I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1134 by Xiruo Huang


After Callan huffed, he turned to walk out the door.

At this moment, Lucifer looked at the old man next to him.

The old man understood at once.

He teleported next to David and slapped David to kill him first.

Who would Mia follow if David was dead?

Mia had been with David so long, so David had surely taken her virginity.

Lucifer had been seething at the thought of this.

Since David and Mia walked in, Lucifer had decided that David was a dead man.

However, Callan‘s sudden arrival disrupted his plan.

Now, he could catch David off guard and kill him. Then, he would slowly take care of Callan and Mia.

If not, where would he go to find David if he ran away?

The old man‘s sudden attack could not catch David off guard. A beginner Celestial Ranker‘s speed was like a tortoise‘s speed to David.

He did not need any preparation to kill the old man.

After all, their strengths were miles apart.

It was like an adult and an ant.

David chuckled coldly in his heart.

When he was about to kill that old man, he felt another energy quickly approaching him.

It was the old man next to Callan.

David gave up on his attack and took one step away to stand in front of Mia.


After a loud sound, the entire room started shaking.

However, Mia did not feel anything behind David.

Mia was so close to the battle between two Celestial Rankers.

If it were not for David, the shockwave from the collisions would have immediately killed her. “Lucy! I knew you would do this. You really live up to your name, huh? You‘re like the devil, and you never change. You deserve your namesake,” Callan sneered.

Lucifer‘s face darkened, and he walked out of the room without saying anything.

He was furious that he could not attack David in secret.

With Callan around, Lucifer knew he would not have this chance for the time being. With that, he decided just to leave. He would cripple Callan in the arena later, making his life worse than hell. He could only get rid of the anger in his heart that way. The two old men backed away and did not attack anymore. They were nearly at the same level. If they continued fighting, nothing would happen. The old man who attacked David also left with Lucifer. Before he left, he glanced at David. He was curious.

Just now, even though the attack was not directed at David and Mia, an ordinary person would not be able to handle the shockwave from a collision between two Celestial Rankers.

However, David was not affected at all. ‘How peculiar! This young man is not simple.‘ He was not the only one thinking this. The other old man also looked at David thoughtfully.


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