I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1122 by Xiruo Huang

David looked at the vast planet he split in half which was now falling apart.

There was no one else staying on that planet. David scanned it with his mind power beforehand. If not, he would not have dared to do such a thing.

David was thrilled with the sword‘s power.

The Evil–Splitting Sword with the Evil–Splitting Sword Technique was indeed bad*ss.

Most importantly, he did not even use a lot of strength. He just waved it to try its power, and that was all.

He did not expect to cause such huge damage.

He had taken care of Grandmaster Tuffin, so now it was on to the core.

David turned to look at the Tuffin family‘s Milky Way Battleship.

With just one look, the cores were so scared their hearts almost stopped.

David was like a grim reaper to them right now. “Since you treat others like ants that can be stepped on at any time. Then, can I step on you like you‘re ants too?” After David asked that, he waved his sword before waiting for a reply.


The Tuffin family members only had time to say no before a red light flashed across their eyes and slashed through the Milky Way Battleship.


The Milky Way Battleship which the Tuffin family was in turned into dust after a brief explosion. As for the cores inside, they all followed Grandmaster Tuffin‘s fate.

David had taken care of everything, so he turned into a flash of light and vanished at once.

He never looked at or spoke to the Dallarosa family this entire time, leaving them so shocked that they could not ever return to their senses.

After a while, Kruz exhaled and said, “Nellie, how‘s that person compared to the head of Lunar Palace?”

“It‘s hard to say. That person should be on the same level as the head, both peak Infinity Rankers. I can‘t tell who will win in a battle. After all, they have never fought before. However, I‘m sure he‘s on the same level as the head,” Nelle answered. “It‘s rare to meet anyone on the saine level as the head of Lunar Palace. He‘s already at the peak of the Milky Way, so I‘m sure he won‘t be unknown. I wonder why he‘s wearing the mask. He‘s just destroying the Tuffin family. Would someone at his level have to worry that someone will recognize him? Who would dare to seek revenge on him?” “Perhaps it‘s a habit of his. Although some people are terrifyingly strong, they have weird

personalities. I‘ll ask the head when I go back. She should know who this is. He‘s wearing a silver mask and carries a long red sword. I‘m sure it‘ll be easy to identify him.”

“What a pity! He never once looked at us. I‘m sure he thinks we‘re just ants like the Tuffin family. We’ll prosper if we can speak to him and build a connection with him. Perhaps we can even become one of the eight prominent families soon,” Kruz shook his head and sighed.

He felt annoyed that he did not seize this opportunity. ‘That man does not seem to be a strange and reclusive blood–thirsty murderer. ‘Was it necessary to say so many things and ask so many questions before killing someone? ‘If he were just a blood–thirsty murderer, he wouldn‘t say so many things before killing Santos.

‘Perhaps, he might have even killed us all together.

If we can build a connection with him, our family will benefit greatly.‘

However, Kruz felt so much pressure before this character that he could not say anything. “Yeah. If we can build a connection with him, we‘ll get so many benefits. Too bad he never looked at us. Grandpa, with your experience, how old do you think he is?” Nelle asked.

“It‘s hard to say. After all, he‘s wearing a mask, and as a human‘s realm and strength increase, the cells of their organs will be rejuvenated. If he broke through Universe Realm and reached the legendary Eternal Realm, he would have a life span of more than ten thousand years. However, from what I know, he should not be too old,” Kruz pondered before saying.

“Alright, I understand. Grandpa, let‘s go back. The Tuffin family is doomed, and we must go back as quickly as possible to loot them. Then, we‘ll be able to stand as one of the eight prominent families.” “We‘re finally taking this step. From here on out, the Dallarosa‘s glory will be on full display. Let‘s go back!”

Kruz and Nelle went back to the Milky Way Battleship.

The three Milky Way Battleships moved further away gradually. Even though they lost one of the ships, they have gotten more than they expected. At this moment, Nelle wanted to settle her family‘s matters as soon as possible so she could return to Lunar Palace to share what she saw today with the head. She wanted to see if the head knew that man. She wanted to know who he was. Even though she knew the two of them had a huge difference in status, this did not stop Nelle from admiring him.


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