“After this last delivery, I’ll be able to save up enough money to buy a gift for Tina !”

In order to buy a new iPhone for his girlfriend, Tina , Finn , who is still a sophomore in college, has been working part-time as a courier all summer.

After suffering for two months, it finally paid off, thinking about the expression on Tina ‘s face after receiving the gift, he felt beautiful.


“Who is it?”

After ringing the doorbell of the recipient, a familiar voice suddenly came from the door, and then walked out a beautiful woman with messy hair and wearing pink suspenders, none other than Finn ‘s girlfriend, Tina .

” Tina ?Why are you here?”

Finn was befuddled, this was obviously the White Birch neighborhood in the south of the city, an upscale neighborhood where rich people lived, why would the poor family Tina appear here?

Without waiting for Tina ‘s reply, a short-haired man with a towel and naked body appeared from behind her, grabbed her thin waist, and spoke frivolously: ” Tina , why are you so slow to get a delivery?I was anxiously waiting.”

Seeing the ambiguous actions of the two, Finn was completely dumbfounded, he couldn’t believe the scene in front of him and shivered, “Li Feng, you, how did you end up with Tina ?”

It turned out that this man was his cl A**mate, the famous rich second generation of Jiangbei University, Li Feng.

“I thought who is it, so it’s you, a poor kid!”Li Feng smiled contemptuously, his eyes filled with contempt, his mouth cursed and said: “Deliver the courier and put it down quickly, don’t delay me playing with Tina , if you talk nonsense again watch out for my complaint against you, let you work for nothing this month!”


Finn angrily slammed the delivery in his hands on the ground and stared at the side of Tina , who seemed to have used all his strength to speak, ” Tina , tell me what the hell is going on!”

“What’s going on?” Tina looked disdainful: “Just you poor like, I’ve wanted to break up with you for a long time, after two years of dating, I can’t even afford to buy a new iPhone, are you ashamed ah?”

“I….I’m trying to make money, aren’t I.” Finn tried to argue.

“I’ve only been with Li Feng for two months, he bought me a mobile phone and a car and gave me tens of thousands of dollars in pocket money, compared to him, you’re a loser!” Tina seemed more and more reasonable as she pointed at Finn ‘s nose and scolded, “Even if you deliver couriers all your life, you’re still a poor kid!What do you feed me with?”

Finn was completely startled, he never thought that his girlfriend who had been together for two years would say such humiliating words to him, was this still the same Tina who claimed to love her?

Li Feng, who was hugging Tina on the side, laughed at the sight: “Well said Tina !Just you this kind of turtle, less mangy toad want to eat swan meat, quickly put down the delivery, give me a roll.”

After saying that, he deliberately kissed Tina , his eyes filled with provocation and disdain.

Finn was so furious that he clenched his fists to death, his nails seemed to be embedded in his flesh, and how much he wanted to smash over and give this rich second generation who had cuckolded him a good beating.

But when he thought of Li Feng’s identity and background and the consequences of hitting someone, it was instantly like a pot of cold water was poured on Finn ‘s head, and with the last bit of courage, he asked, ” Tina , come with me, I forgive you this time.”

“Forgive you!You deserve it too?”As if she had heard a big joke, Tina laughed back and forth, and the thick foundation on her face seemed to have fallen off.

Li Feng also laughed, picked up the courier, the door “bang” heavily closed, and finally threw a harsh words: “Hurry up and get out of here, if not, call the security guards to kill you!”.

Hearing the wavy laughter of the dogs and men from the door, a disheartened Finn slowly left the neighborhood, walking aimlessly on the sidewalk, his heart filled with bitterness: “Alas, if only I had money, Tina wouldn’t have been snatched away.”

At this time, the sound of brakes squeaking came from the side, and a high-grade car with a particularly cool look steadily stopped in front of him, and even if Finn didn’t know anything about cars, he could tell that it was a luxury car worth at least several million dollars!

In confusion, a middle-aged foreign man dressed as a butler, yet full of nobility, came down from the car, his cold, steely face suddenly softened the moment he saw Finn , and his fluent Mandarin was full of surprise: “Finally found you, Young Master Finn !”

“Young Master?” Finn looked confused and quickly waved his hand, explaining, “You’ve got the wrong person, sir, haven’t you?I’m just an ordinary student, not some young master.”

“Young Master, my name is Charles, and I am the King’s gold medal steward.You were separated from your parents when you were a young child, and after that, Master and Lady never gave up looking for you.It wasn’t until recently that they found a clue, look, I still have your picture here.”Saying that, Charles took out his phone, and on the screen was exactly the picture of Finn as a child.

“I can’t believe I have parents…” Finn was dumbfounded, then his eyes gradually turned red and he said angrily, “It took so long to find me, do you know how much I’ve suffered?I don’t want such parents!”

Charles no longer said more, just took his phone and operated a few times, then Finn ‘s phone received a bank deposit text message.

“Dear user, your card number 4399 account arrived at 100,000,000 yuan.”

“One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand….It’s one hundred million!”

After carefully confirming it again and again, Finn gulped down his saliva, his red eyes already streaming with hot tears.

Charles smiled faintly, “This money was called to you by the Master, since you’re not the young master, then give it back to me!”

“No, no, no, that’s my own father not running away!”Evan kissed the phone screen several times in excitement, “Charles, where’s my dad now, I want to go find him!”

“Not for the time being.”Charles shook his head and explained, “Young Master, I’ve already reported your current situation to the Master, and he doesn’t think you have the ability to inherit the family business for the time being, so he needs me to train you for a while yet.When the time is right, I’ll take you to the Master.”

“Then….Okay.” Finn also knew that he couldn’t do anything right now, and that he might disappoint his parents if he went, so he could only accept this decision.

Charles nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Young Master, the Master’s wealth is far beyond what you can imagine.A mere 100 million has already made you excited to this extent, it is difficult to become a great person.That’s why I’ve already thought of the first task, set a small goal to spend the first 100 million in January!”

“What?100 million a month?” Finn ‘s brain was a bit of a downturn, in the past he had only spent a hundred dollars a day at most, or invited Tina to dinner.Now he was suddenly being asked to spend 100 million, that was simply something he wouldn’t dream of!

But when he thought of the pair of dogs just now, Finn had a lot of ideas.

Tina , aren’t you a gold-worshipper?

Now that I’m rich too, I’ll make you regret leaving me!

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