I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1118 by Xiruo Huang

“You have to think carefully, old pervert. If you kill me today and cause Lunar Palace to lose one of its elders, the head will definitely pursue this. I wonder if your family can survive the head‘s anger. Don‘t destroy the Tuffin family‘s entire bloodline because of your impulse,” Nelle threatened.

“You‘re from Lunar Palace, so I won‘t kill you. However, the rest of the Dallarosa family must die! As long as you don‘t die, Lunar Palace won‘t do anything to my family,” Santos said through gritted teeth.

“If you keep me around, I‘ll still seek revenge and kill all of you when I‘m strong enough. I‘m still young, and I have enough time. If this continues, our families won‘t end up good too. Why don‘t you let us go now, and from now on, we‘ll mind our own business? What do you think?” Nelle quickly said.

She was worried that Santos would kill her entire family because he was impetuous.

If that were the case, so what if she sought revenge in the future? Her family would not come back to life.

Ultimately, both sides would lose, and both families would vanish. Santos did not take action immediately, seemingly thinking about what he should do.

He could not swallow the grievance if he let the Dallarosa family go. However, if he killed all of them and kept Nelle around, she would find a chance to seek revenge in the future.

Kruz, Nelle, and the other Dallarosa family members were very nervous right now.

They were worried that Santos would be impetuous and attack them.

The strength he displayed just now was clearly more potent than his combat power, so the two Dallarosa powerhouses might not be able to stop him.

At this moment, a voice broke the silence and interrupted the tense atmosphere. “Are you Grandmaster Tuffin?”

Everyone looked at the source of the voice. Everyone saw a man in the air with a silver mask whilst wielding a long red sword whom had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The masked man looked down at Santos while waiting for his answer. “Who are you?”

Santos lifted his head to look at the masked man who appeared out of nowhere as he asked calmly.

Even though he looked calm on the surface, a huge wave was crashing against his heart. ‘Who is this? When did he appear? ‘Why didn‘t I notice?

One had to know that Santos was a peak mid–Infinity Ranker, so how would he not notice if a stranger approached him out of nowhere?

At this moment, Santos was not the only shocked one.

Kruz and Nelle were also beyond shocked. There were two possibilities if this masked man could appear suddenly next to them undetected.

One was because he was much stronger than them, and the other was because he knew some strange stealth technique. No matter the reason, he already had the upper hand since he could approach them without being detected.

As for the people from the two families, they only knew that another powerhouse was here, and that was all.

“I‘ll ask you again, are you Grandmaster Tuffin?” David looked at Santos and asked again.

His eyes were on Santos like they wanted to penetrate him. Santos felt uncomfortable under David‘s gaze and even a little helpless.

He answered unconsciously, “Yes, I am Grandmaster Tuffin.”


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