I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1119 by Xiruo Huang

“Since you‘re Grandmaster Tuffin, does it mean you‘re the one who controls everything the Tuffin family does?” David asked again. “May I know who you are? How did my family offend you? Please tell me. If it‘s our fault, I‘ll ask them to apologize and compensate for it,” Santos said humanly. If someone else dared to speak to him like that, Santos would not be so humble. He might have attacked the person and crippled them before deciding on anything.

However, he could not see through this masked man that appeared suddenly.

Moreover, he appeared so silently, so Santos had to treat this seriously.

After all, the Milky Way was too vast. There were countless living planets with people better than him.

He did not think he was invincible just because he was at peak mid–Infinity Rank.

“Alright, I won‘t keep you on tenterhooks since you said that. You don‘t have to care about who I am. However, I killed Adan. He ran into me when he brought Pavan to plant a slave mark on an indigenous living planet. So, I killed him. Who do you think is at fault in this situation?” David asked calmly.

“What? You killed Adan?”

Before Santos said anything, he could hear Orson‘s voice. “Yes, I did,” David answered. “So you‘re saying you killed Pavan as well?” “That‘s right!”

“You bastard! Do you know we lost our hope of rising again because of you? You should die!” Orson yelled while a fire burned in his chest.

They found an indigenous living planet. As long as they planted a slave mark on it, the Tuffin family would have the hope to rise again.

However, the person in front of them made them lose this chance.

How would Orson not be enraged?

“If you mean planting a slave mark on a planet that has no ways of resisting, then yes, I stopped you. Plus, I killed your family member as well. As for whether I should die, you don‘t get to decide that,” David said calmly. Since appearing, he had only showed one tone, and that was calm.

He was so calm he was like an emotionless robot.

“Sir, I don‘t think there‘s a grudge between us. Do you really want to make us your enemy?” Santos asked.

At this moment, he was also suppressing the anger in his heart. If he could see through David, he would have taken action long ago.

The Tuffin family had been deteriorating recently, and there was no talented younger generation. Therefore, Santos had no choice.

His family had reached a state where he was their only support.

Things were not as glorious as before anymore.

Now, they finally saw a glimmer of hope, but it was ruined by the person in front of them. “Does the planet you almost planted your slave mark on have a grudge against your family? Do the billions of humans on the planet have a grudge against your family? Have you asked for their permission before you tried to plant your slave mark?” David asked three questions simultaneously.

At this moment, there was a slight change in his emotions. He was not as calm as before. “It‘s just an indigenous living plant. So what if there are billions of people on it? They are just ants. Do you think I need their permission? How hilarious. Have you ever seen anyone asking an ant‘s permission before they step on it? It‘s their honor to have us plant our slave mark on them to help us rise again. They should feel proud from the bottom of their heart,” Santos said without any regrets.

However, he did not know that David was an aborigine from Earth.

What he said immediately ignited David‘s anger. “I see! You want to enslave billions of people on a planet because of your selfishness. You don‘t care about them at all. Yes, those people are indeed just ants to you, but have you ever thought that you‘re also ants to me?” David whispered.

When Santos heard that, he was so mad he wanted to retort. However, when he looked over, David was not there anymore. At this moment, David took a step forward. His body disappeared before reappearing in front of Santos.

He waved the long red sword in his hand. It seemed slow, almost as if even an average person could dodge it. However, Santos could only watch as a red light slashed across his body. He could not dodge nor fight back After David waved the sword, he put it away. Then, he returned to his previous location and stood there with his sword.

No pain, no blood, no wounds. It was as if nothing had even happened. Santos felt puzzled.


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