I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1127 by Xiruo Huang

Even the Universe Convention would not stop the allies from moving around.

As for whether Sangruil would go back on their promise after they succeeded, the Nine Headed Serpent Clan was not worried about that.

They were that confident as they were ranked top ten among the galaxy beasts. “Master, His Majesty hurt Emperor Nimbus? Why didn‘t His Majesty kill Emperor Nimbus? If he died, the Milky Way Empire would collapse at any time. Then, it‘d be easier for us to take over. It will also be easier to handle the ones who want to resist,” Fergus said in confusion.

“Even though His Majesty injured Nimbus, Nimbus also injured His Majesty. Both sides suffered a loss, but since His Majesty has the help of Lord Severus of the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan, he will recover soon. On the contrary, Nimbus can‘t. He needs some time to recover, so he won‘t leave Planet Royal nowadays. This will be our chance,” the black–robed man answered

“If His Majesty can hurt Nimbus, then with Lord Severus from the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s help, they could kill Nimbus, right? Why do they still need help from the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan?”

“Your previous identity was too low, syou don‘t know a lot about the core of the Milky Way. Since you‘re a Sangruilian now and you can fuse with the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes perfectly, you‘re regarded as one of the cores of Sangruil. Therefore, I don‘t mind telling you some things. To be honest, Nimbus is not the only one at partial Eternal Realm in the Barlowe family. Even if His Majesty worked with Lord Severus, they might not win.”

“What? Is there another one at partial Eternal Realm on the same level as Emperor Nimbus? Who?” Fergus asked in shock.

He always thought Emperor Nimbus was the strongest in the Milky Way

Not only him, almost all of the forces in the Milky Way thought the same.

The emperor‘s reputation had a real impact on everyone. Back then, Fergus thought he was an invincible presence. Even after fusing with the Nine–Headed Serpent‘s genes perfectly and increasing his strength, Fergus still looked up to the emperor.

Now, he found out there was another person on the same level as the emperor in the Barlowe family.

How would Fergus not feel shocked? “This person should be Nimbus‘ uncle. According to the information collected by Sangruil, this person was ranked ninth among the previous generation of princes in the Milky Way Empire. His name is Wilfred Barlowe. Back then, he was also a stunning character. He was also not inferior to the previous emperor. However, it‘s alleged that he never desired power. If not, there would have been a fierce battle during the last battle to be emperor. This level of conflict would have resulted in the empire losing a significant amount of firepower,” the black–robed man roared.

Chapter 1127

‘Wilfred Barlowe?‘ 

Fergus had never heard this name before.

It seemed that his identity was indeed too low.

He had no idea about many things in the Milky Way‘s core.

However, it was different now.

Fergus transformed into the Sangruil‘s core royalty.

He had the right to know all secrets of the Milky Way

After Sangruil overthrew the Milky Way Empire and took over the Milky Way, Fergus would be the master of this galaxy. When that happened, he would learn the deepest secrets of the Milky Way.

“I see! I got it, Master. Let‘s get a move on. We‘ll start from the Callisto family and then corrupt the other forces. Even if we can‘t defeat Emperor Nimbus, we can pave the way for His Majesty. When the Barlowe family is wiped out, we‘ll immediately take control of the situation,” Fergus said. “Exactly! So, we have to move quickly. If we can‘t control the situation after we wipe out the Barlowe family and the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan‘s help arrives, His Majesty will get mad,” the black–robed man agreed.

The black–robed man did not tell Fergus that even after they destroyed the Barlowe family, Sangruil would still be face a counterattack if they did not corrupt more than half of the forces in the Milky Way.

The main reason was the terms that Sangruil accepted. Once they destroyed the Barlowe family, Sangruil would give the Nine–headed Serpent Clan 10 % of the Milky Way. This would be betraying all the humans in the Milky Way.

If they were not careful, they would be opposed by everyone in the Milky Way.

This was no joke.

If there were enough ants, they could kill a galaxy beast,

If not, they would not need to go through so much trouble.

They could just wait for help from the Nine–Headed Serpent Clan to destroy the Barlowe family.


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