I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1137 by Xiruo Huang

After Lucifer and Callan signed the liability waiver, they walked into the arena. The noisy arena plunged into silence once the two walked in.

Then, sounds of discussion could be heard.

“Damn, i–isn‘t that Master Callan from the Elrod family? Why is he in the arena? Who‘s the other one? Are they going to fight?”

“He looks familiar. Let me think… I remember! That‘s Master Lucifer from the Grim family. Back then, he was a famous hedonist in the Royal Region. However, I think his family sent him out a few years ago, and he hadn‘t come back in a while. I can‘t believe he‘s here now.”

“The Grim and Elrod family are mortal enemies. Their strengths don‘t differ by much, and the two are first heirs. Since they‘re here, there will be something interesting to watch. Haha! Thank God I came here today!”

“I didn‘t think that Master Lucifer would give us a show after he came back. It‘s so rare to see a battle between the first heirs of two major families. This trip was so worthwhile!”

At this time, a voice came from the speakers of the arena.

“Hello, everyone. Due to special circumstance, the next beast battle will now instead be a human battle. I believe you‘ve seen the people participating in this battle.

“One is Master Lucifer Grim from one of the eight prominent families in the Milky Way, while the other is Master Callan Elrod, also from one of the eight prominent families in the Milky Way.

“These two are peerless geniuses in the Milky Way. Let‘s wait and see what kind of show they will put on later.”

After getting confirmation from the arena officials, the crowd went wild.

They were even more noisy than they were during the beast battle.

This was not just a battle between two humans but also a battle between two major families.

If they won, they would be well–regarded. Not only would they bring glory to their families, but they could also even vent their anger and suppress the opposing family.

However, if they lost, they would be utterly embarrassed.

Not only would they embarrass themselves, their entire family would also be shamed.

This was no joke.

As one of the eight prominent families in the Milky Way, honor was very important to them.

If Lucifer lost, he would be punished by his family, no matter how unique his identity was.

If Callan lost, he would be in a worse situation as he might even lose his position as the first heir.

This was a pretty serious consequence. However they had no reason to pull out now that they were at this step.

of course, the most important thing was they had absolute confidence in their selves. They did not think they would lose to the other. That was why they did this. As the first heirs, they knew what would happen if they lost. Callan and Lucifer stood facing each other in the arena. Their tiny human bodies seemed out of place in the vast arena. However, they could emit incredible energy from their tiny bodies.

Body size was never used to measure the amount of power a creature had. “Cally, you can still pull out now. As long as you kneel and kowtow to me, and then say, ‘I‘m sorry, Daddy‘, I will let you go. If not, don‘t blame me for being merciless if I accidentally kill you or cripple you. We‘ve already signed the liability waiver,” Lucifer said arrogantly. “Lucy, are you sick in the head? Pull out? I wonder who will be the one pulling out later. I won‘t spare you even if you kneel in front of me. I have to show you how powerful I am. Don‘t think you‘re invincible just because you‘ve been cultivating with your grandmaster for a few years. You‘re still nowhere near me!” Callan retorted. Then, the two stopped talking. They were working hard to recompose themselves. They wanted to fight this battle in their best states.

Even though it sounded easy, they knew it would not be too easy to defeat the other. They had been fighting since they were young, so they knew each other very well.


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