I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 1141 by Xiruo Huang

Callan stepped on Lucifer‘s chest. Then, he lifted his head to look at the screaming audience around him.

The feeling of stepping on his rival and becoming the center of countless people‘s attention was excellent. It was too wonderful for words. He felt as if he was on top of the world.

Callan also never thought that Lucifer would be so weak.

He had collapsed before they had even fought a few rounds. Callan thought they would be in an intense fight today. It was possible he would need to show all of his trump cards before he could win.

In the end, he did not even show any of them, yet he won so easily?

It seemed that Old Master Grim was not that great. He had taught Lucifer for so long, but that kid never improved. Callan had no idea that if David had not helped him secretly, he would be have been taken down before he could show his trump card.

The poison of Black Demon Palm was no joke.

Even if Lucifer had just learned it and he was not that strong, it was not something Callan could endure. If he were hit, he would surely be injured. Lucifer lay on the ground, feeling lifeless.

A combat skill was called a combat skill because it was more powerful than other techniques.

Hence, one could not use them casually like any other normal technique as it would exhaust them.

Lucifer‘s body could no longer take it after using the low–grade combat skill Black Demon Palm so many times.

He was furious as he looked at Callan, who was stepping on his chest and towering over him. Then, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Right now, he wanted to die.

This was the most humiliating thing he had ever encountered. Most importantly, he lost to his family‘s rival.

The first heir of the Grim family, who ranked fourth in the eight prominent families, was easily defeated by the first heir of the fifth–ranked Elrod family, and was even trampled on the ground insultingly. This would spread all over the Royal Region soon. Then, Lucifer would become the laughing stock of everyone in the Royal Region.

How would his family view him then?

Oh no, I‘m doomed! when he thought of his legendary reputation being destroyed right here, Lucifer felt anger rising to his head. As he looked at the laughing faces around him, he passed out. After enjoying the cheers, Callan lowered his head to look at Lucifer. Then, he noticed Lucifer had passed out.

“Hey, Luky, stop playing dead! I didn‘t even use force, and you‘re down. If I knew you were so Well, I would go easy on you. Why didn‘t you improve after learning from your grandmaster for so long? Is it because he‘s bad at teaching, or are you just a piece of trash? Sigh… I‘m so worried about your family‘s future. They don‘t even have a promising descendant!” Callan

said arrogantly

Lucifer did not want to face reality, so he pretended to be unconscious. When he heard what Callan said, he passed out in anger. Callan lifted his foot off Lucifer‘s chest and then stepped on his face.

Once, twice, thrice… He finally stopped after Lucifer‘s face swelled up.

Even though it did not do much harm to Lucifer, it was very insulting.

So many people were watching them! Callan was not stepping on Lucifer‘s face. Instead, he was stepping on the entire Grim family. This scene would soon become huge news piece in the Royal Region. The Grim family would be a laughing stock. The old man from the Grim family watched not far away as his master was humiliated. However, he could not do anything. The old man from the Elrod family was blocking him, so he knew he could not save Master Lucifer so quickly.

Moreover, once they started fighting, Master Lucifer would be hurt by the repercussions because he had lost his combat power as he lay nearby.

Master Lucifer could normally still withstand the combat power of a Celestial Ranker normally, but right now, he could not. To prevent further injury to Lucifer, the old man from the Grim family did not dare to do anything Furthermore, a kid whom he could not see through was watching from one side. Callan smiled in satisfaction as he looked at Lucifer, whose face had swelled up after he stepped on him. Then, he kicked Lucifer to the old man from the Grim family.


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