I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1117 by Xiruo Huang

Chapter 1117

Kruz stared at Santos for a while to determine whether he was joking.

Then, he said, “Santos, tell us what you want. If we can accept, then we‘ll do whatever you want. However, I hope you won‘t go overboard. If not, you won‘t like it if we end up in a life or death situation.”

Santos finally showed a sinister smirk when he saw that Kruz willing to submit.

My requirements are simple. I want to cooperate with your family.”

Kruz was surprised when he heard what Santos said.

“Oh? I wonder what kind of cooperation do you want?” Kruz asked.

“Very simple. The best cooperation is marriage.”

“Marriage? Between who and who?”

“The strongest people in both families, of course. For example, me and Miss Nelle, who is next to you.”

After Santos said that, he stared at Nelle‘s body and smiled lewdly.

Before Kruz could say anything, Nelle could not hold herself back.

She glared at Santos. Her steady breathing became rapid again. Her ample bosom rose and fell violently. It was clear she was fuming.

“You pervert, do you want to die?”

After Nelle cursed at Santos, she did not hesitate before charging forward. However, Kruz stopped her.

“Nellie, don‘t.”

“Grandpa, that old pervert disrespected me. I want to kill him,” Nelle cried angrily.

“Do what you‘re told,” Kruz said.

Nelle stopped speaking. Instead, she glared at Santos opposite her.

“Santos, do you think we‘ll agree to that?” Kruz asked.

“I think you will,” Santos laughed and replied.

At the same time, his energy skyrocketed, and it was even stronger than earlier. It reached the peak of mid– Infinity Rank and was close to late Infinity Rank.

Kruz and Nelle looked at the slovenly old man not far away.

‘He was hiding his strength?‘

The Tuffin family members were even more excited now.

‘Grandmaster is so powerful!‘

“Santos, you‘ve surprised me. You want to marry Nelle, right? I accept. You can ask for her hand anytime you want,” Kruz said.

“Grandpa!” Nelle screamed in disbelief. She could not believe that her grandfather would marry her to an old pervert. So what if that old pervert was at peak mid–Infinity Rank? She was an elder of Lunar Palace. A mid–Infinity Ranker was nothing before Lunar Palace.

Kruz looked at Nelle, hinting to her to shut up for now. “I knew you would accept. Haha! Don‘t leave first. Go and prepare yourselves. I‘ll go to the Dallarosa family to ask for Nelle‘s hand. I hope you won‘t try anything. If not, your family will pay for your stupidity,” Santos laughed. “Santos, you‘re wrong. You shouldn’t come to us to ask for her hand.” “Who then?” “Lunar Palace.” “Lunar Palace? Kruz, are you kidding me?” Santos immediately asked with a dark face.

“I wouldn‘t dare to. However, Nellie is an elder at Lunar Palace. If you want to marry her, you have to ask permission from the head of Lunar Palace,” Kruz said with a smirk.

“You‘re an elder of Lunar Palace?” Santos asked as he stared at Nelle.

“Of course! 1, Nelle Dallarosa, am the new 17th elder of Lunar Palace. You must ask the head for permission if you want to marry me. So? Do you dare to do so? The head might just agree. However, you might be killed as well. It depends on if you have the balls,” Nelle answered with a grin.

“Are you kidding me? Do you think I won‘t dare to kill all of you right here?” Santos said in a deep voice.

At the same time, a peak mid–Infinity Ranker energy burst from his body.

Everyone at the scene felt suffocated. Even Kruz and Nelle had solemn looks on their faces.


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