I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1129 by Xiruo Huang

Mia quickly contacted the person who wanted to sell the chamber of commerce.

The person picked up his communication device soon.

However, there was no noise from the arena. Instead, it was very quiet. David started to wonder if he had been stood up. “Dance Fairy, you‘re here?” A middle–aged man‘s voice came from Mia‘s communication device.

“Yes. We‘re in the arena you mentioned. May I know where you are, Master?” Mia asked politely.

This was how she was.

She had been in the Milky Way for so long, and whenever she met someone she did not know, she would call them master politely.

Moreover, that person had a chamber of commerce worth two billion Galaxy Dollars, so he would not be an ordinary person.

“Tell the arena staff to bring you to VIP Room 1. I‘ll wait for you here,” the middle–aged man said again.

“Alright,” Mia replied. Then, the man hung up the communication device.

Mia lifted her head to look at David.

“Let‘s go,” David said.

To avoid any unnecessary problems, David asked Mia to put on a veil to cover her stunning face.

If not, she would be recognized by many because of her reputation. The two found an arena staff and told them why they were here.

When the staff heard they wanted to go to VIP Room 1 to look for someone, the staff immediately asked for the arena manager. They dared not take anyone to VIP Room 1 at will. If they disturbed the VIP inside, they might be thrown into the arena to feed the beasts.

Anyone who could enter VIP Room 1 would be a big shot with a shocking identity.

“Please come with me,” the arena manager said respectfully.

Clearly, they had been notified in advance.

David and Mia followed the arena manager into a quiet VIP passage to the uppermost of the arena.

That was where the VIP rooms were. The trio stopped in front of a room.

“This is VIP Room 1. Master Grim is waiting inside. Please go in,” the manager gestured to David and Mia after he said that.

‘Master Grim?‘

Mia‘s heart fell when she heard that name.

‘Could it be the Grim family that‘s ranked fourth among the eight prominent families? ‘How would such a strong force sell their chamber of commerce? ‘Something‘s not right!‘ That was Mia‘s intuition. Only one person in the Royal Region was called Master Grim, the current son of the Grim family, Lucifer Grim.

Lucifer had pestered Mia for some time back then.

He always wanted to meet Mia alone, but she would always reject him.

It was because Mia knew Lucifer was not the same as the other direct descendants of major forces.

For example, even if Fergus was dark inside, he still cared about his prestige. So, he would not do anything inappropriate and risk becoming a laughing stock to others.

However, Lucifer was not the same. 1

He was impatient, and he did not care about his prestige. It had to be said that he was a strange one among the major forces‘ direct descendants in the Royal Region

As long as it benefited him, he would do all kinds of despicable things. He would not care if he looked bad at all.

This kind of person was often the hardest to deal with. Lucifer had troubled Mia for so long. However, Lucifer seemed to disappear in recent years, and he never pestered Mia again. Allegedly, some of his behavior affected his family‘s reputation, so he was sent to go on a mission.

As for what mission it was, no one knew. If someone else tarnished their family‘s reputation like Lucifer did, they would have been abandoned long ago. However, Lucifer had a unique identity. When he was born, Grandmaster Grim had a breakthrough.

Hence, his family viewed him as a lucky star of the family. Moreover, he was the eldest son of this generation and the most talented, so they were very lenient with him. Even Grandmaster Grim valued Lucifer a lot. Mia knew this was going to be challenging.


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