I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1125 by Xiruo Huang

Planet Callisto in the Royal Region. This was where the Callisto family, the second–ranked family among the eight prominent families, lived.

Fergus was lying quietly inside a building far from the main residence of the Callisto family in Planet Callisto.

After returning to his family, he lost his worth since he was crippled, so his family arranged for him to stay here with a few random servants to look after him.

This was completely different from his previous treatment.

This was normal for some big forces.

When you had value, you would be waited on hand and foot.

However, when you lost your value, you would be abandoned.

Fergus used to be one of the top three heirs of his family, and he was a promising candidate to take over the head‘s position. He had a lot of support from the family‘s cores, so he would receive special treatment for everything.

Now that he was just a cripple, he lost his value and stopped getting attention from his family. 1

They just tossed him to a random place to run his course. Out of sight, out of mind.

Even the cores who used to support him began looking for other candidates. These days, Fergus suffered discrimination and humiliation from his family, especially the heirs whom he used to suppress. They finally got a chance to avenge themselves.

Even the servants who took care of him would look down on him.

Fergus was just a piece of trash that could not move. Even if he was a direct descendant, he lost all value.

Did they not see how his family had given up on him?

Fergus endured all these silently. To be honest, after the black–robed man injected him with the mysterious liquid and went through hellish pain, his body recovered. Not only had it recovered, but his combat power had also increased. Now, Fergus was not the same as he was before. He had gone through a complete change, and his strength increased by leaps and bounds.

However, he did not tell anyone about this. After he was rescued, Fergus learned everything from the black–robed man. The black–robed man who saved him was a Sangruil Sinner, and the Sangruil Sinners were working with galaxy beasts, specifically the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan.

The unknown liquid they injected into him were the genes of a Nine–Headed Serpent.

Right now. Fergus had the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes inside him, and it was fused together perfectly. If he did not use the Nine – Headed Serpent‘s power, he would be no different from an average human. No one would be able to tell as well.

Only when he was using the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s power would he look half human, half beast.

It was rare for someone to have a perfect match with the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes. There were only less than ten people among the Sangruil Sinners who succeeded. All of them were prioritized, and King Moe of Sangruil was one of them.

Therefore, Fergus was also highly valued by the Sangruil Sinners and the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan.

His status was pretty high in Sangruil right now.

Of course, Fergus‘ identity had to be concealed now. Once he joined Sangruil and was exposed to posssess the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes, he would be chased and killed by the empire. Even if his strength increased, he would be doomed. Thus, he had to hide for the time being. Even if he was insulted, humiliated, and discriminated against, he had to endure everything and not expose himself.

Fergus could only enter the light once Sangruil worked with the Nine–Headed Serpent to overthrow the empire.

He came back to his family with Sangruil‘s mission. Even though it was dangerous working with Sangruil, Fergus did not care. Rather than staying in bed forever and leading a dog‘s life for the rest of his life, it would be better to take this bet.

If he failed, he would just die. It would be better than lying in bed like a dog.

If he succeeded, his identity and status would completely transform.

Since he could fuse with the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes so perfectly, he might be the ruler of the Milky Way in the future.

His future would be similar to the current Emperor Nimbus.

This was something he could not achieve if he stayed in the Callisto family.

Moreover, he still needed to avenge himself.

He wanted David to feel what it was like to live a life worse than death.

This was also why he could endure the gene fusing process.


Someone pushed open the door of Fergus‘s room. Two young maids came in with food.

“Master Fergus, it‘s time to eat.”

Fergus lay motionlessly in bed, his eyes staring at the ceiling blankly.

As an heir ranked top three in the Callisto family, it would surely be hard for him to accept suddenly turning into a motionless piece of trash. This expression was just right for his situation. After the two maids entered the room, they carried the food to Fergus and started feeding him. Fergus never said a word during the entire process. He only chewed on his food passively.

After eating, the two maids left.

They did not stay and interact with Fergus.

Honestly, they did not want to take care of Fergus.

What future would they have taking care of a piece of trash that would never stand again? Wouldn‘t they waste their entire life on him?

However, they had no choice. Fergus was a direct descendant, after all. Even if he was not valued after being crippled, he could still enjoy the rest of his life peacefully. Since they were chosen to care for him, they had no reason to say no.


Just when the two maids walked out of Fergus‘ room, two men came over and hugged them.

The two men were the guards who were responsible for keeping watch. “What are you doing? Master Fergus is still inside.” “What are you scared of? He‘s just a piece of trash that‘ll never stand again. Look at him. He can‘t speak, so what can he do to us?” “Yeah? Why are you scared of him? If it‘s not him, do you think we‘ll be arranged to stay in the middle of nowhere?”


“No buts. Do you want to leave this place?” “Yeah. I even dream of leaving this place.” “Then let‘s trigger him so that he kills himself.” “Alright.”

Fergus heard everything from the bed.

An eerie smile appeared on the corners of his lips. His chest rose and fell rapidly, and it was evident he was pissed. His scales started appearing vaguely as well. As the four people entered Fergus‘ room, they never once paid attention to him. Suddenly, a figure appeared behind them.

When the four turned around, the two maids immediately passed out from fear.

Right now, Fergus‘ entire body was covered in scales, and his hands and feet had turned into claws. A tail was swinging behind him, and there were horns on his forehead.

“M–Master F–Fergus.” “Looks like you‘re having fun. You can continue having fun in hell,” Fergus said with a smile. His smile looked so scary.



Fergus transformed into a Nine–Headed Serpent before eating the four. The galaxy beast, Nine–Headed Serpent, loved eating humans. Since humans were the most efficacious creatures, eating humans would help them grow. Since Fergus was fused with the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes, he naturally also picked up their habits.


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