I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1135 by Xiruo Huang

After Lucifer brought his people out of the room, Callan walked to David‘s side and patted his shoulder. He said, “Don‘t worry, David. Lucy won‘t dare to do anything to you if I‘m around.” David smiled and did not say anything. What should he say? Thank you?

He did not think he needed to thank Callan.

That kid was showering David with affection this entire time. However, no matter what, Callan left a good impression on David. David would secretly help him repay his favor if he could not beat Lucifer. When Callan saw David not speaking, he shrugged and left. David and Mia were the only ones in the room.

“David, I‘m so sorry. It‘s all because of me that you‘re in such a mess. I didn‘t know this was a trap. Lucifer had been bugging me for some time back then, but he disappeared for a few years, so I didn‘t think it‘d be him,” Mia said apologetically.

“You‘re indeed at fault today. You‘ve made a huge mistake. I have to scold you. Don‘t let this happen again in the future. If not, I‘ll be mad,” David said sternly.

Mia was stunned. She did not expect David to say that. She held back her tears and tried not to let them fall.

She said aggrievedly, “Tell me, David. I will listen to you and won‘t cause you any trouble again.”

“If you run into something like this again in the future, I won‘t allow you to be so petty and low. Don‘t be scared of troubling me because I am not scared of trouble at all. Since you‘re with me, you can‘t embarrass me, nor can I afford for that to happen. You should curse someone like Lucifer to hell and not show him any respect. Curse at him, and if he dares to try anything, I‘ll help you.” “Huh?”

Mia did not know how to react for a while. She was a little confused. She thought David would scold him, but it was not as she expected. “Huh? Do you understand?” David asked.

“Um… I–I understand,” Mia replied blankly.

“That‘s good. Don‘t let this happen again in the future.”

“I–I understand, David.”

David looked at Mia. If he were not stern with her, she would still be restrained if she met the same situation in the future and would not do as she was told.

He was at partial Eternal Realm and the strongest in the Milky Way, but his person was as petty and lowly as an ant.

He would be so embarrassed if word got out. Therefore, David asked, “Mia, do you know how I got rid of my Tuffin family problem?” “No,” Mia answered honestly. She lifted her head to look at David. She did not understand why he would ask her that. “‘I slashed Grandmaster Tuffin with my sword, and the Tuffin family fell apart just like that,” David answered calmly.

“Oh! Huh? What?”

Mia came back to her senses and widened her beautiful eyes. She looked at David in horror, and her brain was a mess.

‘What did David say? ‘He slashed Grandmaster Tuffin with his sword? ‘H–How is that possible? ‘Grandmaster Tuffin is one of the oldest giants in the Milky Way, and he‘s an ancient that‘s been living for thousands of years. He‘s also an Infinity Ranker, so how can David kill him just like that? ‘How old is David?

‘Does a monster like him truly exist? ‘Even though he was a Celestial Ranker when he crippled Fergus, it was still miles away from Infinity Rank!


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