I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1131 by Xiruo Huang

Lucifer sat with his legs crossed and answered in a lazy tone, “What are you saying, Dance Fairy? What do you mean by setting a trap to lure you over? It‘s just a chamber of commerce! If you want one, I can just give it to you. Why are you so mad?” “No, thanks! Master Grim, I‘ve withdrawn from the four fairies, so please stop bugging me. If there‘s nothing else. we‘ll leave now.”

“You want to leave? Do you think you can leave after you come in? I‘d like to see if you can walk out of the door without my permission,” Lucifer said arrogantly.

Mia was the woman he fancied.

If his family had not recalled him and asked him to cultivate with the grandmaster whilst preventing him from coming out until he achieved his target, Mia would be his woman now.

Lucifer did not care what method he used.

He would get the woman he fancied no matter what.

He had done a lot of similar things in the past.

Of course, Lucifer needed to understand their background first.

He was not a fool.

If it were someone like Princess Astrid, Lucifer would not even dare to think about it, let alone pursue her.

If he showed any signs of having this thought, his family would kill him before the empire did anything, no matter how much they valued him. If not, the entire family would be in danger.

Only Mia, among the four fairies in the Milky Way, did not have much background. This time, Lucifer finally got the grandmaster‘s permission to come out. However, Mia withdrew from the four fairies and chose to follow a man.

How could he accept this?

After finding out Mia was spreading the news that she wanted to buy a chamber of commerce, Lucifer thought of this plan and asked someone to pretend to sell their chamber of commerce.

Indeed, he managed to lure Mia over. He held himself back for so long while he was with the grandmaster.

Finally, he could come out, so how would he let Mia go? After David heard their conversation, he finally understood. ‘So this two trillion dollar chamber of commerce is fake? ‘It‘s just a trap this punk set to lure Mia over?‘ Immediately, David flew into a fit of rage. ‘Damn, he‘s just wasting my time! And he‘s so arrogant too.

‘We can‘t leave without his permission, he said?‘

David wanted to tell the punk, ‘Tell Emperor Nimbus to come here and ask him if he dares to say that to me!‘ “Master Grim, I’ve really withdrawn from the four fairies. Why won‘t you stop pestering me?” Mia asked aggrievedly. “Stop pestering you? Sure! But you have to accept a request of mine…” Before Lucifer could finish, Mia stopped him, “No way! I won‘t accept anything! Master Grim, you should just give up.”

As a woman who could charm every living creature in the world, Mia knew her body was too enchanting

Even before Lucifer finished, she knew what he wanted.

He just wanted her.

Right now, aside from David, Mia would not give her body to anyone else.

If David did not want her, she was willing to stay chaste forever.

“Oh? Mia, I think you still don‘t realize your situation. Is that the man you want to follow even if it means withdrawing from the four fairies?”

After Lucifer said that, he glazed at David and continued, “You‘re not bad for catching the eyes of Dance Fairy. You do have a good appearance, but unfortunately, your handsome face will have to say goodbye to this world soon. You better give this world one last look.” “Lucifer, don‘t do anything stupid,” Mia immediately stood in front of David and said nervously.

“Mia, you know me. There‘s nothing I don‘t dare to do. If you want to save him, you must accept my request.” David had never said a word since he stepped through the door.

To him, Lucifer was just a clown.


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