I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1116 by Xiruo Huang

However, the Tuffin family‘s strength was nothing more than a slightly stronger ant in front of Lunar Palace. The two families had their own hopes as they waited for the result of the battle. The battle between powerhouses was so terrifying.

Even if they were far enough, they could still feel the suffocation brought about by the occasional intense shockwave.

‘How powerful!

‘We can‘t even resist the shockwave, let alone join the fight.’

Boom boom boom! Bang bang bang! All kinds of collision and rumbles came from below. No one knew the actual situation of the fight.

The Tuffin family members gradually calmed down from the earlier excitement.

The grandmaster was old after all. So, a long–drawn battle was not good for him.

The consequences would be unimaginable if something happened to the grandmaster.

While everyone was waiting nervously, a figure zoomed past from below at lightning speed.

It was so fast that everyone felt like they were seeing things. Then, they heard two loud sounds.



This figure crashed into the Dallarosa‘s Milky Way Battleship, catching everyone off guard. The huge impact destroyed the Milky Way Battleship immediately. Meanwhile, the Dallarosa family members on the ship had no idea what was happening before they were turned into dust, disappearing into the air.

Then, everyone saw a figure stopping where the Milky Way Battleship was. This person was disheveled, and there was blood on the corner of his lips. It was Grandmaster Kruz Dallarosa.

He seemed be severely injured, judging from his appearance.

At this moment, two more figures appeared at the scene suddenly. The red figure stood next to Kruz. She had a gorgeous body that was wrapped in a long red dress. She was the newly–returned powerhouse of the Dallarosa family, Nelle. Even though Nelle did not have any visible wounds, her ample bosom rose and fell rapidly. Her beautiful eyes were staring straight at the white–haired old man not far away from her. Clearly, the battle just now shocked her greatly as well.

Another figure with white hair and gray clothes stood opposite them. It was Grandmaster Tuffin, a mid–Infinity Ranker.

“Cough cough… I didn‘t expect this! Santos, you‘ve been hiding so well. We‘ve miscalculated,” Kruz said as he coughed a few times and shook his head.

Santos was a mid– Infinity Ranker and was already more than 3000 years old, but he did not show any signs of aging. However, he could still win against the two beginner Infinity Rankers, which was something Kruz never expected.

He should have gotten some kind of treasures of heaven and earth that could delay aging, which resulted in his current state.

It seemed that Santos was intentionally hiding decades ago.

“Grandpa, are you okay?” Nelle asked worriedly at one side. “Don‘t worry, Nellie. I‘m fine.” “Grandmaster!” “Grandmaster!”

The other Dallarosa family members called out worriedly as well.

Kruz shook his hand to tell them not to worry.

“I didn‘t think such a towering heroine was hiding in the Dallarosa family either,” Santos replied with a fake smile.

“Welcome back, Grandmaster!” Orson cried excitedly. “Welcome back, Grandmaster!” The other Tuffin family members were excited as well. “Santos, since you‘re a mid–Infinity Ranker, we‘ve offended you, and we‘ll leave right now. From now on, we won‘t go after your position in the eight prominent families,” Kruz said.

“Grandmaster, the Dallarosa family kept suppressing us in the past few days, causing huge losses. We have no way to resist them, so that‘s why we came here to ask you for help,” Orson cried.

“Kruz, do you think you can bully us like that? Do you think you can take action and stop whenever you want? What do you think I am?” Santos replied in a negative tone. “What do you want then? Do you want to kill all of us?” “Do you think I won‘t do that?”


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