I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1123 by Xiruo Huang

After taking care of the Tuffin family, David felt much more at ease.

had finally avenged Daviand Earth in another timeline. He could finally present himself

to that old man.

One had to know that David and Earth in another timeline had a slave mark planted on them by the Tuffin family. They never got to make a comeback after this.

With the benefit of the slave mark, Pavan prospered and became a peerless talent in the Milky Way.

A few thousand years ago, he even became the Master of the Milky WayOne could say he was very well–off.

Unfortunately, Pavan died early on in this timeline.

Now, the Tuffin family was also completely doomed.

Grandmaster Tuffin and the cores were mostly dead. The rest of them could not do anything significant anyway.

Besides, the Dallarosa family would not keep them around either.

Everyone in these big forces knew to completely settle accounts. David would not need to worry about this anymore. He quickly returned to the Octagon.

Mia came to him when he entered the ship and shrieked happily, “David, you‘re back!”

“Yeah, I’ve taken care of the Tuffin family. Let‘s go,” David said. “Where are we going now?” Mia asked.

She did not ask how David got rid of them.

Even though she was curious, she would not ask. Mia had been wandering the Milky Way for so long, so she knew the rules of this place. Since she decided to follow David, then she should view him as her master.

“Let‘s go to Planet Royal to meet Princess Astrid. Once we fulfill our promise, I‘ll make a trip home,” David thought for a while before saying.

“Alright, David! Let‘s head to Planet Royal. However, I have a suggestion.”

“Mia, you don‘t need to hold yourself back when you‘re with me. You can just tell me your suggestions and opinions. I prefer if we all get along equally,” David said with a grin.

Mia looked at David‘s warm smile and listened to what he said.

She felt she had made the right decision.

This was the best decision she had made in her life.

David was not the same as the other big shots. He did not share their bad habits, and it was

nice staying with him. “I got it. David, I think we should use another form of transportation. Even though the Octagon was not bad, it is miles apart from a Milky Way Battleship or Galaxy Warship. It can‘t compare to those two at all, and it is much slower. It‘s such a waste of time.” David figured this was a good suggestion. It was indeed time to change their vehicle.

Right now, he was the strongest in the Milky Way, and the Octagon was too lacking for his status mainly because it was too slow and time–consuming

So, David said, “Mia, your suggestion is great. Do you have any channels I can buy one? Money is not a problem.”

“David, you need a certain status and contribution to the empire before you can buy a tactical military weapon like the Milky Way Battleship. However, with our relationship with Princess Astrid, I don‘t think this will be a problem for us. When we get to Planet Royal, I‘ll mention this to Princess Astrid. I don‘t think she will say no to us.”

“Alright, I‘ll leave this to you. We‘ll change the Octagon on Planet Royal. Also, I‘ll give you a list in two days time. Please buy those things for me in the name of the chamber of commerce,” David said.

Since he was going back to Earth, he would buy some things.

“No problem,” Mia answered.

“There will be quite a lot of items, so please pay attention,” David added. “As long as the empire does not ban them, it won‘t be a problem. You can get it on the black market even if it‘s banned. However, I can‘t guarantee the quantity.”

“Great. Thank you.”

“You‘re welcome. This is what I should do.” The Octagon headed toward Planet Royal. David brought Mia to a secluded corner of the Octagon. There was a room here that was being used to imprison Nine and Ione.

David kept the two around this entire time. He thought they would be useful for him to defeat the Tuffin family. However, he did not expect to be so lucky to get a precious Nine Turning Star Iron once he came to the Royal Region.


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