I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1133 by Xiruo Huang

When Lucifer heard Callan agreeing to the battle without hesitating, the corners of his lips upturned into a strange smile. Both of them were the first heirs to their families. Since their families were in the same industries and were almost equal in strength, they would always fight, causing heavy grudges between the two. When they two saw each other, they would want to embarrass each other.

They always did this back then.

However, they were no better than the other and would reach a stalemate in every battle.

However, this time, Lucifer did not plan to let Callan go so easily He had been cultivating with the grandmaster all these years, and his strength had increased drastically. If not, he would not have been let out. As long as Callan signed the waiver of liability and entered the arena, then his life would not be in his hands anymore.

Coincidentally, he could check his result after cultivating with the old master for so many years.

Lucifer thought to himself while smirking coldly, ‘Cally, you came to me, so don‘t blame me for being merciless. I didn‘t plan to take action against you so early. ‘Unfortunately, you insisted on coming at me like that.‘

“Cally, let‘s go down now. I want you to know the consequences of angering me,” Lucifer snarled.

“Tch, are you trying to scare me? Do you think I’m scared of you?” Callan said in disdain. “I hope you can still be so stubborn later.” “I will speak with my actions.”

Lucifer ignored Callan and shifted his gaze to Mia. He said, “Dance Fairy, stay here. I‘ll take care of our business after I take care of Cally. I hope you won‘t think of escaping because you can‘t escape from Planet Staub.”

‘Dance Fairy? ‘Dance Fairy from the four fairies?‘

When Callan heard this name, he immediately turned to look at Mia, who was wearing a veil.

That perfect body did look like hers.

Although she was wearing a veil, one could still tell it was Mia if they looked closely.

‘It is Mia from the four fairies in the Milky Way.

‘Lucifer is still the same.

‘He was just let out, and he‘s here bugging the Dance Fairy.

‘He‘s not gentlemanly at all. ‘What a loser among the major family direct descendants.‘ “Dance Fairy! I couldn‘t recognize you just now. It‘s such an honor to meet you at last. My name is Callan Elrod,” Callan said politely to Mia. “You‘re too polite, Master Callan. It‘s also an honor for me to meet you,” Mia also replied respectfully.

“Dance Fairy, you‘re hilarious. What honor do I have? You‘re one of the four fairies in the Milky Way, and I admire you a lot.” “That was before, Master Callan. I‘ve withdrawn from the four fairies,” Mia corrected. “Right! My memory is getting weaker. I‘m sure this is the person that you want to follow even though you had to withdraw from the four fairies, right?” Callan looked at David and said.

“Hello, my name is David Lidell. I am only a friend to Mia. She‘s not my follower,” David said. “I understand! Hello, David! My name is Callan Elrod. You‘re amazing for taking down the Dance Fairy. Do you know how many men in the Milky Way are head over heels over her?” Callan reached out his hand voluntarily.

David also reached out his hand to shake Callan‘s. However, after they shook hands, Callan pulled David into a hug. Then, he whispered in David’s ear, “David, let‘s get to know each other if we have time. Tell me how you get chicks. Don‘t worry, I can protect you in the Royal Region in the future. I can

take care of Lucifer for you as a welcoming gift.” David thought Callan wanted to give him a show of strength.

However, he did not expect Callan to say that.

David was between laughter and tears.

‘My combat power is almost the same as the emperor. Do you think I need your protection? ‘Won‘t I become a laughing stock if that were to happen?‘ However, David started to respect Callan after what he did. At least he was not arrogant and domineering like Lucifer. After Callan said that, he let David go without waiting for David to react.

Then, he turned his head to look at Lucifer. He said, “Lucy, David and Dance Fairy are my friends. Don’t even think of bullying them with me around.”

“You want to help them get out of this predicament, Cally?” Lucifer narrowed his eyes and said with murderous intent.

“You can say that. Moreover, it doesn‘t just apply to today, you can‘t bully them even in the future.”

“Are you sure you want to get involved in this mess?” “Lucy, don‘t try to f*cking threaten me. Do you think I‘m scared of you? Let‘s go! Don‘t you want to have a duel down there? I will tear you a new one today!”

“I hope you will still be this arrogant later. Let‘s go.”


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