I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1130 by Xiruo Huang

It was possible Lucifer did not genuinely want to sell the chamber of commerce. Instead, he only wanted to get Mia to come over. Unexpectedly, Lucifer still had not forgotten Mia after so long. However, since she was here, she would go in and see what was going on. Plus, with David around, Mia was not scared. She would definitely not go in if she were the only one here. With that, she walked over and knocked on the door. Knock knock knock!

“Come in.”

A middle–aged man‘s voice came from the room. Mia and David could tell it was the same person who had just talked to them on the communication device.

Mia pushed the door open, and David followed behind her. After the arena manager closed the door, he turned to leave. He dared not go in without permission.

When the two entered the room, they saw a middle–aged man in a chair. His back was turned toward the two while he looked out the huge window at battling beasts in the arena. Meanwhile, there were two men on either side of him.

A middle–aged man on the left, and an old man on the right. The room was huge and luxurious. Furthermore, it was located in the uppermost part of the circular arena.

From here, one could see the entire arena from the huge window. This could be described as the best seat in the arena.

Even if there were deafening roars and shouts outside, the room remained quiet without a single noise.

When the trio watching the battle heard the door opening, they did not turn around. Mia could guess who the person was, so she did not dare to say anything for fear of offending him.

On the other hand, it was also because she did not want to cause trouble for David.

This person was even more challenging to deal with than Fergus. Even though the Grim family‘s ranking was slightly lower than the Callisto family‘s, they were not weak at all.

Moreover, Lucifer had a unique identity in his family, which Fergus did not possess. The room fell into a short silence.

Ten seconds…

Twenty seconds… Thirty seconds… The other party did not seem like they would turn around after thirty seconds. David became impatient.

He wanted the twenty thousand lavish points, but the other party was being so disrespectful.

He was at partial Eternal Realm and was shoulder to shoulder with Emperor Nimbus. Who would dare to ignore Emperor Nimbus for thirty seconds if he were here? ‘Do you think I don‘t have a temper?‘ When David was about to fly into a fit of rage, the result of the battle was announced. The trio then turned around to face Mia and David.

The man in the chair looked younger.

He would be in his thirties if he were on Earth.

However, his age in the Royal Region was unknown. He might even be a hundred or two hundred years old. That person was Lucifer Grim, the eldest son of the Grim family, ranked fourth among the eight prominent families. Next to him were one old man and one middle–aged man.

“Long time no see, Dance Fairy,” Lucifer smiled and said. “Master Grim! Was the information regarding you selling the chamber of commerce a trap? You should be aware that I‘ve been getting the word out that I‘m buying a chamber of commerce. So that‘s why you did this to lure me over, right?” Mia said, her face under the veil turning dark.

After confirming the other party was Lucifer, Mia knew this was probably a trap.

A trap to get her to come over.


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