Not that familiar with you?I do remember that you were the fiancée that uncle gave me in marriage, so what, you’re not satisfied with my looks?”Wang Yinglong’s face paled, and his eyes showed ferocity.

Seeing this, Zhou Leya was even more determined to make a quick decision.


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