I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1136 by Xiruo Huang

Mia felt that this was impossible. However, David did not seem like he was lying nor did he need to lie about something like this.

Mia was confused.

She did not know if she should believe him.

To be honest, what David said was beyond what her understanding.

Not only that, but it was also something never before seen in the history of the entire Milky Way. No one like this had ever happened in the Milky Way before. “Why? Do you not believe me?” David looked at Mia‘s face and asked in confusion.

“I… I… I…” Mia did not know what to say.

“Well, you don‘t seem like you do. I should have brought you along that day,” David said helplessly

He could not do anything if Mia did not believe him.

He could only show her how strong he was when he had the chance next time.

He could kill an Infinity Ranker with just a wave of his sword.

“I believe you!” Mia said solemnly.

Finally, she convinced herself to believe David.


“Yeah, really.”

“Then, you should know that if I can kill Grandmaster Tuffin, there are not many people in the Milky Way who can defeat me. So, you can do whatever you want next time. Don‘t speak so humbly to those ants next time. I can even slash the force behind Lucifer with my sword, let alone him.”

David did not dare to say that his combat power was on the same level as Emperor Nimbus.

Mia was skeptical of him and finally convinced herself to believe him, so if he told her that, she might struggle even more to believe him. Hence, he would not tell her that for now.

Seeing was believing When they returned to Planet Royal, he would have a duel with Emperor Nimbus. Mia would believe him after watching that. “Alright. David, I understand. I won‘t embarrass you anymore,” Mia answered. Even though she was still in disbelief, she started to gradually accept what David said. She had mixed feelings inside her.

Joy, excitement, shock, admiration, infatuation, and so on…

“Let‘s go down then. I know you still don‘t believe me, but I‘ll show you when I get the chance. Honestly, an Infinity Ranker is nothing. They‘re also humans, so they will get hurt and die too.” “Alright, thank you, David.”

“Let‘s go. Tell me what kind of person Lucifer is and what the force behind him is like. I can kill the force behind him to avenge you if it‘s on the way.”

“No need! You don‘t have to do that, David,” Mia rejected.

“It‘s not just to avenge you. Did you see how he wanted to kill me just now? Does he think i am weak? Does he think I don‘t have a temper? I am also a strong man! Does he think I won‘t be humiliated after getting shamed by an ant like him?”

“Oh! David, i‘ll tell you. Lucifer is the first heir to the Grim family, ranked four among the eight prominent families. The Grim family is powerful…”

As the two walked, Mia told David about Lucifer and Callan.

Soon, they reached the bottom of the arena.

Lucifer and Callan were signing the waiver of liability.

After signing, they were about to enter the arena to start fighting.

The arena manager looked like he was about to cry as he stood at one side.

The heirs of the fourth–ranked and fifth–ranked families would fight in his arena and even signed a liability waiver.

Wasn‘t this causing trouble for him?

He would be in trouble no matter who won. The manager hoped the two would stop the fight whenever they saw fit. Even though he knew it was a pipe dream, thankfully, the two masters each had people with them.

Therefore, someone would come to their rescue no matter which one them was in danger. This was the manager‘s only comfort.


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