I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1121 by Xiruo Huang

Nelle looked at David, who was not far away, her face filled with surprise. She knew Santos‘ strength, since he was a peak mid–Infinity Ranker. However, Santos could not stop this person‘s slash. Moreover, this sword was too strong. Nelle felt that among the people she knew, only the head of Lunar Palace could fight with this person.

The two deputy heads would not be able to match him.

‘Why is he here?

‘From what he said, it‘s because the Tuffin family wanted to plant a slave mark on an indigenous living planet, and he was coincidentally there, so he stopped them.

‘He‘s so strong and has such a strong sense of justice.

‘It‘s rare to see this kind of people. ‘When I return to Lunar Palace, I have to ask the head if they know him.

A silver masked man with a long red sword should be easy to identify.

After all, not many people could reach peak Infinity Rank in the Milky Way.

‘Moreover, judging from his body, he shouldn‘t be too old, at least not an old man. However, he shouldn’t be middle aged yet either. I wonder what that face under the mask looks like.‘ Nelle thought to herself.

Inside the Tuffin family‘s Milky Way Battleship, all of the family members were so scared they could not speak. They were all looking at David.

Fear spread from all over their body, including the head of the family.

They would never expect their powerful grandmaster to die like this in a million years.

Did this mean that their family was doomed? Once their grandmaster died, their only support would be gone. Who would protect the Tuffin family now? Even God wanted to eliminate their family!

“L–Lord Orson, w-what should we do?” Someone asked while stammering.

No one answered him.

‘What should we do? Who knows?‘

Even Lord Orson did not have the answer.

“W–Why don‘t we run away? It‘s too scary here. I want to go home,” someone suggested.

‘Run away? Where to? Can we even run away?

‘Even the grandmaster can‘t resist this seemingly plain–looking slash. ‘Undoubtedly, this person‘s strength is already at the top of the Milky Way‘There won‘t be a lot of people who can defeat him. ‘We won‘t be able to escape from him.‘

Orson could not understand. He only discovered an indigenous living planet. How did he offend such a terrifyingly strong person?

Even though the empire would not publicly allow something as heinous as planting a slave mark, no one would let the opportunity go if they encountered an indigenous living planet.

‘A lot of forces in the Milky Way have planted slave marks in secret too. ‘Why did they never meet such a righteous and powerful person, but we did? ‘Does God want to destroy my family? ‘I thought discovering an indigenous living planet would be the chance for us to rise again. ‘However, it became something that accelerated our deaths. ‘The grandmaster is dead, so the Tuffin family is finished!‘


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