I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1124 by Xiruo Huang

Not only did he raise his strength to this level, but he also got such a powerful Evil–Splitting Sword. Since the Tuffin family was gone, those two were useless. David was not a blood–thirsty murderer, but he would not let them go because they knew where Earth was.

David would not allow such hidden danger, not even a tiny one, to exist. When Nine saw David and Mia, he quickly stood up and said, staring at David, “David, what the hell do you want? Listen, you better let us go. If not, my family will not spare you.” “The Tuffin family will be wiped out soon, and I‘m here to send you to hell. You‘ll be able to see your family soon,” David said with no expression. “Impossible! The grandmaster is still around. How will it be wiped out?” Nine yelled and retorted.

“David, you‘re spewing nonsense. We won‘t believe you. Let us go now! If not, you‘ll die a horrible death, Earth will be destroyed, and you will cause the death of everyone on Earth. You‘ll be the sinner of Earth, and your enemies will…”

Before lone could finish, David looked at her with a sinister gaze. She was so scared she immediately shut her mouth.

David did not want to waste his breath with them anymore. With a wave of his hand, two tiny silver needles shot out and stabbed into lone and Nine‘s foreheads before they could react.

Then, their brains turned into slime. “You… You…”

The two widened their eyes and stopped breathing.

After taking care of the two, David turned to leave.

Mia followed behind him, never saying a single word.

She had a lot of questions in her heart, but she would not ask if David did not tell her.

Planet Tuffin. As the guards were watching the cores‘ life plaques, they refused to believe what they were seeing in front of them.

Not only were Grandmaster Tuffin and Lord Orson dead, but more than 90% of the cores were dead.

“Oh no! Oh no! This is bad!” The guard watched the life plaques lost his mind and start muttering Once word about this got out, a panicked atmosphere filled the entire Tuffin family.

The direct descendants who stayed home and the collateral descendants were all shocked. After they confirmed the news, the entire family plunged into silence.

Clearly, their family was doomed.

Their remaining power was not enough to fight against the Dallarosa family. If they stayed, they would just be waiting for death. So, after they registered what was going on, they tacitly packed everything the Tuffin family owned and left with their family. The entire Planet Tuffin was in chaos.

The Tuffin family, who maintained the order, had collapsed. Naturally, this would cause intense turbulence in Planet Tuffin.

There were even murder, arson, and looting going around. Some more powerful people started using their strength to get more benefits. Meanwhile, the ordinary people could not fight back and could only be victims. A panicked atmosphere started spreading across the entire Planet Tuffin. At this time, the people from the Dallarosa family were heading toward Planet Tuffin. Without the Tuffin family, they needed to take over everything the Tuffin family had and replace them to become one of the eighth prominent families of the Milky Way.


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