I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1138 by Xiruo Huang

There had previously been a period of peace because Grandmaster Grim had asked Lucifer to cultivate with him and could not come out.

David, Mia, and the two old men watched Lucifer and Callan in the arena, The two old men were paying the most attention and would be prepared to face any danger to save the two.

David was not interested. To him, these two were too weak. After Mia knew David‘s true power, she was much more relaxed.

She did not worry that she would cause trouble for David any more.

According to sources, the Allaband family, ranked third among the eight prominent families, had a grudge against the Tuffin family, but they never did anything because of Grandmaster Tuffin.

This showed how much of a deterrent Grandmaster Tuffin was.

Now, David could kill Grandmaster Tuffin with a swing of his sword.

Therefore, the only family among the eight prominent families in the Milky Way that could threaten David would be the Drake family, which was ranked first.

After all, the Drake family was the unique one among the eight. Mia was delighted right now. The stronger David was, the better her taste. This would be beneficial to her future. At this moment, a strong wind swept across the arena. Rumble!

Lucifer and Callan‘s energy rose to their peaks.

They moved at the same time.

They disappeared from where they were standing and rushed toward each other.

Then, they met in the middle.


The collision caused a deafening noise, and a shockwave started spreading. The audience around them, who were slightly weaker, were all pushed to the ground while holding their ears in pain.


Some people passed out as they were unable to handle the shockwaves. The audiences were primarily people from the bottom tier of society. Even though they were much stronger than earthlings, they still could not handle the shockwave of two Cosmos

Rankers colliding.

After the collision, Lucifer and Callan backed away quickly. They did not care if they hurt the audience after they recomposed themselves. They could only see their opponent, and they only wanted to defeat them. Hence, they continued to charge at their opponent, soon engaging in a fight.

Boom boom boom!

Everyone heard countless sounds of collision.”

Shockwaves started spreading one after another. There was a strong wind in the arena, and the collisions sounded like claps of thunder.

When the audience saw they were about to get hurt for the second time, they looked horrified. Many of them were fleeing the scene, causing chaos.

At this moment, an invisible shield appeared above the arena, stopping the shock waves from spreading However, no one could see this shield. Everyone was still trying their best to flee from the chaos.

As time passed, the audience realized the combat in the arena would not affect them anymore.  Therefore, they thought this was one of the arena‘s functionalities.

The scene quieted down again, and everyone started attentively watching the battle in the arena.  It was very rare to see a battle of this level.

As expected, David‘s mind power was creating the invisible shield. His mind power was at Infinity level 10, so it could resist the attack of an Infinity Ranker. Hence, this shock wave was nothing to him.


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